Darren Beattie Members Podcast: Biden HHS Says Its Their "Business" To Go To The Door Of Unvaxxed people, COVID Death Age Demographics Are SHOCKING

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Darren Beattie Members Podcast: Biden HHS Says Its Their “Business” To Go To The Door Of Unvaxxed people, COVID Death Age Demographics Are SHOCKING

498 responses to “Darren Beattie Members Podcast: Biden HHS Says Its Their “Business” To Go To The Door Of Unvaxxed people, COVID Death Age Demographics Are SHOCKING”

  1. StephenLonghi says:

    I work at 4 hospitals and see every covid-19 patient. We have not had 1 person die that wasn’t already months away from dying. They were basically 90% dead already.

  2. Ty_Bo says:

    Its always fun to hear city folk talk about life in the country. Guess I’m just accustomed to it I don’t appreciate it enough

  3. GalaxyWhoop says:


  4. GMaN1911 says:

    More people need to be talking about and looking into “non-sterilizing immunity” when it comes to vaccines. They are trying to blame the unvaccinated for variants when a large concern with vaccines of this type is when a large population of vaccinated people become infected this can cause a evolution because of positive selective pressure.

  5. TenPoundGuilt says:

    I’m 42. I said when Trump was pushing the bad that I wouldn’t get it. I’m still not getting it. Two reason: 1.) It is WAY to new. 2.) The government is pushing so hard for us to get this it freaks me out. I don’t trust them.

  6. Spruce says:

    Oh my god I never comment and this will probably get buried but you motherfucked some statistical analysis in there and were super imperfect with your words. I agree with your sentiment and appreciate your effort, here’s my best iamversmart explanation.

    At 3:05 you fumbled through the question what age bracket has the highest rate of death and assessed the oldest bracket as accurate, based on the graph in the background. That graph, at least during the time of that conversation, shows numbers of deaths by population group as they relate to the whole population group of covid deaths, not the rate at which people of a given population group die once they get covid (covid death rate). I’m not saying your conclusion is wrong, all the relevant data suggests it is accurate, its just not that data.

    Its petty but I don’t want to arm your enemies with easy softballs to tear you down with. 30 second retraction blah blah im not a statistician and move on with 100 percent credibility. Love what you guys do, keep it up.

  7. TheReasoningPatriot says:

    I’ve thought from the beginning, when we initially saw the impact on the elderly, that China engineered this virus to rid their society of unproductive, drains on the state. A human life is of no value to a communist regime if they can’t produce.

  8. shlyons350 says:

    I remember reading how Canada was talking about camps for those who were infected (or suspected of having) COVID. It sound like this ended up being hotels. NY state was talking about FEMA camps. I can see the complaints about unvaccinated people leading to national FEMA camps where those who are not vaxxed get sent to these places.

  9. The_Ivory_Saga says:

    Tim, I love you man, but calm down when your talking to Ian, every time ian try’s to explain his thoughts on something, you seem to get unreasonably upset with him, let him speak, don’t interrupt him.

  10. Ronky says:

    kings and generals same ian very much same lol

  11. DanaMarie says:

    It was my boomer dad (libertarian hippie born in 1951) who first turned me on to the Timcast YouTube channel; he also taught me to not trust the government or the media.

  12. Emuto1 says:

    I’m 50. I watch all sources.

  13. tomusher says:

    I was born in 1958 and I don’t watch, read or listen to mainstream news. And I subscribe to Timcast. Go figure, right? There are way more Boomers out there than I think the younger groups realize that don’t trust the government or the propaganda machine that serves them. Yes, I had plenty of friends that had polio, with the short crooked legs or bent and useless arms. Yet, I don’t worry about Covid, the regular flu or pretty much anything else. I know what a dangerous disease looks like and this ain’t it. And, I’ve yet to put on a mask.

    • DaiGlyndwr says:

      I’m a Boomer and on a pension. Spent all my life in the media, and then saw the Gen Xer money men destroy it, by replacing all the wise old, fact checking, conservative heads in the newsroom, with cheaper Millem=nnial and Zoomer activist types, with no stomach for any constructive criticism and with no one left to reign them in. Remember it was the Boomers who broke the boundaries and stretched the envelope, to give their kids the freedoms they enjoyed, and gave the world its longest ever rise in living standards. Unfortunately, moderation wasn’t a strong suit, and we coddled our kids and did not let them fail, which made them weak, snivelling little whiners who run to their mommy when someone is mean to them. These tougher times are now creating the environment that allows strong people to rise again, such as your good selves. Keep up the good work, it is really great to see your growth.

    • DaigeMaki says:

      Honestly no one care’s about anything other then violence? Or economy if you have half a brain you are ignoring these “civil rights issues” that only seem to happen in 5 democratically controlled cities that for some reason have gun violence? In the rest of the Country we see it in the news and have none of this? We have nice peaceful communities? If we can realize that 94%-96% of the country is peaceful? RATHER THEN JUST LETTING THESE IDIOTS FEAR MONGER US. We will have a good and long life?

      • DaigeMaki says:

        Seriously any one remember I think it was robo cop 2 where. There were like supremely corrupt politicians and they were like shipping in drugs possibly gun’s to make their selves look better? Compare to society to the moment? Is this happening here? Like in America? Is this some attempt at dystopian BS none of us actually want? For some reason all gun’s drug’s in cities not affecting most of America but in news constantly?

  14. Joshua1991 says:

    “They needed vaccine, they rushed it and companies made a killing off it”
    No pun intended -Darren Beattie

    • AntiTechnocrat says:

      There was no pandemic. My first day here and I’m already wondering why I joined. C’mon Tim. They never even isolated SARS COV2. Look into the placement of graphene oxide in the flu shots in 2019. There’s your COVID 19 illness. Now that same toxin is in the jabs.

    • double_fact_checked says:

      Maybe they wouldn’t of had to work so hard to slow the spread if there wasn’t a certain group whom said that it was there duty to get sick and spread it to others, oh wait this isn’t censerbook or Youcan’tsaythattube or twitsincharger so I can say that mainstream MUSLIMS have been told by their Mosques to spread COVID as much as possible. This is not a conspiracy theory but has been publicized by their own Oman’s.

  15. Greg says:

    The “number of deaths” is likely grossly over-stated. Santa Clara Co. in CA reviewed all deaths and eliminated TWENTY-TWO PERCENT of their stated covid deaths by eliminating deaths that had nothing to do with covid, but the corpse tested “positive.”
    When you look at the number of deaths based on a PCR test that was run OVER 30 Cycles, my guess is you will find that 50-60% of those tests were invalid. Unless there is a medical diagnosis of SARS C-2, the deaths attributed are not covid deaths.

  16. SDracis says:

    I work in healthcare. Have seen firsthand that the narrative pushed by MSM, etc., is false. Directly contradicted by actual evidence and/or framing/phrasing to manipulate perceptions.

    I have the hard data. I have the peer-reviewed science.

    I have the first hand experience.

    There is no need to fear. There are real therapies besides a medical procedure that are highly effective.

    This has 100% been about money and power transference.

  17. AlexSeifert says:

    The UK is the only european country, which had an excess mortality across the age groups 30+ in 2020 compared to the last 10 years. Most european countries only had an exess mortality in die agegroup 90+ or non at all. Greetings from Germany.

  18. Goatoverland says:

    Got my farm two months ago. Have some work to do but chickens, goats ducks and a cow are coming, along with a greenhouse and lots of guilt bearing plans and trees . Thanks Tim for inspiring me to get my own life in line and being self sufficient.

  19. byggjlowe says:

    Kings and Generals YouTube channel is the shiznit.

  20. Xylanor says:

    They don’t care if there is no risk for younger people to get COVID. They just want you to COMPLY and show that they can control you.

  21. alienbeans says:

    “get out of the big cities”..im starting to see how these ancient civilizations just suddenly “disappeared” and abandoned these ancient cities around the world. Maybe also by natural cataclysms/catastrophes..cue the cartoon of ancient tim pools saying “move out to rural areas, grow your own food, forage, etc.”

  22. AngusarusRex says:

    Talk about a grotesque violation of HIPPA. The federal government requiring you to disclose private medical information?

    This shit is a slippery af slope

  23. BeLogical says:

    So what happened to the full IRL podcast of this guy? Let me guess, YouTube censored it.

  24. misterbehavior says:

    Can we get the comment field go be on top instead of below?

  25. Miranda02 says:

    Before you say the vax isn’t a conspiracy remember Bill Gates’ dad was huge into Eugenics

  26. Madmartigin says:

    I now have more respect for Ian. Keep questioning, Yes its a pandemic, but the reaction has been so bad because the ones that are in charge are the ones that are most at risk. They dont care about you, its all about self intrest and self protection.

