Daniel Turner Member Podcast: James O'Keefe Private Legal Communications Leaked To NYT By FBI, THIS IS EVIL

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Daniel Turner Member Podcast: James O’Keefe Private Legal Communications Leaked To NYT By FBI, THIS IS EVIL

200 responses to “Daniel Turner Member Podcast: James O’Keefe Private Legal Communications Leaked To NYT By FBI, THIS IS EVIL”

  1. flightRisk says:

    do us a light sun worship

  2. Felen says:

    Term Limits, in and of itself, would create an entirely new political sub-economy. Both major political entities would necessarily go into fund raising on a massive scale in order to finance the conveyor belt of political minions cycling thru the government. State and local governments would be impacted by the increase in new politicians cycling thru the training grounds that are local politics. The churning would almost guarantee that little if anything of substance would get accomplished that did not improve ones financial and political standing.

  3. RedRoss says:

    God bless America and God bless James.

  4. Jonman0002 says:

    I remember an episode of law and order SVU where a dude had a electromagnetic ring near his door that, when switched on, would destroy any hard drive that went through that door. Is that actually a feasible strategy or is it movie magic BS?

  5. Devil_Beaver says:

    Nothing new here. James is actually quite lucky. Remember, the only person who died during the multiple anthrax attacks, way back during the Bush admin, was a journalist who wrote about the extracurricular activities of Bush’s daughter(s). Be safe my friends, and Godspeed!

  6. Rawdog says:

    The last 2 episodes (public & private) are WHY I became a member.

    I don’t agree w/Tim, et al, all of the time because he is too young to fully understand BUT, unlike me, he started the race at the right time and he needs all of the support he can get.

    That said:
    I know that a lot of you are wanting to stop talking about the problem and DO something. Unfortunately, MOST of those who talk about “action” are Alphabet Agency Agents. However, there ARE things one can do that will help fight for freedom which are not something that one can get into trouble for.

    A short list:

    Start by getting yourself together.

    Realize that you ONLY LIVE ONCE.

    Realize that NOBODY gets out of this life alive.

    Realize that EXISTING is NOT living.

    Learn that the freest man is one who has NOTHING to lose.

    Think about how you want to die. Do you want to die in severe pain? mentally deficient? shitting yourself (like Biden)? Or do you want to go out LIKE A BOSS?

    Exercise. Lose weight. Just walking can help.

    Learn to fight. Using ALL different types of tools. ACCEPT the consequences of that type of study. STOP being a relig-tard and/or low/middle class in your thinking.

    Observe your neighbors. Divide them into categories.
    NPCs-keep away from them. Observe them. If you can, fake them out. Remember, if you are playing Fallout, NPCs are ONLY useful for LOOT.
    Neutral-be friendly but distant.
    Allies-be general but let them know that you will help them PROPERLY.
    Friends-RARE, RARE, RARE, A UNICORN, RARE, RARE. You can be honest with them. Take it from there.

    Talk to your neighbors. Make them into your intelligence system. Ex: That nosy, annoying old lady may just be lonely. Make her YOUR spymaster.

    Learn. Train. Study. Don’t sign anything (within reason). Turn off tech when traveling. Use cash (whenever possible).

    And remember, NEVER talk to cops.

  7. UppityG says:

    You ain’t alone in marveling at being in the weird parallel bizarro world. I’ve decided to return to the comfort of God’s grace and prayer to help me cope. Whatever works, right? Peace on you brutha.

  8. UppityG says:

    I don’t have an Amazon account nor do I want one.

    Bezos has too much of our money as it is and he has helped kill off thousands of small businesses, thanks to Amazon pandering to our selfish reliance on convenience and “free” shipping. Which, of course, is not free, it is socialized by spreading the cost across the retail price of all goods it sells.

    Long overdue for Amazon to be cut back down to a manageable size. I don’t care about subsidizing Bezos’ private space travel adventures. We’re all already being forced to do so via our weak minded electeds who hand out tax subsidies to him and Musk and Lord knows who else without telling us.

    I donate by mailing a check to PV and though slightly less convenient for them and me, it is far harder for bad actors to interfere.

  9. UppityG says:

    I’m a Term Limits proponent as well. Query: Do you propose a single 10 year term or do you mean a maximum total number of years as a govt employee? My initial thoughts about a single 10 year term, not having to mount campaigns for re-election would reduce election fund raising by magnitudes. If it would be applied also to all bureaucratic and administrative positions, at all levels of govt, AND it would include an efficient way to remove them if needed, could be good. If made an amendment, we could specify the action for removal would not be subject to court stay but could be appealed? Food for thought.

  10. UppityG says:

    @Freefolk, lol “one way street” — oh, if only we’d see the signs staring us in the face.

  11. UppityG says:

    Great idea, agree. Some states have their own Bureau of Investigations now.

  12. UppityG says:


  13. TheRealZac says:

    Don’t blame neo for being nieve as he’ll. When people flee the suburbs and city for even more rural areas the dynamic will change. Get out of liberal stronghold cities. Don’t listen to anyone trying to tell you city life is where you want to be. Work from home tech jobs make coty life no longer necessary to still have an impact.

  14. Bmwtech says:

    History is rife with political assassinations and the killings of Kings men/tax collectors. Tyranny can only survive if there men willing to enforce such tyranny. Target those enforcers

  15. Bmwtech says:

    Take a page out of history Madam Guillotine.. she needs to be feed as does the Tree of Liberty…

  16. Ataraxia says:

    Tim is just biased against Greenwald. I’m sure he believes a lot of what you say, but since Greenwald is an actual journalist that doesn’t pick sides (who Tim wishes he could be, rather than a grifter for the right). He calls Snowden a leaker, even though not a single person has been harmed from the “leaks” Snowden gave to Greenwald, because he know Glenn was a real journalist of the people, not a partisan hack/grifter.

    Tim has a lot of fake “bias” so he won’t lose his right-wing audience. Do you really think he would be talking about ANY of this Baldwin shooting crap if the actor was James Woods, Clint Eastwood, Scott Baio, Jon Voight, or any other republican actor? I would bet my left nut he wouldn’t have even mentioned it.

  17. Ataraxia says:

    You can’t just “break” it, you would have to remove all of the storage components and throw them in the microwave for a bit or use an insanely powerful magnet. I’m sure you wouldn’t have time to do this with a single device while being raided, so I would still suggest to encrypt everything if you have sensitive data on any device 🙂

  18. pandusa says:

    If we don’t do something…you are right but if you have a better idea NOW is the time. And just because they say something doesn’t make it true. The narrative is falling apart as lies always do…

  19. pandusa says:

    ADD: The “sleeping giant” was passed out drunk this time…but is awakening.

  20. pandusa says:

    Convention of states.com Mark Meckler would make a great IRL guest…Constitutional education.

  21. jiman7697 says:

    What are the odds that the diary was a trap/bait and fed to Veritas to create a pretext for the FBI to raid them?

  22. Doubtfultunic says:

    This is true as far as I can tell, can’t believe Tim brazenly waltzed right by this. It’s something he should know more about, although no ones perfect. Love the show though.

