Daniel Turner & Chris Karr Member Podcast: Jay Leno Says GO WOKE OR DIE, China Fires "Unmasculine" TV Personalities

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Daniel Turner & Chris Karr Member Podcast: Jay Leno Says GO WOKE OR DIE, China Fires “Unmasculine” TV Personalities

115 responses to “Daniel Turner & Chris Karr Member Podcast: Jay Leno Says GO WOKE OR DIE, China Fires “Unmasculine” TV Personalities”

  1. Bigly12025 says:

    Ian has known a “brilliant philosopher” for 15 years and their relationship is based solely upon a comment Ian *may* have made to him, but isn’t sure since he was constantly stoned.

  2. ShockaZulu1 says:

    Remember when blink182 did that song for what george C did XD

  3. beckertroy says:


    tim: i don’t fault them for being dumb…

    me: i absolutely do. they’re ruining the world for me and my family and my freedom. they are entirely at fault.

  4. Wolv256 says:

    Hey, Jay, did you see this one? Did you hear about this? A new survey just came out and it says you should go fuck yourself!

  5. Astarr1462 says:

    Tim literally does everything he criticizes others for.. its getting really annoying. “Don’t censor yourself!!” ( proceeds to censor himself for YouTube) “Don’t sit and gamble” ( proceeds to gamble) “Don’t make assumptions” ( proceeds to assume YouTube is censoring for liability)

    • poopers says:

      Your a fool he has his website where he can say anything he wants.

    • crass2047 says:

      It is annoying. The reason for the website was for when yt bans him. Yet he refuses to say any of a list of words. Yet he rips others for being spineless. Luckily I like the other qualities, or I would cancel and unsubscribe. If you’re going to talk the talk……walk the fucking walk.

  6. justlikethecaptain says:

    Re China, “they need us way more than we need them”: no. This is wishful thinking on your part. They manufacture ALL OUR STUFF. We may have given them that privilege because it was cheaper, but the result was that now they know how to make things and we don’t. The’ll survive without us; we’ll have no stuff without them. If you don’t like it, you’d best get started building your own Shenzhen in Arizona.

    –an American engineer who’s worked in both places

  7. Boomer624 says:

    To misquote Mr Carlin…If someone ask you “You Know what? …..Say “Yes !” and walk away! This might shut the left up when they accuse you of something.
    I used to do this at work in some form when being accused of some PC BS. I would say Yes and you point is? Then walk away. No debate and no argument. If they continued hassling me I would let them know that if it continued I would become the asshole they thought I was. Usually ended it right there!

  8. pandusa says:

    WOW the mask (non medical) is falling from EVERYONE and we can see who they REALLY are. Woke Hollyweird is dead. They just don’t know it… yet.

  9. Wolv256 says:

    I will not go woke. I will not die. I will crush you!


  10. Psyclopse says:

    Jay Leno may be the G.O.A.T. I took notes on his jokes for years and have made tons of people laugh by repeating them. Here are some gems:
    What changed in Ireland when they started selling Viagra?
    It’s a lot harder to knock over a Leprechaun.
    There was a movement in the democratic party to replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton in 2012. If that had happened it would be the first time Hillary has been directly under a president.
    Alex Rodriguez says he was duped into taking steroids!
    I suppose he thought he was getting botox injections to take the wrinkles out of his ass.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger was visiting the Schwarzenegger memorial museum and they were running a promotion where kids get in free if they turn out to be his.

  11. SeptimiusSeverus says:

    Frankly, a Patriot Youth organization sounds like a good idea. Kids are sponges and if they’re not being indoctrinated to at least respect and understand America, they’re being indoctrinated by their communist teachers to despite it. A little indoctrination is what education is at the end of the day. Critical thinking is a skill you pick up as you get older, but the foundation upon which that relies is the classic American liberal education which has been replaced by leftism as religion.

  12. Panzerkomanzer says:

    Tim you should watch TIK on YouTube. He goes over the political and socioeconomic aspects of the European wars of the Early 20th century, albeit with extra emphasis on WW2. His deep dives on the major forms of authoritarian ideologies of the time are extremely pertinent in today’s world.