    • Madmartigin says:

      ok i finished the episode and have changed my mind on Ian. We are not all on the same team. They dont care about you. Why should we waste our time and resources caring about them.

    • DolgerHanske says:

      A epidemic is a virus that doubles the number of infected daily. A pandemic is a epedemic that appears in multiple countries simultaniously. Sometimes Tim is to arrogant to admitt his ignorance and it makes him liok like an idiot.

  27. coldwater says:

    Decent points from guest but way too much moral equivalency between US Gov and CCP. You can be critical of the CCP and the actions our government took.

  28. OMG_Puppies says:

    It would be an interesting experiment to see what the Alexa transmits, but I believe it’s local processor detects when you say “Alexa” and it doesn’t transmit until it hears that.

    • MFnHammer says:

      🤣😂🤣😭 I GUESS that’s how your phone ends up showing you adds of something you were just talking about. 🤣😂😂🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ It only listens when it thinks you’re talking about something it can ‘sell’ to you.

      You don’t actually believe what you just said, right? If you do, you’re NO WHERE CLOSE to understanding what’s really happening, and I’d suggest watching the movie Snowden(about Edward Snowden). IMHO, it should be REQUIRED for all American citizens to watch. Once you realize what the US govt is doing ILLEGALLY, THEN you may grasp what these scum/filthy corps are upto.

    • MFnHammer says:

      Is there no ‘bonus segments’ on fridays? Honest question. I’ve been a member for a while, but am just realizing there may not be.

  29. Davidfish says:

    Just saw the episode 326 on rumble. I can see why Google YouTube yanked it.

  30. Billtin says:

    Jeez Tim. Don’t blame the boomers. They are not a monolith. Yes many of them came of age during the stupid sixties. But many of them grew up as preteens watching that nonsense. The thing they have in common is a distrust of the establishment.

  31. NOTASPOOK says:


  32. MikeM says:

    It almost looks like they engineered a virus to control their overpopulation by eliminating their least productive workers.

  33. malcolm.cooke13@yahoo.ca says:

    I hope homeboy used all the money Xi gave him for spitting CCP talking points didn’t go to waste

  34. Gralin says:

    I like a lot of this discussion, but..

    Is this guy seriously trying to claim that the CCP and Google aren’t inseparable? Goggle helped them build their population surveillance AI. Most of their workforce is CCP H1B.

    And Amazon? Amazon IS China.

    Homey took a wrong turn somewhere and got lost.

  35. TheDarkWall says:

    Since I can’t comment on the actual main show VOD: This guest really lost me when he kept equivocating the US and China. Practically nobody watching this show doesn’t think the US has serious issues. But pussyfooting around what is wrong is how we have this culture of children stripping for strangers being stunning and brave.

    Twitter may censor you for saying the wrong thing, but china is systematically rounding up and killing minority populations. You can get banned from youtube for questioning the cdc, but in china when your comment gets taken down the cops come pick you up and it becomes a question of if you are seen alive again. These are nowhere near equivalent evils and saying that we need to focus on ourselves domestically like we’re children who can’t process two concepts at once does not change that.

  36. axegarden says:

    IF you call this a “podcast”, THEN you better well have the Timcast APP ready!

    • TheDarkWall says:

      Since I can’t comment on the actual main show VOD: This guest really lost me when he kept equivocating the US and China. Practically nobody watching this show doesn’t think the US has serious issues. But pussyfooting around what is wrong is how we have this culture of children stripping for strangers being stunning and brave.

      Twitter may censor you for saying the wrong thing, but china is systematically rounding up and killing minority populations. You can get banned from youtube for questioning the cdc, but in china when your comment gets taken down the cops come pick you up and it becomes a question of if you are seen alive again. These are nowhere near equivalent evils and saying that we need to focus on ourselves domestically like we’re children who can’t process two concepts at once does not change that.

      • TheDarkWall says:

        Sorry, that was a general comment that for some reason got attached to yours. But I must ask. Is that you alex?

      • garuda61 says:

        Our problems here in the U.S. aren’t as bad as in China, but if you don’t put a stop to the socialist, marxist, woke, censorship stuff ASAP, it just keeps creeping in until it’s too late. In other words, it is bad here right now. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, is it more appropriate to sit around and wait until it’s too late, or to treat it ASAP so it doesn’t spread and get worse?

    • Gralin says:

      Fuck. Apps. Sideways.

      Using apps for anything is playing into the hands of all the people who want to choke off communication, turn the itnernet into a cable box, take away our ability to write our own code, run our own websites and content, etc.

      If you know what’s best for your own freedoms, then you have to understand the game being played against those freedoms.

  37. BFairfax123 says:

    Maybe this guy has no idea how connected the global economy is but the CCP and most Chinese firms benefited from COVID since they never really shutdown they slowed exports but they kept working and simply went full steam ASAP when they could ship back into the US and Europe . The big corporations that shut down here were open for business in China only Wuhan was temporally closed and it reopened long before most US cities .PS all the elites in this country have big bucks in China so they made money from this . Whether it was opportunity knocking or manufactured the global elites all benefited and the CCP is defiantly among them .

  38. tommythecomicguy says:

    Tim is talking about a breakaway society. Coming to Ayn Rand organically lol.

  39. lakotaskye says:

    this guy is smart and well spoken

    • Gralin says:

      He also slipped a couple of really large and easily falsifiable false lies into the mix. A couple about Google and one about Liz Warren “scaring” anyone. What she was doing was pressuring for donations/hush money, like Hillary Clinton did to pharma and insurance back in the ’90s with her healthcare grift.

  40. OMG_Puppies says:

    Will we get to see the public podcast that was taken down? Do you have the video, or did it only exist on YouTube?

  41. Mwz1991 says:

    This is really getting out of hand, you can watch the young Turks on YouTube but Tim’s milk toast podcast gets removed. Gimme a break. This is why I will continue to support you. Find a way to release the whole episode outside of YouTube.

  42. dbgfan says:

    I am a 62 year old female Boomer who has been watching Tims videos for a couple of years now, I believer he has more Boomers watching than he realizes..

    • Agent99 says:

      EXACTLY! I’m a boomer. No! All boomers do NOT blindly trust the government. As Luke says, if you trust the government, you don’t know history. We boomers lived thru a lot of BS that Tim et al only read about – WTF is he reading? I’m not taking the shot. Tim et al must STOP GENERALIZING! He’s pissing me off! I have millennial family members that voluntarily got vaxxed – so he has to stop blaming boomers! It’s a mixed bag of people who don’t have critical thinking skills. TIM and anyone reading this, watch Darkhorse Podcast on YT w/Geert Vanden Bossche (a boomer). Or watch anything re COVID by RFK JR (another boomer). And Bannon. Tim et all makes too many very biased generalizations about boomers.

      • Chellyva says:

        I hate all these “age” classifications. If I’m a boomer at 63 I certainly don’t feel the same way as someone 83. And the older generations although scared also remember being lied to before by government. It’s a mixed bag and we should just get away from grouping people into stereotypical groups based on birthdays! It is really quite ridiculous when you think about it!

        • AuntieBarb says:

          Agreed! Older Gen X here…and I have a lot of millennial friends because I like to go to techno dance parties and some Gen Z friends because I just recently went to college and got my degree in Bus Admin & Entrepreneurship. I like hearing good ideas no matter who has them! Agism does seem to be the last acceptable form of discrimination, but to be honest, I get a little kick out of blowing stereotypes out of the water. I will also say though, that I see some similarities between Millennials and Boomers, as well as connections between GenX and Gen Z. I think its a good idea to cultivate peer-type friendships with multiple generations–the younger generations have as much to teach us as learn from us.

    • Casey0430 says:

      I am Boomer also. In love this show and a different perspective. Smart, entertaining, and knowledgeable. I am tired of the suits on Fox.

  43. Rileyw2001 says:

    Piss off YouTube I really hate it now who are they to tell me I can’t watch Tim’s video really gets my goat

  44. DebbieV says:

    I know 5 who are vax injured. Of course Docs say it’s all unrelated. For ALL 5. 🙄

  45. Fasfer says:

    When can we expect the livestream to be posted on here since it got nuked last night?

  46. dogshutup says:

    Did #326 get removed from youtube?

    • bcccl says:

      a comment on rumble suggests tim pulled it to avoid a strike as the title of one of the members videos showed up as he was scrolling.

      • preengaged says:

        I was watching IRL live last night. Tim was wrapping up the show when YouTube took it down (much like the first Alex Jones show). When I went to look for it (immediately) in my viewing history, it was not there. A comment on Rumble may have said Tim decided to take it down… but, that wasn’t my experience while watching it live.

