Dr. Chris Martenson Members Podcast: PhD Pathologist Says Ivermectin Works, Bret Weinstein Is Correct And We Can End COVID Now

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Dr. Chris Martenson Members Podcast: PhD Pathologist Says Ivermectin Works, Bret Weinstein Is Correct And We Can End COVID Now

382 responses to “Dr. Chris Martenson Members Podcast: PhD Pathologist Says Ivermectin Works, Bret Weinstein Is Correct And We Can End COVID Now”

  1. Pathunt92@icloud.com says:

    Shared a couple screen recorded clips of this episode with one of the best arm wrestlers in the world who got hit with long covid pretty bad he was good in about 3 days afterwards completely recovered today. Thanks tim and crew and dr martenson

  2. Genofast says:

    Tim: “I am not the captain of your ship.” Me: “Oh captain my captain… give me both sides of the story. TimCastIRL is an oasis in a desert of misinformation. Also, HI IAN!

  3. ButtonPuncher says:

    Please consider posting this to BitChute or Rumble for all to see. This video is INCREDIBLE and I want to share it with everyone that I know.

  4. dr_talos says:

    First let me preface. I am a practicing ER doc and I Rx’d Ivermectin for Covid twice this week. So I believe in it. However, the meta analysis Chris referred to is not nearly as robust as he describes it. Many if not all the combined studies had design flaws…so if u apply the junk in junk out concept…it doesnt matter if u have tons of studies…if most are not well done.

  5. Dandyman says:

    I’m moving back to the country co-op down the road horse paste on tap.

  6. Remark says:

    The very first paragraph of the Salk article states, “Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) also play a key role in the disease itself.”

    It seems this podcast overlooked this statement that the spike proteins in the vaccine are safely encoded. It would be much appreciated if anyone can provide insight as to why Tim praised the Salk article but overlooked this statement which seems to dispel the main point of concern regarding the spike proteins discussed with the guest.

    I’m sure there is a a logical answer. I just didn’t read anything in the article or hear anything in the podcast that reconciles the lopsided treatment of the article when taking the aforementioned statement into consideration. Also, I’m not a scientist or doctor, so maybe I’m missing something.

    • dr_talos says:

      @Remark I have no idea how they determined the vaccine spike protein was “safely encoded” and doesnt act like the sars cov 2 spike protein. That sounds like bullshit to me, they are probably not allowed to disparage the vaccine.

      • Remark says:

        @DR_TALOS I appreciate the response. Maybe it’s one of those stealth editing situations where the original article omitted the parenthetical…The article is published. Tim (and others) read it. Subsequently, the author edits the article by adding that statement to avoid censorship. Who knows? I just thought it was very out of place.

        • ZackDarce says:

          I am always impressed with the comments in the members area. Pretty much everyone is cordial, polite and respectful. Very cool to see real discourse happen even if only in paid places. 🤘🙏

  7. dingletec says:

    Just ordered some horse paste…just in case…

    • McLovin says:

      So when you go to the tractor supply store they have a sign discouraging you from buying the horse 🐴 paste.
      They are saying that there’s a chemical in the paste that is harmful to humans.

      • keevin33 says:

        i tried to do an online order and it was cancelled!

      • Wolv256 says:

        No, there is not a chemical in horse paste that is harmful to humans. Read the label. They just don’t want to be sued. Also if they claim it’s for human consumption, they would have to have a prescription to sell it, so they have to say not to consume it. But it’s the same thing. Here’s the real deal, if you eat 8 full tubes of the stuff, which is about 50 times the recommended dose, it would hurt you. But it would also hurt you if you took 50 Tylenol. If horse paste was hurting people you would be hearing about it on the news. Many people are taking this stuff.

        • Wolv256 says:

          The other ingredient I’m the horse paste that the media may try to claim is harmful is Silica colloidal anhydrous, which is just a common emulsifier found in many foods. It is not dangerous, and especially not in this small of a dose

  8. Jham2013 says:

    This guy should team up with cross fit health

  9. Calhan says:

    Great convo. Scary that people listen to the propaganda without looking into anything. Keep up the good work guys!

  10. Faxie says:

    Subscribed for this. Worth it.

  11. Jasonconnolly says:

    Loawhy86 ( I think that’s how it’s spelled) on YouTube was talking about a virus in China in November.

  12. Catherine0402 says:

    I already know at least 5 older people that have suffered from the vaccine. 4 Dead and 1 dementia just exploded…. The propaganda to get people get vaccinated without even consulting their doctor is scary…

  13. Wolv256 says:

    Tim, I’m not a doctor and all that, blah, blah, blah, but regarding your friend in a band that got damaged by the vaccine, Dr. Pierre Kory on Joe Rogan said that Ivermectin can also stop damage caused by the vaccine spike protein. I’m not sure if it’s too late and the damage is done or if it could possibly still help, and I’m not a doctor, but perhaps he should look into seeing if Ivermectin could help return his life to normal by stopping the spike protein damage. But I’m not a doctor.

  14. TheLastCrow says:

    All if my sources keep leading me back to the same conclusions. The vaccine is not safe people. It’s not even a vaccine. This is gene therapy.
    Evil is coming. Prepare

  15. julie.eastep@gmail.com says:

    Tim, maybe your friend could take Ivermectin. Worth a shot.

  16. Dahveed says:

    Whole situation is crazy on so many levels. I try to talk to my family about this but they are deaf and stupid. And lazy and apathetic. It’s infuriating that the people I love are this submissive and stupid.

  17. 4thelulz13 says:

    How about covid coming just after free Hong king and trum0s trade agreement with China.

    • mycatalyst says:

      omg, I subscribed just for this video and already feel I got my $10 worth! I have a degreein microbiology and immunology and found this so interesting!

  18. violentpursuit says:

    Holy shit guys……You weren’t kidding when you said you had an amazing lineup of guests!!! You are absolutely killing it! Keep it up

  19. bowhuntmuledeer says:

    Tim! you need to have your musician buddy try ivermectin, it sounds like it could possibly clear things up for him!

  20. Bishop says:

    Wow great chat, learned a lot

  21. Drbrokenbonez24 says:

    Started experiencing symptoms last august (restricted breathing, body aches, dry cough, headache). Tested positive. Immediately wrote myself a script for hydroxy 250mg bid, azithryo 500 qd, and zinc utilizing the Zelensky protocol.

    Within 7 hours of my first dose my symptoms improved. Within 24 hours I felt 100%

    – A Medical Doctor in South Florida

  22. Tempus says:

    This was greatly interesting and informational. But, I smiled at bit at 34:05 when we still get the like, subscribe and share 😉

  23. Phaz77 says:

    Hydrochloroquin is an anti-inflammatory as well as anti-viral, that’s why it’s prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis

  24. Hobbis187 says:


  25. LTzEz says:

    I signed up to timcast.com for this video. Thank you.