  13. Revu says:

    I sometimes wonder what Freddy Mercury would have to say about current happenings.

  14. BennyQ83 says:

    I thought Chris was an introvert 😂😂😂 He’s great! Enjoyed this segment, I learned some shit while laughing my ass off!

  15. BennyQ83 says:

    I thought Chris was an introvert 😂😂😂 He’s great!

  16. Bundy says:

    Why doesn’t Lydia do that pop more when she says Trump lol

  17. JaeSea says:

    Video games are trash. Moderation is fine, but too many become losers that do nothing but play all day.

  18. keldan says:

    LYds is correct…China IS GEARING UP!!

  19. keldan says:

    1 Samuel 25:22
    So and more also do God unto the enemies of David, if I leave of all that pertain to him by the morning light any that PISSETH against the wall.

    Piss is in the bible…so there!

  20. Cleffy says:

    On YouTube it’s like Ian is banned from saying anything. Then in the Extras you learn… yea he is banned from saying anything.

    On Videogames, its such a mistake to not let kids play video games if your goal is fascism. What will happen in 10 years when those kids will have guns and they may have to shoot someone? The American kid would have no trouble pulling that trigger after decades of conditioning.

    As for our kids are dumb and fat. The culture has changed a lot in the past decade. In the cities they are dumb and fat. Go out of the cities and they are training kids to be survivalists with parents who are talking about gains. My brothers are a bit fat, but intelligent. My nephews on the other hand are tall and fit, but naïve.

  21. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    Communism should be just as reviled as Nazism and it’s not. They sell Commie merch everywhere. Our teachers are Communists. We have Communists in government. They’re evil.

  22. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    Howard Stern is still alive? Wow.

  23. GreyWulf7 says:

    Ya know, I pay 10 a month just to listen to y’all, so…

  24. Hollowcon says:

    Soft pitch: make a movie that’s like a reverse spoof of Bill and Ted with Tim and Ian in which they bring the founding fathers to experience modern day America. Then they give a presentation explaining their thoughts on how the country has exceeded and/or fallen short of their expectations. Jack Murphy to play the Rufus character.

  25. Shapeofevil says:

    I have never enjoyed agreeing and disagreeing with someone so hard as I do Ian.

  26. NoOne123 says:

    SO in regards to China that the crew brought up. I want to go over a few things. No matter who you’re enemies are, no matter how fat, weak, stupid, mentally ill, or anything else they are you NEED to take them VERY seriously. Do NOT fool yourself into thinking you will always have the upper hand and thus shouldnt worry because if given the chance your enemies will use any opportunity available to bring you down and one day a chance WILL present itself. So always prepare accordingly and stay vigilant. Anyway,

    China is NOT the strong united front that it presents itself to be. They ARE a threat but they also have A LOT of problems. The CCP is divided into various factions and much like we see with the left here in America, they are constantly struggling and stabbing each other in the back and vying for power.

    China has a demographic problem with not enough people having kids and starting families and an almost horrific imbalance of gender thanks to their one child policy(its worse than you realize). They have an aging population and they’re currently in decline. There’s so many more old people than there are young people. This is really bad for their economy. They also have millions and millions completely out of work(kind of like us right now).

    Due to the rampant corruption that is more inherent to communists countries, people have to lie and cheat in order to get ahead. There is also an inherent fear of presenting bad news because of the weird cultural need to preserve face. This means when someone asks you to do a job well or asks for accurate data on something you are unable to get it and are instead presented with false information that doesnt reflect reality. Without accurate information you cannot properly assess problems that need to be fixed. This leads to collapsing buildings and infrastructure. This leads to poor business practices. This leads to misrepresenting data like the census and this also leads to having to wipe out entire cities by opening flood dams to prevent their inevitable collapse(remember poor infrastructure).