  47. rancidl says:

    Polio was caused from chemicals, notably, DDT that was being sprayed in the air everywhere in planes in cities like NYC, inside all buildings, and was even sprinkled on children’s lunches by mothers who were told that was a good thing to do for their health. Polio was NOT a pandemic. Once the Polio vaccine was introduced, the method of testing changed dramatically and the cause numbers plummeted because the methodology on what was considered a polio case was changed. WHEN WILL WE LEARN FROM HISTORY? READ HISTORY.

  48. FlPeep says:

    Kindly quit putting all Boomers in the same deplorable basket. Many, probably most, of us were not in favor or any lockdown. Also not knocking each other down to get the vaccine. Total nonsense.

  49. MaineWolf says:

    About 15m in the live stream Darren said “Possible Illegitimate election results”

  50. shawn.racz@gmail.com says:

    Is this chewing gum on the podcast? Please don’t do that! Tim you gotta realize how annoying that is to listen to.

  51. Ldyhorse says:

    I’m a boomer at 64. Because I know my own body and the things that I have been through and taken into account my family’s medical history, there is no way in hell I’m getting vaxxed. And no one has any clue what these mRNA shots are going to be doing to the bodies of folk that have taken the vax in 2, 5, or 10 years out.

  52. Nick21521 says:

    are we allowed to say eric ciaramella here?

  53. bcccl says:

    the full show is on rumble for anyone who didn’t manage to see it before it was pulled:


  54. rcontinijr says:

    Has anyone considered that China might have developed this virus to be more deadly to old people on purpose? They have a population crisis as a result of the one child policy. There’s not enough young people in China to take care of them.

  55. slushieboomgame says:

    I think the livestream was longer than 29 minutes.

  56. Orangepost says:

    Been saving. Hope to buy land in the country within two years.

  57. Nick21521 says:

    i have to say so far this $10 a month has been worth every penny.

  58. Th1nny says:

    I come home, tend to my crops ;), game and listen to timcast IRL.

  59. MTBryan says:

    As a 60 year old boomer, I’m healthy. I keep up on the CDC stats. I am not vaccinated. I won’t get vaccinated. I won’t die from Covid. I’m not worried about Covid. I’d rather get it and develop my own immunity. Most boomers I know that actually work for a living and lead productive lives believe the same thing. And I love the show BTW.
    Maybe I’m the only boomer fan? Haha!

  60. Vmanzo says:

    I have to strongly disagree with Tim on his take on children disobeying parents and going out when they are grounded. this is how you raise antifa. this is how kids grow up with 0 respect for anything in the world not even themselves. When kids have no respect for their parents at home, how are they going to respect anyone else?

    • NihonSama says:

      Totally agree. It’s bizarre to hear his perspective on parental authority here and yet be horrified at the fact “teachers” are training kids to call there parents liars and hateful.

  61. Jdbfortney says:

    Just tell them to FUCK OFF & slam the door!!!!!

  62. Golddess says:

    Looks like Google is hiding search results for Tim’s content again (or still, IDK how recent this is).
    Search “timcast irl rumble” and the only Rumble link that comes up is not Tim’s.
    Search “timcast irl rumble.com” and Timcast on Rumble shows up but not TimcastIRL.
    Search “timcastirl rumble.com”, and instead of searching for that, it searches for our previous search, “timcast irl rumble.com”.
    Click the “yes I really did mean ‘timcastirl rumble.com'” button, and _finally_ TimcastIRL on Rumble shows as the #2 result. The #1 result is TimcastIRL on YouTube.

    But if you use Bing to search for “timcast irl rumble”, the first _three_ are all for TimcastIRL on Rumble.

  63. Lauter10 says:

    X-Files is a good time. The stand alone ”monster of the week” episodes are my favorite. The overarching plot is a mess, though.

  64. boostinsteve says:

    This door to door visit will be about information gathering also. They need to be able to associate people with Jan 6. If you have an american flag and a gasden flag, and you tell them to get fucked, you will be placed on a list. If they can get hold of our records, the people not getting the jab are un-indoctrinated. Anyone that isnt indoctrinated, is the enemy to them. Welcome to the war ladies and gentlemen. Nothing happens by accident, nothing happens by chance. This is information gathering.

  65. Latterdaygamers says:

    Ian, stop watching Kings and Generals, the dude is a far left crazy that lies about history to fit his beliefs.

  66. Goodwin1776 says:

    So what was it that YouTube didn’t like in the main segment? Why did they delete it? Was it the conversation about possible federal involvement in 1/6?

    • redheadgoddess says:

      Hell no! I am a boomer that refused to get the jab along with my boomer husband. We both work in the front lines of the hospital. We know that this jab is most likely deadly. Once the real flu season comes we’ll see a spike in deaths and they will blame it on the variant. My whole family can critically think and hasn’t gotten the jab. The problem with all this is fear. There are 3 different methods to pull yourself out of the COVID, so there shouldn’t have been a vaccine implemented, but we all know why they want to do this. You can say its the $$$, and maybe you are correct on one sphere, but lets face it, this jab changes your DNA as soon as you get it. Follow Dr. Sherri Tennpenny and the group of docs that are finding out what is really happening. This is coming out too slowly for me, but I just saw a Spanish doc who got a hold of the jab and they are doing testing to see what is in it, they said they are finding “graphine or graphite, that is deadly. People are becoming magnitized over time – true story. People should be afraid. Now they want to come door to door! Now we are turning into a communist country. People stand up before its too late.

    • Skookum says:

      It’s on Spotify. They definitely removed at least one statement…I for sure heard the guest use the word “trannies” and it was gone when I listened to the Spotify

  67. rfknight40 says:

    I disagree with Ian a lot but have to say that I absolutely agree with him and his comments regarding how calling COVID a pandemic is a “mind fuck” and especially about how America was better when we were isolationist. BTW I represent your the smallest TimCast viewer demographic. I’m a 52 year old Professional Engineer in Electrical engineering and really appreciate TimCast bringing a sane “unwoke” perspective to the issues that are destroying our country.

  68. Scottydubs says:

    Came to work today and not live stream playback in my YT feed so I came straight here. Glad I finally signed up. These are well worth the 10 bucks a month. Fuck YT and their commie bullshit!

  69. PetraTilling says:

    This guy is way too into the CCP’s pocket. Weak arguments about using CCP servers to bitch about our own government is beyond ridiculous and a bit insulting to this audience’s intelligence. The CCP desires American DESTRUCTION. They would love nothing more than to EXPLOIT American animosity. CCP run companies’ (all companies operating in China) stated goals, no matter how good they sound to us, will NEVER be in OUR country’s interest. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Tim, keep coming at this with real world examples and actions. Hard to argue with a perfect homegrown breakfast 🙂

  70. rfknight40 says:

    What happened to the Podcast for this bonus episode? Did YouTube take it down?

  71. Bryan_Liem says:

    On his recent Epoch Times interview, biologist Bret Weinstein questions why more and more symptoms are being added to the list of COVID-19 symptoms, to falsely claim a higher co-morbidity death count, perhaps? Bret says the most exclusive COVID-19 symptom is losing your sense of smell and taste.

    I got the Moderna vaccine in April, before I became more aware of the political sides. I’m a Trumper, God Bless America. I got vaccinated at the Kroger grocery clinic, no doctor, no serious personal health review.

  72. Patrick1984 says:

    Blame the Boomers, tribes ? Still your show and other alternative sites are as close as we will come now to real journalists. The Media, Government, big business , Law enforcement , military. All the same thing now, a Fascist Police State in the making.
    Growing up in the 60s we knew the establishment was rotten to the core. The Powers that be, have had it all their own way since they murdered JFK, RFK and King. One plus about being a boomer is that I will not have to endure this Demonic Lunatic Asylum much longer. You are stuck with it for some time to come, and good luck.. Seriously I wish you luck , you’re going to need it.

  73. Bryan_Liem says:

    Check my math, age 50 to 65 deaths are 93K, with folks in their 40s being 18K, so 18 divided by 93 equals 19%, that is an 81% improvement between those age brackets. Folks aged 50 to 65 are having COVID-19 related deaths 516% more than people in their 40s.

    I blame the current Democrats and their Communist tactics now. I do not blame Trump last year. Why not?

    Something scary really was happening with COVID-19, during the early stages of US lockdowns. Italy had the huge death toll, so did NYC. We did not catch our breath until summer came and the riots proved that you can mix and mingle without spiking COVID-19 deaths. It’s the current Communist (literally) wannabe Democrats who want to engage master/slave power over the US population right now, lock down, starve them, impoverish them, destroy them, is their Communist style methodology.

  74. chucka187@icloud.com says:

    I’ve been a member for a while and I look forward to the “juicy” after show segments like most but most have been let downs. It’s seems like there sloppy and a “wing it” type 30 mins.

  75. Deutscher says:

    Bro, YT fucking deleted the stream!

    • BamaPVD says:

      It told me that the stream was deleted by the “uploader.” No idea if that’s accurate.