  26. Smmmokin says:

    If someone I love dies of covid and this turns out to be true…I will go all the way. We need to have conversations. If the truth is hidden…everyone needs to make sure it never happens again. I’m like Tim. I have no clue….but I will never forget this opinion. Glad to be here and be able to hear it…

    Let’s see what happens.

  27. BHardt says:

    I’ve come to the same conclusion Tim has about culture and spreading truth. This video inspired part of a song I started writing today, figured I would share it with ya’ll.

    If you think you need to know
    facts exactly
    maybe you’ll never really
    fully enact passive attraction
    gratitude is a massive reaction
    in the masses of the practicing
    a vantage we seldom pass through
    the active passage of static electricity
    flowing through the neurons of you and me

    we seek a new way to speak
    and we greet adversity
    with the sturdiest of feet
    we plead to any spirit listening
    for help on our journey
    to jump any hurdle
    in stead of swerving
    we are not solely self serving
    while the amount of chidden being hurt
    is horribly unnerving.

    The cycle is the enemy
    The reason is the person
    We fight from a call of duty
    In a season of full emersion

    We incur a version we allow to endure
    While policy clearly “deems”
    We should allow evil to spread freely
    And the cycle of hurting keeps on turning

    pedophiles in the elites
    I’ve been learning
    is the real epidemic
    the virus is subverting
    we die while Ivermectin is working
    with no hurting
    besides if your carrying parasites
    it’s murdering….

  28. Wolv256 says:

    2021… the year I started eating horse paste off the Internet bought from a tractor supply store while doctors and news outlets say it will kill me. And I still think I’m right. WTF happened to this world?!?

    • Chellyva says:

      Ivermectin sounds like a viable treatment for Covid however it’s still a medication and should be used cautiously. It is not without side effects at least in dogs. It causes toxicity and in some cases death in Collies with certain gene mutations and in some of the other herding breeds. Every cure or vaccine has risks involved, even aspirin. Ivermectin is the main ingredient in most canine heart worm medications.

      • Uncle_Pauly says:

        My dog is dead set against astrazeneca vaccine too. She never shuts up about it.

      • patches821985 says:

        Preface this with I have no medical background at all, so please do your own due diligence. However I have various animals and have used ivermectin with my horses and no, you cannot give to dogs. It has to do with the fact that ivermectin can enter their brain cells whereas other mamals (including humans) have a blood-brain barrier that typical prevents ivermectin entering the brain. The brain has cells that adversely interact with ivermectin causing neuron shut down and possible death.

      • crash55 says:

        Ivermectin kills heartworms which in turn clog up heart valves killing the dogs, sometimes. It’s not so much an Ivermectin side effect as a dead heartworm side effect. If you have a large parasitic load taking Ivermectin will be unpleasant and if you have heartworms could be fatal. Most people don’t have to worry about that.

      • Wolv256 says:

        I’m not a doctor, but for your reference the suggested dose for a 200 lb human is roughly 1/6 of a tube and the toxic dose would be about 8 tubes. So the toxic dose is roughly 50 times the recommended dose. Yes, medicine can have side effects, but they are greatly exaggerating it to protect their narrative. If you take 50 Tylenol, you will also be in trouble.


      Lololololololol strange monkey world we currently live in

  29. Wolv256 says:

    I will never forgive these people. They have made an enemy for life.

  30. Benji_Says says:

    I strongly urge everyone who watched this to spend some time on Reddit this week if possible. Look through the main page or simply search Trump, Covid, and Conservatives. Resist the Black Pill feeling and simply seek to learn the narrative that the corporate conglomerates are pushing. We must understand the propaganda peddled to the MidWits in order to pull friends and family toward the truth.

    • ShockaZulu1 says:

      I use to joke about propaganda but now im serious about it and thats helped my family start seeing the government and world for what it is. you cant learn or teach the truth in a day. you do it over time. let them laugh at you until the day they realize its true.

      • Benji_Says says:

        “Propaganda” IS a massive joke to millennials. We grew up experiencing and learning that the public internet is nothing but social media and opinions… Meanwhile Federal and Local government has consistently made our lives worse in every way (I live in CA) . This is not the same for Older generations who grew up relying on the government for truth while being able to raise 3 kids and buy a house by the time they were 23. I have had decent success explaining facts to Boomers if they are willing to think critically.
        Perhaps the most important battlefield is the youngest generation. One of the reasons I Love Tim+Cast is that he understands the importance of the hearts and minds of young people reading popular Reddit Trash and taking it as gospel. Only culture can save them. Their minds have been enslaved. It only took the Elites a few years to perfect the use of internet propaganda while we were mocking it.

        • Uncle_Pauly says:

          Its when millennial’s children and their Gen X uncles and grandparents sit down together and share notes. That they’ll realise that millennial don’t know everything they claim to. I’m not sure about the older generation trusting government on everything comment, that’s far from what I have seen and heard. When I was growing up, I saw the older generation as a whole pushing back on government overreach a lot more regardless of the political alignment. There were some things that left, centre and right agreed the government just stay out if.

          • Benji_Says says:

            Great points. Just anecdotal, experience based comment on my part. Age/generation is a construct that I know doesn’t have much importance on its own.

      • Drbrokenbonez24 says:

        Look up the Smith-Mundt act and how it was repealed in 2013


  31. Downtowngirl says:

    It’s just tragic that so many lives could have been saved. I know many people that suffered or died from Covid and its just tragic that they could still be with us today, if it weren’t for the censorship. For the first time yesterday, an article from The hill regarding CDC mentioning that vaccinated people have no risk regarding the Delta variant and don’t have to wear a mask was taken down. Where are those Drs that came out regarding Hydroxychloroquine (hope they are okay and sad that I have to ask)

  32. Wolv256 says:

    I can’t fathom the evil in this world. Fuck you, globalist scum!

  33. Mantooth85 says:


    The “crazies” that said bill gates was chipping everyone might not be so crazy lol.

    It could be part of a new global tracking system or could just be speculation. The fact the technology exists is the scariest part.

  34. BennyQ83 says:


    This show was fantastic, it solidifies much of what I’ve learned through discussions with a friend of mine who is a doc and a truthfull person, but I didn’t know about Ivermectin so it’s been good to learn something new.
    There are many videos out there regarding the incredible danger around these poisonous vaccines but because our overlords don’t allow dissenting opinions or other studies the only place you find them are on websites that look like crazy conspiracy centres, so it’s hard to get people to see them. Watching how easily manipulated people are is the most disheartening thing I’m getting from all of this. Keep up the good work Tim, we appreciate the fact you give us things straight.

  35. CMC87 says:

    My grandmother is 90, before the covid shot her memory was as sharp as a tack. Could remember the finest details of her childhood, names of everyone of her grand and great grandchildren. Now she forgets the simplest of things. I fear alot of side affects are going to start poping up and the cdc and other government agencies will cover it up, and we will have to watch and deal with them in our loved ones.