    China’s youth is actually a lot like us. They want to relax and chill and have a good life. They’re not like their parents where they want to slave away in factories for the betterment of country. They’d rather have jobs that are less stressful and more enjoyable for less pay. The culture is more about having fun and more free time to do as they please. There’s a movement going on called the, “lay down” movement where people just kind of lay somewhere and chill all day and relax. The CCP is trying to stomp this out but the government doesn’t have the logistics to do so.

    In regards to video games, A LOT of parents and people in general think that is an over reach(and it is). There are incredibly easy ways of getting around the bans and there are also things called video game cafe’s which are illegal but still are able to run and make profit. its weird.

    In regards to trying to inspire masculinity, i don’t know about anyone else but you can show me sylvestor stallone movies all day but that’s not going to make me more “masculine”. If you want me to be a big strong man im going to need access to a gym and access to a steady high protein diet. I’m also going to need hard discipline that stays consistent for a few years. It doesnt matter what you see on TV, very few people are going to be able to actually acquire a masculine physique. You can’t really be forced to be masculine. It has to be something you want.

    A LOT of the population is not happy with the CCP. A lot of the people are unhappy about the forced vaccinations. Even in China there is resistance to it. Protests happen pretty frequently in china for various reasons(they do get shut down but society isnt as cohesive as you might believe). There’s also a lot of chinese people trying to flee china for the US as Xi locks down international travel. People feel as though something big is coming.

    Theres a lot more going on than what ive mentioned here. That being said im still pretty sure we’ll lose Taiwan pretty decisively when the war finally breaks out but not because we wouldn’t be able to beat china but because of poor leadership and the cleansing of strong military men in the service of ideology. Our economy is also being purposely knee capped as well with these vaccine passports and lockdowns.

  27. UppityG says:

    Sorry Karr, maybe Crossland does the same job as Quivers does but that’s where the similarities end.

    It’s interesting to me that Pool suggests a pro-America culture and book club but the moment he adds the word “youth” some of you get nervous. Maybe we should call it American Eagles and call it a day. Geez. I’m mad at Nazism for a lot of reasons, but also for ruining the use of perfectly innocent words.

    And I’m mad at those of us who keep letting those innocent words stay associated with those evil deeds, when we should take them back and refuse to let them go.

    You know who will take a word from one context and misapply it into a different context and proceed to draw correlations based only on the word as an avatar?


  28. Anony says:

    Howard Stern claims he never used the N word but us fans know better

  29. Anony says:

    A person with $100 million in cars is not afraid of being cancelled? Wow I’m so surprised!

  30. SunnyZ says:

    All these swears…
    You are like 20% on your way to being Australian.
    Keep it up mate!

  31. faleras92 says:

    Hey Tim, I agree wholeheartedly that we need Veritas and James O’Keefe. It’s heart-rending what happened to their studio and the surrounding community. Just a suggestion but have you thought of offering them space at your compound until they can get back up and running?

  32. DionysianPirate says:

    Read a little Kant, Nietzsche, and Heidegger. Then you realize the thoughts you’ve had, have already been had. They are just rehashed. You guys would like Nietzsche. Not because he through wrenches in the gears of Christianity, but because he was probably the first punk philosopher to stand up to the pantheon of the church and say “fuck you.” At the time, the church was very similar to the left in their militant thinking and actions. Everybody knows and laughs when they hear the quote “God is dead,” but when read the book it becomes very fucking scary as to what he was saying. Basically, he predicted in Beyond Good and Evil, what is happening now with the culture war.
    Jack was right yesterday, you shouldn’t be going to school for philosophy, but it is not something to be thrown to the side.

  33. Element says:

    “When I am Weaker Thn You, I ask you for Freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am Stronger than you, I take away your Freedom Because that is according to my principles.” – Frank Herbert

  34. Cilantro Parsley says:

    Dear Timcast crew, fix the damn leaky website, stop putting your members at risk !