    • hsummers3020 says:

      I wondered about that, I paused the live show to make dinner and when I came back it was gone. I still cannot find any record from last night on YT.

      • Goodwin1776 says:

        YouTube definitely deleted it not Tim. It vanished at 10:07pm while I was watching it. I was a few minutes behind but I don’t think they had ended the show yet. I actually got a notification for last night and the thumbnail still looks normal but it’s essentially a broken link.

  76. NoOne123 says:

    Is this dude another white monkey? This guy tries WAYYY too hard to pull any and all focus away from the CCP. I mean hes not wrong with our leaders enforcing the lockdowns and the devastation resulting from that but he goes out of his way to damage control the CCP seemingly whenever possible. Me thinks the man doth protest too much!

    • NoOne123 says:

      Nevermind. I missed out on the first 30 minutes of the original podcast that stated who he was and some of the things he was talking about. I mean its possible he still could be but i doubt it. My bad!

    • Element says:

      This isn’t that deadly of a virus. The worst effect of it has been from the lockdowns imposed by our own governments, not China. This would not have been bad if government all over the world didn’t collude on this. In Event 201 the American CDC and the Chinese CDC both participated. They make each other look like enemies to keep us obedient and supporting the military industrial complex.

    • PetraTilling says:

      Agreed 100%. He had talking points.

  77. jhndsm313 says:

    One thing about leaving the cities… once they’ve been gutted for resources….the ppl will flee the cities looking for food n resources… you better hope to god you have protection in your wilderness

  78. Sonarv1 says:

    Ian, I think the reason you were Super-Chatted about Graphine Oxide is because on Info Wars, there was a report that the Vaccine looks the same as it under a microscope. I think that report came out on the 6th or 7th.

  79. matguerra says:

    Why not post a link (or full ep) to the members section seeing that you know you’re going to get kicked off. BTW, how are you not covering the Veritas Twitter story?

    • A.J. says:

      To your first point, YouTube took down the original full vid but you can usually easily find them on the TimCast IRL YouTube channel. The news feed on this site usually also includes a link to the original Youtube podcast as well. For now, here’s the full version at Rumble.


      To your second point, he has been covering all the Veritas stuff from Twitter, NY Times, CNN, ect. I guess you just missed it. He has done some videos about it on the Tim Pool Youtube channel as well as the Timcast channel and there has also been some discussion on the IRL podcast channel. So it’s there. You just may have to do some searching.

      • A.J. says:

        If none of that made sense or as I feel I may have misread some things just ignore me. I’ve been awake for far too long and the silly site has no edit button. ;p

  80. Sharky2217 says:

    Could you post last nights podcast here since youtube took it off

  81. Padre says:

    I was born in 1966 – I consider myself as Gen Xer. All my siblings are Boomers, my parents are the Great Generation. Great Segment again crew, thank you!!!! GO TIMCAST INC!

  82. -Minto- says:

    YOOOOOOOO, I think the podcast was taken off youtube 0.0

  83. Plastdunk says:

    before 2009, a pandemic was based on numbers of deaths, then they changed the definition to how many that got the virus, just cases. There are other definitions, like geographic spread and so on. But the big change was cases instead of deaths.

  84. SelenaTreese says:

    The round scar was a smallpox vax. The polio vax was a live virus in the sixties. I am female in my 60’s. Love your show. A little pissed the took you live cast down on YouTube. Y’all have a great day!

  85. Gralin says:

    Hey Ian, Polio deaths and severe illnesses were down to almost what they are today by the time the shot was rolled out. About half or more were “polio-like”, aka acute flaccid myelitis/paralysis from a “poliio-type” viruses that have no vaccine, meningitis from bacteria or viruses, etc. Those famous photos of kids in iron lungs? Those weren’t all polio, and they were taken from centers where iron lung patients were collected and treated from all over the country. At any rate, polio is as much a function of vitamin deficiency, specifically A or D, maybe both, as CoV-19 is a disease of low Vit D intake or processing- diabetes 2, obesity,..

  86. Stein says:

    We had a family meeting, we will be getting a locking ar rack for near the front entrance. The purpose is to insure we are armed when the feds come to our door… yes my 16, and 18 year old daughters have their own customized ar’s.

    With out the second amendment none if the others mean shit!

    • Gralin says:

      And we wouldn’t need to stand up with 2A rights if we hadn’t lost our 1A (meaningful communication about diseases, energy, pharma, economics) a couple of decades ago. In the US Mil, we had a default order of logistics that has seen us come out on top of many conflicts, especially WW2: Comms are the priority over even weapons and food; fucking up the “other’s” and building up our own. All generations and types of warfare are utlimately decided by who has the right info at hand, spying, code-breaking. The US is as much a population of mushrooms as the Chinese are now and the Soviets were when I was a kid. We’re kept in the dark about everything and raised on manure about everything but sports scores. All else in the MSM is pure shit.

  87. s.sand@t-online.de says:

    Just read news that Lambda is on the way, wtf? Omega tomorrow?

    where do I get the YT show?

    • daver987 says:

      LMAO I almost died when Tim did the injecting shit into the arm thing.

    • Noli says:

      Don’t worry, soon we will have UltraDeltaOmegaFoxtrot+dotperiod like LGBTPRSGTSGgdfFKDf,_->.fgsdf people.

      • Gralin says:

        What it will really be is A.D.E., though. It was predicted by many science people as early as Spring of 2020 that the rushed shots would produce the same ADE in the mass human trial that was seen in animal trials that didn’t actually skip the second challenge arm in animal models. Ox-AZ took a short look in their trial, but cut it short to 7 days after possible initial ADE was seen in their study.

  88. jgarza262 says:

    Fuck it Tim you don’t need youtube!

  89. Noli says:

    Woke up, prepared breakfast, check DumbTube for new podcast and its check guest, episode nowhere to be found, check website, it’s there! Around 40-50 minutes in and I can understand why DumbTube took this one down, you went overboard with all censorship, China, spying government, invigilation of journalists from other side, etc. etc. talks.

    Haven’t finished whole podcast yet, but I can say without problems that Mr. Beattie is good person and we need more of same people in our government, but on higher, more important chairs.

  90. ToddHollins says:

    Can y’all stream the live show on timcast.com if YT decides to yank the video?

  91. Deefiredancer says:

    Ask them if they’ve heard of the VAERS database that the government is inputting data that they aren’t talking about. Print it on excel, show it to them..make them answer questions until they can’t any longer. Or if you’ve tragically lost someone after the vaccine, share it with these people. They will have a dumbed list of facts they don’t know anything about themselves or beyond them.

    Light drives out dark.

    The next trip to myself, it won’t go well. No I won’t hurt anyone. I will just not be so nice.

  92. Jimmy_Ray says:

    Who here believes fewer than 1000 people died from the flu last year, when 50k died in 2017?

  93. Kshthymyla says:

    Sooo, what’s the link for the show that was taken down? I was like 40 mins in when it was yote.

  94. Alucard says:

    How else to hurt Trump now they need it to guarantee as much damage on him thats why big pharma held imagine them having to take less money from America first

  95. Sphillia says:

    This dude was just dying for the first chance to shill for China

    • knurd says:

      Wrong. Trump admin wouldn’t have backed down. This is the fault of the Biden admin. Yes, China is trying to control but it takes a real man to say “no, or we will go to war with you.’ Get your shit straight.

      • Sphillia says:

        And what does any of that have to do with this guy trying to cover for China taking PPE, intentionally spreading the virus, and suppressing information on the outbreak? A shity made in China bioweapon is still a bioweapon.

  96. Rustyshackleford55 says:

    I cant even watch the bonus episode right now. Da fuck is happening??

  97. Wolv256 says:

    Looks like YouTube took down the show today because they were taking about how the FBI was behind the January 6th capitol “insurrection”. They weren’t just speculating, they were giving facts and talking about how some people were released without charges, while everyone else got the book thrown at them. Christopher Wray should be executed for treason, as well as many others. I’m fact most of the democrats should be. This is not hyperbole either, that is the penalty for treason, which this was.

  98. Auhn says:

    I live in Sweden and I wanted to estimate my personal risk based on the Swedish COVID-19 death data publicly available (of course, it’s only a “guesstimate” for obvious reasons). No one in Sweden has been able to help me understand my risk and what is right for me. I don’t disavow the vaccines and I don’t think there’s a conspiracy. I just want to know what is right for me. In Sweden, with a population of 10 379 295 people as of 2020-12-31 if I am Male, age 30-39, and with no comorbidities then I estimate I have an 6,45 out of 13 913 risk of dying. That’s 0,000062% when compared to the Swedish population. I’m more than:
    – 10 times more likely to get murdered
    – 15 times for heart disease(s)
    – 25 times for cancer
    – 50 times more likely to die from accidents

    I think the vaccine can be the right thing for many people. especially if you’re above 60 years old. I don’t think any single medicine or vaccine is right for 100% of all people all the time regardless of their medical history.