    • Downtowngirl says:

      My 88 year old Aunt as well. Sharp as a tack and now she’s frustrated that she’s forgetful and seems to fall down without reason. We do not know if she had Covid last year (The hospital says no) but she was in the Hospital for 3 months due to Colon Cancer (April-June 2020). We might never know the real truth and its just sad. Seriously, I would like to know if any of these WHO HIL or Dr Fauci had any close family members that died from Covid (I’m guessing not because they were probably given the cure)

  36. MrHankyPoo says:

    Just 2 days ago I was listening to ABC or CBS (idk my mother in law watches it) warning people to “stay away from horse gel” it will kill you

    • Wolv256 says:

      Yes, it will kill you… if you eat 8 tubes of it which is 50 times the recommended dose. If you take the correct dose it will safely and cheaply cure and prevent Covid. Or so they say, I’m not a doctor.

  37. DarthSarkas says:

    This is actually starting to make my blood boil. If the studies of Ivermectin are true, and there’s no evidence to say they aren’t, then we’re willingly helping the virus.

  38. vexy77@gmail.com says:

    Tim, for winter buy a sun lamp and you won’t have to swallow pills (I’m against unneeded medication and vitamins count)

  39. Semper_Ives says:

    Johnson & Johnson was the only one that was a “traditional” vaccine. It did not use mRNA. I’m surprised they did not mention this in the episode. And of course they pulled it off the shelf because of the adverse effects. I don’t trust these vaccines but if I was forced to choose, I’d would’ve chosen J&J.

  40. John_Beart says:

    👍👍👍 thanks everyone. Great guest! 👍👍👍

  41. TheDarkWall says:

    Does anyone know where I could get ivermectin. I’m not going to just dose up on the stuff, but if something happens I don’t want to rely on a doctor who I may not be able to count on to try something that could help me or my family.

  42. TrashPanda says:

    I’ve had a cough that just hasn’t really gone away for months, don’t know if it’s covid or not but I think I’m going to try the ivermectan or however it’s spelled

    • TTVmikimoto says:

      It may be from mask wearing, that’s part of the reason I moved. I worked at a resort in Vegas with strict mask guidelines. Last year, after having a constant horrible phlegmy cough for months (I’m prone to bronchitis) I visited my family for two weeks in Missouri (no mask the whole time). After a week it started to get better and by the time I went home it was gone. When I was back in Vegas it came back. I moved to Missouri and it has gone completely away again (no mask wearing here). Masks are only useful if you are constantly using disposables and tossing after touching mask with hands or washing and using sanitized ones after touching (which no one really does). They make you more exposed to bacterial infections, Fauci wrote a paper on this years ago. Wearing masks caused more people’s immunes systems to be weak by getting bacterial infections beforehand so that when they were exposed to the Black Plague in a weakened state they were even more vulnerable to death.

  43. jdrusse11 says:

    I’ve been tracking with Chris since Jan 2020 before the government even admitted that we were dealing with a Pandemic.

  44. Orourke says:

    Any country that leaks a virus intentionally or unintentionally is guilty of a act of war.

    • BigGuy22 says:

      We see what’s unfolding in front of our eyes with Fauci…. What if doctors and scientist like him are what doctors and scientist are studying today as truth or scientifical is dr fauci truth? So trust doctors? Trust scientist?

    • heavyirontech says:

      This is why China is building missile sites at an unprecedented rate they are prepping while everyone else is chicken no head.

  45. Orourke says:

    just purchased some ivermectin

  46. Yonatin says:

    This is one of his best videos yet.

    • Zeknix says:

      I know I pay for this content but I would love to show this to many of my friends without giving up my password. This is the only problem with the pay wall stuff. Can’t be open to the public.

  47. Corndog1776 says:

    I wish I could’ve seen this info before I got the vaccine..

    • Smmmokin says:

      To be fair odds are you are fine. You’re one of the people who can take it and walk away fine. I have no issue with that and can say it will help you. You won the lottery so you shouldn’t regret it. The problem is instead of holding off a mass extinction we could eradicate this thing. But too many people are scared to say it because TRUMP!

      You are safe. For now. Vaccines are good and for you this one likely is. Tim makes a great point. Vaccines are great and work.

      This one was too rushed and alternatives are ignored or Censored as big pharma pushes this one to make money.

      Open discussions. That is what we need to focus on.

  48. VideoJoe says:

    At this point, I’d strongly consider having the main length discussions here and upload “Google-safe” clips on YouTube.

  49. JBodhi says:

    I dont think its because they cant make money on ivermectin. I think they want to be in full control of people and their “healthcare” and they might even want covid to continue evolving and infecting people. They must know that ivermectin could eradicate it. If they cared about protecting people they would be advocating for ivermectin. Instead they are suppressing this valuable information.

  50. Jamout says:

    Interesting theory;

    Tim likes to bring up Watchmen allot, maybe Covid-19 was designed to be our Dr. Manhattan in order for the Globalist to bring us all together under one common enemy and people like Dr. Chris Martenson and Brett Weinstein being Truth seekers are the Roschach of our society. We are living the fall out after Dr. Manhattan was made the global threat, and seeing that no matter how hard they try no matter how many Roschachs they take out another will take his place and fill that truth vacuum that’s created.

  51. Dogtanian says:

    Get it from tractor supply while you still can.

  52. kiNeMs says:

    This is awesome. Chris is awesome. Good work.

  53. TheRealTroy says:

    V for vendetta looks more like reality everyday.

  54. Forky says:

    Don’t misunderstand me; I’m thankful for having paid to be able to see these bonus segments. However, there are a few videos of yours that I think should be made available on BitChute, and this is one of them. Only one other I think should be freely viewable, and it involves the AZ ballot audit. Granted this isn’t up to me but got-damn, people need to see this.

  55. Tauri says:

    Fucking jaw dropping.

  56. TenPoundGuilt says:

    It’s all political.

  57. zepolkram says:

    Senor Timothy Daniel Pool, I LOVE YOU MAN!!! You and your crew/company WILL go far and be our guiding light to prosperity!!! Keep up the great work dudes/ladies!!!

  58. mattpad77 says:

    I used to pay to be a member to see some exclusive content. Now I pay to be a member because with YouTube censoring everyone so much all the actual pertinent information is being forced behind a paywall.

  59. Havok22 says:

    The only person to die WITH Coronavirus and not FROM Coronavirus in 2020 was George Floyd. that death serverd a different purpose and could be spared from the already faulty numbers.

  60. ribbyM101 says:

    Great fuxkn after talk… keep up the GREAT work!!!

  61. YggdrasilShatkona says:

    Honestly, this is deadly important information here. I understand the point about even having these conversations here is potentially troublesome, but this should be one of the talks that is free to watch. Everything you guys discussed was substantiated not with mere articles but with legitimate, veritable studies. It doesn’t need to be ‘convincing’ when its simply true; there is no narrative here and there are so many people that don’t have access to what you all discuss here. There are people I’d like to share this with who aren’t subscribed, there’s really a wealth of information in just one hour.