  23. Malahide says:

    Another thing to consider is this is a global upheaval happening and not just confined to the USA. All the wars you mentioned were turnings but I think this time it’s so much bigger because so many people from all around the world are being affected by this bipartisan attitude. Governments are moving into a fascistic mindset in some of the most conservative stronghold countries in every continent. This could be a prelude to not just a global war but a total collapse of society. A growing number of people in the Christian community see it as the end times approaching with many of the biblical prophecies being played out.

  24. TheRealZac says:

    Leftist grammar nazis smfh

  25. TheRealZac says:

    And by dedicated I mean dead.

  26. TheRealZac says:

    There is a reason shiva’s forum is dedicated. Don’t bring that shit over here.

  27. TheRealZac says:

    You sound like a Shiva zealot neo. L0l

  28. AdeptDS says:

    I think he was trying to be more of a contrarian there. He tried his best, but he argued against himself at the end, when he said – “well if someone doesn’t participate they get kicked out”. I am perfectly fine with that kind of “communism”, please kick me out. But that’s not what communism is. The goal of communism is to change the society, it’s not optional, and it means ENTIRE society.

  29. AdeptDS says:

    #3, I propose to replace FBI, an organization controlled by states not federal government. Each state has oversight and membership in the new FBI. Everything has to be approved and controlled by a majority vote of 50. We can do same with all federal law enforcement and even other agencies like EPA. More control to the states is the way to go.

  30. EmperorReno1st says:

    Wait why is my comment a reply?

  31. EmperorReno1st says:

    The shock collar idea doesn’t go far enough. I propose using a device I call a “shockstrap” which would direct the electricity into the genitals.

  32. UppityG says:

    *rein them in (not “reign”)

  33. UppityG says:

    1. Timcast Tech Team: The self opening left side menu under the burger still persists. As it blocks a part of the page (except on the login page where it shoves the contents over), I doubt this is how it’s supposed to work. I’m amazed this problem still exists.
    2. Re TERM LIMITS. As we all know, this is my hobby horse. When I propose it be done govt wide, without exception, and I suggest a term of three 4-year terms for all positions, with supreme court justices getting a single 20 or 22 year term, no one will debate me on it. Now, here Pool denounces it because he thinks he knows how it will work out (it will create a churning machine, a conveyor belt of what? agony or relief?). We’ve only tried it on a few elected offices, not on the administrations or any other parts of the govt. Pool is biased against the idea and offers only feeble dismissals. This is an idea that needs to be given a decent try. Pool makes a classic young person’s mistake, one that we all make at his age: assume that how we experience the world is how it is for everyone so of course how we see it _is how it is._ Which is simply not true, objectively. If only Pool would ask more questions about it rather than sneer at it.
    3. The FBI must be dismantled entirely and replaced with a smaller agency with a much smaller budget and with severe oversight. The right to classify must be taken out of its hands and that of the CIA. We can only reign them in when independent oversight calls the shots.
    4. We need an Article V Convention. Only the lefties will want to change COTUS to allow for a larger govt. Pool assumes righties don’t exist at such conventions even though it’s mostly righties demanding the convention. Of course lefties will fight for what they want, so will we. One of the best ways to limit the size of the govt is to require a balanced budget, which is not in COTUS — yet. Righties want that very, very much.
    5. Require the dollar either return to the gold standard or perhaps platinum, whichever makes more sense now.
    6. Install State Electoral College for state governor and Lt governor in all states, but most esp for state with large populations.
    7. Require all borders, with Canada and Mexico, and all ports of entry to be solidified, barriered, guarded by National Guard and prohibit all entry without documented permission, no exceptions.
    8. Provide penalties for violations of the COTUS by the govt or anyone else. Currently, COTUS is silent on what to do when it is violated. More violators need to have their citizenship revoked and eject them from the country. That alone will put the fear of God in them like nothing else.

    Tighten up and clarify a number of current amendments that have been misinterpreted for far too long.

    I could go on and on, but you get the idea what we could do if we wanted to, if we’d just get a James O’Keefe brand of spine.

  34. Jinmon says:

    “…cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. they are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, & they are tied to their country & wedded to it’s liberty & interests by the most lasting bands.”

    Thomas Jefferson

  35. neo.scythia says:

    Hahahah well at least that clears it up for me, you definitely aren’t lying… Anyway, good luck with that mindset, let’s see if you’re right in the long run…

  36. Jinmon says:

    “The post you are quoting was in reference to a tweet suggesting EVERYONE should “[g]et out of major cities” from a person who lives on a commune — a lifestyle that will gain popularity in coming years. So to take what I said as more generalized commentary is misrepresentation of my argument.” So let me get this straight you responded to a tweet on Twitter with a superchat on YouTube then not getting the attention you wanted from it decided to post it on the timcast website? Then you want to discuss it a whole three platforms removed from its original context? You can’t purposely remove all the context, even the platform where context can be found, then claim you were misrepresented. All the while misrepsenting Tim himself. Commune:
     group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities. Are they running a business or sharing possessions and responsibilities? Its an inaccurate description at least.

    “You never responded to my point on the vulnerabilities of rural and commune-style living to a centralized technocratic elite, and you never acknowledged my point on how the scythian model of society is praise-worthy. “ That’s because the entire premise is insulting in and of itself. Technocratic: relating to or characterized by the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts. How would the average farmer raise and sell a crop without experts telling them how to do something their families have been doing for generations? Do you honestly think these people have no expertise and need to rely on outside advice? The same goes for the natural gas fields. Many of these places can’t even get internet service let alone rely on it. The Scythian model? An iron age people that never came up with a writing system? What of it? I’ve referenced the story of Sodom, which you dismissed without consideration, but then demand I address your iron age model is praise-worthy? Ok then yay for the Sythians

  37. FreeFolk says:

    Karl Marx’s house/Museum is in his hometown of Trier Germany, located on Karl Marx Strasse (which is a one way street).

  38. FreeFolk says:

    According to the US and State Constitutions 17 years of age for militias and you can join the military at 17.

  39. neo.scythia says:

    To anyone that will listen: the exact form of organization suggested here is eternally vulnerable to a centralized technocratic elite, and very well may be propped up that very same elite as it reduces their opposition to disparate self-motivated groups that can be isolated and corrupted or defeated. Do not fall for this trap.

  40. neo.scythia says:

    Whatever, man. We clearly aren’t going to see eye to eye. But let me refute a couple things. The post you are quoting was in reference to a tweet suggesting EVERYONE should “[g]et out of major cities” from a person who lives on a commune — a lifestyle that will gain popularity in coming years. So to take what I said as more generalized commentary is misrepresentation of my argument.

    All your points against me are basically strawmen where I am assumed to be some hipster city-slicker that hates everyone with more than a backyard. I’ve provided you enough to show this isn’t the case. As stated in my previous post, my issue is not with rural life, but with the idea that it is an end-all be-all solution to the world’s current problems, when, realistically, people dividing into themselves into tighter-knit, internet-dependent rural societies is exactly what many international technocrats are hoping their opposition will do.

    You never responded to my point on the vulnerabilities of rural and commune-style living to a centralized technocratic elite, and you never acknowledged my point on how the scythian model of society is praise-worthy. Which leaves me believing either you are being disingenuous or you are honestly not capable of facing these arguments as they threaten your conception of the world. Fine, make me your enemy if that’s what you need to do, but realize you are fooling yourself, or more likely being fooled. All that being said, I’m done arguing with you. If you will not respond directly to points I’ve reiterated above, and will not read my thoughts without bias against them, then frankly I think you are either not quite able to fully grasp the ideas or you are straight up lying. Which is it?