  35. RRoof3 says:

    Dude, it’s such a goddamned shame with how bad Howard Stern fell, those days where he ran hog-wild on radio and pissed on the FCC & other “safe” morning zoo hosts constantly were great radio, and I never laughed harder than when they started imitating Jackie Martling or letting Hank erupt into a drunken stupor. Nowadays, it sometime feels like Jimmy Kimmel gets more airtime on Stern than even Gary does, and it’s this constant talk about stupid shit like The Bachelor and NBC late night programming, or constant apologies for writing Miss America or effing with The Zookeeper in Philly constantly way back when, it’s just pathetic – I didn’t hear about the 3 month break after resigning with Sirirus, I quit years ago due to time and general boredom, but god damn, how can people still be paying for Stern when he does that and immediately jumps back into safe talk show banter and brainless Hollywood interviews?

    It’s such a goddamn shame when my heroes like Stern and Schwarzenegger just bent over and took it in the ass, it sours me on their whole legacy and makes me rethink a lot of what I believed way back when. Silver lining though I suppose is I’m finding new people I can look at and say “I wanna party with that guy” – like Crowder, Knowles, O’Keefe, etc., real rock-and-roll business, not any of this manufactured bullcrap.

  36. KVanBogart says:

    Stefan Molyneux would be a very interesting guest to have on. However, I can see why so few do as he brings down the wrath of YouTube like few others. I dare say even Alex Jones may be hated less by the leftist censors.

    People need to be able to hear other ideas, even if they disagree with them. I would support an interview with Molynuex, but would understand if it was only available to members.

    • Anony says:

      Why do you think he’s targeted so hard? I always found him fairly moderate of not passionate

      • UppityG says:

        Molyneux does not fear the science of human intelligence and behaviour, so he speaks (or used to) forthrightly about the Intelligence Quotient and the differences between cultures, what they value and what they promulgate. The reason he’s not on YT is because stupid people there misunderstood his observations and analyses and declared him a white supremacist. He is most definitely not.

        He and Lauren Southern were vilified by the cancel culture mob of triggered dunces early on in its destruction campaign and when word got to New Zealand and Australia where they had been booked to do a speaking tour, the corrupt corporate media there, all sounding as if they were handed directly the talking point memo from our DNC, antifa, Kendi and DiAngelo, proceeded to treat them as if there were wearing klan hoods. Their reputations had been so thoroughly trashed by lies and the press made no effort to try to listen. None.

        Fortunately, he always maintained a back up account on Bitchute and he may on Rumble too now. I strongly encourage anyone who has heard nothing but bad things about him to go check what he actually says and advises and make up your own mind.

        He’s very smart and doesn’t candy coat the truth. And that, as we all know, is what Big Tech detests most of all.

  37. jerkyigitoz@gmail.com says:

    When a big celebrity like Leno says something like “go woke or die” it acts as like a firmware upgrade to a ton of people on the left. They are slowly dehumanizing us, once complete they will feel no remorse.

  38. Patrick1984 says:

    He is rich and Famous and that is all they care about. ” The Prols will never revolt”, George Orwell 1984 . They have all the Cheap Gin and Gambling they want. Notice all the Gambling adds on TV. These kids don’t give a fuck about all this goody good shit. What they want is to hang around all day. Smoke dope and screw anything that comes into reach. Is it all there fault. No the Establishment has deliberately created this new welfare slave class.

  39. jamessuraciart says:

    Not surprised that Jay Leno isnin favor of censorship. All those late night talkshows are heavily censored and have been longer than most of us have been alive. Fuck all those shows and their hosts.

    • UppityG says:

      Leno is married to a hard core lefty. They’ve been married like over 30 years, so he does as his missus expects. It actually saddened me to watch him start bending the knee years ago.

      He has a fuckton of classic rides he cherishes probly more than his wife, so he’s looking out for them. If I were him, I’d be moving my millions to a Swiss bank account, and pronto.

  40. themorrigan1973 says:

    “We took their jobs and gave them fentnyl.”

    That was Kissinger and Nixon who started playing that game.

    Then every presidential administration after sliced a little more off the working people’s plates for themselves and hoped we would never notice.

    Until Trump who did do some good things for working people.