  62. mimom says:

    The next step in information is what to do if (for whatever reason) you concluded to take the vaccine, and have, got no side effects or reaction so far, but what can be done to avoid bad effects down the road? What should we be looking for to avoid bad effects? Should we take the supplements to boost immune system? Would Zinc work against you now and help the spike protein get in your system? Are the vaccinated doomed? An information show on ” You took the vaccine, now what?” Would be helpful. I put it on you Tim, because no one else would touch the subject. Great show, the after shows are always the best.

  63. AbbasllittleMari says:

    I’d rather take ivermectin over the vaccine.. it’s well known and safe where as the vaccine is unknown and deadly to a point.

  64. Jcornman24 says:

    Tim try getting Robert Malone on, he is the creator of MRNA and is being smeared by the media for warning the FDA that the vaccine is not safe, he knows just as much or more than Dr. Martenson

  65. UppityG says:

    I really learn so much when Dr Martenson is on, I hope he becomes some kind of a regular. My only feedback is that when he is asked a question that Pool and Crossland NOT interrupt his answer. Many times, he’s been on the verge of getting to the crux of the matter and suddenly Pool or Crossland will jump in with some rapid fire question or anecdote that can *wait* until he’s done. Yes, write down your question and wait to ask him once he’s done. Please. Otherwise you force him, me and thousands of others to have to park a mental note of where he was before you horned in so we can all pick up where he left off.

    Please…. thanks.

  66. Fxs888 says:

    I like being the idiot who shuts the room up by asking the question nobody has the balls to… ask.
    Why is no one asking weather this virus was leaked or weather it was released? Everyone is dancing all around it.

    • UppityG says:

      @FXS, I hate to be the one to break it to you but…. you’re not that idiot.
      You’re the idiot who either hasn’t watched the bonuscast, or, you watched only part of it, or, you watched it while drunk and don’t remember what was said.

      Whether you re-watch it or not, they do have the balls to ask and answer the question. I could just tell you the answer– uhp, there’s the phone….

    • CraggFirearms says:

      Because you have to let the brainwashed public warm up to the reality that this came from the lab and was engineered before you jump strait to “Act of War” by China. Which of course it was…and domestic players assisted development and helped fund the research. We know this is tied to an agenda. Why else would Pelosi RUSH RUSH RUSH an impeachment only to sit on it for six weeks. Then Trump signs the China trade deal, Pelosi sends the impeachment to the Senate, and the first case of COVID was detected in a WA nursing home…all on the same day.

  67. rwadams316 says:

    Great talk! So much hope when people are willing to speak with courage!

  68. xPhilipJFryx says:

    But where can I buy Ivermectine?

  69. memotype says:

    A few website feature suggestions:

    1) more keyboard controls in videos. I like being able to just tap the left and right arrow keys on a youtube video and scroll back or forward 5 seconds. having to click the video progress bar is a pain, and kind of sloppy since it can be hard to tell how far back you’re going.

    2) Duplicate the “post comment” box at the top of the comments so people don’t have to scroll to the bottom to post.

    3) Even though I know it won’t affect the non-existent algorithm on this site, I still kind of miss SMASHING that like button. Ok, this is a less serious suggestion, but it could be fun to just see thousands of likes on these videos. 😛

    Either way, I’m loving the member only site, lots of great content. And I loving hearing Tim say “fuck” every 5 minutes. XD

    • UppityG says:

      @Memotype, all your suggestions, plus vote and collapse/reveal buttons on comments, and push notification of replies.

    • aurelio.villasenor@hotmail.com says:

      Completely agree on having a Like button, especially for comments. I often read comments I like, but have nothing to reply, so a Like button would be very nice to show support to good comments.

  70. EverSinceMyExorcism says:

    I wish they would have talked about mask efficacy.

  71. Murryfairy says:

    I’m part of the NovaVax clinical trial for their vaccine. It’s not an MRNA vaccine, and it has a much better effectiveness findings than any of the MRNA vaccines, it was developed the same way the flu vaccine was.

  72. Jkdesign says:

    Am I the only one that can never hear the shows on the website? I really want to listen to this, and I pay to listen but I can barely hear them speak. No matter what speaker or car stereo

  73. huddle_house56 says:

    Is that the same town in Mexico where the government isn’t allowed and they have no gun laws?

  74. Stevonid says:

    A couple things. If your Dr wont rx this you can say your dog has worms and get this. There is also another worm med that is showing to cue cancer. Pancure.

  75. QuantumCool says:

    Well worth the subscription

  76. Emo6126 says:

    The fact that this info is behind a pay wall because it can get blocked from the digital square shows the real issues we have in our society

    • heavymethod says:

      this. wish they would allow this to be be downloaded like banned.video does so we can push it out there. beanieman wouldnt like that though because it would lose him the shekels

  77. thank you for this conversation 🙂

  78. HadesXY says:

    Can you code the mRNA genetherapie to let your body produced dmt or thc?
    Just do it!

  79. CryptoD00d says:

    I went for an evaluation with my DR for a procedure upcoming. He was eerily pushing the vaccine to me. He explained that Pfizer for example that uses MRNA tech said it is a spike protein, but it contains the “code” so to speak that tells your immune system in order of what to do if you get CV19. It was fascinating info but it was just weird how hard he pushed it.

  80. Realtrees420 says:

    Great show! They keep getting better. I say do only 1 hour on YouTube so we can get at least 1 full hour on here to talk about reality.

  81. Jubratcher says:

    This is the episode that I became a member. I appreciate everybody on Tim cast so they’re honest work and highly appreciate the type of discussions that you guys allow to happen. This Members Only segment, along with Joe Rogan’s interview with Brett Weinstein Dr. Pierre Kory, should be exposed to everybody. This is extremely dangerous the amount of censorship that is happening across the board. I have a lot of people in my family and several friends that think I’m a little crazy at times, but I’m very fearful for the future of this country if things keep going down this path. We have too many sociopaths amongst our health system it seems, and it’s almost as if they are trying to play God with science and medicine. Keep up the good work guys.

    • Johnli says:

      Aye. Welcome to the party!

    • Palpatine_didnt_kill_himself says:

      Yo Timothy and gang. While I appreciate your rigorous testing of Dr. Martenson’s hypothesis around Ivermectin, I have a little over 50 million anecdotes for you..

      I live in Bangalore India and was at the heart of the worst wave 2 in this disease’s history anywhere in the world. Delta variant which apparently emerged from my country was actually feasting on lockdowns. The more people were asked to stay at home after covid tests, the more they were infecting entire households.