  41. CptOverkill says:

    Dang, Tim!

  42. Resamar says:

    “One last day in the Republic”

  43. Resamar says:

    Dude you clearly weren’t listening to him at all then. Take a breath and go back to rewatch what he said.
    He wasn’t defending communism as we all have seen it. He was asserting, truthfully so, that communism works only in small groups. His final statement was “communism works, in small groups of 100 people surrounded by a wealthy capitalist nation with strong borders.”

    The guest kept misunderstanding him, and Tim had to keep explaining that he specifically *wasnt* saying communism can work on a large scale. “It doesn’t scale up” he said. “It only works when the group size is small and its entirely voluntary.” His stated experience was anecdotal but the communes and real and can be looked up and found for yourself. He wasn’t defending communism like Stalin or Pol Pot or Mao. He was simply stating the fact, that communism is possible but only with very small communities that are culturally homogenous with the ability expel and vote in members. And only then, when they are enclaved by a free capitalist nation that can protect them from outside threats.

  44. Kolby592 says:

    Same issue

  45. Jinmon says:

    No, you praised cities: “Cities are a convergence of capital, infrastructure and ideas” said moving from them was a “failure”: “fleeing them all is tactical failure. ” refered to someone that has moved their business out of one of these cities as starting a “Commune”.
    If you move your business to a city you have a corporate headquarters, but if you move to a rural area its a “commune”? You start out attacking people who move their business to a rural area, then find it wrong when someone calls cities degenerate. You claim to not be my enemy, yet look down on people who choose to move to places like where I live. You claim that anyone that quotes the Bible just doesn’t have an argument. Perhaps you don’t mean to, but you come off as very condescending to people who don’t live where you live, or believe what you believe.

  46. NiNkitty007 says:

    Video won’t load for me… I get a rumble error message instead

  47. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    The time is NOW, while we have the numbers to kill most of the Traitor SCUM in one fell swoop! The FBI SCUM are armed to the teeth at OUR EXPENSE!
    WE CANNOT wait! THE traitors must die now! While their DEEP STATE SCUM bosses try to figure out which way to RUN!

  48. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    The FBI SCUM have been given too much ROPE. Time to start executing the TRAITOR BASTARDS for their CRIMES against AMERICA!!
    I for one have seen more than enough to want most of them HANGED as Traitors! SO environmentally friendly too! Of course we could slit their Communist Throats! Also Environmentally friendly…But, I personally appreciate EXECUTING TRAITORS…By GARROTE.

  49. jmorrow says:

    I don’t think Tim has read Permanent Record. Edward Snowden chose specific documents to leak. It wasn’t as simple as “I’m gonna take tens of thousands of documents and just give them to people”. He headed up the heartbeat program for the NSA where he had access to a large amount of classified documents. He saw a bunch of government malfeasance, found the document that proved it, then gave it to a few trusted journalists using very secure practices.

  50. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    WE THE PEOPLE have the ENTIRE Trump Family to put forth as Candidates, AGAINST the Criminally exposed CCP Biden Family. The DEEP STATE has NOTHING!
    We have over 250 Million ARMED and Angry, Combat Trained Americans to put up against the doddering Psycho Monster who is threatening to BOMB and kill ALL of us who rise up against his REIGN OF TERROR!!
    Millions more if we count all Armed and Trained AMERICAN PATRIOTS!
    Remember: Obama and Biden planned to use FEMA to KIDNAP our Children with SCHOOL BUSSES to FORCE us to OBEY if we said FUCK YOU!! Remember? I sure do!

  51. neo.scythia says:

    I actually never suggested anyone should live in either cities or rural areas. I simply suggested throwing every city and every form of technology under the label “degeneracy” is tactically retarded, which it is. This simpleton stuff is projection, and falling back to repeatedly quoting religious texts is absolutely the mark of someone without an argument that can stand on its own legs. And my argument was never to say city life is superior, it was simply to say rural and city life complement each other, both have benefits and downsides. The fact that you can’t even admit this reveals the issue with your type of mindset. Feel free to live in a rural area, I never said you shouldn’t. But don’t pretend it’s anything close to a solution to the core problems with the world (that will inevitably reach ALL rural areas). Like I said, I’m not your enemy. It’s easier to paint me as some degenerate “laying with dogs”, but to be honest we probably have much more in common than you would think. And to your point on ancient wisdom– it seems if this was a topic you were actually interested in, you would recognize the meaning behind my name and how it actually supports your point on the benefit of rural or nomadic life. Don’t make me an enemy because I make valid points that you don’t know how to respond to. I know I sound like a dick when I say this, but there is legitimate potential for growth here.

  52. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    The Cartels are making over 40 Million Dollars a day overall. Do you think for one second that the Criminal CCP operative Joe Biden isn’t getting a “Large piece of that action”? Why else are our Border Guards being “Hog Tied”?? Biden’s are ALL Thieves and LIARS!! Help SAVE our Republic! IMPEACH this CRIMINAL CABAL!

  53. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:


  54. Jinmon says:

    You have no argument. The question is whether one should stay in a crumbling city. You have not supported your position at all. You simply insult people as narrow minded simpletons who do not agree with you. You attack the rural lifestyle as naive or to simplistic rather than defending the city lifestyle you claim to promote. You then go on to do the same with scripture. The environment you choose to live in will effect you. A rotten apple spoils the bunch, lay down with dogs and wake up with fleas, the story of Lot in Sodom, this is ancient wisdom that has been know and stated a variety of different ways over a large set of cultures. But you think 2021 you knows more about human nature than hundreds of generations that have come before.

  55. MaxNJess says:

    Tim defending communism on the live stream seemed like a mask off moment for me. How he went to all these communes and that they worked really well, not only was his evidence anecdotal, he defended it to the point where Dan was triggering Tim by pointing out that his examples were volunteerism. I’ve unsubscribed, you sir are a grifter.

  56. neo.scythia says:


    Must’ve struck a nerve with something I said. (I think it was probably the part where I addressed the massive vulnerabilities of your idealized way of life, and your fear surrounding them, to which you provide no rebuttal whatsoever) Once again, you clearly have no intention to assess your own mindset. And frankly once the scripture comes out, that’s usually a sign that the other person has stopped listening altogether. And one note on your example: how can a man who offers his daughters up for rape be righteous in any way? Seems like cognitive dissonance to me. Feel free to hate me, form a weird image of a degenerate city dweller set against your putatively righteous lifestyle, but please know that the world is very complex, you are drawing lines where they don’t exist, and trying to force everything into these tiny boxes will not serve you in the long run. This conversation has run its course. I am not your enemy, no matter how heretical you find my points. I hope you consider taking an unbiased eye to everything I’ve said here. Good luck with your pursuits, and remember the world always has been and always will be more complex than city = bad, kansas = good. Don’t fall into thought traps like that, for you eventually become equivalent to the lowest CRT-spewing SJW, but much worse because you think God is on your side.