    Publicly available data from Socialstyrelsen (the authority on, among other things, compiling official death statistics):
    13 913 people have died and have had COVID-19 written as a cause of death or as a comorbidity.
    35 people died aged 30-39 (Male + Female regardless of comorbidities)
    2 091 people died with no known comorbidities (all ages and Male + Female)
    7 667 Men died (all ages and regardless of comorbidities)

    I believe the vaccines to be safe, but even according to Läkemedelsverket (the Swedish equivalent to the FDA), as of 2021-06-27:
    – 5 953 862 doses of Pfizer vaccine has been administrated
    – 20 823 reports received to Läkemedelsverket of side effects suspected (not proven!) to be caused by the vaccine
    – 3 541 of those reports have been worked on by case workers
    – 2 032 people has “serious side effects” (death, long-term illnesses, near-death symptoms, etc)
    – 849 Men were reported to have experienced side effects
    – 455 people experiencing side effects were aged 30-39

    By intersecting these data points, it’s possible to infer a general area of risk (by no means exact but close enough). I have an estimated 36,15 out of 5 953 risk of receiving “serious side effects”. That’s 0,000348%
    when compared to the Swedish population. Meaning I have an estimated 5 times greater risk of “serious side effects” (including death or causing long term illnesses) from the vaccine.

    Again, these are only general estimates for myself and I don’t believe the vaccine is harmful. The vaccine is right for many people but not everyone.

    Thank you for letting me post this, I don’t have anyone I can talk to about this and I feel like I’m losing my mind with what I can only summarize as government propaganda at this point…

  99. tidojoaquin says:

    I work for a hospital company in the process of making all employees wear one color badge if vaccinated and another if not vaccinated. Purportedly this is to comply with OSHA, but really it’s a public shaming campaign to coerce compliance.

    • SIMONTACCHI says:

      I was born in ’55, Polio was a needle injection until 1960 and then it was oral, on a sugar cube and we were given it at school. Smallpox was the Vax Gun and left the scar, and since I never knew anybody with Smallpox, I passed. Me and most of my friends got Measles, Mumps and Chicken Pox, sick one week and back to school, and I never knew anybody that died and I had Chicken Pox when I was 35, one week and back to work. If a Cold kills you, it was time to go.

  100. h_marie says:

    I think they did lie about the number of deaths. I worked in a nursing home and an assisted living during covid. I dont think anyone who died with covid or after covid actually died OF covid. I also heard stories from other people who’s family members died of unrelated things, but were counted as covid deaths.

  101. cutter says:

    I know four people who tested positive for the virus, had mild symptoms and bounced right back with no long-term effects as of yet. One was in her 30s. Two were in their 50s. One is in his 60s and is obese and takes meds for high blood pressure. He described it as a bad sore throat and some fatigue that went away in like three days. So it’s not even a death sentence for those who are most at risk. I mean hell, if it didn’t even kill Chris Christie, the human Krispy Kreme, most folks will probably be fine.

    • FxTwT says:

      My entire family got COVID from by brother who is a body builder and had just competed at a “super-spreader” event. My parents, sister-in-law, aunt, myself and husband all got it and were fine.

      The worst part was losing my taste for two weeks, but I felt flu symptoms for 5 days. I can personally say that Flu B felt worse for me than COVID. Looking at all of the data on COVID, I personally think I will take my chances with getting it again as opposed to taking a rushed vaccine that I don’t need because my body already has memory cells and natural immunity.

  102. John_Beart says:

    So what platform is it up on? Assistants please TIMCAST. 👍🖖❤️🙏

  103. WilliamWallaceWilberforce says:

    Beattie must have mentioned FED involvement in 1/6 or labeled it as a false flag… something they should have discussed in depth in this portion…

    • NihonSama says:

      I don’t think they know about it. I’m hoping tomorrow he mentions it on his first segment.

    • Guitartommy5150 says:

      Yeah he actually dropped names and involvement. I signed back up for this site just so I could watch it again…and they clipped it, and no aftershow with him. Crappy.

  104. Alessandro says:

    Was watching the first part on youtube. VID GOT TAKEN DOWN! what happened!???

  105. justz00t says:

    I pay a premium price for Timcast and because of this I expect a premium experience. If you have to take down the YouTube show I totally understand but I expect it to be uploaded here or at least a post telling me where I can hear it.

    • NihonSama says:

      I don’t think they realize it got taken down

    • AdeptDS says:

      Reading the comments, sounds like youtube banned. Fine. That’s why Timcast exists, right? Can we see the show on Timcast? I think Tim should offer a mirror of the youtube stream on timcast free even if you are not a member, so people can get off youtube

      • NihonSama says:

        I seem to remember him saying it’s something they’re working towards, being able to have the stream on the site. He’s doing a whole lot of cool things, but maybe that’s something he should prioritize.

  106. KimHunt says:

    I’m 61 and a disabled/retired RN. After “15 more days to slow the spread”, I was advocating to keep the 60 and up and those of any age with co-morbidies sheltered in place and everyone else open up. I was banned from FB for that…
    When the vaccine came out, I advocated for it to be available to 50 yr old and above or any age adult with co-morbidity (after consulting their physician). Let US be the guinea pigs!!! Keep your CDC hands off my children and ESPECIALLY my grandkids!!! No child should get the vaccine unless they have a comorbidity. PERIOD. Please don’t blame the Boomers. Most of us (at least everyone I know) were willing to be locked down and let the rest of you carry on normally.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Ok, Boomer.

      (Just kidding. I blame the 20 year old, anyways)

    • covfefeovich says:

      This is correct. Rational discussion was banned, deleted, and censored. Impossible to have rational policy when the LAW is stupid enough to make it “age discrimination” when discussing information that was obvious from the stats out of Italy from their first 1000 deaths back in March 2020. Since the internet has become a memory hole, where social media as well as “news” sites are scrubbed of history and/or edited on the sly, it is difficult to demonstrate. But its great for propaganda machines.
      The STAZI would have loved the internet.
      So much easier to blame boomers than remember shit. Boomers killed the dinosaurs. Boomers sacked Rome. Boomers firebombed Dresden.
      Boomer hate is just a politically kerrectified proxy for antisemitism or racism.
      ……”ok Boomer”

  107. Havok22 says:

    A Red Pill message:

    Ian, close your shirt. You ain’t that pretty, do some push upsfirst.

    Tim, quit regurgitating the media talking points, we pay for this for something real. If that is real to you, well….

    There is no need to participate in this experiment [Operation Paperclip]. I have no desire to get my body to make the gas they used to put in the chamber.

  108. CdnElJefe says:

    Here in Canada the government is telling people it’s safe to mix and match the vaccines. At my work we have 8 sales guys and 2 managers that I work closely with. I am the only one who hasn’t been vaccinated. All of them got really sick for 2-3 days after vaccination.

    • Guitartommy5150 says:

      Same here in the US- Google says it’s A-ok. To me, since the vaxx are supposedly not similar, that means either they really do nothing or the government doesn’t care even a little. Google also says the vaxx is completely safe for children, and we know for a fact that is not true


    Ian, my dad has the exact same scar from the polio vaccine he’d gotten while in the air force. He showed it to me for the first time on the 4th of July. It was also on his upper left arm.

  110. Kristin says:

    They have been mixing and matching the vaccines in Canada… but everything is a mess here. We still have restrictions and have lost our rights.. we will likely need vaccine passports as well….. -_-

  111. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    I’m 32 and I don’t know anyone who died from covid but I know 1 person with vaccine related issue and has weeks left to and is paralyzed as well from side effects.

  112. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    I’m 32 and I don’t know anyone who died from covid but I know 1 person with vaccine related issue and has weeks left to and is paralyzed as well from side effects.

  113. deyshia@gmail.com says:

    Commenting on the first article. Find out how many of the demo UNDER 50 were OBESE. The answer is ~78%. How many had a separate comorbidity? Look it my friends.

  114. Cleffy says:

    The reason for the US response is the easiest thing to explain. Nearly everyone who holds power in this country are in the highest risk of death category.

  115. What the he’ll happened to the YouTube version? Did he finally get kicked off. I can’t see the podcast for today and I went straight to the channel to check.

  116. JiltedValkyrie says:

    I caught the beginning of the livestream. I think you accidentally scrolled too far down on your website, Tim. 😛

  117. Tmichaelt says:

    Grew up in south dakota moved to Maryland now looking to buy an acreage in West Virginia I hate the cities people don’t get how bad they are they drive people nuts while making them think that only bumkins live in the country side

  118. Buddymac007 says:

    Dude Ian could you do us a favour, button a button brother 🚆

  119. Buddymac007 says:


  120. Ghxstleader says:

    I agree with Ian it’s a scamdemic. All fear-mongering.

