Jack Murphy Member Podcast: Media Smears Joe Rogan For Taking "Horse Medicine" After Getting COVID

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Jack Murphy Member Podcast: Media Smears Joe Rogan For Taking “Horse Medicine” After Getting COVID

172 responses to “Jack Murphy Member Podcast: Media Smears Joe Rogan For Taking “Horse Medicine” After Getting COVID”

  1. matguerra says:


  2. Ghanima says:

    Tim, the cult I grew up in literally believes that God is a flesh and bone man who doesn’t live on earth. Like all cults, they deny it to anyone who’s not a member, but the “deep doctrine” teaches that God is an exalted human. So yes, some people believe that God is “a bearded man in the sky.”

  3. parbruek says:

    I actually imagined a four dimensional sphere containing a four dimensional pyramid. It’s fun, but slow, and you can use the triangle in a circle to construct it analogously.

  4. parbruek says:

    If youtube needs you to call people back, they’ve lost. I only watch you here and on odyssey.

  5. AussieJacobus says:

    31:50 Fuck you, you’re a chicken. Lol

  6. Danjamin says:

    Tim, please issue a correction. Ibuprofen is toxic to dogs. I have your reference here:

    Dunayer E. Ibuprofen toxicosis in dogs, cats, and ferrets. Vet Med. 2004(July).

  7. Fxs888 says:

    Tim, veterenarians prescribe Ibuprophin for dogs. Don’t let them carry the tune, EVER.

  8. Wolv256 says:

    Fuck you, I’m eating 1 inch of horse paste per week and you can’t stop me! I’ve done my own research and I believe me, not you.

  9. SDracis says:

    PLEASE never ever give dogs or cats ibuprofen. It’s toxic for them, as in deadly toxic.

  10. Shador says:

    The definition of Formulation. It is not the same as formula. The FDA approved drug is not the same as the version available to the public. https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/formulation

  11. Bignate says:

    Fun with chemical nomenclature. Hydroxic acid, hydroxyl acid, hydrogen oxide, dihydrogen monoxide. There are so many ways to name molecules in inorganic and organic chemistry.

  12. Brett_Aint_Dead says:

    Thanks for bringing up r/nonewnormal , I’ve been competely banned after creating r/BodyAutonomy , they are fascist on reddit , and supress Any conversations . I’m also completey banned from sending super chats on your channel YouTube . Alphabets don’t like dissenting opinions.

  13. Angelle says:

    Ibuprofen is rarely if ever given to dogs as it often causes severe stomach issues that can lead to death of the animal. Benadryl is widely given to dogs with allergies though. Almost every medication I have gotten for my dogs has a human use as well, from the meds for pain relief to ear infections and allergies. It’s crazy. Tim, I think you should put a disclaimer out when you say something like this that people should consult a vet before giving their animals any OTC medication.

    • kaydeehiggins says:

      Our dog got covid, when we got covid. I don’t know why the population is not addressing this. We all survived it even though the doctor told me if I caught the disease, I would be in danger, because I’m over weight. I was scared to death by this , plus I have asthma. So I got covid. WE didn’t go to the hospital in a panic, even though they wanted me too. We treated it at home with vitamin D and Zinc, and Mucinex, I also use my inhaler when needed. To me, it was like getting the flu. Although my eyes had pink eye really bad, but I stayed at home. I isolated myself till I felt better. My thing with this is they keep talking about the small pox vaccine. I remember that vaccine scared me for life. I wasn’t old enough to say no at the time. I also know that small pox was 20 times more deadly than Covid, to compare the two is crazy.

    • Bignate says:

      Thank you for bringing this up. I also caught that whole ibuprofen bit and was like, “dude, Advil is poisonous to dogs and will kill them.”

  14. SBHX says:

    Dude! You guys have to have Chris Langan on the show! He has very interesting things to talk about in regards to God, the universe, etc.

  15. Alanbchav92 says:

    Obligatory: move the comment box to the top.

    Real question: aAre we able/encouraged to share these vids? I could probably look and find the share button rn but I’m more asking if the share graphic is a roll over from the YouTube channel or if we can also share these (pay walled vids).