      Within 3 weeks India was able to reverse the crazy wave 2 graph (in most states) and come back to a sense of normalcy. Know how? Ivermectin. Lockdowns did jack to stop new cases. It was doctors at ground level giving ivermectin along with multivitamins that reduced case load.. I have done my own questioning with both street level and medical institution heads here and after getting a positive response, I started taking 1 12mg Ivermectin a week.

      I have been volunteering to help out the poor people who were not getting rations, supplies and I have been going to slums where there are 100s of poor people waiting for food. We have helped out over 200 households in the last 3 weeks (~600-800 people) with food supplies and guess what – I have no Covid despite literally being in hotspots with several people at a time.

      We have followed simple guidelines of masking and meeting these people outdoors while we distributed resources, but I am the only volunteer who is unvaccinated and hasn’t had a single symptom. Also helps that I box for 30 mins a day and walk 5-8km everyday.

      It maybe anecdotal, but this stuff has been working in one of the biggest hotbeds of covid in world. Delhi went from 25k new cases a day to 200 cases a day in 2 weeks. That city is so messed up with a sizeable chunk of people with pre-existing respiratory issues. Yet you can see the difference. And yeah, a tablet of ivermectin costs like 0.2$ so go figure.

      I have lost family members to this disease because some greedy B******s decided to play with our lives by waiting to roll out gene therapy in the name of vaccines. And the solution was right in front of us and we only got to know too late.

  82. Savannah.allen@gmail.com says:

    Ah! So glad you guys made the jelly with the mulberries! I’m telling you it’s blackberry+ mulberry jelly that’s the best! Also we pick them and freeze them sometimes especially the mulberries since there are so many then make all the jelly at once or maybe in two different big batches if we need to. My dogs looked like they were tie-dyed purple though from the berries being on the ground lol 🤷🏼‍♀️

  83. Ldyhorse says:

    It all boils down to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Big Pharma and Big Govt. don’t give a crap about people…it’s the dollars.

  84. KevJ64 says:

    Just joined. Now I’m scared because I’m fully vaccinated. I’m probably going to die now. Fuckin’ A! How do I get this shit out of my system!?!?!?!?!

    • hendersojd29@gmail.com says:

      You are definitely gonna die if you got the vaccine no one in my family will get vaccine because we know it is 100% gonna kill us. Sorry about your brainwashing if you did get vaccine. Survival of the fittest yay

    • Hieronymus says:

      Heya, pharmacist here. I’ve been following the vaccine adverse event story closely. Please consult FLCCC’s website, specifically their I-RECOVER protocol if you have post vaccine symptoms. It isn’t necessarily a death sentence, just a large scale experiment. I personally wouldn’t recommend the vaccine to anyone of any age with what I know about adverse events and what is known about efficacy of alternatives. Theoretically the spike proteins have a significantly long half- life within the body, so you may want to consult with a physician on FLCCC’s website. Many of the things on their protocol fall in line with what was said here about preparing your terrain.

      This set of mRNA vaccines is, I suspect, a play toward eliminating medical autonomy, as Dr Martenson said. Once you need a vaccine to exist within society, at that point anything could be done to you with no recourse. You become livestock and can be culled or fortified with whatever your owners seem necessary.

  85. DebbieV says:

    My son, who is currently in a Fed 1/2 way house, has been denied passes to visit home because he refuses this shot… YET… they allow him to leave for employment. Tell me again how this BS is about health??

  86. norgematos says:

    Great content! Keep doing that awesome work.
    Two suggestions:
    1- Think of translations: this content is needed for other people.
    2- Put this box at the top of the comments for reducing friction.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      The comment box at the bottom is for the conversation, not necessarily friction.
      Scrolling down allows for a possibility of engagement, which we all could use at the moment.
      I like it, but it seems a lot of others don’t.
      I hope they keep it this way.

  87. RRMURPHY89 says:

    Could you say that the vaccines are causing the delta variant?

  88. Anony says:

    Anyone concerned how the Salk study just Says the spike proteins from the vaccine are safe but don’t show any evidence for that at all?

    • Hieronymus says:

      That disclaimer about vaccine safety was not included in the original posting of the article, was probably forced in after the fact.

  89. Eek_the_Cat says:

    Could we have maybe every Friday just be a members only episode, or maybe every other week be a members only episode? Need more of this uncensored content from the crew.

  90. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    Great show, as always. So they’re censoring the benefits of a drug that has proven to be safe in fighting viruses, and possibly cancer. No surprise there.

  91. PetraTilling says:

    Horse paste already in short supply. Picked up a 6 pack. Passed this info over to friends and loved ones. I really don’t want to get this “vaccine”. Glad there is an alternative. Thank you. This episode will save lives.

  92. Cano says:

    As long as you continue to tell the truth, I’ll keep listening. Thank you for asking tough questions, employing a healthy degree of skepticism, and continuing the discussion, despite your own biases– a free society necessitates more open conversation, not less.

    • margoflorida says:

      Excellent bonus show. Already went and got my Apple paste from tractor supply. Just need to figure out how often to have that Apple paste sandwich. (Amount was easy to figure out. Simple math, not common core )Is it a weekly, bi monthly or monthly treat.

    • redheadgoddess says:

      My husband and I watched Chris when this “virus” was on its way to us back in January 2020. I love him and we were on it – got our masks, etc. Now, we are taking ivermectin weekly as we are front-line workers. We have also discovered from Mike Adams study that drinking dandelion leaf tea a couple times daily helps keep the spike proteins away from us working around the vaxxed/jabbed people. Also, at one point we though we had covid and I had discovered Dr. Paul Marik’s i-Mask protocol and we did the protocol together. We got well in 2 days. So many things that are kept away from us. It makes you wonder about Mr. Bill’s population control TED Talk. There are also 5 docs that we follow on a semi-weekly schedule called “Critically thinking with Drs. P and T. Dr. Christiane Northrup is part of the 5 docs and is seeing horrible things happening to women’s uterus’ , also young girls as young as 6 years old starting to bleed being around the vaxxed people that are “shedding” spike proteins. This is indeed frigtening. We wear our masks when working, take our ivermectin and vitamin D, C, etc. and drink our dandelion tea. By the way, I am a new member and so excited to join your member’s only.

  93. BeLogical says:

    My $10 is well spent, this was a great podcast and mirrors what Bret Weinstein was saying. It would be awesome to have him on your show.
    I am vaccinated but after hearing the same things now on your show about the spike protein being cytotoxic, I may just goto Tractor Supply and get some apple flavor paste, LOL
    I’ll try to get some ivermectin from my doctor first of course, but thankfully I have some options.
    Great show!

  94. InkedX1072 says:

    While I recognize the importance of monetization via membership options, discussions as vastly important as this one need to be publicly available. Please consider posting this video on Odysee.

  95. Element says:

    What are Dr Chris’s opinion on the Novavax vaccine?

  96. Element says:

    There have been 60+ peer reviewed studies on Ivermectin and COVID. https://c19ivermectin.com/

  97. Mcstarcher says:

    The last few youtube vids have convinced this old Libitarian to join. Intellectual honesty is a rare commodity these days and well worth my support. Truth doesn’t care about feelings stay honest friends.