  57. lynleahb says:

    10 year term limits for senate, house, supreme court, etc…

  58. c_norby says:

    Excellent suggestion, on it

  59. Lord_Ecktor says:

    These FBI operatives that committed such a heinous crime need to be prosecuted and put in oath IMMEDIATELY, and ALL THEIR TIES are to be scrutinized and revealed.

  60. TheKarenofCOD says:

    To everyone that has an Amazon account. Please donate to project veritas through Amazon smile. Amazon takes a portion of your order and donates it to non profits. It doesn’t cost you anything and can really help them out.

  61. jod919 says:

    Mexico is a Narco state. America is run by the corporation. All the politician are owned by corporations. The democrats are own by The CCP.

  62. nims says:

    Look I’m from India and as much as Gandhi was responsible to get the independence from the British Empire, we also recognize the role of freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, who did not subscribe to non violence ideals and did kill couple of British soldiers after which the power of the Empire dwindled and it helped Gandhi in his movement. Resistance has to be peaceful AND forceful. In our case, we haven’t even started protesting. Have the truckers stopped yet? Are you still going to work? The entire country should shut down and everybody who is working currently should be on the streets and demanding that until the gov. gets their head out of their asses no work will be done and you will see results. If that doesn’t work then read about Bhagat Singh.

  63. Jinmon says:

    In your wordy response you give ZERO examples. Just cloaked personal attacks, and an appeal to unnamed others who will somehow agree, even though you yourself can not back up your points. Live in a large, squalid city full of moral rot if you like, even try and change things there, but don’t think you yourself will not be affected by the filth around you. The environment you live in will shape you and your views. The only righteous man in Sodom tried to offer his daughters to be raped by the mob to spare the visitors under his roof. Where do you think that idea came from? The filth of that city he lived in. This is ancient wisdom, something humanity has know and recognized for thousands of years. You can’t lay down with dogs and not wake up without fleas.

  64. cherneskej says:

    At what point should you have stopped Hitler and his Leadership team with force? Compliance and peaceful protest didn’t save the Jews…

  65. MikeH says:

    Great show as always. the outrage is great, and always entertaining! I sure even you all know by now it doesn’t provide hopeium. mr. t supporters (patriots) we lost the war on jan 6. we had a general who was willing to put himself and his family on the line and we were massacred at the capitol. the patriots started the fight in 2016, but you all sat on the sidelines because you wanted a different general to lead the fight so you gave-up fairness in your very own election process. that was the spear that pierced a vital organ.
    the patriots fought-on and bled-out in dc at the steps of the capitol. you really think the deep state is going to let another act of disobedience (ie. patriot movement) resurface? if so, you are drinking some strong kool-aide. keep dreaming amigos, there’s no fight left to keep fighting. coming up with a general is easy, getting the patriots to march behind her/him is something else totally. might as well write, “strike when the iron is hot” on our grave stones because it’s over. anybody have any good jokes?

  66. Mygymus says:

    Undercover convincing people to go along with an entrapment plan like kidnapping a governor is okay. Undercover discovering bias in a government organization through a tinder date is illegal. In 2012 i attempted suicide. Every day im more and more convinced i succeeded and woke up in an alternate timeline where everything is waaaaaaaay too weird for me. I’m fine now. I was just in the marine corps, under relationship stress, and i was at the time undiagnosed as high functioning autism spectrum disorder. A lot of things went wrong at once, at that time in my life. But im not unconvinced that i woke up in a timeline where it’s most likely i survived…and of course…its the fucking weird one.

  67. reefman000 says:

    War with CHi comm is next

  68. ThorAsgard says:

    She sounds kind no doubt, but her policies are a definite no go.

  69. ThorAsgard says:

    For the convention of states, this might be a bad idea with good intentions. Once you do that, it could open the door for bad doers to use and abuse the system:

    Arguments Against the Convention of States—Interview With Robert Brown | Crossroads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTUlAPWdN-A

  70. covfefeovich says:

    On hindsight, maybe there could be a class action suit of all the groups and individuals who had their constitutional rights trampled by the 3ltr boyz. It would be a huge class.

  71. Pryboy says:

    Democrats: democracy dies in darkness

    Also democrats: in demon voice “WE ARE THE DARKNESS!”

  72. covfefeovich says:

    Before you get behind a third party, do some thinking about Ross Perot.

    The far leftist KommieKrats just love the idea of their opposition dividing themselves. If the right and the moderates separate, it hands everything to the leftists on a silver platter.

    Now is not the time to go Wobbly.

  73. Snake616 says:

    She’s a gun grabber. That’s all that needs to be said.

  74. Snake616 says:

    Lmao if anyone thinks a 2A loving American, especially republicans/conservatives, would actually support a gun grabber like tulsi gabbard, you’re out of your fuckin mind.

    And opposing term limits because “you get good politicians like Ron Paul” is one of the stupidest fuckin things I’ve ever heard. For every 1 good politician you get, you get 50 bad ones. What a great fuckin trade that is.

  75. ThorAsgard says:

    Sorry but you’re wrong on tulsi, she is extremely bad on 2A. Watch some of styxhexenhammer’s stuff.

  76. DBXTEXAS says:

    A Convention of States is, once again, asking for the “Government” to solve the problems that the government created in the first place.
    Just what do you think would happen to the Bill of Rights? Remember, a convention will open ALL Amendments to scrutiny and revisions.
    Frightening thought!

  77. covfefeovich says:

    NOT A NEW outrage. Those idiots did Sharyl Attkisson over a decade ago, stealing her computer. If they gave a shit about legality, would they have done even worse to the sitting POTUS? Same old three letter. This outrageous shit is how the shadow gub’mint operates on a daily basis for decades now.

    The only new twist in this most recent outrageous incident is the NYT dumping it in the middle of a lawsuit against the most recent rape victim.

    This is just a new fishing expedition/shot across the bow to put the fear of persecution into THE WHISTLEBLOWERS. Now they all know they are not safe.

  78. neo.scythia says:

    Nope, far from it. Grew up out in the woods. Don’t limit yourself in your thinking. It’s dangerous to us all.

  79. UppityG says:

    Which is why I wait until the next day.

  80. UppityG says:

    @Neo, you’ve been living in a city your whole life, haven’t you? Good luck.

  81. neo.scythia says:

    Well you’re clearly settled in your conception of the situation, I’m not trying to convert you. However when you say you cannot glean any innovation from any city in recent times, I certainly don’t feel like I’m the one being myopic here. I’m sorry you can’t find anything of value beyond the blockbuster films you listed. Others will see my point. And sure, if all rural areas were wiped out, our current civilization would collapse. The issue remains with your conception of the situation. All the negatives you list are not a necessary result of cities themselves, but an outcome encouraged by our current order. Furthermore, even as cities crumble, benefits beyond what you can fathom remain invisible to you while you depend on them for much more than simple “convenience”. And finally, perhaps out of fear, you have not addressed the crippling vulnerabilities of the way of life you suggest. All I can say to you– and this goes to anyone who may read this– is you must address things pragmatically and realistically. Running off to ideals that will never truly exist willfully ignores the root of the problem, and these problems will come to affect you, no matter how isolated and self-sufficient you think yourself to be. Think less rigidly, the world makes more sense this way.