  16. andy.gilly9267 says:

    Tim sure says fuck a lot lol

  17. TheOne says:

    Ivermectin doesn’t kill the virus in amounts we take. It’s not highly absorbable. That is why egotistical doctors and such are rejecting it in the US. It can kill viruses in very large amounts that you would have to inject into someone most likely, and there is no approved injectable version.

    HOWEVER Ivermectin is maybe the best treatment for preventing symptoms there is right now. Here’s how it works… Ivermectin is a GABA agonist. That’s how it kills worms because GABA is a neuro suppressant to a lot of receptors for it (but also a stimulant for others). It knocks them the fuck out and they don’t wake up till they’re dead/gone. But it also is an important modulator for sodium in the body. That’s what matters.

    Doctors in other countries have clearly defined that the condition of Covid is very thick blood from loss of ability to control minerals and water balances. That strongly includes sodium. GABA receptors may modulate more than just sodium but research isn’t as extensive (AFAIK). Why does this matter? People are dieing from bloodclots caused by the thick blood and getting too fast of punctures into veins. Also the lungs can’t absorb oxygen worth a damn when they’re full of jelly-like liquid so they appear swollen/inflamed…

    Why do you need Ivermectin to trigger GABA receptors? Simple, because ACE2 stimulation – that is the primary target of the virus – is necessary for natural GABA.

    BTW lots of water and vitamin C is making people sicker. Water alone doesn’t have enough minerals to offset the symptoms (food/drink may though of other types). And vitamin C causes a lot of urination. Then combine with heavy breathing… you end up super dehydrated.

    That’s it for now (but not all there is). No one is going to read this anyways… fuck.

    • Alanbchav92 says:

      Very well laid out and (I think/hope) researched… almost too much so… what else do you know!?!?!?! Nah jk. Good to know (if true). I am already soo battered by conflicting political takes on this I have not had time or energy to look into the actual “science”. Prob by design. But thank God we have spoon feeders like you lol. For real!

    • csjohnstone says:

      Thanks for this. Great info…

    • Bignate says:

      Thanks for the info. I watched all of the Dr Scheult COVID updates on YouTube all during 2020 and learned a lot of the same. We are both chemistry majors and it made a lot of sense. He never mentioned the GABA link, but definitely covered how well NAC really helps the cytokine oxidation storm and blood thickening causing thrombosis. I’ve been taking NAC daily ever since.

    • Chris_payne81 says:

      Are you saying that maybe treating the symptoms that a person has due to COVID-19 will work ? LOL . By the way I couldn’t agree more you see I got covid and am overweight, smoke and have diabetes . I treated the symptoms that I had plus large doses of vitamins from vitamin A to Zink .

  18. benben says:


    -Jack Murphy

  19. MeOnPlanB says:

    Tactically, at 7.3pH, its an alkaline. 😛

  20. m_samuels says:

    I give my pup CBD every morning- she’s 15 and it helps her joints. Now I’m going to go smoke a joint filled with Dog Joint Medicine! Hope it helps me loosen up

  21. Ttamrojam says:

    DID YOU GO INTO A K-HOLE?!!!? I busted out laughing when I heard that said. 🤣😂🤣

  22. garyha says:

    I’m out of patience.
    I DEMAND PICS OF THE CHICKS (all three) and all PCR lab data (number of cycles) including the one used on Joe Rogan

  23. Wayfadeddude says:

    I swore I had caught covid too, been exposed to people who caught it and got really sick with something myself. I got a blood test…no antibodies.

  24. tonythomas2483@gmail.com says:

    I can see why religion is a thing, I tried to imagine myself not existing anymore and I can’t do it, being gone and not having any type of conscious thought, so maybe people need to believe that there is an afterlife because they can’t imagine not existing anymore and that’s where religion comes into it, that there is a heaven/paradise waiting for us and all of our loved ones that have died are there waiting for us, I SO WANT THAT TO BE TRUE. I do believe there is a God/Creator that made everything and I have always said that death is the last great adventure… Or it’s not.

  25. CavScout says:

    The new version of the Pfizer isn’t in production, may never be, and doesn’t actually need to be the same exact recipe when it is.

    The goal was to KEEP THE LIABILITY WAIVER.

    If they ever produced the ‘FDA approved’ version, it will be for organizations that don’t care about liability, since it’s tax money; and probably to be used on military personnel. If we get that far with this.