  121. Romeo1951 says:

    Count me as an exception to your age demographic. I’m 70 female and watch you religiously. Worse thing when I watch you live (but have to put on hold for various reasons), hit the wrong button on remote and can’t get you back. I enjoy the spicy(er) linguistics and WTF is with Ian’s shirt all the way open tonight? Middle of nowhere here too! Much further success to you!

  122. DjCin says:

    I think its was that they said christopher mattesons

  123. bbet says:

    The more they push the vaccine, the more suspicious it is.

  124. KekLordGrey says:

    FYI… I am 56.

    • MisterRepublic says:

      54 Vet here..

    • Christopher says:

      And I mean zero offense, but how often are you sick? Do you have other illnesses? It’s not age, it’s statistics.

      These numbers are mirrored in almost everything because of poor health.

      What about blizzards? Or heat waves? A new stimulus creates a new response. What bodies can adapt more easily?

      I broke my leg when I was a teen. That same break would be so much more devastating now.

      The elders of America have sacrificed the future for nothing but their own security in the face of their own mortality.

      “We COULD die? Strip the markets, tear away what others have built, let us live a year or two more as we take everything from you”

    • RaneyNickel says:

      I’m 42. I only watch mainstream anything to remind me why I don’t watch mainstream anything.

  125. byzantine_peasant says:

    Why’d you take the whole podcast down from YouTube? Or did they remove it?

  126. Kshthymyla says:

    I DO know someone who’s died from covid. I have comorbidities though, so my plan: I’m vaxxed, and now I’m partying and trying to get covid so I get the rest of a normal immunity. Party time to the max.

  127. jackie says:

    Tim, can you post THE ENTIRE SHOW PLEASE/// want to see what we missed.. I had you on pause to take care of family and came back to find it removed from Youtube.

  128. DrewishAF says:

    Conspiracy theory: Tim pulls down some videos on occasion to bring in new members!
    Actually, I’m kinda on the side of independence and self-reliance being seen as a threat. Yes, they started all their stupid shit in big cities. But we even saw the Burn Loot Murder riots heading into smaller cities and neighborhoods in 2020. You really think that they won’t keep the same shit up this go round?
    This is one of the only times I’ve agreed with Ian. This wasn’t a danger so it really shouldn’t continue to be qualified as a pandemic. We reserve that word for very specific and dangerous diseases. If anything, it is yet another assault by the left on the common lexicon turning the whole English language into more word salad and meaningless bullshit. When I hear “police brutality” I think of a cop just doing his job and some basic cuck/cunt bitching. When I hear “white supremacist” I think of someone who is anti-woke. They are ruining words so that our freedom of speech is devalued as opposed to banning speech. They do the same with everything including my favorite thing in the world, guns. As far as this dude talking about how China isn’t a threat or that we don’t have moral authority: that is a big load of horseshit. We, as Americans, have a duty to stop evil and oppression. We don’t murder journalists. We don’t have concentration camps. Many of our dumbest people are the ones subverting our values and THOSE are the ones we need to eliminate before they undermine our morality. It just so happens that they make themselves easy targets and our people are now too afraid to get their hands dirty to stop them.

  129. Kslane4220 says:

    Post the whole show!

  130. JoshuaS21 says:

    Damn Ian is on his A game with the death toll.

  131. Joekaguirre says:


  132. period@whore.website says:

    When they get the main show updated would someone mind linking it on here?


  133. GarryH says:

    Bullshit! I am a boomer (1957) and I was adamantly against the so called “Patriot Act” after 9/11. After the 15 days to slow the spread in 2020 I was saying this is leading to more loss of liberty. Everything that came after, including this vaccine, is a push against freedom. I teach and it’s the millennial teachers that were jumping in line to get these vaccines.

  134. Makayla says:

    I’m female and 62. Started watching after seeing you on Rogan

  135. Makayla says:

    I think you’re mistaken about the age and sex of your audience. I’m female and 62. Started watching after seeing you on Rogan

  136. Frodoismynig says:

    For those who are looking for the main show:

  137. AUssery says:

    Sounds like it was designed to cull those with the most knowledge of history! Erasing history is the easiest way to repeat history!

  138. Matt32767 says:

    Shouldn’t the comment box be at the top so you don’t have to zoom past hundreds of messages to leave one?

  139. UppityG says:

    Finished. I’ve bookmarked his revolver.news site and will eventually subscribe if it keeps up the quality. Another great guest spot. I really hope you’ll invite him back, same with Reaboi because I think you barely scratched the surface with him. Well done, bravo. Or, as we say in operaphilia: bravi a tutti!

  140. susanscot@gmail.com says:

    Biden and the left are “protecting their NARRATIVE”; the fact is, much of the COVID “scare” was so overblown by the left for the EXPRESS purpose of doing exactly what they DID! For many reasons, they WANTED to lock down the country, and in order to do that, they had to SCARE everyone to keep them from “questioning” the lockdown! NOW, they are worried that people are going to recognize things are getting back to normal WITHOUT the vaccination, which will let the cat out of the bag that it was NEVER as deadly as they said, hence putting vulnerable seniors into equally vulnerable NURSING HOMES, because they NEEDED a high death rate to back up their narrative to KEEP people SCARED enough to STAY LOCKED DOWN. The POINT is, getting as many vaccinations done as FAST as POSSIBLE, covers a lot of ASSES by having a good “excuse” as to WHY the vaccine just “went away!” Consider why they and FAUCI are still so GUNG-HO to keep the “ruse” going! Ian is really close to the truth! THINK ABOUT IT! By the way, I’m a “baby-boomer” and I’m 75 🙂

  141. Adam.c4x says:

    So no one knows what happened to the broadcast tonight? Kinda figured Tim would mention it at the beginning of this segment 🤷‍♂️

  142. bosse says:

    Did the video get removed off Youtube or is it still encoding? Shows the show went live and then says Video unavailable — This video has been removed by the uploader

  143. WilliamWallaceWilberforce says:

    Hilarious that Darren J. fucking Beattie was the one that got IRL nuked.

    Shows that he’s well over the target re 1/6 false flag.

    • Bignate says:

      I was like what happened to the IRL. He looked kind of suspicious.

    • TheDarkworld says:

      That’s gotta be it. All I can think of, but wow did that come at an odd time. Like, superchats? Why did it get that far?

      • WilliamWallaceWilberforce says:

        Agreed. That tells me it was not about the substance of the conversation, but rather it was a signal to IRL not to have more regulars from Bannon’s War Room on the show. Over the last few months he’s had a bunch of crossover guests from War Room. Figured Bannon would be the show to get nuked. But Beattie is ALL OVER the 1/6 shitshow re Sicknick, Babbitt, Capitol Police etc.

  144. Max316420 says:

    Fuck the Biden administration, fuck the psychotic democrats, fuck all these people trying to push this untested shot!! Come knocking on my door with that shit and end up getting punched in the face!!!

  145. riien87 says:

    Tim, let the city folk stay in the cities – I don’t want them in my woods. They vote for this “woke” junk that’s ruining America.

  146. dreamscape.artisan says:

    Please Please Please!!! Post the full show here, it cut off in the middle as I had to jump on a bit late today!! I’m not surprised it got taken down, keep fighting the good fight Timcast Team! Y’all kick ass!! Please Please Please!!!

  147. Ghostly_Method says:

    why does the screen say smash like in the post show? is there a like button I don’t know about? I must smash !

  148. bcccl says:

    this was a wasted opportunity to talk with darren about jan 6 and the national security state or any number of serious issues. instead we get a 10 minute monologue about leaving the cities and growing chickens. complete waste of time.

  149. Curt says:

    Nice. Ian gets paid to watch YouTube Channels all night

  150. Francia says:

    Please post the full video episode somewhere. This was an incredible show tonight.

  151. Zionad says:

    Do Lydia and Ian live on Tims property?
    Also, Ian’s fire was 100% right regarding the abuse of the word Pandemic. It may have a technical definition, but it also has cultural baggage because of movies and tv. Obviously using and emphasizing the emotionally charged word was intentional by the corporate media, and they should be ashamed.

  152. DocAJKoch says:

    Tim, every day your show gets better and better! Love Darren Beattie! Keep doing what you do.

  153. Elaine116 says:

    I just turned 50 in February. They Couldn’t pay me to take that Vaccine. I will not be anyone’s Fucking Lab Rat. I live in Central FL they stand outside of Supermarkets and ask if you are Vaccinated. I just look at them like get the fk away from me. I also suffer FROM RBF…. LOL LOL

    • NihonSama says:

      It’s hilarious that you say people couldn’t pay you to take the shot but that’s what’s been happening, people entering for a chance to win a million bucks for the shot. Silly people.