    I have always been working class and under Trump things were never better for me.

    What feels strange now with Biden is we didn’t have it good for years and forgot how it felt to do better for our kids.

    He means to strip away all our freedoms and dignity and serve America up to global interests.

    I have a question about policy to ask,no one needs to answer.

    If the Biden administration is going to lower the penalties for trafficking in Fentnyl does that mean it wants us more pacified than ever before?

  41. SkywardGaze says:

    At least Mel Gibson is still based. I think I saw Rob Schneider speaking out on Twitter too. Still some balls left in hollywood. It is definitely disappointing as fuck to see almost all of my heroes and bands growing up turning tail and bowing down before this new world order. So much respect lost at once like a thousand voice crying out then suddenly silence. Even mother fuckin’ Luke Skywalker himself is now fighting in lockstep with the Empire.

  42. Boden says:

    Howard Stern had 2 mentally challenged men on for a trivia contest where they just mocked them the whole time. They did this on multiple occasions and one they even called “Retard”

    • Anony says:

      You sound like you’ve never actually listened to the show before. That was Gary and Wendy the retard and they didn’t just have them on to mock, both were huge fans of the show who called in every day.

      When Howard changed their names away from retard both protested and wanted to keep the moniker

  43. Jaybediah says:

    Listening on headphones at work, screaming TITS! over and over… good thing I’m in a loud factory 😅😅😅

  44. TurtleBear says:

    I just hope Howard also apologized for not giving Petey Greene a chance to bitch slap Howard for apologizing. I don’t want no crying and no signifying https://youtu.be/wihx-QE07sY

  45. BrotherPaul says:

    Just remember when Robin Williams died both David Letterman and Craig Ferguson both retired that year and that is how much of an amazing being Robin William was.

  46. BrotherPaul says:

    I liked David Letterman for two reasons. One Robin Williams appeared over 50 times and Dave gave him the floor and could not stop Robin, and two when he did the city guests my parents from Nashville, TN was apart of the show and I still have most of the free gifts given to those that were allowed to attend and it was amazing and enjoyable seeing my parents in the crowd that night, just like when in Cincinnati Bob Braun featured amazing Educators in Ohio and my Mum was featured…

  47. BrotherPaul says:

    Just think of all the Cars JL has collected licking the arse. I would enjoy burning his garage to the ground and would only save on vehicle if he has it is the Shelby Cobra Roadster that was shown in the film and created and driven by Shelby and created by him. Now for Jeff Dunham is still far better than Leno and has more interesting cars and hates Biden and cancel culture…

  48. Koko says:

    Hire me to be your philosopher, Timcast.
    For my first task you must look up Metamodernism!

  49. LostColdSoul says:

    George Carlin, The greatest Thomas the Trains “Mr. Conductor” of all time.

  50. MikeM says:

    I always speak up. You can snicker about it, though. 🙂

  51. Hieronymus says:

    Comirnity is like Community except with Bell’s Palsy.

  52. Lazilyenraged says:

    I’ve never yelled TITS so loudly at my computer before

  53. MrSooop says:

    In the vast majority of abortion situations these days, the women had the choice to choose abstinence or to choose one of many other forms of birth control available to them. But instead they choose to create a life and then destroy it. 🙁

    • MrSooop says:

      And the men responsible could get snipped if they wanna sow wild oats or whatever because that’s reversible.
      I remember when the mother of my child told me that she was pregnant and that SHE has decided “to keep it”(code for not killing him). Talk about a wake-up call.

  54. ocnier says:

    We need the 7 racial slurs that you can’t say now. Cracker, nigger, spic, wop, gook, slant or faggot (cause lgtbtQ is now separate human being somehow). If you’re offended by these try some snoop dogg from 10 years ago or some eddie murphy from the 80’s or 90’s etc… I’m not racist or some POS klansman but i’m also not afraid of race either. It’s kinda like when the NFL in 2011 tried to ban racial slurs by linesmen during the game (fyi the biggest offenders were black linesmen on other black linesmen). I personally miss the 90’s cause at least back then faggots were tough (fyi I love my gay friends so get fucked snowflake cause you’re weak). You know on that note here’s your real RACISM that you trash melinnals like-en to burning crosses in your yard that I firmly believe which some how makes me evil:


    • jwschwalb says:

      You can say cracker

      • ocnier says:

        It’s mild compared to the others but it’s still a slur. My point is we either all have them or no one has them. I prefer we all have them but cause there are times quite frankly they are needed.