    • Silentwidow says:

      Not to mention they kept quiet about FDA approval of Regeneron and Remdesevir and they are both FDA approved as of last year. Which to my understanding, is that a treatment that is FDA approved would also eliminate the EUA.

  26. B3hemoth44 says:

    I got tricked by someone writing “I support mandatory Vacations” I was immediately humbled after going on a rant

  27. jackie says:

    This was done for MODERNA.. .Moderna is profitable for the FDA… Pfizer is not… They are actually Screwing Over Pfizer.

  28. TheAcquisitor says:

    From an article about “Jack Murphy”, aka John Goldman…not a good guy:

    “However, a brief glance through his Twitter feed shows any number of slurs against women and
    undocumented immigrants alike.

    Not only did “Murphy” call Hillary Clinton a “bitch,” but has told others to “Go lick lesbo pussy
    in peace.” Another tweet from “Murphy” said that “Fat girls have ruined ‘curvy’ forever. Bitch,
    just say you’re fat. There are men who want (will stoop) to fuck you,” while another wondered
    when he could “get som[e] @RickRubin type pussy with this beard.” One Tweet from last year
    also read: “What have we learned lately? Illegals don’t rape kids: FALSE[.]”

    The writings from Goldman on his “Jack Murphy” site were hardly any better. In one post, since
    deleted from his website, Goldman wrote that “Feminists need rape. … It is our duty as men to
    save feminists from themselves. Therefore, I am offering rape to feminists as an olive branch.”
    Another post, also deleted, claimed that “If you open her ass, you open her mind.” And one
    post on a Medium account affiliated with the “Jack Murphy” Twitter account also wondered if
    it’s “worth educating, protecting, and defending illegal immigrants if it means our daughters
    will be raped while they are at school?”

    So glad”Jack Murphy” (not his real name) founder of his little mysogynistic cult of personality, where you pay hundreds a year for membership in his Liminal Order, and benefit from his “endless male wisdom”, was not here anymore. Why would you want him back?


    • Wolv256 says:

      Hilary Clinton is a “Bitch” and so are you.

    • MontyLalado says:

      All those things just make me like him more u globohomo loser

    • AmericaFirst says:

      I love Jack even more now. Thank you for posting his quotes – they are both hilarious and accurate.

      • TheAcquisitor says:

        From an article about “Jack Murphy”, aka John Goldman…not a good guy:

        “However, a brief glance through his Twitter feed shows any number of slurs against women and
        undocumented immigrants alike.

        Not only did “Murphy” call Hillary Clinton a “bitch,” but has told others to “Go lick lesbo pussy
        in peace.” Another tweet from “Murphy” said that “Fat girls have ruined ‘curvy’ forever. Bitch,
        just say you’re fat. There are men who want (will stoop) to fuck you,” while another wondered
        when he could “get som[e] @RickRubin type pussy with this beard.” One Tweet from last year
        also read: “What have we learned lately? Illegals don’t rape kids: FALSE[.]”

        The writings from Goldman on his “Jack Murphy” site were hardly any better. In one post, since
        deleted from his website, Goldman wrote that “Feminists need rape. … It is our duty as men to
        save feminists from themselves. Therefore, I am offering rape to feminists as an olive branch.”
        Another post, also deleted, claimed that “If you open her ass, you open her mind.” And one
        post on a Medium account affiliated with the “Jack Murphy” Twitter account also wondered if
        it’s “worth educating, protecting, and defending illegal immigrants if it means our daughters
        will be raped while they are at school?”

        So glad”Jack Murphy” (not his real name) founder of his little mysogynistic cult of personality, where you pay hundreds a year for membership in his Liminal Order, and benefit from his “endless male wisdom”, was not here anymore. Why would you want him back?


        • Eliza72 says:

          I see what you are saying there and yet without the whole of these conversations your talking points are weak . Freedom of speech is wonderful , it is not just speech that we like .

        • Zainal says:

          He is entitled to his opinion.
          I will not sit and judge his opinions and words from the past lightly.
          Let alone judge him based on the comments of followers.
          I will however judge you harshly for trying to have him judged for past behaviour.

      • UppityG says:


    • Chrisf116 says:

      Who cares?