  82. Element says:

    Snowden did not release the documents to the public. We still do not have everything. He gave it to Glenn Greenwald and Greenwald selectively published what he thought was in the public interest. Snowden knew what was going on. He was collecting documents specifically on the criminal behavior. Read his book, Permanent Record.

  83. LostMarbles says:

    You should have omitted “right wing” for a more accurate statement.

  84. Bryan_Liem says:

    The FBI seems to be the FBE, Federal Bureau of Entrapment!

    Project Veritas gets a stolen diary, but refuse to use it. PV hands it over.

    Look at the Tucker Carlson profiles of January 6, with seemingly Fed undercover folks like Richard Epps coaching law-abiding protesters to break the law in an extreme way, by entering the Capitol.

    Darren Beattie at RevolveR shows overlapping techniques and personal between January 6 and the fake kidnapping of the Michigan Governor.

    Recall how the Russiagate Election Interference started when Hillary’s people created a situation to offer Russian web intel against Trump’s political opposition, this was expected to be accepted by Trump and thus catch Trump red-handed in entrapment, but Trump declined!

    Similar was done when General Flynn was first arrested. He discovered $10,000 cash in his possession at a foreign airport. Flynn temporarily deposited the cash into a safer account, not in his physical possession anymore, then got on his flight home to the USA. Upon landing, Customs searched Flynn, looking for the suspicious $10,000, meant to start another entrapment scandal.

  85. Jinmon says:

    The woods? Lol I live in Kansas. We have no woods. We have no real large cities either (Wichita being the largest) What we do have is food and energy production. The large cities you champion have… what? Culture? Have you looked at the state of modern culture? All they seem to be able to do is ruin classic American touchstones. The new Star Wars, The predator, Ghostbusters 2016, Star Trek Discovery, Terminator dark fate, and so on. What is the last original movie (not a remake or based on a book/videogame etc) that was good? A quotable touchstone? (We’re going to need a bigger boat, Get to the chopper, they mostly come at night… mostly and so on) Music is in much the same boat, being objectively worse due to compression. What technological innovations has the average person seen in call it the last 20 years? The rise of social media has been disastrous for society, seemingly accounting for a dramatic rise in depression and suicide. The most technological device most people have is their Smart phone, basically a combination of an 80s technology (cell phones) and a technology that came of age in the 90s (internet capabilities). What culture or technological innovation have these large cities brought us? Nothing i can see. In fact they seem to be resting on their laurels, trying to revisit past technological or cultural breakthroughs. If tomorrow the cities you champion disappeared, we would lose some conveniences. If the rural areas i live in were gone people would freeze to death and starve.

  86. Jeighvan says:

    He also speaks often how they don’t believe in America’s laws or play by the same rule set. How does a convention of states circumvent this? It doesn’t.

  87. Dandyman says:

    Some times you have to light a fire to save the forest.

  88. KVanBogart says:

    To the question of what is the FBI doing that they’re so scared, they have been helping to fabricate right wing terrorism.

  89. JMac says:

    While Tulsi does have a few good takes on a few issues, and I do respect her for speaking out, most Conservatives should remember that Tulsi is pro-abortion, pro-Federal funding for abortion, anti-2A, pro single-payer healthcare, she supports free college for everyone on the taxpayer dime, she supports heavy regulation on the financial markets right out of the Obama playbook, and she protested the Keystone pipeline and is a Green crusader and Green New Deal enthusiast in general. It’s easy enough to agree with and respect her in certain areas, but many of these points are lines in the sand for Conservatives. She is not a “Republican lite”, or some kind of centrist. Many of her views would have been considered far-Left even 15 years ago..

  90. ronnybond says:

    Grimerica another podcast i sub to. have mattermost looks like oldschool irc. great place to get meme’s


    also NoAgenda have there own socialplatform that workes as the one ian is building. u can make your own and follow cross platform or what u wanna call it. Mastodon u can see lokal or everything. they are also building podcast 2.0 with crypto. great show


  91. PadreMortalis says:

    Lyds, not lids, mr marketer.

  92. PadreMortalis says:

    I was curious and I found her in 2 seconds. It’s @sourpatchlyds not lids.

  93. jseehorn says:

    It’s lyds not lids

  94. Acyour says:


  95. AR305 says:

    I just donated to Veritas again.. 4th time this year. Support project Veritas at all costs.

  96. Jonman0002 says:

    Shouldn’t you just break your phone?

  97. Toad says:

    Everyone needs to donate to Project Veritas

  98. c0de6349 says:

    the dairy was given to law enforcement over a year prior.

  99. RusskiOp_R-76 says:

    Tim, we have only entered the first room in the first level of hell. This is but a tickle compared to the mountain of bodies and rivers of blood. This is the sun beginning to set for the longest night of our nations history. Expect regular political executions, stasi/secret police, actual, violent, devastating right wing terrorism, and radical leftist authoritarianism that would make Mao blush. This is the weakness of our previous generations manifested into pure hell. Enjoy the ride to the pits of hell, I really doubt anyone walks out intact.

  100. jeremy says:

    I hope that James doesn’t end up in a wheelchair.In the case he does, we all need to stand up for him. There will be only one way that a man with 7 spines has none to stand on.

  101. mainsoda says:

    Tim should not apologize for that rant, this is serious corruption and worthy of much distain.

  102. Ataraxia says:

    The only thing the FBI should have been able to get off of their devices are pics and whatever else was on removable storage, IF and ONLY IF they didn’t encrypt the SD Card. If every single text message, email, document, etc. wasn’t encrypted, Project Veritas has no business in dealing with investigating the government. If they don’t AT LEAST use PGP keys for emails they want to keep or self-deleting text bombs that erase everything after a pre-determined amount of time, PV was being VERY CARELESS and best, and imo totally fucking moronic.

    Enable encryption on the entirety of your phone, and on top of that encrypt ALL communications and only use ENCRYPTED MESSAGING apps for sensitive data. For dick pics and random bs you don’t need to really do much, most low-level encryption within the phone’s OS will protect that as well, but the government does have a few tools to get through that. They CANNOT get through PGP, text-bombing, encrypted apps, etc.

    I thought they had a guy from MI6 recruit all of their operatives? They got ripped off XD

  103. PhatJimmy says:

    I am a Bible believing man who general eschews violence and believes generally that government has authority to enforce law. But our government has lost all legitimacy to govern when they work in concert with corrupt media, at the highest levels of law enforcement , to undermine and destroy investigative journalism. I am becoming increasingly convinced that this country will not be able to vote our way out of this huge mess. Civil war seems inevitable, and while I won’t be the one to start it, if it comes to my doorstep, I know what side I am on… and it won’t be the side the NYTimes of FBI supports.

  104. nelberto says:

    Why do. I keep getting denied when trying to comment? Error message is that I already posted.

  105. nelberto says:

    @Sourpatchlids you are being suppressed on Twitter I tried to search for you 12 different ways and I couldn’t find you and I’m an search marketer by profession.

  106. Edward Snowden specifically picked Glenn Greenwald to help him pick what would be most newsworthy from his documents. He did have specific reasons for taking the information that he took because he was one of the only people that knew what he knew and would be willing to tell the American people. Tim should not be so much against leakers when they are leaking from the government to a credible journalist.