  98. Caltiki69 says:

    Subscribed just to hear what Dr. Martenson has to say. I was not disappointed 👏👍

  99. Sparky07 says:

    I have a friend who daughter has 3 friends who were pregnant and took the vaccine and all 3 of them had miscarriages. I been pregnant five times and give you a list things you can’t have…. soft cheeses, raw meet, sushi, non can tuna, alcohol or certain types of medicine. So my question why would you take a vaccine while you are pregnant and it not FDA approved.

    • InkedX1072 says:

      People are very susceptible to fear tactics, even moreso those people that are chronically uninformed. The more I see of these vaccines, the more my mind goes back to the Georgia Guidestones…

  100. 100percentfitPT says:

    Got more then the value of my membership back already! Great information. Thank you.

  101. TexanAmerican says:

    This really needs to be on YouTube so we can share it. It’s worth it Tim. Bret has been able to speak about this for weeks. Even on Joe Rogan and the Lex Friedman podcast. Yes he was demonetized, but that is temporary. Isn’t that why you created this site?

    • sartoraaus@gmail.com says:

      How dare you! Tim’s empire is too important! Only the parents of working class families should risk it all!

    • InkedX1072 says:

      This video would be immediately removed from YouTube anyway. Posting it to Odysee and Rumble would at least help get the information out there, though.

      • sartoraaus@gmail.com says:

        I don’t think Tim should risk his YouTube channel; I just think it’s hypocritical of him to regularly criticize parents for doing the exact same thing in their lives. YouTube is his source of economic stability; parents are responsible for providing economic stability to their children. If Tim should look out for himself, parents shouldn’t be criticized for looking out for their children.

    • Fehlany says:

      Problem with that isn’t demonetization, but the video being removed. Like the first Alex Jones podcast.

      • sartoraaus@gmail.com says:

        It’s also a problem for parents’ household income to be totally removed because of speaking out at the workplace about various topics

        • Turk_Longwell says:

          He has supplied, lately, avenues for these parents to stand up. i.e. EEOC. He did use to just yell about it, but like a normal person, after all the flak, better yet, different perspectives and life situations, from the parents he has adjusted to be more effective. Gotta give him that.

        • BennyQ83 says:

          This show was fantastic, it solidifies much of what I’ve learned through discussions with a friend of mine who is a doc and a truthfull person, but I didn’t know about Ivermectin so it’s been good to learn something new.
          There are many videos out there regarding the incredible danger around these poisonous vaccines but because our overlords don’t allow dissenting opinions or other studies the only place you find them are on websites that look like crazy conspiracy centres, so it’s hard to get people to see them. Watching how easily manipulated people are is the most disheartening thing I’m getting from all of this. Keep up the good work Tim, we appreciate the fact you give us things straight.

  102. RaneyNickel says:

    One of the stipulations for the Covid vaccines to be eligible for Emergency Authorization Use is that there cannot be ANY other treatments available. If Ivermectin or HCQ or Clindamycin becomes a recognized treatment in the US, then bye bye $$$$$ for Pfizer, Moderna, AZ, J&J.

    • DeeH_2_T_Moon says:

      Hi! I have been a member since Jan. Most of the time I don’t catch the livestream live and its rare that I pull out my computer I had to for this one!
      AWESOME!! Someone already said this, I clicked reply- ended up here. Any-hoo, the reason why we haven’t heard about this…vaccines are being given under the emergency authorization use or EAU which is an authorization given by the FDA. In order to continue to utilize the vaccines there must be no known treatment for the disease. So we can’t have a little generic Ivermectin or Hcq coming in and messing up the big lie!!
      I will definitely see ya around!!

      Also you can go to flccc.net or covid19criticalcare.com for info on dosing. If your doc won’t prescribe I would recommend Dr. Sayed Haider. He is on the above site(s) as a resource. He’s reasonable. I have been on ivr for 3 mo every 2 weeks. I just got a new prescription the protocol changed in that they recommend if you are high risk etc that you may want to take it weekly. Definitely the key is to treat EARLY it can’t hurt you.

  103. Dickie_Greenleaf says:

    TRUMP never should have trusted these fucks w Operation Warp Speed. The DEEP STATE is a reality. James Elliot is a nonfiction writer. As always, off the record, on the QT, and very, very, Hush-Hush.

  104. willc233 says:

    81,000,000 votes. Ivermectin is evil. Trump is a Russian. Hydroxychloroquine is evil. Trump did a Quid-pro-Quo with Ukraine. Andy Gno is telling people who we are and for that, he deserves death, Kyle Rittenhouse went on a seek-and-destroy mission with an illegal out-of-state machine gun and murdered 3 people in cold blood. The American flag is a fascist insignia of white power. Joonteenth is the real Independence day, in spite of the nation, and the war it fought, to make it a reality. Don’t be an alarmisist about Covid just because it comes from China! Come join us in China-town!. Why didn’t the President save us from this Chinese disease, is he a RACIST? The President is trying to steal the election and perform a coupe! Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Votes don’t matter, the stain of impeachment does. I tell ya what … I’m ready to cull’em. Absent some middleground, there’s no discussion to be had. It’s us or them.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      My Fren, I hear you. It is so infuriating.
      But we don’t want that. Blood, pain, death and hot conflict should be a last resort.

  105. Tuna says:

    Great episode! Very informative except for the comments about early pandemic videos coming out of in Wuhan. In the beginning of the pandemic, the CCP tried so hard to shut down information about the pandemic that people (especially elderly) were dying in the street and in their home without knowing that they have COVID. The hospital would not provided any thing to them without diagnosing them with COVID, meanwhile, the hospital would not diagnose them and were claiming that there were no hospital bed (in fact, they just don’t want the numbers look bad). I saw so many post in Chinese social media of people asking for hospital bed and any drug that can help their families who suffered from high fever and oxygen deficiency for weeks. Unfortunately, most people didn’t make it because CCP was actively shutting their posts down. Also because of the lockdown, people cannot mail any supplies to these families.
    And yes, the survival rate for COVID was not as bad as we thought it was, but it is still deadly for the elderly (as we saw in NY’s nursing homes). Without early detection and early treatment, those people in Wuhan were locked at home and waiting for death. The ambulance would not came to sent patients to hospital, they only came to pick up the dead bodies.
    I don’t really comment much about CCP , because I am afraid they might know who am I. (Many journalists who covered the stories of these families got sent to jail and some are disappeared) But I think it is important to warn people how stupid and scary is this authoritarian regime.

    • bcccl says:

      agreed, i would also point out that i saw hundreds of videos many of which involved the cytokine storm (people collapsing in the streets/work/etc.) but most of which were not, and a smaller number of the same from iran. only some of these went viral in the west but the phenomenon was real and actively suppressed on wechat et al. the question i have is why the cytokine storm happened there and not here (genetics? some third factor?).