    • andy.gilly9267 says:

      I love how you insist on putting his real name even though he’s said on the show more than once that’s a fake name and has given his real one. He did that to to protect his wife and daughter you fucking idiot so what doe it say about a guy busting out out man on the internet because he claims he mistreats women that’s trying to protect his wife and daughter? You people think you’re so smart and so clever but ur just another sheep that doesn’t know anything about anything and can’t see past their nose.

  29. JankyPlan says:

    Dr. Paul Saladino (Carnivore MD) is fit & healthy, got covid and kicked its ass without medication.

  30. Txbow says:

    Dude, I can call my chicken to come to me. I make the sound when she gets out of eyesight and then you see her coming around the corner moving like a velociraptor heading my way. She also tries to jump in my truck with me all the time and sits in my lap. She is also always sitting in our windows when we are inside looking at us through them.

  31. CptOverkill says:

    the creator and sustainer of all the things.

  32. RichMonk77 says:


    Interesting theory proposed here. Has me asking more questions on the topic. Even though it cannot be trusted, I still find the ideas fascinating.

  33. TheDarkworld says:

    So no one else is concerned Tim came out and admitted to being controlled opposition? I can’t un-hear that

    • oldspicesmuggler says:

      This. Like wtf is that reasoning to just play ball? Tim is admitting that youtube is using him so Conservatives don’t leave their platform. He has no issue being a pawn for them? Ohh, just as long as he keeps making that money. Funny how people called him a hypocrite for telling others to “stand up for what they believe” by quitting their jobs and go to the woods, yet he won’t stand up against censorship.

      So according to Tim
      Cop doing what he’s told to do and enforcing mandates = spineless evil coward who is contributing to the problem

      Tim on youtube being used to herd Conservatives back onto the platform = perfectly normal.

  34. Look at the studies people! Clinical trials.gov and search ivermectin. Tons of data showing efficacy

  35. philchoart says:

    Lots of God talk these days. Tim should consider reading the Bible for himself to see what it says about Him.

  36. kgres1 says:

    Joe R is a sell out. But he can buy me a beer any day.

  37. UppityG says:

    I came by just to read the comments. I like Murphy a lot, so maybe later I’ll play the bonuscast, but I’ve had enough Crossland BS to last a couple weeks.

  38. sloanmatthews says:

    Next time Ian derails the show I’m turning it off.
    I’m not taking any life lessons from a single, childless, 45 year old man that sleeps till 4pm every day.

    • petar says:

      Ian is great! Its very healthy to listen to people who mean you no harm but have a different opinion than you. Its true sign of intelligence to be able to entertain two opposing idea in your mind simultaneously.

      Echo chambers are traps.

      • tonythomas2483@gmail.com says:

        Thank you Petar, I was thinking the exact same thing.

      • UppityG says:

        @Petar, Crossland doesn’t have differing opinions worth listening to because he cannot articulate them in a logical and cogent manner. Those of us who reject him don’t do so because we prize echo chambers, that is a juvenile insult.

        From where I stand, Crossland is a waste of my time and membership money. Because he adds nothing of value to the conversation, rather, he is a distraction. When he shows up high or not high enough, he tends to be easily triggered and proceeds to hog the floor in front of everyone else in the room, including the guest, and the thousands watching, sparing no one his temper tantrums laced with a thousand words he simply strings together to make a noise signifying nothing.

        Why Pool does not cycle in others to handle the second chair, to at least give us a break from Crossland’s antics on a regular basis, I’ll never know.

  39. Bmwtech says:

    Tim please don’t tell people that ibuprofen is for dogs! It’s POISONOUS to dogs! The pain killer for dogs is Carprofen which humans could use too.

  40. rroneill says:

    Oh no the Sea and our Tap Water contains Dueterium and that’s used in Nuclear Reactors.

  41. AaronW says:

    Pharmaceutical companies are one of largest ad spenders on the mainstream media. No conflict of interest here…

  42. ZedS says:

    Yes, God IS good, Jack. Pax~

  43. Ya_boy91 says:

    One of The most insane, confusing/contradicting sub reddit is r/libertarian…..Holy shit

  44. WildAtreides says:

    If you trust John Pierce, you need to listen to Robert Barnes. Pierce is a charlatan.

    • Astarr1462 says:

      Barnes hasn’t been much better as of late, smearing ppl and saying whatever he thinks is advantageous. Really crushed me watching his behavior over the last few months.