  107. nelberto says:

    SourPatchlids is being suppressed by Twitter! I searched 12 different ways and I am a search marketer by profession wtf

  108. Zeitgeist says:

    Ian I don’t believe you need to build new systems entirely except those obviously corrupted to the core. Morally sound systems just need to be transferred to the new www en masse at the same time.

  109. Zeitgeist says:

    What a hero

  110. DukeCrane says:

    I. AM. ANGRY.

    Published on the project veritas website it says:
    “The tipsters indicated that they were negotiating with a different media outlet for the payment of monies for the diary. The tipsters were represented by attorneys who handled the negotiations with Project Veritas.”

    So they say the tipsters were negotiating for the payment of monies. Then project veritas obtains this diary left in a hotel room without stating they paid for it. Then they try to return it without publishing it unsuccessfully, then to the police. No time frame was stated except that this incident happened a year ago? This is the grounds for a raid?

    If it’s true, PV tried to review the diary before publishment and subsequent payment, tried giving it back and refusing publishment, failed, became suspicious and went to the police. And this leads to raids, confiscation, and publicly-leaked intel on PV client-attorney confidential conversations?

  111. TheEndOfMeans says:

    I was very glad that Tim was able to discern whistle blowers from #Snowjob.

  112. TheEndOfMeans says:

    How do nuclear weapons fit that model?

  113. GreMIO420 says:

    Ian, don’t smoke crack

  114. ZunigaDragon says:

    Now that they have Project Veritas’s data, I suspect that it’s only a matter of time before they try to dismantle James’s Deadman Switches and take him out

  115. Zeitgeist says:

    The Veritas question is no different to every business come tax time. How can they “work” the system. It’s not unique or rare

  116. TheEndOfMeans says:

    Last thing. Even though it was a political case and she notified the press beforehand (she was well known and on all the big shows until Obama was elected and she exposed the crimes of both Uniparty), not a single MSM reporter even showed up to her deposition in open court.

    Luckily, it’s in the public record and was video taped. You can find the transcripts of the 4+ hours of testimony she gave. It should be a 241-page pdf.

    You can also find info about her at History Commons. A lot of details there.

  117. foddertarget says:

    If you research the history of the FBI you will find it was corrupted from the beginning with Hoover. The FBI has been, is, and most likely will continue to be corrupted. I doubt it can even be cleaned up at this point.

  118. TheEndOfMeans says:

    BTW, Sibel is an FBI whistle blower and was slapped with TWO State Secrets Privilege gag orders, making her, according to the ACLU, the most classified person in American History.

    She exposed a mole in the Washington Field Office who was working to hide evidence on one of their targets. The FBI told her to shut up and she wouldn’t. Her house was raided, she took lie detector tests, and she didn’t run.

    She was very good as a translator and analyst and was sent “The Mother lode File” from the Chicago Field Office, to work on it before the W Bush Admin shut it down. The known dirt on our government reps/officials was incredible. Hair raising. Dangerous.

    Her testimony to the 9/11 Commission was completely ignored in their report and classified.

    She went through all three branches of government before going to the press. She never ran. And when called to testify in KRIKORIAN v SCHMIDT in 2009, she gave a press release beforehand, saying she was going to call the FBI’s bluff and testify, even though they told her she couldn’t. She named names, crimes, and sources, and was corroborated by high level FBI.

    She founded the National Security Whistle Blowers Coalition and vetted hundreds of members, many names you’d know. After they got some traction with the press, the foundations came in offering to set them up with money, salaries, and of course a Board of Directors. She turned them down, which disappointed some members.

    She received the Penn/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award as well. She embodies courage and integrity.

    Her most recent activism was starting a group in FL, called FUAMI.ORG (Florida United Against Mandated Insanity). She also ran an independent news website called Newsbud (previously Boiling Frogs Post) that was totally member funded and did their own streaming. 10 years ago.

    She recently has stepped away from activism and her organizations, because her husband is suffering from a very severe case of ALS.

    If anyone has earned the descriptors Courage and Integrity, it is Sibel.

    With your interest in EVIDENCE of what the FBI and others have done, criminally, the best advice I have to give is to look at her sworn deposition in KRIKORIAN v SCHMIDT 2009 and the American Conservative cover story, following up that testimony in November of that year.

  119. alienbeans says:

    freedom > t-rex

  120. 1598_1776_2020 says:

    All these people responsible for what began 2 years ago now…will have to answer for it on their death bed. They aren’t winning at anything.

  121. Oberyn says:

    i have never been this disgusted at our institutions as i am right now.

  122. neo.scythia says:

    Not to belabor the point, but a couple things. From the way you write, it is clear you place rural society on a pedestal that exists outside reality. City or not, there is nothing that exists or ever has that is entirely “noncorrupt”. This is the human condition. While one goes chasing Eternal Truth out in the woods, the grey reality of our situation continues churning on without them (and without their influence). Many will fall to this mindset and many millions more have throughout history. There are even 5000 year old poems describing this exact quandary. I’m not saying one shouldn’t try to be as self-sufficient as they can, I’m just facing the reality that the idyllic life you suggest does not truly exist as a solution to a centralized technocratic oligarchy, and never will. I will say nothing on violence. And know this: it will not matter how many forest-capable children one has, if you isolate yourself and disregard the capabilities available to us in this terrible and miraculous age, you are consigning those children to either submission to those who would control them, or a short and unsuccessful battle to maintain a muted way of life outside of their system. It’s difficult, but it’s the reality of our situation.

  123. kcwdiesel says:

    Facts. I tell ppl all the time they gotta wake up and actually read the bible. Because when folks actually read it, especially revelations, all the pieces fall into place. In the end times good will become evil and evil will become good. Ppl will be lovers of self. They will cause ppl to take the mark of the beast. For ppl will not be able to buy, sell, trade or live without it. Matthew, Mark Like, and John are some of the most important to read. But going all the way back to the old testament paints the whole picture. All I can say is I hope pole become born again and repent. Because after the temple is built, that’s when things are really going to get rougher. And the Antichrist will be here. Democrats are like the wolf in sheep’s clothing Jesus talks about. The eliets are the nephalum.

  124. TheEndOfMeans says:

    American Conservative, November, 2009
    Cover Story
    Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds

  125. MDailey89 says:

    I really like the idea of shock collars!! The vibrating collar really helped train my Dog to bark appropriately… Maybe we’ll have the same effect with Congress 😂.

  126. TheEndOfMeans says:

    See Sibel Edmonds’ fight with the FBI and sworn deposition in open court 2009 KRIKORIAN v SCHMIDT (publicly available) ⚡Luke knows who she is. You can read a cover page article at The American Conservative from November, 2009, talking about Sibel’s testimony, naming names and crimes that will drop your jaws. Please read it and talk about it! This is EVIDENCE which has been ignored for over a decade. By everyone. Get on it, team. Thanks. Please lemme know if you want to talk with her. She’s a good friend and the most courageous person I’ve ever met.

  127. Dankond16 says:

    Tims on fire 🔥 May God protect James & Veritas and anyone else fighting corruption

  128. Heimburglar says:

    Only problem is dipshit boomer fauxpulicans will call it unpatriotic when its THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE!
    Ive been hanging my flag upside down since 9/11.