        I.E.: Dave Chapelle skit: HR woke/PC lady in condescending tone “Because David YOU are not GAY….. ” Dave’s reply under his breath “Well I ain’t no nigga either”. Reee’s from that skit alone from the left were insane cause everything to them is “problematic”. I could go on & on & on….

        Hence Dave Rubin: “I still miss the 90’s cause at least then faggots were tough”. A quote I staunchly agree with. Do you get my point yet?….

  55. Wolv256 says:

    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    A: He didn’t, he lives in Australia.

    • MrSooop says:

      The women in the whitehouse finally have a way to stop Joe from sniffing their hair.

      Now they just ask him about afghanistan and he turns around and walks the other way.

  56. NoOne123 says:

    Haven’t watched the bonus segment yet.

    From the podcast earlier, Ian shares a story from his childhood about a cat dying and how distraught he is over it only for his dad to say, “its just a cat” and Ian says, “yeah that puts it in perspective, its just a cat. What are we doin here on earth? It wasn’t. It isn’t…you’re saying that all life matters but you’re talking about human life”.

    I dont think people actually realize just how revealing this really is for Ian’s psychopathic and authoritarian tendencies. If you have an attachment to a particular animal and that animal dies, it is healthy and normal to grieve over its death. Its not normal to experience a lack of empathy and to just write it off as, “its just an animal”.

    holy fuck.

    • FatillacN says:

      You pretty much nailed it, Ian has some serious mental issues. The real problem is he THINKS he knows more than he does, ie, knows just enough to be dangerous but not near enough to be an expert or even make a LEGIT argument most of the time. At first I found him amusing, but people LIKE him are dangerous to rational, flexible, dare I say intelligent people who are willing to entertain other viewpoints without so much myopathy.

      That being said, I have tremendous empathy for animal life, but in the end, it is just a cat. It would be different if he said he killed it just watch it die. I think the cat just died and he was passive about it. I believe there is a hierarchy of life. The real issue I see is that Ian isn’t willing to even entertain the idea (fact) that a child is life at conception, it’s a very non spiritual way to look at it. If he had children he might see it differently (please Lord don’t let him procreate).

  57. Deacon says:

    sorry tim but that whole patriot group thing sounds very hitler youth-esque

  58. bogey1975 says:

    Thank you Thank you for killing the ads !

  59. GreMIO420 says:

    Ian is stoner. #camp for 3 generations. Must not compare #dearleader with CCP

  60. thndrbrd says:

    Oh no, George Carlin would still say fuck you. Did you ever hear him talk about environmentalist?

  61. PapaShrek says:

    Well guess who just un-subbed from Jay Lenos Garage

  62. Bigji_781 says:

    Fuck Stern he couldn’t carry Anthony Cumia’s jock strap.

  63. Chimerawizard says:

    I’ve taken a pragmatic approach to abortion.
    What isn’t dystopian to police, and doesn’t create a massive black market?
    Abortive contraceptives, regulated. Requires a prescription for each set.
    Abortion medicine, regulated. Requires a prescription for each set.
    Surgery to remove a living fetus, illegal. Treated the same as murder.
    Surgery to remove a dead fetus where abortive contraceptives/medicine were found present, legal. Doctor is not liable, woman charged for murder.

    It’s not possible to stop abortive medicine from finding its way to women trying to kill their unborn babies. Just take a look at the drug war. Let’s not start that up again. Cutting humans into pieces is barbaric, and policing clinics/hospitals is a lot easier than every sexually active woman.
    Early abortions, while still murder cannot be reasonably policed, so just accept it as socially taboo while legally accepted.