      • UppityG says:

        Have to agree. When Barnes took what the NYSlimes said about Hafer and Best and their company Black Rifle Coffee Co as true, I was floored. Barnes has had clients smeared by the Slimes so he knows they’ll make up entire fiction about anyone, even high school kids such as Nick Sandmann, just for the clicks. For all I know Hafer and / or Best are un-outed DemonKKKrats, but their coffee is extremely good. Until I hear them say with their own mouths that they think Rittenhouse was wrong, they’ll keep my business.

  45. RickCleland says:

    The Young Turks made a video mocking Joe for taking “Dewormer”.

  46. CANNED_FETUS says:

    The problem with ivermectin supposedly is that it takes so much of it that humans wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    • Anony says:

      100% false. Ivermectin has essentially 0 risk profile. They hand it out like candy in Africa.

      • UppityG says:

        And in India and other third world countries. Ivermectin has been around a long time and is extremely safe in the correct dose. It’s been tried for many off-label application with a wide variety of success. The corrupt corporate media and the gullible juveniles of all ages denigrate it because they’re elitist snobs who look down on anyone not them.

    • MsRae says:

      I think the issue is people are buying the over the counter horse kind and not researching how much to take. We are not 2,000 pound animals. Millions of people have been saved from river blindness by being given the correct human dosage of the drug. The man who discovered it was given a Nobel prize.

  47. kramit says:

    Tim, hydroxic acid is nuclear fuel coolant!!

  48. c0de6349 says:

    the FDA letter says that the new vaccine has slight changes that don’t affect the efficacy.

  49. neilinda says:

    Haven’t had the patience to sit through the last few regular – or members only shows.
    Getting tired of all examples, analogies, learning coming from movies or video games.
    Crack a book guys!
    A good one to start with would be “The Brothers Karamazov”.

  50. dji82 says:

    Wait… Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic?! No wonder leftists are scared of it!

  51. NeoN says:

    So hard being autistic and all the normies can’t really understand what you’re trying to say. Don’t worry Ian, I get you man.

  52. RuthlessAdmin says:

    Ian is right about rights. He’s just bad at logic.

  53. SIMONTACCHI says:

    I’m 65, 23 BMI and fit with Kito diet, and I smoke. I had it early last year and it was a Head Cold with dry cough, I took Benadryl and lasted a week and being self employed I never missed a day. After the CES Show in Vegas it swept through SoCal and a lot of people had and none of my peers died or even went to the hospital. Top 3 Comorbidities 1. Age 2. Obesity 3. Anxiety, so scaring people makes it worse.

  54. Optimistic_Pessimist says:

    Ian is an absolute detriment to the IRL crew. Trying to get through a conversation with him in it is akin to trying to win a race with your parking brake engaged. I thought it was bad when Adam would derail almost every conversation, but Ian is vastly worse. Just leave him to his psychodelics, and have intelligent conversations uninterrupted by his incoherent pondering. Seriously, how is it possible for him to be that far up his own a**?

    Dump Ian, and give us more screen time with Lydia.

    • NeoN says:

      Probably the same way you have your own head this far up there. I get it, the social awkwardness can be annoying with the weird interruptions, but give him a break; he’s just a little retarded, and he’s a lot of fun

      • UppityG says:

        @Neon, @Opto is right, you feel sorry for Crossland, like Pool does. I get the impression Pool is trying to help Crossland grow up, or something. Whatever Pool’s goal, Crossland holds all of us back. I didn’t pay for members only access in order to waste time trying to get one of Pool’s retinue to get up to speed as a grown ass man, did you?

  55. oldspicesmuggler says:

    Okay, thank goodness Tim put the pieces together and connected the dots on this FDA approval kabuki theater. Also, yes Ian WHAT THE FUCK? It’s downright sinister how it was “approved” but not really approved right now, but is treated as if it is fully approved. Tim, its is about the EUA status but its more about the liability Pfizer still doesn’t have if there are adverse reactions! It’s a lie that is being used to herd people to take a vax they are told to feel confident about when in reality its the exact same status as it was when it was first rushed out.