  129. Heimburglar says:

    No because its generational theory not communicative or cultural. Internet really didn’t speed up cultural change any faster than radio. Id almost argue internet caused culture to stagnate. Id say besides the phones i really cant tell the difference technology has offered between 2001 and 2021

  130. Heimburglar says:


  131. JRPatriot says:

    Just read the Bible as the prophecies are being played out right before out eyes. Things will get worse and worse until the great war happens. If you don’t believe this I encourage you to read the Bible and research this for yourself. It says men’s hearts will fail them, but God’s people will be protected. Evil used to hide in the shadows, but the devil knows his time is short and is now being brazen. These government organizations have been taken over by demonic forces, so don’t be surprised by the atrocities that are to come. This is just the beginning.

  132. Jinmon says:

    I would much rather have the people who want to control me have the ability to turn off the internet and Netflix rather than food, water, travel, and heating. The more self sufficient we become, the less controllable we are. I would much rather see people work towards that than a noncorrupt city that does not exist and has never existed. Its the same thinking. You can not force progressives in a large city to go along with your vision. Just as those same progressives can not force you to go along with theirs. Not without major violence at least. The way to win this is with numbers. The raising of kids that adhere to the values we hold dear. The left understands this, just look at crt in schools. In a small or rural community this kind of indoctrination is much harder to impose. You see your child’s teacher at the only Walmart in town from time to time, and they live two houses down from your cousin for example. This is not the dynamic that exists in a large city.

  133. Timuh says:

    Don’t you mean the O’Keefe Times? What is this New York Times you speak of?

  134. geoffwilliams01@gmail.com says:

    Absolutely agree to this. Count me in on the discourse. We the people who believe in this country can make a difference if we communicate and organize.

  135. Defiant_Black_Out1 says:

    Has it occurred to any that maybe the 4th turning is arriving early do to the advanments of communication?

  136. CLoudWolf says:

    Dark times ahead. Best of luck…

  137. zafamily says:

    Meghan Markle hinted she wanted to run for president; she and Oprah are bonding through her interViews, maybe they plan to team up

  138. VannicWolf says:

    Hang your flags upside down people. We are a nation under distress.

  139. THREE12161 says:

    Who “specifically” ordered & authorized the raid on Project Veritas? We know who they’re suing, we know who they’re exposing, we know what antbeds they’re poking. I wonder if, like Parler, it was a coordinated effort amongst ALL the players??

  140. TheRealZac says:

    Obama’s stasi FBI is back. Time to get activated and politically active plebs. Anyone calling for violence is a Fed. Anyone saying voting is pointless is a Fed. No more hand sitting.

  141. neo.scythia says:

    I really wish this were the case. In reality, it’s much more complex than that. The types of commune/micro-states that are forming/ will form in the coming decades will not be disconnected from technology. This technology, in the hands of a manipulative elite will have the power to control people by forcing itself as an interface to the outside world. Sure, you can give up all technology, but that is tantamount to surrender. The idea that people will form humanistic rural societies is too idealistic and frankly plays right into the hands of those who would see us all enslaved. Obviously cities today are horrifically backwards and black-pilling, but a city with free innovation, under collective justice would outshine thousands of years of the most idealized communes. Don’t see things as black and white — this is how they trick you.

  142. redchief says:

    So….since I live in Louie Gouhmert’s district, should I look at primarying him?

  143. neo.scythia says:

    See my other comment, and realize today’s transportation and communication are almost 100% percent controlled by a centralized elite. The structure you are suggesting COULD exist, and in fact I’d like to see it happen, but in today’s climate it a mere shadow and equivalent to giving up and weakly pretending you haven’t lost.

  144. zafamily says:

    They’re not going rogue I’m sure They had their orders from on high .You should have Sheryl Atkinson on to talk about she was target of sophisticated spying during Obama

  145. Genofast says:

    Yes! Timfowars! 👏🎬

  146. neo.scythia says:

    Yeah this is the exact mindset I am arguing against. In terms of food production, of course rural areas keep cities alive. This is the way the current system functions. However, this idolization of rural life in opposition to the very concept of the city or commerce itself is at best misguided and at worst totally deluded. Cities are absolutely producers of many things, but most importantly: they drive civilization forward. Disparate communes of internet-dependent micro-states will never compare to the industrial power of a city like New York. You yourself should not fall for the bullshit idea that the very concept of a city or even technology itself is inherently evil. Like I said, this plays into the hands of the elite that want you separated, focusing on surviving rather than thriving, and disconnected from the complexity a city can provide — in every form. Obviously you can live on a farm if you want, but the idea that divided communes will have any power against a centralized techno-elite is ass-backwards.

  147. AttacktheMountain says:

    Brand new member here. Tim, your passion about this Veritas situation moved me to become a member of your youtube and this website as well. Very happy to be here!

  148. Genofast says:

    Tim Pool didnt disappear himself

  149. Jinmon says:

    Its much easier to control people if they are concentrated in one place such as a city. The main issue is not left vs right, or republican vs democrat, rather authoritarian vs libertarian. Its about control, and concentrating people into one geographic area makes that easier.

  150. benmac1089 says:

    Really? Watch: Tim Pool rant from Shawn Joseph Castro. It’s from a year ago and he dropped the f bomb.

  151. arakitai says:

    I’m going to think on it a little. Definitely don’t want to step on any toes. Not sure where Tim and associates draw their boundary lines of the organization’s domain of purview. But at the same time, there’s a lot of potential passion, energy and talent that is just sitting here, nodding their head while wishing they could be doing something more than sending $20 a month. As good a cause Tim is, this FBI thing is making it clear that people need to start getting involved at a higher level. I believe that of all people, it’s this audience that has the best shot at doing something worthwhile.

    Any feedback appreciated on this thread.

  152. rschashu says:

    “Video error occurred, please contact support if persists.” First time I’ve seen that one personally.

  153. ATARI says:

    I have but not during live stream. I saw comments were going crazy so I turned them off to hear Tim out. He’s a journalist. He sees what’s happening to James O’Keefe. It makes sense. He’s hypersensitive to what’s happening to a prominent journalist. Journalism is at stake.

  154. Dan.Diggler says:

    I understand that point completely, however that was one of the things I truly loved about Tim. Having that moment to shout-out his subs who had a need. I’ve donated to some of the ones I’ve heard him read off in the past and was really hoping to get some help for my brother in law, that’s all I guess…

  155. JordanJ0888 says:


    Tim’s infrastructure was built and designed from the early 90’s. #stillsupporttim

    Anyways, saw Tucker’s segment on this. It’s disgraceful. Folks say, “USA is turning into China.” Reality is, USA is way more like China than it isn’t. Our representatives can’t be removed fast enough.

  156. Clay10fro says:

    The problem is there is no way to verify that the story is true and what the money will be used for. I would give up on your efforts. This is a current event and need show, not a charity. There are too many panhandles out there ruining it for all the truest needy.

  157. Mosesboyko says:

    my video wont load neither also i kinda agree with u altho i think there is a tipping point when it comes to cities. after a certain amount of people (idk how much) the cons out weight the pros

  158. Shinrakon@gmail.com says:

    I watch the members segment every night, never had to wait this long, or even half this long…I NEED TO HEAR TIM SWEAR ABOUT THE FBI!!!