  106. Blankfield says:

    Nice ending comments, cant argue with that bruv. Once… just once you should wear the cheesiest toupee on your main show and just have noone address it the whole show. Would be gold especially with michael malice or something and he wearsthe beanie idk would be hilarious to see the reaction from the haters.

  107. popski6909@aol.com says:

    Brother we’re you high or something for this. Great guest and important topic but dude, you keep looking on the same things which didn’t amount to much substantial information or interesting questions that complimented your guest knowledge. There’s so many important facets of this topic and detailed information that needs to get out – but you keep taking up the time and interrupt Chris with very trivial contributions

    Just giving you some feedback so you can keep refining your interview skills

    • adamelawrence80 says:

      Tim can’t resist…he has to constantly push everything onto the safe middle of the road fence so his masters don’t end his empire. It’s disappointing to listen to him tell family men to quit their factory jobs to stand up for principle while he drops to his knees and drinks Google’s man juice, constantlY, anytime anyone on the show says one thing outside of the mainstream narrative. At least he pushes the conversation about how much they lie…take what you can get.

  108. popski6909@aol.com says:

    Brother we’re you high or something for this. Great guest and important topic but dude, you keep looking on the same things which didn’t amount to much substantial information or interesting questions that complimented your guest knowledge. There’s so many important facets of this topic and detailed information that needs to get out – but you keep taking up the time and interrupt Chris with very trivial contributions

    Just giving you some feedback so you can keep refining your interview skills


    • FatillacN says:

      This. At one point he actually compared what we would do in a real world situation to a response to zombies. WAY too much mixing reality with entertainment, Ian is responsible for allot of that. He’s entertaining but that dude needs to grow up and stop acting like a child.

  109. Wesu says:

    This was a fantastic segment, thanks everyone!!

  110. Tashadear2020 says:

    Hey Tim or team that read this please put this video outside the pay wall to non-members this information is very important. Please put this on your main page.

    • Tempest_1983 says:

      Yeah this needs to been seen by people far and wide. He no better than the pharmaceutical industry if he is making people pay for infonthay could potentially save their lives.

    • Mariusz says:

      No, that’s dangerous. Tom should let us download this video and we should spread it “offline” – show friends and doctors.

  111. 6688846993 says:

    I think this dude is incorrect. I looked up some of the things he was saying. Ivermectin can have side effects and the paste is for topical use. I hope you can be more critical of your guests in the future

    • EB440 says:

      > paste is for tropical use

      He’s referring to this: https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/durvet-ivermectin-paste-187-608-g
      And you I think you meant “topical” not tropical. Not all gels and pastes are ‘tropical’ (lol, sorry its just a funny typo). A dedicated topical uses agents that enable the medication to penetrate through tissue, membranes, etc.

      Most medications given to animals are drops or pastes, even the ones that they can eat. This is for ease of application. That does NOT mean that its necessarily dangerous for human use. Most warning labels are FDA derived based on testing stages, etc. I’ll use another example for you, liquid sutures. If you buy medical grade liquid sutures for human use, you’re looking at thousands of dollars. Same standard of liquid suture for dogs is $300 worst case scenario. The difference in these are a protein included that assists the breakdown process of the gel, and that protein is different in dogs and humans (although similar). So while they will work just fine in either patient, it wouldn’t be ideal with possible cases of itching, etc.

      Using that same situation for Ivermectin, you generally don’t have this problem unless the manufacturer included an additive that is toxic for humans but not for the animal in question (exceedingly rare if not impossible in some cases). This is because most medications provided to animals are the same you give to humans (and in many cases better as they’re still years away from human market ie glaucoma medication) just a few years ahead of time.

      Do not take this as advice to run out and buy tons of vet medication to use as there are still issues of dosages, as mentioned earlier additives, or any other number of small variations. Each situation is unique.

      • EB440 says:

        Weird, after the reload that typo referred to isn’t there. So disregard that typo mention. Otherwise rest of the post is solid. Sorry for any confusion therein.

    • ElijahFrye says:

      Umm ive given the paste to horses and on the box it says for oral use only……. bro wtf you talking about its a “topical”

    • kenkirchner33 says:

      I have the horse paste in my hands……ORAL use only. The side effects almost NEVER need MD attention (Web MD)

    • BethRad says:

      Ivermectin paste is not topical, it is an oral medication to de-worm horses. I have a masters in science and this guest was spot on about all his information. You are either a moron or a troll.

  112. EB440 says:

    I didn’t see this mentioned in the video, and I didn’t have a chance to read all the comments. HOWEVER, I thought I would give some minor INSIGHT into why these treatments are being pushed down. As most are aware, the gene therapy parading as vaccines are labeled under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). There are requirements for this classification. One of which is the existence of viable treatment alternatives. If those officially exist, then they cannot issue any EUA and by extension cannot reach the market. This is the cause of the attacks on Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Also, for those unaware, its an odd money trail, but Google is very much linked to Gilead Sciences. And Google has been dabbling in lab patents. Just saying…

    It’s interesting watching Tim finally talking to non-popularized scientists. But I would stress this, if you want to fix this, it starts with the FDA and state health departments. They need to go and or undergo extreme re-structuring. The irony therein is that you need to use politics to change this. And the most capable researchers I know tend to prefer to be left alone until they find something, then they try to get it to production, and then shut down/bought up and snuffed out. After that they retreat and just sit on their work. I have seen first hand some work that can help fix so many problems, this sars-cov2 mess included that’s related to the nervous system (not nervous system specifically). And its not unlike what you’re describing as terrain theory.

    Most people here do not understand the pressure and attacks even on getting good research published. Even if you don’t understand the science per say, all I can tell people is to please get involved somehow. Get to know these people.

    • kenkirchner33 says:

      I think one of the biggest points missed is “WE LOST THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT WE PUT IN OUR BODIES”

    • SomeSoaper says:

      Wow! I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’d never considered the emergency use authorization/viable alternative treatment angle before you mentioned it. Great point!

  113. thndrbrd says:

    Man I hope this stuff gets out and the Dems are done. They have fucked this virus up SOOO much. Great guest guys, glad I rejoined so I could see this interview.

  114. BrotherPaul says:

    I believe the High Profile person he contacted was Jimmy Dore. Because Jimmy was stupid enough to get the jab and had bad side effects for months and started to take in Ivermectin, and now he is better…

  115. Ruby435 says:


    I now it’s not on the topic but still give this attention… I hope ,wish… Tim and the team will take a look on these guys.

  116. JiltedValkyrie says:

    Glad I got J&J over the other two… two pokes sounds too weird and I refuse a “booster shot”. It’s not happening. Sucks it’s only partial protection. Hopefully ivermectin can be accepted. Screw big pharma. If I am asked for get a 2nd shot or mask up here in CA, it will be the last straw and I will quit my career and live somewhere else.