  56. Roseofsharron1962 says:


    • neilinda says:

      Good luck!! I am praying for you. 🙂

    • Anony says:

      Wtf is wrong with you? Why would Tim pay for you to quit? How about you grow some balls and find a job that doesn’t suck complete ass

    • Leo8013 says:

      Teachers in today’s educational system in today’s time you just need an associates degree and it doesn’t have to be in that field of which your teaching. Example. You can have a degree in dance and teach physics. It makes zero sense.

      • Joann says:

        Actually, a Bachelor’s Degree is required to teach. In many states you must then pass a certification test, which many fail. Because of competition for the good schools/jobs, many get Master’s Degrees. It IS true that you can have a Bachelor’s Degree in any field and teach (but then you need to pass certification).
        When the certifications began several years ago, tenured teachers complained that they too needed to be certified, and some failed the test and lost their jobs. Some retook the test until they passed. I say good riddance to any teacher that cannot pass a test for basic knowledge.

    • FreedomforAll1776 says:

      You’re a teacher that capitalized every letter in every word but “I” calm TF down

    • Wolv256 says:

      Sounds like you should have made better life choices

  57. Justawrench says:

    The other Day my kid had a bladder infection and the hospital prescribed mold extract.

  58. Justawrench says:

    So hospitals are using pet medication on human beings?!?!?!?!? Ha ha ha ha ha. Some one sue motrin for giving my ailing wife NSAID, commonly known as dog medicine.

  59. ShiningLightOnShadows says:

    Right now where I live we have the blood bus sending out a call for anyone with antibodies that hasn’t had the shot because they need the blood and the plasma to help save others. I had covid back in May and didn’t even realize it. I only knew because I donate blood and they made me aware along with my wife so we donate blood and plasma when we can. Another thing is most people don’t know what their antibody count is whether they had the shot or not.

  60. Brett_Aint_Dead says:

    Great as always , can’t have emergency uses if they start using dirt cheap ivermectin . Also I love white bread aka bird food .

  61. Thequaz says:

    So yet again ian proves he’s mentally retarded and can’t accept being wrong and Tim ties himself in knots to shill for the vaxx.

  62. Thequaz says:

    So yet again ian prices he’s mentally retarded and can’t accept being wrong and Tim ties himself in knots to shill for the vaxx.

  63. KMerckCPA says:

    It literally takes 1 second to encode if you use Google Chrome on a decent phone.

  64. Jayenoh says:

    TIM- the reason they are legally distinct is for LIABILITY PURPOSES. They are not liable for the EUA but under the brand name they are. ALSO, please start referring to ivermectin and hydroxy as VACCINES because those meet the new definitions of the word.

  65. NoOne123 says:

    I haven’t watched this bonus segment yet but i have to comment about this from the podcast earlier.

    Ian is so unbelievably frustrating and retarded and gets worked up over semantical bullshit that doesn’t matter(because hes actually an authoritarian psychopath). He doesn’t understand what a “right” is and he doesn’t understand that when the founding fathers reference god they’re not talking about some old big cartoon man with a beard in the sky. They’re discussing an abstract concept of nature. You could essentially replace “god” with the word “nature” if you want but Ian is getting hard triggered by the religious connotations of the word rather than the idea of what its trying to convey.

    The state DOES NOT grant you your rights. Only communists/socialists/marxists/fascists think that and its why they fucking despise the bible SO much and vilify religion. Your rights are inherent to you being a human being existing in nature. You are born with free will. You are free to do evil or good as you see fit that is gods gift to you in life or if you’re triggered like ian by the word “god” replace it by nature. Nature has given you free will. Do as you please but everyone hopes you will choose to do good in the world.

    Its weird, the ideas found in the bible are old af but there are still people and governments that cannot comprehend what it means to have free will and what an amazingly beautiful gift that is.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Counterpoint: Yeah, you know, that’s uh, just like your opinions, man.

    • KMerckCPA says:

      You are 100% wrong. The natural law is a point of view on rights, but it is not the definition of rights. Ian was arguing a point that can absolutely be debated, but Tim kept shouting him down saying he doesn’t know what words mean. Tim was totally wrong. I agree that rights are natural and God-given, but that is not the definition of rights, and furthermore when the founders thought this way, it was a revolutionary idea. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Rosherov says:

        I think Ian may have touched at something resembling the point you made but I also believe he has fried his brain with years of drug use, sad as it may be, and is largely incapable of comprehending these things past the semantical level. That’s all he’s been adding to the conversation lately and honestly, aside from the entertainment value, it’s pretty irritating.