  159. JeDalton says:

    I overthink everything and I agree with you so, take this with a grain of salt.

    I would love the idea of having communication and YouTube really monetizes the superchats (obviously) I don’t know how many people really read the comments here, but a more interactive comment section or somehow going live with video here and real time like on YouTube.

  160. Dan.Diggler says:

    I don’t agree, the power truly lies in the rural communities that feed the beasts that are the cities. Raw materials and food come from outside the cities. Throughout history you would normally be correct, but by enhanced communications and transportation it is now more powerful to not be dependent upon the city infrastructure.

  161. NewDawn says:

    You had a guest on awhile ago talking about racism being a sickness of the soul. She was wonderful. It seems to me that things are coming full circle. The issue at hand, the tip of the spear, is that people walk a tight rope. Their everything is invested into not falling off of it. Its important for everyone to understand this essential dynamic of the human psyche. Be smart in how you conduct yourself and try to, at the very least, be perceived as empathetic because if you don’t they hit the off switch.

  162. Hypervolume says:

    Was your comment the one they couldn’t talk about on the stream? If not, Tim did apologize for using so much time during his rant. With that being said, the rant needed to happen.

  163. Tigranes says:

    Lincoln did do a great service to our country, but He also helped move power to the federal away from the states.

  164. JoeyTheKid says:

    I feel it’s a distraction away from the content to constantly get pulled into a single person’s drama. A lot time these stories in no way tie to any of the main points of the show.

  165. Shinrakon@gmail.com says:

    Was just thinking this. Apes together strong

  166. Steezymac23 says:

    Cities rely far more on Rural Areas than Rural Areas rely on them. Cities are consumers and Rural are producers. Massive difference, cities are the hubs of commerce nothing more. Ideas can come from anywhere, infrastructure can be built anywhere and capital can be created anywhere. Don’t fall for the bullshit just cause we as a society look at cities in some light they aren’t deserving of.

  167. OpposableThumm says:

    Stupid shit is the only shit I do, Mr. Infotard. But we’ll hold it down. Apes together strong.

  168. arakitai says:

    I have been thinking it would be nice to start some sort of members IRC type chat, but on something super secure like Signal or Pocketnet chat. Start having some Mo – Thu regular discussions. Maybe start thinking about organizing.

    I think most people on here are about as up to date on current events as you can get. Probably a few smarter than average folks listening too. I think Timcast would benefit from the more involved viewers interacting on a higher level.

    Any thoughts? I’m probably just overthinking it. But still…

  169. Nimitz says:

    The constitution is toothless, it’s just a piece of paper used by these narcissists to wipe their asses

  170. InfoTard says:

    Gotta dip boi’s. Don’t do anything till you fix your upload situation. No stupid shit! Focus 💀

  171. Mosesboyko says:

    is there some way for you or anyone to send me the video? it wont load for me

  172. neo.scythia says:

    While the video loads, I think I make a good point in my comment below. Any rebuttal?

  173. Dan.Diggler says:

    Been trying for 2 days now to get Tim to shout out my brother in law’s cancer treatment GoFundMe… Had multiple members of the family tuning in to watch for the shout-out. I miss the days when Tim would read superchats for good causes.

  174. NewDawn says:

    love it. This is what happens when someone lets the mask slip and shows there shadow. when the true emotion bleeds through and a bond is made. Goose bumps baby.

  175. BrAv3ry says:

    It’s probably a longer vid and now that they’re at higher quality with the new studio, it’ll take longer to encode.

  176. BrAv3ry says:

    The more I hear the kinds of monologues like Tim had on the public broadcast, the more I think of President Lincoln. Hopefully a coalition of states would be enough but if not, a figure like Lincoln may be necessary to set us on the right track again.

  177. tracy@spiritoftwotimes.com says:

    Same here. Never seen him like this either. But it’s an appropriate reaction. This shit with the Hoovers just went next-level.

  178. Turk_Longwell says:

    Sometimes The People Need a Reminder.
    Without Tim, Evil Would Have An Easier Path To Success.
    We All Must Do Our Part.
    Stronger Together.
    Love Thyself.

  179. chuckfarr says:

    Wow to Tim’s eloquent roar near the end of the public broadcast. Never seen such power and purity like a solar flare for freedom. I could feel my hair blow back from the TV screen like a 70s Murantz ad. Wow dude. You go!

  180. Mosesboyko says:

    im in WA idk if thatll affect it

  181. bobby_0081 says:

    To Tim’s comment about a Constitutional Convention I say the left won’t care. They will say it is racist and was changed to crap on minorities. They have no respect for the Constitution we have now so changing it won’t help. We have an enforcement problem.

  182. ATARI says:

    No. I’ve been a member for months and have never been able to watch his post shows. I still support Tim.

  183. Pipkins378 says:


  184. arakitai says:

    It takes a while to encode. It happens with every members only upload. It’s because Tim doesn’t have a bazillion dollars to run encoding through a 4,000 CPU cluster. Get used to it. We all chat while we wait for the damn encoding to finish. When it gets to the end it shows an error. Freaks everyone new out. They’d waited for like an hour and then it says, ‘failed.’ It’s a good chuckle. Goes live pretty quick after the failed notice.

  185. chuckfarr says:

    Wow to Tim’s eloquent roar near the end of the public broadcast. Never seen such power and purity like a solar flare for freedom. I could feel my hair blue back from the TV screen like a 70s Murantz ad. Wow dude. You go!

  186. Shinrakon@gmail.com says:

    Dude, been watching Tim pool since the beginning, never seen him lose his shit like that. That was intense.

  187. Docrob79 says:

    Encoding issue

  188. rschashu says:

    It normally takes a while for the video to finish encoding. This is normal. It does suck having to wait though.

  189. bobby_0081 says:

    I feel as if they uploaded this video to the internet on Ian’s new HAM radio.

  190. Mosesboyko says:

    this video wont load for me

  191. rschashu says:

    Encoding squad rise up!
    He was a skater boy. Kyle said, ‘see ya later boy.’
    Let’s go Brandon!

  192. bobby_0081 says:

    No not yet.

  193. tracy@spiritoftwotimes.com says:

    I’m getting the same thing. Maybe the Hoovers got to Tim, too.

  194. Elysium says:

    Keep speaking truth. Hearts and minds.

  195. Shinrakon@gmail.com says:

    Is this actually viewable for anyone?

  196. PoliticalCheatguide says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to post that comment twice, heh.

  197. neo.scythia says:

    Since you guys dodged my super chat, I’ll just post my point here. In reference to Luke’s tweet about fleeing cities:
    “You’re wrong on this one. Cities are a convergence of capital, infrastructure and ideas, and fleeing them all is tactical failure. Communes like the one you’re at can be easily isolated, divided, and forced to rely on the internet, which is almost entirely compromised. Cities are being purposefully destroyed b/c of their potential for revolt and progressive organization of society. While I understand the feeling, you’re playing into international corporatocratic hands by dividing into semi-independent micro-states that will be bled one by one.” – neo.scythian

  198. PoliticalCheatguide says:

    Waiting video to “upload to storage”???


  199. PoliticalCheatguide says:

    Waiting video to “upload to storage.”


  200. Persaud1205 says:


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