    • BrotherPaul says:

      You were still stupid because J&J caused blood clots. Who cares really you will be dead in less than 4yrs anyway for being a sheeple…

    • BrotherPaul says:

      Being that you are from California I am glad you took it so there will be less Cali Commies around that took the stupid Jab. Thank you for helping reduce the world population in less than 4yrs…. Georgia Guide Stones Baby!

      • FatillacN says:

        Come on BroPaul, we don’t want anyone to die and not everybody is Cali is a commie. I agree J&J is bad in it’s own way but converts are always the most loyal believers as opposed to original believers, let’s stick together.

      • Wesu says:

        Jesus Christ, he’s a human being, have some empathy. Propaganda is strong man.

  117. RausV77 says:

    Really awesome video. Conversations like these is what made me get the membership. Oh and the crew cussing at will haha. Thanks for these informing thought provoking conversations.

  118. FatillacN says:

    Tim, seriously, if your’re going to be a farmer boy talk to some old timers in the area. Even if COVID wasn’t a thing, most farmers/ranchers will tell you they’ve used Ivermectin before, most of the time “accidentally” while dosing an animal. Chris, and several others who have been on this for over a year. Maybe a few less SG episodes, a little more research. I personally know several people who take the “paste”, took the paste when sick, all fine, don’t be a skeptic. Honestly you look silly not already knowing this.

    • FatillacN says:

      PS-you don’t have to be a “doctor” to know something anymore than you have to be a rioter to report on riots. The fact that 4 different doctors might have 5 different opinions on ANY disease is evidence enough that “doctoring” is indeed a practice, not settled science, think about it. Should YOU tell others how to medicate if you’re not a doctor? No, but you’re perfectly free to “doctor” yourself as you see fit. Be informed, be intuitive, be decisive but quit being so damn timid about it.

    • JohnnyDough76 says:

      Tim is an intelligent dude. Seems to me, could be wrong idk, that he was asking questions he already knew the answers to that someone else might pose in order for the viewers to hear the answers from an accredited source. The same way a defense lawyer might do, some questions seemed a bit insightful to be made randomly due to ignorance. Also, Tim says it all the time “I’m no doctor, don’t take your advice from me.” lol

      • FatillacN says:

        Tim IS wicked smart, my point is if he’d spend less time apologizing to the YT overlords and butt covering he could get out what he should by now KNOW to be good information. It’s not an intelligence issue, it’s a communication issue. He’s a reporter at his core, but this information has been available for a very long time (no such thing as an old scoop)..

        He says talk to YOUR doctor, then says his friend’s doctor is a “moron” (the friend who now has nerve damage). It’s good to ask questions, but Chris is a RESEARCH doctor, take him at his word and move swiftly to disseminate this information. Look back in a year and see how settled this will be. If there’s one thing we should have learned from this it’s that just being a doctor doesn’t make you all knowing and only a good one will claim not to be.

  119. subterfuge says:

    Depending on the details a “methodological flaw” could completely bias or alter the data especially when it comes to statistical analysis–which is what a meta-study is.

  120. TheComedian says:

    You guys remember when the GOP tried to ban animal human hybrids and the Democrats blocked the bill? I suspect it had to do with this gain of function research where they take human DNA and put it into an animal (like a mouse for example). So clearly the Dems want to keep doing gain of function research. But why? 🤔
    (I think we all know why)

  121. susanscot@gmail.com says:

    Hydroxychlorquine (HCQ) is also affective for COVID 19–I have been taking it for years for my Lyme Disease…imagine my AMAZEMENT when the Lancet Report came out saying “it could KILL YOU.” This was shortly following President Trump’s statement that it could help, and that he had been taking it himself daily, as a prophylactic. Interestingly, in 2005 “Dr.” FAUCI was well aware that HCQ was a good treatment for viruses and many other things. This fact is documented if you want to check. That tells ME that he KNOWINGLY allowed many to DIE since, at the time the “powers that be” were DENYING it, and it just mentioning it could get you banned from social media! DOCTORS were using it for themselves as a prophylactic, and dozens of doctors were treating their patients with it until they were BARRED from prescribing it for quite some time.

    What so many people don’t realize, is this was done on PURPOSE to RAISE the “death toll” because the LEFTISTS WANTED people to die to fit the scenario they were pushing, to deliberately “shut down” the country for the purpose of getting rid of Trump! Those people in the nursing homes were basically murdered! They weren’t all herded into those nursing homes by “mistake,” they were put there on purpose by governors from FIVE democrat-run states!! Trump had sent the Navy Ship, the “Comfort,” so that WOULDN’T happen! Why do you think Cuomo and the other governors were under investigation by the Trump Administration? We’re looking at EVIL that is chilling in its lack of humanity, that they could actually, without a qualm, send thousands of people to their deaths, all for POLITICS!! Sadly, there is a LOT more to come. NOTE: I also take Ivermectin for Lyme, and since I can’t have ANY vaccinations due to that.

  122. TheComedian says:

    I love these types of episodes where no punches are pulled.

  123. Animalcrackers says:

    Hey Tim this extra hour was something else. I know it’s a members-only video but you should make a specific video or piece on this topic for non-members this should be one of the main conversations in the public space today so it needs reach.

  124. Starchuk says:

    Tim ….

    You’re smashing it Dawg !
    Worth every $$ of the membership

    As I can afford more, you’ll be the first to benefit, because you reciprocate 🎯

    When you’ve got ” A Truth is a Truth” tattooed from your elbow to your collarbone … This shit matters !

  125. Tommy_Treez says:

    This is by far the most important episode of Timcast ever. Absolutely Epic. Wish I could share this with the entire world. This information could save so many lines. Much respect to Dr. Chris Martenson. Much love and respect to Tim and crew. 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you.

  126. AlphaHeals says:

    Is it still broken for anyone else?

    • themorrigan1973 says:

      No,try Duck Duck Go or the Brave Nightly browser.
      It plays flawlessly in both.

    • BrotherPaul says:

      No you are an idiot and I have no issues with using DDG, and 3 ad blockers, and tracking. I can even go on my VPN and have no issues. Get off Google and all the stupid shit Retard Monkey…

  127. ScotScottScottt says:

    Great work with the last couple episodes. This is the direction you should be steering this podcast.

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    • Kshthymyla says:

      Lydia, Could you get that guy that provided testimony to congress on the genetic evidence of lab leak? It would complement the arguments made in the main segment today, which was a strong argument in itself but even stronger combined with the case he made. This guy steven quay (may not be spelled correctly) https://youtu.be/YeW5sI-R1Qg

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    • bcccl says:

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      • LVIII says:

        Directly from the horse’s mouth: https://www.fda.gov/vaccines-blood-biologics/vaccines/emergency-use-authorization-vaccines-explained

        “An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives. Taking into consideration input from the FDA, manufacturers decide whether and when to submit an EUA request to FDA.”

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