        On that point though, rights weren’t invented, they were discovered, which is what he seems to fail to understand and is why I think he was clearly on the losing side in that exchange.

    • KMerckCPA says:

      What I mean to say is both you and Tim confuse opinions for facts.

  66. Chimerawizard says:

    can this members podcast be made public? one of me friends also calls ivermectin horse dewormer, and told me ‘there is no human version’.

  67. Wolv256 says:

    Sue these fucking people into oblivion.

  68. Ryanlongley says:

    Can someone please bring up the leaky vaccine studies that were done in 2014?

    The premise is, if a vaccine only subsides symptoms of the virus then the vaccine is considered leaky and able to mutate inside the vaccinated person. The notion that the vaccinated are spreading variants is proven wrong in the study with the chickens.

    Then look what happened to the chickens after the 4th dose…

    It’s us, were the experimental chickens

  69. Wolv256 says:

    Stop treating the media like they are stupid. They are evil. This is a calculated plot to manipulate the public to protect the globalists and big pharma and the media has completely sold out to them to spread propaganda. Stop even giving them the hint of a benefit of a doubt. They are just evil fucking manipulative liars. True Enemy of the People.

    Simply dismissing them is not enough. They need to be sued. I want audits of their funds and I want investigations into who’s bribing them and I want charges brought against those involved. I want records kept of authors of these articles and I want them publicly chastised and fired.

    This is not funny or cute or gamesmanship for your party. People are dying, businesses are being destroyed, and these people are directly responsible for it. This is not normal and we cannot accept it. We MUST fight back. NOW!!!

    We must demand accountability. We cannot be taken over and sold out to China. We do not “love this” and it is not a joke.


    • UppityG says:

      @Wolv, you’re right to be outraged at the corrupt corporate media. What would help us all a lot faster is to teach each other the Socratic Method, aka Critical Thinking. Because the more people who do that, the less they take the media seriously. If we’d all be more discriminating and circumspect about the agitprop the media serves up, their donor class subsidizers’ would quickly notice they’re not getting any bang for their buck.

      Of course, there are still just enough people, and we get a fresh batch every year, who are not trained to be Critical Thinkers, who are indoctrinated to be fearful of critical thinking, and on them the media can cast their destructive spells.

      And the beat goes on.

  70. larsinswe says:

    Welcome to Sweden, here it’s not allowed to get ivermectine, a doctor that want to prescribe it have to get a permit from the authorities that is nearly impossible to get. The customs are very alert for imports for parcels that might contain ivermectine medicine.

  71. 1598_1776_2020 says:

    So Bannon was right.

  72. gcolivares71@gmail.com says:

    Ivermectin should be able to eradicate communists because it kills parasites.

  73. Nickypdj says:

    I audibly lol’ed for a straight minute when Ian goes “so do you think god is like… plasma?”

  74. ooZee says:

    Going back to the main segment… Ian: You are half-correct on this issue. However there are some things you have to understand first before I can explain where you are correct.

    1) Rights were not “invented” they were “discovered” The Natural rights exists WITHIN NATURE by proxy of two things: 1) by being a creature with the biological need to preserve one’s self that EXISTS IN NATURE and 2) By EXISTING IN SOCIETY. So long as 2 or more human beings exist and possess the ability communicate these truths are Constant. What was invented was the idea that it is a govt’s DUTY to PROTECT these rights that exist by proxy of your being in Nature and Society.

    2) You seem to be triggered by the whole notion that rights come from God, saying earlier that “Saying a right comes from God is just people making an arbitrary argument that you can’t infringe my rights because of magic”. First, the reason Americans say God is because it is the belief among Monotheistic religion that God created Nature, since Natural rights exist as a facet of nature, it was thus given unto us by God. You don’t have to believe in God to believe in Natural Rights, whether you believe God made the universe, or the Universe was created/existed by other means is irrelevant to understanding the fundamental existence that a right exists. Though I would argue that the commonly shared belief in God does make for more strongly cohesive society (a point Jack tried to make earlier) Which leads to the next part.