    • tealmarimba12 says:

      Like Tim said in the main show, I’m pro-life but run really hard into the libertarian wall of “why should we get to tell people how to live their life?” Which led me to a horrifying mental compromise…

      In all the cases where abortion isn’t the worst possible scenario for the parent(s) (terrible genetic conditions, great chance of harm to the mother, etc), what are the root cause to want someone to want to abort the pregnancy? Selfish, adolescent reasons no doubt. If we force that child to be carried to term, what are the two possible outcomes? Adoption, which could be ok, but could also lead to the child just becoming a ward of the state, or a resentful parent(s), who won’t nature the child and give them the love that they need, and are also more likely to government assistance. (Not saying this is an absolute, but what I think would be more statistically likely if all abortion was banned)

      From a purely economic perspective, isn’t it easier to pay the one time expense of the procedure than the lifetime of benefits in food, clothes, shelter and education?

      It’s a horrible compromise to think about, but when all the outcomes suck, what else is left?

      • jwschwalb says:

        Babies get adopted before they are born. Like the one guest said, there is 1 baby available for adoption for every 20 couples that want them.

        Its kids that are taken away from abusive homes that have a harder time being placed in a home.

        This whole argument for abortion by saying adoption has issues is ignorant to the simple that that there are wait lists for new born so long people adopt from other countries at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars because they are so desperate for their own kids to raise. But people treat kids like dogs, and only want to get the puppies so they can raise them from a young age and treat abuse victims as dangerous criminals.

      • Anony says:

        It’s really not that hard of an argument for a libertarian to figure out. abortion is taking the kids life, it’s not really about the mother’s rights. You just have to decide when the child’s rights kick in

      • Chimerawizard says:

        How was that a response to my comment? There’s no rebuttal.

      • Rawdog says:

        TEALMARIMBA12 has nailed it. People do treat kids like puppies. And this person gets the issue that I have run into with abortion.
        I, personally, am anti-abortion while at the same time am pro-choice, as I CANNOT dictate or control what happens to that child after it is born. Since I cannot take care of the kid. I have no say in this issue.
        Do I wish for the death to occur? NO. Do I think that women who use abortion as birth control should be sterilized? OH, HELL YEAH.
        Do I have the money to take care of said child for 18 years? NO I DO NOT. Therefore, I have to step back and let this happen as it is the “lesser of 2 evils”.

  64. Sindriss says:

    Tim can cuss but cannot say Joe Rogans magic words

  65. RuthlessAdmin says:

    Shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits fart turd & twat – blink182

  66. Lildav3232 says:

    Howard stern is a pretentious asshole. Always has been. Never thought he was funny. He’s a perverted creep

  67. AdeptDS says:

    What I don’t get is how is this for “members only” when I can open a private browser window (not logged in) and simply go to https://sp.rmbl.ws/s8/2/f/k/h/n/fkhnc.caa.mp4 and watch the video. Seems like a big security flaw.

      • AdeptDS says:

        Ok, to be fair, to get that link you’d have to be logged in and it’s hard to guess, and I understand the issue here, since they are hosting the videos on Rumble so they don’t have a way worked out to restrict the actual video, but of course any person logged in can share or download these to share. As a paying subscriber, I kind of want people to pay to watch to support.

        • Cilantro Parsley says:

          Any and every website works like that, there is no way to restrict the video if you want it to make it available to the public, just consider the fact that people even found a way to download Netflix videos, what is there to say about simple video hosting.

    • michaelotis says:

      That requires that Rumble has the ability to use access tokens, SSO, referral pointers or some conditional access policy, which I don’t think it does and that Timcast has to have the ability to generate those tokens, which they’re just using WordPress, however you need access to the members section to get the link. I was expecting a little bit more from the high praise Tim was giving for the website but it’s extremely basic, not to mention the inundation of shitty ads

  68. michaelotis says:

    Video is 39 minutes long

    You can get an exact percent for encoding at the link below, look at the end for encoder/percent — Currently, 7%