WATCH: Trump Tells Hannity That He Has 'Made Up His Mind' About if He Will Run in 2024

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WATCH: Trump Tells Hannity That He Has ‘Made Up His Mind’ About if He Will Run in 2024
By Cassandra Fairbanks

Speaking to Sean Hannity during a town hall on Wednesday, former President Donald Trump said that he has made his decision about running in 2024.

A poll from Quinnipiac University conducted at the end of May found that 66 percent of Republican voters would like Trump to run again, but he has not publicly confirmed if he is going to or not. “Let me ask the crowd,” Hannity began. “Of everybody here, would you like to see the president run again in 2024?” A massive round of cheers and applause broke out in response. "I have to ask, where are you in the process of," Hannity began, "Without giving the answer what the answer is, have you made up your mind?" Trump paused for a moment, before answering "yes." Applause broke out once again. In addition to wanting Trump to run again, the Quinnipiac poll found that 85 percent of Republican voters want future GOP candidates to agree with Trump on policy issues. The only other possible GOP candidate that has been generating as much enthusiasm as a second Trump term is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Trump has indicated that he is open to the idea of selecting the popular governor as his running mate. “Sure I would … I would certainly consider Ron,” Trump told Fox Business' Stuart Varney in a phone interview at the beginning of June. “I was the first one to endorse him when he came out as a congressman that a lot of people didn’t know, and my endorsement helped him tremendously,” Trump said. “And I know him very well. He’s a great guy.” DeSantis actually beat Trump in a straw poll during the Western Conservative Summit in Denver last month. Only one other president has ever served nonconsecutive terms — Grover Cleveland served as both the 22nd and 24th president. For corrections, please email

7 responses to “WATCH: Trump Tells Hannity That He Has ‘Made Up His Mind’ About if He Will Run in 2024”

  1. Glothr says:

    We don’t need Trump anymore. We need someone who shares Trump’s core message but who actually knows what they’re doing and understands the culture war. What Trump started is still gaining steam but he’s so toxic and polarizing that if he were to win again the establishment would go full Super Saiyan Authoritarian to stop him and anyone appearing to be right-wing would suffer.

    I’m not even sure I want to vote for a Republican period. They’re incompetent and spineless and have demonstrated time and time again that they can’t/won’t stand up to Democrats in any meaningful way. I really, REALLY hope Dave Smith runs for the Libertarian Party because we need another option and he’s a phenomenal messenger for liberty.

  2. MaineWolf says:

    “I’m gona come” to the 2024 elections!

  3. KDiddy says:

    I’m not sure I can go through another four years of people being assholes but it would be great to not have creepy Joe

  4. SpartanSpear says:

    I used to be a big Trump supporter but I’ve changed a little bit. My issue with Trump now is that the media and big tech got so much power while he was president because they united the left. You had Bernie bros, Antifa, BLM, RINOs and Hillary people all unified in TDS. Yes they are in the wrong but the result was the same: Facebook, Google, Twitter and the activist media became invincible narrative spinners. Before a normal person who was not engaged in politics could think there were 3 narratives already spinning. Trump just stayed on Twitter and now they are the primary platform for politicians, even conservatives. I don’t think Trump can keep up with big tech. If he gets back in it will only go back to the way it was before and the Dems will impeach him 2 more times for stupid shit. That’s why I prefer DeSanctis: he gets big tech and the CRT cult

  5. Acyour says:

    At this point the true question is. Will it be A loud? Will the Elites let Trump run again? We all know he would win. He has not lost yet. But he was not a loud to.
    The next question is what are we going to do about it.