    3) So this the part I think you were trying to get at but were failing to articulate in a concrete way (like always)… So in short, “We live in a Society.” (lol) Society has existed for a looooong time, so long that humans have been able to figure out that we all kinda want the some of the same basic things. We want to eat, we want to procreate, we want to stay alive, and we want to keep our stuff, and lying to/about one another is bad and we want our children to respect/look out for our well being when we are to old to do so ourselves. Morality is a key factor in determining the difference between a Natural Right and simply “Having the Ability to do something”. which is what you and Tim were getting really hung up on.

    Morality is a component of what determines what a right is, just because I have the ABILITY to do something, does not mean I have the RIGHT to do something. Otherwise, why wouldn’t we have the right to murder, rape and steal from one another? That is the belief that “Might makes Right”, which almost every society fundamentally believes is Bad. And like many other societies for thousands of years, we also decided as a society that these things are bad.

    ALSO, not everyone has the “ABILITY” to do things, does a blind, deaf, mute, quadriplegic have the “ABILITY” to defend himself from a fully built and healthy murderer with a weapon? Probably not. But he exists within nature and our society, thus he has a right to defend and BE DEFENDED. That’s right, not only does the Right to bear arms mean to defend one’s self, but the right to defend others. In a moral and just society we would celebrate this Truth. But because we are no longer a moral and just society, we see people getting arrested and imprisoned whenever a bystander stops an armed criminal from robbing a store, because the state does not recognize the authority granted to us by our natural right to bear arms.

    It has been throughout almost all of human history that governments have used their power to infringe on the rights of the individual, and we have seen these acts justified by a slew of stupid ideals; The Nazi’s with Mein Kampf, Russia and China with Collectivism, the Holy Roman Empire with the Spanish Inquisition, The Monarchs of the colonial era with the belief their rule is pre-determined by God so they could do no wrong. Even America and the justifications we made against murder and relocation of Native Tribes. The invention is not Natural Rights, The invention was a Government that RECOGNIZED THE NATURAL RIGHTS that already exist within Nature and Society and being predicated on protecting the rights, Not granting them, Not creating them, and Not infringing upon them.

    I hope this comment finds it’s way to you Ian, and I hope it helps in part understand the nature of Natural Rights.

  75. yamyule says:

    Jack….please never say “It’s less worse” again.

  76. tanro210@gmail.com says:

    sounds like a liability thing to me

  77. Bainan_Lee says:

    Ah yes, Joe Rogan took horse medicine and Tim takes dog medicine. That must mean the melatonin my girl takes is ferret medicine since melatonin helps balance ferret hormones lmfaoooo.

  78. MFnHammer says:

    Ian just gets more and more insufferable with the ‘justifications’/semantics.

  79. DMC82 says:

    For fucks sake Ian… learn when to take the L and walk away!

    • KMerckCPA says:

      Or at least stop trying to argue with an egomaniac who will never admit he’s wrong

      • UppityG says:

        Or learn critical thinking, mature logic, and grow the fuck up, and enjoy not losing the argument to someone with superior debate skills and who, though five years younger than, is more mature, for a fucking change. Pool readily admits he’s arrogant. Sometimes it chaps my ass too, but, he has more of a right to his arrogance than Crossland does to waste so much podcast time.

        • KDiddy says:

          I just don’t think you understand. Any of you. But it’s okay, because one day, you will. You see, true power corrupts. If one has the power, one must not simply give it away. One must use it, to never use it. Now… get some friends.

  80. Plaguen says:

    Ivermectin – a drug that millions of people in Africa take for River Blindness. Which has been around for a few decades, is cheap, and is proven to have almost 0 side effects and reactions.

  81. Plaguen says:

    If Pfizer is FDA approved can J&J and Moderna be EUA?

  82. Plaguen says:

    Oh oh oh the error is here, that means the show is about to start!

  83. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    Is anybody else getting the “Server IP address cannot be found” or is that on my end?

  84. Disgruntledpog says:

    Why does it take so long to encode

  85. michaelotis says:

    Video is 36 minutes long

    You can get an exact percent for encoding at the link below, look at the end for encoder/percent — Currently, 12%


  86. michaelotis says:

    If anyone is interested in the whisky they keep referring to:

    Ohishi Tokubetsu Reserve Japanese Whisky