  154. UppityG says:

    18:41 As a Texan, we will not do the lockdown again. Xiden is fucked and he’s gonna stay fucked. I continue to watch the bonuscast…. (BTW, I Mold. No, really. )

  155. Nichole says:

    I live in the desert and have a garden takes a little more effort but worth it. I beat inflation by growing my own food.

  156. covfefeovich says:

    Nope. Keep your boomer misconceptions. It breaks down the red blue divide in the subset of boomers I deal with. Some of the non commies got the Fauchi juice, but every last one of the commie boomers were trying to get it on day one. And hiding from Cuomo.

  157. BanaB says:

    Of course it’s pharma maximizing profits. They’ve been killing kids for decades now.

  158. MontyLalado says:


  159. Sikrik665 says:

    I would rather watch Vaush eat a banana with his asshole than hear this dude ever speak again.

  160. cutter says:

    Tim is wrong about the cold not being pandemic. The common cold can and does reach pandemic levels. The flu frequently reaches pandemic levels. There was a major flu pandemic in 2014, IIRC, killed like 90K in the US. It’s just a question of how many people / countries are infected.

    • Watchdog138 says:

      Serious question… Am i having Dejavu or did Tim and Ian have the “Cold is not a Pandemic” conversation yesterday? I feel like Tim has explained this multiple times and Ian just repeats himself.

      • cutter says:

        Yeah, it came up last night. The word “pandemic” essentially just means “widespread.”
        There’s a technical definition regarding the threshold of how many countries are affected and how many people are infected. Any given cold virus can certainly reach that threshold.

  161. GarryH says:

    I was busy while your show was live tonight, imagine my disappointment when I looked for it awhile ago and it was taken down. I hope you will post it on your website, for now I am curious why.

    • Shredleaf says:

      The live show was pulled bc they talked about “big tech” being, for all intents and purposes, a branch of the federal gov. Example, In-Q-Tel an independent CIA contractor funded Niantic to make Pokémon Go. Its why Parlor was shutdown, its why Twitter was banned in uganda for election interference in Jan. its why Zuckerberg, Bezos and Twitter will get mean things said to them at senate hearings but nothing of consequence ever happens to them. The gov can’t fire itself after all.

  162. Tigranes says:

    Sorry, but this 60 YO stopped trusting the media in the early 80s.

  163. Tclare11 says:

    Tim will upload it to the members area. It’s going to be fine. Thank you for what you do. This country is insane

    • B_MoreDigital9 says:

      I agree, ppl are freaking out.. I live in Md as well & we are currently having bad storms, my first thought was power outage.. I cannot say that is 100% the case though, but usually around 11 he uploads the second half and so far nothing. I’m thinking power..

  164. firejackson1@gmail.com says:

    YouTube video down already

  165. JRob says:

    Wow dude.. YouTube really pissed me off with this one.. like damn. I feel bad for all of the people that aren’t members, but shit they need to get on this and just become dang members already haha. Thanks so much Tim for posting this.

  166. Sikrik665 says:

    Damn…dude is a hard 35…

  167. AUssery says:

    Sounds like it was designed to cull those with the most knowledge of history! Erasing history is the easiest way to repeat history.!

  168. ivoryTrader says:

    Annoyed customer rant: Pulling your episodes mid-stream like that is fucking irritating and it makes you look weak. If it was YouTube that pulled it, then that’s bullshit, and I will be upset for you. But if it was you who pulled your July 8 video, then you better explain to us paying customers why you did, and why you seem to feel you have a bigger target on your back than Styxhexenhammer, Bret Weinstein, or Jordan Peterson; who all are all on the establishment’s radar, just like you; and who all consistently make “provocative” statements, just like you and yet still don’t get banned. It sometimes feels like you embellish the threat-level to your YouTube status in order to boost your Timcast memberships, and if that’s the case, then that would be cheesy as fuck (like you’re pulling that non-profit homeless shelter fundraising shit they taught you). And I fucking hate how many fucking ads all your videos have nowadays. I listen to you while I drive and so I keep on having to skip the ads every goddamn 5 minutes (or however the fuck long the interval is.) It’s like, MySpace death-rattle levels-of-annoying. Why don’t you keep it at least a little punk, like Styxhex? I know you’re trying to raise funds, but keep a goddamn balance, man. And if I’m wrong, or misunderstand any of the behind-the-scenes shit that you have to put up with in order to run your operation, then I am willing to be wrong and thus look stupid—but right now, this is how I feel. Annoyed customer rant over. I really enjoy the show. Keep it up. All the best. Peace.

  169. NihonSama says:

    Did Tim post anything on Twitter explaining what happened to the show tonight? Super creepy it, the error said it was removed by the uploaded, the uploaded I’m guessing is Tim?!

    • B_MoreDigital9 says:

      Might be a bad storm, I too am in Md so that COULD be a possibility but Im not 100% sure. Just a guess, we have had a bad storm tonight.

  170. MajorJerk77 says:

    Conspiracy Theory here: China did engineer this virus to purposefully target elderly people. The reason why, China has a huge problem with its aging population because of the one child policy, and in order to avoid paying the bill for all of those elderly people they created a virus to reduce the elderly population.

    • Makayla says:

      I totally agree, but if US is responsible just think of all the social security checks, disability checks and Medicare they don’t have to pay. 500,000 x approximately $1000/month. That’s a lot of $$$

  171. UppityG says:

    Crossland is a fast learner, bravo. However, he’s also a fast learner of stuff that is worthless. Unbravo. Early comment in play of bonuscast. I continue ….

  172. TomsTrains says:

    Don’t count me out. I’m 70 and enjoy hearing the truth instead of all the Bull the media pushes.

  173. Lyindogfaceponysoldier says:

    What happened to the live show earlier?.

  174. Drrk says:

    First live show I miss in a year and it gets deleted! Hope you can find a way to upload it here so I can watch the full show.

  175. cutter says:

    Serious question: Do y’all think Tim wears eye liner?

  176. undead_bovin@yahoo.com says:

    Ok, so there has been NO comment about the YT show from them. It was removed, but it’s not here on Timcast.com. You say you are using Timcast.com as a backup, but you are NOT backing up the main show that has a good chance of being removed……. Seriously, is the MAIN show that was removed going to be put on here? If not, then there is no point in paying for THIS….

    • HAWK3Y3 says:

      Yes, I also subscribed today because the main video was taken down and I wanted to watch the rest of it. Can y’all make sure you upload all of the banned youtube videos to your site. The info must get out to the public. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    • Brussell17 says:

      Would ppl stop complaining about the main show not being up here. We’re paying for him to have a backup, exclusive content and build alternatives online for the future. Jeeze

      • Kpilgrim609 says:

        Some of yall are lit bro. Obviously Chinatube pulled the video. I am 99.999999% sure Tim will update on everything. If you don’t like the back up system (timcast.com) then frig off and go watch some Paul bros.

    • CodeRedJay says:

      Maybe give them a chance to upload it, just a thought….

    • NihonSama says:

      I haven’t checked it yet but he backs up his live shows on Bit Chute

    • TrVatland says:

      Pretty sure they are more concerned about getting out the bonus show first due to the yt show usually not being pulled and still on that platform. Just be patient.

  177. Jose1984 says:

    Tim what happened did YouTube take down your video? If they did its freaking scary

  178. Shador says:

    Chinas biggest national security threat is an overwhelming aging population. And they developed a disease that just so happens to kill that aging population that are too old to contribute to their work force. just saying.

  179. Green_-Bean7 says:

    i cant find the live show for tonight on youtube or spotify. anywhere else i can watch?

  180. Lildav3232 says:

    i know two who died from covid. both over 65. one who died from the vaccine. was 50

  181. masterBlaster says:

    last couple times a video disappeared like this from timcast I never heard the reason for it. It would be much appreciated if we could hear a follow up on why this happened.

  182. Mantooth85 says:

    How many of the 50% were killed by Cuomo and Whitmer?

  183. Sillywhiteboy says:

    Why isn’t he not talking about his show being pulled ? Lol

    • Chingkahloon@gmail.com says:

      Yea what happened to the show. Woke up and was looking for my daily tim pool rant but finds it missing.

    • libertarian_desert_rat says:

      I was watching the show on YouTube when it got taken down. I was invested too

    • PseudoSwede says:

      So was it pulled? The error message I got said “removed by the uploader.” Not saying I believe that, mind you, cuz I’ve seen Crowder videos that said the same thing.

      I was about 45 min behind live, came back and it was gone, so I’m in the dark.

  184. Kyle23 says:

    Cant find live show on YouTube???

  185. wcasker65@gmail.com says:

    11:14 pm and I’m watching!

  186. Jpulaski17 says:

    No mention of the video coming down in the bonus. Interesting 🤔

    • RxRomeo says:

      Seriously what’s up with this. Seriously expecting some kind of explanation. Tim don’t look sus

      • Cbizzle says:

        I wonder if they recorded this earlier.

      • PeppyClown says:

        He is probably looking in to it. And will tell us on his other channels as a news story.

      • CALLMEREX says:

        He never does… He might give a quick bs sentence
        tomorrow in one of his daily videos and move on like it’s nothing. Seriously getting irritated with no mention anywhere about it – it’s just gone and we don’t deserve to know why. Wasting my time looking for it or troubleshooting making sure it’s not me. Last time it happened the main show was not uploaded here – just gone.

  187. BigCheese says:

    Calm down it usually takes a moment nite to work. Come back around 11:30est that when it loads for me.

  188. CANNED_FETUS says:

    You got a new member Tim. Youtube nuking your video made me jump over to your channel.

  189. Davidfish says:

    The missing episode 326 mystery. Cut out midstream for me.

  190. Koritian says:

    Y’all get raided or something?

  191. Trealoff says:

    It’s not on Spotify either???

  192. MontyLalado says:

    What the fuck is going on, now the website is down?

  193. Nichole says:

    I was watching on YouTube and stopped because of dinner time. Came here and it says, encoding video. Started to read the comments and oh my can’t wait to see what I missed. All those giving money on YouTube chats should realize the money is better spent being a member here that way shity YouTube it’s making anything off of the video.

    • PseudoSwede says:

      Yeah I hopped in the shower with my wife, came back, and no more show. I promised myself I’d register the moment what we all think happened happens. The one day I’m not watching live, of course this happens. Still worth it;)

      I hope they have massive scaling contingency plans, cuz most of the regular ScrewTube viewers will be making the same move, and I’d hate to see a crash.

      Given that even power outages haven’t so much as delayed the show by a second, I have faith!

      At the same time, they have to know this is a sign that the show is doing all the right things. Massive influx incoming.

  194. Fluff2Buff says:

    Now this bonus video isnt loading? Says error occurred contact support

  195. Sillywhiteboy says:

    Now it’s saying video error occurred ? What don’t they want us to know 😂

  196. DrewishAF says:

    Anyone else seeing “video error occurred” on this one as well?

  197. Elaine116 says:

    Says video error contact customer support. What is going on??

  198. Brianziskie says:

    Tim backs up his podcasts up on Spotify everyone

  199. cutter says:

    YT says “removed by uploader.” If Tim & Co. really were the ones who pulled the podcast, that is the most insidious form of censorship. YouTube has succeeded in scaring content creators so badly that they willingly censor themselves and pull their own content.

    That’s a terrifying thought.

    • Skookum says:

      It’s not the first time. Tim pulled another one awhile ago. Can’t remember dudes name but they were talking about civil war and the guy said something like his buddy has a territory and he’s got a different territory if shit starts to pop off. It was really good and I was mad Tim didn’t put it up here for us to watch here.

  200. Elaine116 says:

    Was 1 hr late watching paused it to get My husband his dinner out of the air FRYER and poof you were gone. Said was removed. Dame This is Not OK That is Insane

  201. thai_rant@yahoo.com says:

    I was listening…

    SO. Just talking about China will get one snuffed.

  202. Nicc515 says:

    I’m probably wrong, but did Darren say “trannies” earlier in the show? he was comparing the Chinese military to the US being woke and (what I heard) said they’re not trannies. maybe he said something like trainees. idfk. would be a stupid slip up, so i doubt it, but it would’ve been relevant to the context

  203. Lifeofzepol says:

    Nah, fudge this… I want the YT nuked episode….. smh….

  204. UncontestedCHMP says:

    Dammit – I had about an hour left of the live show to watch…

  205. ryham says:

    Bruh! This show is about to be excellent and exciting. I was only a bit behind when I came back Tim didn’t remove the video!

  206. MoreCowbell says:

    Getting video was removed by owner? Was it?
    Time tell Google and YouTube to GFY

  207. Max316420 says:

    I’m wondering why they removed the whole podcast from YouTube. When I go back to rewatch it, it says “video removed by uploaded” 🤔

  208. period@whore.website says:

    Did the stream get yanked? I watched for an hour and turned it off to watch some anime and was going to pick it back up in a few but i checked my watch history and it’s not there.

  209. Buddymac007 says:

    Dude, Bra, I’m like really confused. Why isn’t tonight’s video on the boobtube? You shouldn’t have said last night you were under the radar

  210. Brianziskie says:

    If you missed the YT podcast you should be able to catch it on Spotify!

  211. TammyD32 says:

    I tweeted Lydia and she said the show would be uploaded in about an hour on all the podcast services.

  212. denmanc01@gmail.com says:

    So. What the fuck just happened? No sign of it ever being there. It never existed. Word@ were never spoken. YouTube says we’re conspiracy theorists because it isn’t listed. “There are 5 light”

  213. Bluefork says:

    Can’t wait I’m just glued eyes looking into the darkness.

  214. AdiMartinez415 says:

    Can’t wait to hear the rest! I was an hour in 😑

  215. Hangca42 says:

    I usually purposely watch the show about 15-20 min behind so I can click fwd the moment Ian starts to speak. I was extra late tonight and missed most of the show when YouTube pulled the plug.

    • Geoffwk says:

      Why do people shit on Ian so much? He’s my favorite part of the show hahaha

      • Hangca42 says:

        He just derails the conversation to often. I mean I don’t know him, so it isn’t personal. I’ve been watching irl since it started and can’t think of one time where he added value to a great conversation with an interesting guest. Federal Reserve, Graphine, DMT, America is awful, bla, bla. Some like his sophomoric takes when the grown folks are talking, I just mostly find him to be a drag on the show.

  216. dlmlifer says:

    I saw the entire stream on YT. I’m speculating they nuked it for some discussion of “1-6”. Can’t wait to see this bonus segment.

  217. jessijames837 says:

    Yeah, started watching late and when i went to the start 1 minute in got nuked, said user pulled it down.

  218. FatillacN says:

    Did yt pull it or did TC delete it to get more subs?

  219. GrudgeAxe says:

    Awww man, we need a server farm on the south pole to host videos, to cold to cancel

  220. PeterG6979 says:

    He nuked himself so that all you newbies sign up. Pure genius.

  221. Hieronymus says:

    Darren was talking a little too much truth for YouTube

  222. theswimmerr says:

    So sad tonights show got nuked I really enjoyed his perspective on China. I hope I get to finish the episode at some point

  223. Jsbyers says:

    Just like crowder says, YouTube you can piss off

  224. Kling616 says:

    The conversation wasn’t even that spicy and BAM! Gone.

  225. Reallynow says:

    that class action? kinda wanna join it right about now.

  226. Kshthymyla says:

    Yo! Where is a link to the rest of the podcast? Someone please help, I wanna see the rest of it.

  227. Isaree1102 says:

    I cannot WAIT to see why the video got nuked! Paused the stream, came back and nothin.

  228. Soccermom03 says:

    The first time i miss live stream and find out its removed. WTH

  229. TheDarkworld says:

    I can’t wait to hear this! (Rubs hands like a damned raccoon)

  230. Isittomorrow says:

    YouTube finally forced me to signup, guess Tim was right

  231. Fakebiz says:

    Did the show get nuked for A) “Doxxing” Babbit’s shooter B) Covid-related infractions C) discussion Election audits or D) none of the above?

  232. Gbart says:

    I aint no hollar back girl!

  233. SteveK51 says:

    I paused the stream at 10, so I’m intrigued to see the comments saying that the stream got nuked… even though YT says the uploader took it down, lol

  234. Nick1diesel says:

    I can’t wait to hear why the podcast was pulled off YouTube tonight !

  235. jackie says:

    I was watching on Youtube, put on pause cause I had to help family out, came back and Youtube wiped your video.

  236. Xavier1304 says:

    I believe video just got banned from youtube …

  237. Jimeoin says:

    Got youtube notification. But apparently the video has been removed.

  238. Colt_Steele says:

    Did Ian tell everyone how to make chemical weapons again?

  239. Joeking95 says:

    What happened I didn’t get to finish watching tonight’s show on YouTube before it got yanked

  240. Clamhammer1123 says:


  241. unixtool1192 says:

    What happened to tonight’s YouTube segment? It just went away saying ‘User deleted content’.

  242. Jamesm3099 says:

    Stream died rip anyone know where I can see what I missed?

  243. Sillywhiteboy says:

    This ones gonna be spicy. Please post the full interview on the website 🙏🏼

  244. PolishPierogi says:

    we made it

  245. DarthWho says:

    I missed the stream…. Did it get “unexisted”?

  246. Wolv256 says:

    YouTube cut your live stream. Fuck them!!

  247. Vankirk1776 says:

    Tonight’s show got nuked.

  248. Jamesm3099 says: