Candace Owens Bonus Podcast: Candace And Crew Discuss The Mandela Effect, Time Travel, And Bill Gates TED Talk About Depopulation

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Candace Owens Bonus Podcast: Candace And Crew Discuss The Mandela Effect, Time Travel, And Bill Gates TED Talk About Depopulation

511 responses to “Candace Owens Bonus Podcast: Candace And Crew Discuss The Mandela Effect, Time Travel, And Bill Gates TED Talk About Depopulation”

  1. DrMuT0 says:

    Sinbad was a Genie! He was! I swear I owned it when i was a kid!

  2. Hynzie says:

    Man it’s hard to get a word in when Candice starts talking.

  3. christer.wallentin says:

    About the Vaccine and how saving the paradox of saving life could be part of how to lover population growth.

    Lock at Hans Rosling video.

    DON’T PANIC — Hans Rosling showing the facts about population

  4. kellybw says:

    Satisfied with my Membership.

    I don’t like this comment system, though. I can’t reply to anybody’s previous posts and it is bulky.

  5. DaddyProphetBunny says:

    !! I recently saw that New Zealand is like north east corner above the states. But it used to be tangential to the Philippine Islands but east of Malaysia I believe.. but I guess not

  6. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    Turns out human memory is just garbage and your brain is a liar.

  7. SheppertonStudios says:

    There’s a Mandela effect about South America being in a different location too. Some people remember it being more underneath North America rather than it being offset.

  8. WingedLion says:

    I’m a doctor. Agree 100%. Most of my classmates and co-workers were/are just great at memorization and regurgitation. This form of learning is further indoctrinated into us through exams. The more we are able to memorize and regurgitate, the better our STEP scores, the better the specialties we are able to match into. Then we have more in-service exams, then board exams at the end of residency, another exam at the end of fellowship, and continuing education, all of which reinforce the knowledge-vomit over and over again.

    Consequently, the most specialized and well paid doctors tend to be the ones least capable of critical thinking.

    Don’t trust any doctor. Find a doctor who actually cares about and the Hippocratic Oath instead of their career, and when you find such a doctor, hold on for dear life. They are rarer than hens’ teeth.

  9. ThePancakeMan says:

    Bro THERE WAS A CORNUCOPIA BEHIND THE FRUIT!!! 100% I got underwear for Christmas from both my sets of grandparents, and I thought it was funny, AND IT WAS ON THE PACKAGE!!!

  10. guitarocigaro says:

    That fluoride comment. My daughter is 4 and her daycare just sent out a waiver for a dental checkup. She hasn’t lost a tooth yet but they are still pushing fluoride. It was a question on the form on if the parent wanted it or not.. I said no, makes me wonder how many just tick the boxes and sign.

  11. Achilles says:

    Sinbad’s movie “Shazaam” clip may be found at:

    If you don’t see it there or it’s gone then maybe I don’t exist. Loved the interview

  12. Sdonna63 says:

    No no no no. There is a movie with Sinbad. I went it. Bullshit he did play a jeanie

  13. Daffyman says:

    I totally remember watching Sinbad in Shazaam… this wasn’t a thing?

  14. prattda says:

    You want freaky?! I sometimes have such VIVID dreams that I believe they ACTUALLY happened. A conversation with my sisters about my boyfriend. My father learning about an F I got. The dog talking… LOL.

  15. codec3752 says:

    What’s more likely: peoples’ memories getting mixed up over 20+ years, or non-sensical parallel universe theories from the likes of “we did it!” redditors?

  16. Brandon_cox says:

    Jiff is peanut butter and so if skippy. However jiffy is the marshmallow puff that could be easily mistaken.

    The we are the champions was said. I looked up a recording of mighty ducks on YouTube and just heard him say it.

    See for you self. Every end of the chorus.

    Reality is perceptions. And well you all just live in my world.

    • rjmurray says:

      I thought the same thing. I am watching the bonus footage now and could swear Freddie says “…of the world” so I went to YouTube. I thought maybe it was just in the live version, so I first listened to Live Aid 1985 and it was there. Then I listened to the studio version and it is there too, so I don’t know what the heck they are talking about.

    • Tarlkov says:

      Now this is just MY memory of it. I remember the song ending as… “We are the champions of the world, we are the champions…” and it is expected that after a few moments of silence you will heard, “….. of the world!” but you don’t the song just ends. I wish I still had my 33LP of “News of the World. (1977)”.

      Also, ‘We are the Champions’ was used at the end of ‘Revenge of the Nerds (1984)’.

      I’m a bit older, I guess.

  17. OddGorilla says:

    Has anyone cross referenced the Mandela effects? As in, do the SAME PEOPLE remember the SAME THINGS? Like, actually studied this, no bias in the questions. Just a “Please describe (insert thing) from your childhood.” And see how consistent the groupings are. If everyone that remembers Mandela dying in prison also remembers the Bernstein bears, the cornucopia logo, and the SHAZAM movie, etc while controlling for bias and cross contamination, I’d consider it evidence of dimensional shenanigans or a MKULTRA type subliminal experiment.

  18. SirKomrade says:

    Something really did happen Dec 21, 2012. I really do feel like there is still something we missed.

  19. JayTinfoilHatGorilla says:

    When Candace Becomes President I Will Always Reflect Back On This As One Of My Favorite Videos Ever!!!!

  20. swoop_13-37 says:

    A fucking freaky one. Is the dollar sign. How many vertical lines are their in a dollar sign. 1 or 2.

  21. ChucklesTheLo says:

    No matter the amount of calcification, my Third Eye remains open. Like I have a wireless connection to it.

  22. ChucklesTheLo says:

    Memories by chain associations.

  23. VinnieV says:

    In australia, if you don’t vaccinate your children you are not eligible for social family assistance. Also a law has been proposed you won’t be able to travel internationally until you get the vaccine. Dystopian stuff

  24. Hayden75 says:

    Most instances of the Mandela effect seem to be before 2012. My fun theory is that when CERN turned on the large hadron collider (remember the fear it could potentially open a black hole) and two universes collided.

    Just got to the part of the video when Tim mentions this, and I think it was 2012 when they first flipped it on.

  25. Mcstarcher says:

    Ever wonder if thr Mandela Effect is Aliens Gas Lightning us as an interdimensional practical joke?

  26. DocLockJ says:

    I will not live in the pods, I will not eat the bugs, I remember shazam, and Mandela dying twice. There was a cornucopia in fruit of the loom until they announced a change about 3-5 years ago. Tom Baker was the best doctor and David Tenant was second best.

  27. varafusion says:

    The “of the world” lyric was used in queens live performances. Look at live aid 1985

  28. CavScout says:

    Queen’s ‘of the world!’ is present in the Queen – Greatest Hits album. Just played my CD rip version and it’s in there.

  29. GreyWulf7 says:

    I remember Jiffy, Bernstein Bears, cornucopia on the Fruit of the Looms, Shazam was a movie and when I heard that Mandela had died, I straight up said, “Again?”

  30. Velim says:

    Hey, Move the comment section to the top. This was a great conversation!

  31. mayakrieger13 says:

    the idea of just not going to college bc they are requiring a vaccine is great… unless youre like me and have wanted to get your medical degree for as long as you can remember… literally stuck between a rock and a hard place with the vaccine currently.

    • JohnPaulJones2120 says:

      Or me who thought I was safe because i go to a trade school that still requires it…

      • LealikeSea says:

        “Choosy mothers choose Jif” I remember the commercials. Jiffy popcorn was around the same time, the kind in an aluminum pan that pops up while cooking. Or could just be combining Jif and Skippy, Jiffy😂

    • LealikeSea says:

      Fight back! You can go to or as they are sending legal letters to these universities. They can’t mandate an experimental vaccine. If you had it you can show an antibody test or get an exemption. Don’t let them stop you pursuing your goals! Good luck!

  32. says:

    The funny thing about Leftist is that they are all for depopulation but when faced with a possible culling event (Covid-19) they all run and hide. I asked one of them at work about this, that little commie racist said “I didn’t mean for it to happen here!” Bunch of fucking racists. It’s ok for most of Africa or the Middle East to die off but god forbid it happens in the US in cities like New York. These people are evil, awful humans.

  33. Vashts1985 says:

    too much zinc will cause nerve damage, you know, that feeling you get when your arm is asleep? yeah.

  34. NerfBludgeon says:

    There’s an indy comic that plays on the Mandela Effect, even though they don’t use the term. It’s called Things You Shouldn’t Remember.

  35. ShadowsGleam says:

    Shazam was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I think it’s a conspiracy. Or a glitch in the matrix.

  36. Blixarxan says:

    I absolutely remember the cornucopia in the fruit of the loom logo. 100% Always thought it was weird as a kid but hearing it never was a thing is far more confusing.

  37. Bidtles says:

    I think I can explain the Queen mandala.
    We all learned the song from watching mighty ducks, they sing it at the campfire after winning the world championship and they sing “of the world”

    • thekaiozero says:

      “Of the world” is most deifnitely present in the Live Aid concert performance, uyou can look it up right now.

    • CavScout says:

      It’s ‘…of the world!’ on the Queen Greatest Hits album…

      I just looked it up in my itunes library from a CD burn a while back, and it’s in there.

  38. Arcurus says:

    I hope there is a parallel universe out there that soon collides / overrides the reality of my universe where GRR Martin finished his books before the final Game of Thrones series was made…

  39. Fifth says:

    The missing link in Bill Gates’ logic is that lowering the child mortality automagically decreases the population growth. That’s one of the fundamental postulates in his world view so he forgets to even explain it. He seems to assume everyone knows it.
    And it actually checks out. If you look at the population statistics, there’s a quite obvious connection between child mortality and population growth. There’s a slight delay, but then population growth numbers are going down drastically. Some sort of built in self-regulation system, it seems.

    All that being said, guys like Bill Gates are inherently evil (regardless if intentionally or not) because they’re playing God, they behave as if they know everything, while in fact they know nothing.

  40. Arcurus says:

    lol, now i know, Candace must be from a parallel universe that luckily crossed my universe. Thx god im thankful for that, she is just too amazing to come from my universe!

  41. Arcurus says:

    lol, “failing” memory, or better lets say “failing” existence to your memory might be a sign that we live in a simulation. Just imagine you make a game and use a neural network with X neurons to simulate a human. The question is how much neuron does the world simulation need, that this simulated being with X neutrons does normally not find out that the world is only simulated / abstracted in another neural network. I guess the factor is not higher then 1000 or so which seems soon (far less then 100 years) to be possible for the amount of neurons an human has….

  42. Whatbroke says:

    I actually have a distinct memory of Shazam that makes the existence of the movie irrefutable in my opinion. Best of all, it is simple. I had never heard of Sinbad before watching the movie. I watched the movie with one of my friends who happened to be black. He told me that Sinbad was a comedian, so afterwards I went over to his house and we watched episode of the Sinbad Show on VHS. Even he remembered us doing that. There is literally no alternative explanation for why we did that if the movie didn’t exist.

  43. Silentwidow says:

    I definitely remember Shazam, and my wife does as well, and we remember his outfit being just like in the jokey CH skit.

    I definitely remember the Cornucopia as well, but that was a LONG time ago, I remember them getting rid of it.

    And I saw that Pikachu one, pikachu DEFINITELY had a black accent at the end of his tail.

    • Maxrander01 says:

      hey i just rewatched the first series of pokemon as i have it on video and Pikachu’s tail does have a black part at the tip but the same episodes on my sons dvd version does not only difference in them is the date they were made

  44. TexasVeteran says:

    The movie Shazaam with Sinbad existed. After the children release him from the lamp and try running away he keeps popping up in their path and on one instance his head pops out of a shoe box saying “I think we got off on the wrong foot”.

  45. NickM says:

    I just listened to We Are The Champions. He definitely says “of the world”

  46. PathofResilience says:

    What an awesome guest,have her back again when you can. Keep up the great work👍😎

  47. blomonaco21 says:

    Freddy Mercury does sing “of the world” in the song we are the champions. The song is even used in the film the mighty ducks 2 and in the credits he sings it. Watch at the 3 minute mark and you will hear him say it.

  48. epay says:

    It’s the 5G y’all! not the fluoride!

  49. yanesedd says:

    (Live Aid 1985) We are the champions “of the world!!!”

  50. Dirk’s Diggler says:

    Here’s the SHAZAAM movie clip so you know you aren’t crazy, you’re welcome.

  51. NeightDee says:

    Queens song does say Of The World……….

    • Kibabat says:

      I know why people remember the “OF THE WORLD” lyric. It happens at the end credits of The Mighty Ducks 2 movie. It says it right there. Go look it up. In the actual song it doesn’t say it, but it does in the credits of The Mighty Ducks 2.

  52. says:

    Anyone else remember DMX passing away years ago before his most recent death?

  53. badastle says:

    Before you got into the details for the Fruit of the Loom logo, when the name was mentioned, my memory brought up the fruit with the horn basket behind it (now I know the name of that style is cornucopia). Then you guys started talking about it and I couldn’t believe that the Cornucopia never existed. So I started looking into it and that’s so crazy that “officially” the cornucopia has never existed in the logo, but I remember it vividly because I always thought that horned basket was really really weird and not practical as a functional basket. Now I need to ask others about this to see what they remember before I go into the detail about the Mandela effect. This is just so crazy to me.

    As for the fluoride, we did this as well when I was in elementary school (Sacramento, Ca). I want to say 4th – 6th grade, or maybe just 6th grade, so somewhere in the early mid 90s. I remember the fluid was pink, they were handed to us in the pleated paper cups (SOLO portion cups). It happened twice a school year. We were to take it and swish it around for 20 seconds (like mouth wash), then we were to spit it back into the paper cup and the adult that was brought in to give it to all the students, would then come around with a trash bag, while wearing latex gloves, so each student could throw away the paper cups.

    I’ve never really thought about it since then. It only happened a couple times during elementary school and never again. I’ll have to ask my younger siblings if they remember having to do that when they went through elementary school.

    • says:

      I also remember having to swish with fluoride in elementary school, and VERY distinctly remember Jiffy and the cornucopia in the fruit of the loom label.

  54. MissMary says:

    I’m with Candance on Shazam. I remember watching the movie as a child. But I only watched it once. I remember when Shaq made a similar move and thought “weird he’s copying Sinbad’s lead”… then I find out about 6 years ago the movie Shazam never existed. I was shook.

    • JLINANON20 says:

      I absolutely without a doubt remember watching both movies Shazam with Shaq as well as Kazam with Sin Bad too. There was also a cartoon on I believe American Dad with an episode that involved Sin Bad with references to him being a genie in Kazam. Also I have always remembered yield signs being yellow triangular shaped signs but the official story is that those signs have been red on the outside and white on the inside since like the 50s. But I drove the same streets multiple times each day and have no doubt those yield signs were always yellow triangular signs. Now I cannot find a single yellow one. Way too many to mention. The shape of the famous thinking man statue has changed, the statue of liberty being in a different location with different features and access areas. Some very subtle things like names of candy bars books and movies to major famous historical places and events. I remember “of the world ” being in that song for sure.

  55. BurlyD says:

    Freddie sang “of the world” for the official love video, but not the studio recording.

  56. EliamGreywind says:

    College humor found a clip

  57. The_Kings says:

    About the fluoride blocking our senses. Is it possible why kids who can see ghost and remember their past lives around the age of 2 have not been given fluoride to brush their teeth yet because they can’t spit it out. And it’s bad for them to swallow in high amounts. I have a pediatrician that keeps pushing me to brush my toddlers teeth with fluoride and I read everywhere else that I shouldn’t….

  58. rwadams316 says:

    If I were a conspiracy theorist I could right a pretty convincing one that Biden had dealings through his son through China. Then low and behold the guy who couldn’t win a primary, all the sudden has almost everyone drop out and he starts winning. Then China accidentally releases a virus. Then the CDC recommends to have elderly people with the virus shoved into nursing homes to kill off the most vulnerable and to drive up the death numbers to increase fear. Then big pharma gets a huge amount of money from the government to fast track vaccines and especially being helped by people like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Big pharma withholds the vaccine until the election to help the one who got them the gig in the first place. When that doesn’t work then the election mysteriously changes direction in the middle of the night but everyone is told they saw nothing. Then Biden gets in office, we are told there is now a vaccine ready to go. Now everyone is told to get the vaccine to pay back the Big Pharma people and their researchers in China for all their hard work. The vaccines start causing problems, but they are all unproven because there is no trials to show there were already problems with them. Meanwhile anyone who is against any of this and sees it happening is de-platformed, arrested or de-personed to tell everyone else to sit back and shut up. The money is devalued by constantly printing more. The poor are placated by give aways. And no one sees anything while the world is being turned into the powerful and their lackeys.

  59. rwadams316 says:

    Yes there was a Cornucopia behind the Fruit of The Loom logo when I was a child. You cannot tell me this isn’t true.

  60. rwadams316 says:

    I agree with Candace. I remember Shazzam! And I agree with Tim, I remember listening to Queen’s “A Night At The Opera” album during my teen years in the 70’s and it was “Of the World”! I know that as sure as I know my name.

  61. SMyers says:

    I agree with the Sinbad movie and the song! I remember those! 🤯

  62. RRMURPHY89 says:

    Vaccines prevent nature from keeping the population low

  63. dummythicc2020 says:

    Perhaps someone has the reality stone from avengers, and is warping reality in small ways to mess with people.

  64. royc1337 says:

    Shizam was a Disney “straight to television” movie. They did a series of them in the 90s.

  65. likesdarkgreen says:

    Watch Gurren Lagann. Without giving away much spoilers, it’s a grand struggle between those who just want to live free and those who fear that an unchecked humanity will be the ruin of all. The story starts long after the former have suffered utter defeat and were driven underground (literally), where their population can at least be hidden if not kept in check. A recurring theme is one of freedom vs security, and interestingly, those who previously fought for freedom often shifted focus fiercely into security when humanity was faced with yet another existential crisis. Every new “ceiling” was met with near insurmountable despair. The show demonstrates in a very spectacular and escalating way that the fearful are extremely powerful and most certainly underestimated, because their fear is a collective one refined to have one exist only to be a check upon others, and doesn’t that sound familiar?

  66. MrSooop says:

    Sg1: Aschen

  67. BenjaminG. says:

    There was a cornucopia in the logo. I specifically remember not wanting to watch the stupid Shazam movie. I was just a bit too old and remember thinking it was a stupid kids movie. I remember seeing it for rent and hoping my stupid little sister didn’t grab it.

  68. Rawdog says:

    I kind of like that Vaxx “conspiracy theory”. 170+million suddenly dead within 2 years. Time to LOOOT. Fallout forever

  69. AJOborny says:

    Definitely says “of the world”. Also in the movie chicken little he sings “of the world”

  70. tulgeykat says:

    The logic behind the Bill Gates comment about vaccines and population does exist. It’s that people choose to have fewer kids when they know that the ones they have already aren’t likely to die. As child mortality goes down so do birth rates. Also, birth rates fall when poverty levels fall.

    I wouldn’t put it past “them” to be sterilizing people, but that’s what that vaccine comment was all about. It was part of a larger discussion about why some people have so many kids and others don’t.

    Also, about the population. Do you really want the people of New York City to spread out across the wilderness and countryside?

    Also, the problem isn’t just about, “is there enough land to build houses for everyone?” The problem is the resources people need to live comfortably require much more than just a house in the suburbs.

  71. phatigued says:

    Watch the ending of Mighty Ducks 2, this is why we remember “of the world”. They do a we are the champions sing along and you can clearly hear “of the world”.

  72. Orionsbelt2012 says:

    There is a movie called Shazam. My parents still own it on VHS. 💯

  73. baniganj says:

    1:06 in We Are The Champions he says “in the world.”

  74. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    A 70’s sit com. B grade super hero show. Explains why Candice watched it “all the time”
    Song by spider bait was called Shazam because they watched it along with the goodies.

    • Ayylutch says:

      I think the “of the world” thing from the Queen song comes from the end of the Mighty Ducks movie. I haven’t looked into it but that’s for sure where I first heard it and always thought they said of the world fading out

    • AuntieBarb says:

      Shazam was a Saturday morning show…played right after the cartoons in the late morning and just before Mighty Isis

  75. Luciole78 says:

    Actually, you are wrong about the song, it does have more than one version, this is why you remembered that it ends with the world … this one a radio version. This was actually debunked. A lot of mandala effects can be debunked, cause it’s like Febreeze or Febreze, it is just logical for people to think that it does have 2 e since the world breeze is with two e. But it is still a very interesting conversation.

  76. Oath_Keeper_D says:


    Queen performed “of the world”. Not sure how this is still in question. Here’s a live performance with the line.

    • EscapeFromChickenCity says:

      Yeah I was screaming at this video cause he says it AT THE END and we all remember it at the end, SINBAD DID PLAY A GENIE ok nickeloden I think for some TV series, but it wasn’t a film called Shazam

    • Just_a_guy says:

      1985 Live Aid Queen played “We Are The Champions” and Freddy added “of the world at the end and that’s rhe version that gets played most often on the radio so that’s what people know

    • Saphira_Reigns says:

      Just watched Queen perform live recording and ‘of the world’ is at 1:19 minutes,

  77. csjohnstone says:

    The only thing I can think of is the education and health care is the best thing we can do for women and that is what reduces population growth.

  78. HeronusOfAlexandria says:

    My family still had both the kazam movie and Sinbad’s Shazaam film on VHS yes they did happen, this is revisionism in action. All communism was real all non-communism is false and everything has and always will be socialist. Your mixed economy that you shill for is impossible due to the FACT that once in power (1913) they will forever be in power until there is no reality and you are a good GOY to the Rothschilds. (just an opinion based on evidence please do not ban me for an opinion)

    • philipstancil says:

      @heronusofalexandria Please use your phone to create video evidence of the Shazam movie playing on a TV. Good luck finding a VCR. Lol.

  79. Fazaman says:

    The logic of the population argument is that if you, as a regular person, is pretty sure that your kids are going to grow up to become adults, you’re less likely to have a bunch of them. In the US back 150 years, people had a bunch of kids because they weren’t sure that they’d all live to adulthood. Now, since kids are likely to live, people only have one to three or so.

    So, if we give access to birth control, so people only get pregnant when they want to, and raise the health of the group so that they’re sure their kids will live, people will have less kids, which will slow population growth, in the same way that population growth has slowed in Japan, the US, and Europe.

    Don’t get me wrong. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bill Gates wanted to Thanos snap half of us, but that’s the argument I *think* they’re making.

  80. TheNewGuy29 says:

    I remember what Candace was talking about, we called it swish. I remember how awful it tasted. Had to swish it in our mouth for a certain amount of time and that was it.

  81. HangNBang says:

    I’m of the mind of the opposite for the vaccinated. I personally do not plan on getting a covid vax BUT it would be interesting to think, they anticipated hesitance for the vax and counted on people resisting those who would resist are maybe of the mind that can think for their selves and are anti govt corruption and over reach. So to eliminate critical thinkers they give us the option, count on critical thinkers to refuse vax all the while the vax is truly the only way to protect yourself from a more insidious virus that will be released later. And those who decided not to get the vax will perish and those who are vax whom see to be gullible over trusting little space cadet consumers will be prime for the great reset.

    Just my $0.02

  82. rhettglover1982 says:

    Bill Gates is the bad guy in the show Utopia.

  83. Ryanhinnard says:

    I did the Fluoride rinse in school also. I think she confused hep b with hep c, you can get hep b from unsanitary anything has spread because migrant workers shitting in fields where food is grown. Hep c is blood borne and there is not vaccine but there is a cure/treatment. My mother did the treatment and has tested negative with no ill effects for 2 years now

    • Kinakomochi says:

      Candace is so right about the birth control pill. I started using it when I was 13!! So many mysterious women’s syndromes like pcos, vaginal pain etc are most likely linked to birth control. My sister is close to infertile and I have difficulties now that I finally quit the pill. It’s terrible

    • Zintkala says:

      Ryanhinnard I think you have Hepatitis B confused with Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A is spread through fecal matter. Hepatitis B is blood born and is commonly spread through sexual intercourse or sharing needles. It can also spread to an infant through breast feeding if their mother is infected which I gather is the general reason they try to push the vaccine on newborn babies. Hepatitis C is similar to B in how it is spread but is caused by a different virus.

  84. theanarchist says:

    Tim, WHO injected a Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya, that make half a million woman infertile. and when investigated by parliment of Kenya, WHO said it was human error. and also, about 496000 children got paralyzed after taking polio vaccine in India from the year 2000 – 2017. all facts. taken from plandemic 2 documentery.

    • heavyirontech says:

      My step son is a quad from the age of five from his polio vax in Dec 2001. My wife was with her previous husband at the time and were pretty strapped for money. At 5months old a kid has no way of telling you what’s wrong. Guillain–Barré was blamed due to his body over reacting. When he got the covid vax I was very worried, he even told me that they had a whole questionnaire section if you had previously had Guillain–Barré. All I could do was shake my head as he didn’t critically think about it at all. But with his reduced lung function he was scared of an infection more than a vax injury.

  85. Rob_Towell says:

    There is a movie called Dark City and it really fits with the idea of the Mandela effect IMHO.

    So perhaps the aliens are adjusting things.

  86. Agcartwr says:

    The “of the world” part came from the Mighty Ducks 2. thats why we all remember it that way.

  87. Mexikoolaidman says:

    Pssssst I love you guys 😊

  88. roooner says:

    I think it’s because people subconsciously confuse New Zealand for Madagascar imo

  89. fuzman91 says:

    banger episode

  90. madmanmafimardi says:

    We are the champions are not a Mandela effect. It is album version versus Live version.

  91. aunderwood01 says:

    I’m from Kentucky. 36 years old. I also was made to swish with flouride every morning in elementary school.

  92. Dan.Diggler says:

    You’ve gotta watch the Mandela Effect movie!!! Total mind fuck….

  93. Shanester says:

    I was about to flip hard on the “We are the Champions” thing and join the Mandela community. “Of the world” is said but not on the very last verse. I thought it was claimed to not be said at all. I knew that, it always left you hanging like ‘shave and a haircut’ without the 2 bits payoff.
    Berenstain bears is the biggest one for me. I read the books, watched the cartoon. Even autocorrect changed my spelling to what I thought it always was. I know teachers etc.. always pronounced “steen.”
    New Zealand idk, cornucopia seems right. Mandela & Shazaam no recollection.
    So many people have those fiery passionate Shazam stories though. What was the plot? I’ve saw several people talk but never go into detail. If you separated people and they gave the same plot outline and details that would be something truly wild.

  94. PhantomFrog says:

    The Mandela Effect is just people only half paying attention, and then being surprised when their generally garbage memory about what they weren’t paying attention to doesn’t jive with reality. Mystery solved.

  95. h_marie says:

    Jiffy is cheap cornbread and muffin mix… in the tiny white and blue box. It’s been around forever… so maybe there’s a mixup with the peanut butter.

    • h_marie says:

      Does anyone remember a full metal belly music video for Voodoo by Godsmack? A lady is dressed in grey/metally belly dancing clothes and it was an actual professional music video, not one of the amateur ones on youtube. I remember thinking it was kinda gross. For some reason I went back looking for it and now I cant find it anywhere. The only Godsmack video I can find now has a bunch of creepy witch shit and Medusa in it.

  96. DaFox says:

    We are the champions Queen Greatest Hits at 2:21 you hear “of the worl..” and it’s cut off by another “we are the champions.”

  97. alienbeans says:

    a new series starring Candice and Ian..lets see it

  98. ALAshby says:

    I LOVE TALKING ABOUT THE MANDELA EFFECT!! I am loving this stuff! I think this is related to deja-vu as well! This type of stuff it so interesting to me!

  99. byggjlowe says:

    The flouride I took in elementary school (MD/PA, late 80s, early 90s) was purple liquid. It came in a container about the size of a coffee creamer. We were supposed to swish for like a minute then spit it back in the cup.

    • theanarchist says:

      Tim, WHO injected a Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya, that make half a million woman infertile. and when investigated by parliment of Kenya, WHO said it was human error. and also, about 496000 children got paralyzed after taking polio vaccine in India from the year 2000 – 2017. all facts. taken from plandemic 2 documentery.

  100. BFairfax123 says:

    Unfortunately yes my kid is going to college to be a Dr so she will need to go back to school in August and yes she’ll have to get the vaccine even though she’s had COVID 19 , which is just plain stupid . But since it’s her Senior year at WVU and she’d actually like to be accepted into Med school at Johns Hopkins she’ll need to go .One day Ms Owens you’ll need to make these kind of choices with your own kid ,but for now enjoy having a little one that doesn’t require any social intervention from their parents yet .

  101. crazy1cmc says:

    2 universes. In the bible, specifically book of revelations/ apocalypse, there are 2 witnesses that show up. I know it used to be 3 witnesses. Things change around us with out us noticing.

  102. Big_Nav says:

    I totally remember New Zealnad being inline with the north part of Australia… Also Australia was further out in the ocean, I remeber Jiffy (each letter was in a different colored block) and I remember Shazam I was around the time Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper was huge.

  103. Baronhalt8 says:

    This has to be a joke. I 100% remember Shazaam w Sinbad. Just the picture of the movie cover

  104. MelloYello says:

    I took floride every year of elementary school (California). All the kids walked around with sticky blue teeth for a day…thirsty and hungry. Never knew it was bad for me lol.

  105. Creose says:

    George W Bush got Mandelaed, claiming he watched the towers get hit in a speech. He did not. He was reading to children. This claim brought on the 9/11 conspiracies.

  106. KoR33 says:

    conflating JIF and Jiffypop?

    • Bhenderson says:

      When candace mentioned shazaam I immediately thought of the old genie movie from when i was little. Had no idea that was part of the mandela effect stuff.

    • MelloYello says:

      Candace, you are NOT crazy. I too have personally seen Shazam. Sinbad is the one off his rocker. Also, I was in your audience for your Monday taping with Jon Voight with my three girls. He was looking at us while singing the song and it made me cry. I was honored that he came straight over to us to shake our hands. I left my book with your assistant and can’t wait to get your signature. Wonderful work and thank you for being such an amazing role model for my girls! You and Tim Pool are my two absolute favorite people in the world. It’s been the best birthday week EVER!

  107. Moritsune says:

    It didn’t start with Mandela. Look up the man from Taured. In the age of information things are just more accessible to average people.

  108. Theronal says:

    I have a 1977 copy of Queen news of the world album (record) he does say of the world and it is also on the lyrics sheet in the album! So I’m either in another dimension at the same time as you guys are in a different one or it’s just a mistake. I would send a screen shot of the lyrics, I can’t you only have text.

    • NOTASPOOK says:

      Email the timcast crew the pictures, they’ll at least like it.

    • Dirtybird865 says:

      At the 1:05 second mark of We are the Champions, he says of the world.

      • GarryH says:

        The Mandela effect, and they may not have conveyed it, is at the end of the song. Freddy Mercury ends the song with “We are the champions”. Most people remember it as “We are the champions, of the world” at the end. I have caught myself many times singing along and singing “of the world” after it ended.

    • dantonio95 says:

      Yeah, it’s just the very last ‘we are the champions’ that he doesn’t follow it with ‘of the world’ in the original recording.

  109. ZeikReid says:

    I remeber this movie Shazam renting it from block buster.

  110. John316 says:

    About time someone talks about Bill Gates Ted talk where he mentions lowering population using vaccines

  111. Inevitable says:

    I 100% remember singing “We are the champions of the world” in 2010 when the Giants won the World Series. And then I started singing it again in 2012 when I just a had feeling that it was going to happen again. I’m fucking shook rn

  112. Justino-Mids says:

    Fake news. In the song We are the Champions the lyric “of the world” is most definitely sang at least 3 times. And it is plain as day.

  113. bighsker250 says:

    I swear I watched Bell Biv DeVoe music video “Poison “ in ‘88-‘89 but when everyone was watching that video it was in 1990. I told all my friends that’s a old music video and I saw it already. They thought I was nuts but I ‘now what I saw.

  114. Aero says:

    The song “we are the champions” does say “we are the champions of the world”, but not at the end (around the 1:09 minute mark). Pretty sure people are trolling about that one.

  115. 0th3rGuy89 says:

    Mandela effect- noun. a belief based on the incorrect remembering of a popular item, person, or event in the past that never actually occurred, in which the truth was not discovered, causing widespread cognitive dissonance.

  116. says:

    It’s not the vaccines that are causing the allergies and autism…its the hormones and chemicals in the food… every bit of meat and food you buy at the big box store is filled with hormones and preservatives and chemicals.. the meat is lab cloned meat…they have to MAKE IT sustainable and nutritious aritifically…. that’s exactly why

  117. MAMAGILL says:

    One correction that is probably late to the game but in Queen’s “we are the champions” tune, Freddie says “WATC…of the world” at least in the 1st verse pass (album version is 1:05). even live at 1:11: .

    that being said…i have seen this Mandela effect on other verifiable stuff, 1980s captain crunch & twinkies were the best & WE LOVE CANDACE !!! (Tim, Ian and Lydia are pretty awesome as well).

  118. SpoopSkeletal says:


  119. Bear87 says:

    What about the Monopoly guy tho. I bet my life that he did in fact wear a damn monocle. We played that game a whole lot when i was younger. And the image of the figure without the monocle is just so wrooong, 100%, no way dude

  120. CraggFirearms says:

    I’m so pleased to see Candice Owens on Timcast! Candice Owens, Larry Elder, and Dave Rubin podcasts were the beginning of my “red pill” journey. Which led me to Jordan Peterson lectures and Timcast news. You’re both doing great things to fight this culture war in our country. And you both have unique abilities to cut through the bullshit that surrounds us all and articulate a message that just makes sense to free thinking individuals. Thanks for your continued hard work, Candice and Tim. 😉

  121. Ben_Zelius says:

    “Of the worrrrrld…” — For a minute there, I thought you guys were gaslighting Ian into an existential crisis lol. But you’re all confused!

  122. TheRealFaust says: at 1:15 Freddie sings “of the world”

  123. Surewhynot says:

    I don’t like this one the queen thing is breaking my brain

  124. LJones1995 says:

    Jiffy is the cornbread in the light blue box.

  125. aknowlto says:

    After going through the Mandela effect list, the vast majority of the items have to do with the way our brains store and access memory. The bulk of it is linguistic which is where most people will share experiences. As an example, most of the people I knew who used Jif (we were a Skippy household) called it Jiffy despite it being clearly labeled Jif. It’s easy to insert the extra letters in your memory to match with what people said. The Flintstones are very similar. It’s generally pronounced “Flintstones” even though that spelling makes no sense. And th B…n bears are another known phenomenon (I don’t know the name) where we see the first and last letters and our brain fills in the rest. Some of the others can be attributed to rumors. The creepiest for me is “we are the champions,” because, in my mind, I can clearly hear him singing it. Perhaps a cover band or an obscure recording of a live performance? The human mind is a baffling thing, and it makes sense that with all the information we take in, there would be some compression, otherwise we could neither store nor access all of it.
    Healthy skepticism helps us find the facts. I’m not saying all of this stuff has a simple explanation, but most of it does and that helps isolate and work on the more difficult items.

    Either way, a fun and thought provoking episode!

  126. Zinnamosca says:

    Dude I remember Shazam and Sinbad playing a genie and some kid found his bottle. It was an Urban setting.

  127. MaineWolf says:

    From Maine, I remember feeling left out because my parents opted me out of our fluoride rinse program. So I convinced them I need it. Now I’m dum.

  128. preyingmathis says:

    I remember Jiffy and Shazam with Sinbad.

  129. SunnyG says:

    Quality guest! Keep it up!

  130. Retrogeek says:

    YouTube has conditioned me to try clicking on the thumbnail lol! Funnily enough I kind of like that it’s sort of a way to deprogram the mundane connection from mainstream social media lol

  131. PatriotRenegade says:

    Tim, I joined because you had Steve Bannon on but now I’m hooked on the content. Finally, I get to hear UNFILTERED discussion about important topics.

    Candance Owens…brilliant!

  132. Bear87 says:

    What are you talking about.. of course Freddie Mercury sings “of the woorld” – i just listened to it

    • jrhaile says:

      There is something fucked up going on man. I listened to it on Spotify and he says it. I have a MP3 rip of the song from April 2nd, 2000 and it’s not in the song. I’m tripping balls now.

  133. jabrann98 says:

    Excellent episode!!!

  134. CptOverkill says:

    Mandela effect is a glitch in your brain, not in the multiiverse. we’re so sure and full of ourselves that we would rather make up theories on the conflating of universes and realities and timelines being altered by time travelers and cern than admit we might be wrong about something. Shazaam Never happened, Candace. Sorry, you’re just wrong about something.

    • Bear87 says:

      What about the Monopoly guy tho. I bet my life that he did in fact wear a damn monocle. We played that game a whole lot when i was younger. And the image of the figure without the monocle is just so wrooong, 100%, no way dude

  135. g_no26 says:

    There is a tick tick video floating around that I saw last night where Sinbad admits that he did make Shazam but was told to tell everyone that it was a lie

  136. Pushyrummble says:

    I remember the movie “cowboys and aliens” being called “cowboys vs aliens”.

  137. BillyLong42 says:


  138. Yaphet97 says:

    Hearing bill Gates talking about lowering the population, reminds me of the movie plot of children of men. Where literally has fallen into chaos because there are no more children being born; and how the world is killing itself with wars, famine, and disease. I highly recommend watching it.

  139. TheSkoalBandit says:

    Originally families had large families due to survival rates and psychologically when you have nothing you have each other. Gates is an old dude and his mind and rationale is dated as well….

  140. c0de6349 says:

    they call abortions healthcare…

  141. says:

    I really thought Shazaam was a real movie! It couldn’t be confused with Kazaam. Shaq was unforgettably awful. Sinbad is awesome!

  142. Mugclublover says:

    Preach about vaccines! People need to know! Love Candace!

  143. Shouting_Parrot says:

    Another amazing episode. This was a good one!

  144. c0de6349 says:

    maine did fluoride when i was in elementary school as well. (born in 81) i also remember all the things candace does, the way she does.

  145. Oodles says:

    In the movie Chicken Little, after he wins the baseball game, he sings “We Are the Champions” and he sing “of the world” part.

  146. DeathBySexy says:

    Okay, I 100% remember the cornucopia in fruit of the loom logo.

  147. YeghiaElvis says:

    I just played “We are the Champions”, They do say “Of the World” – Queen – 1977 – News Of The World

  148. APerson says:

    They are pushing kids to get vaccined right now. Kids have no risk to the virus. Why are they pushing for kids to get the shot. hmmmmm.,

  149. channasilva2000 says:

    Please have Vandana Shiva

    • ronnybond says:

      fuck all the vaccines, and great of Candace to bring up the how we can wash our self and so on. the vaccine bisness is some evil shit.

      My self have 2 sons, one with my ex first boy fully vaxxed. have all sorts of issues : asthma , atopic eczema my younger son that i have with the girl im with now. zero vaccines, zero problems. why is that?

  150. says:

    Every time I hear “We Are the Champions” on the radio, they say “of the world” on the song.

    • Alexander_Aiello says:

      Of the world is said and is part of the song. Because Freddy sang as part of the choir instrumental segment it wasn’t reported on the record, but it was always part of the live footage when he sings it and on the cd

    • Bizman says:

      Also, at the end of Mighty Ducks 2, and maybe 1, of the world, clear as day

  151. Stevonid says: Here is Sin Bad in the movie Shazam. I remember this movie. Why they lying to us?

  152. KimG says:

    Bill Gates theory around vaccination is that third world impoverished families will naturally have less children because less will die from childhood diseases. They have higher birth rates compared to westernised societies to account for deaths due to childhood diseases and they also need enough children to work for the family, tend to crops and take care of their parents in their old age. The western world has mostly stopped having 10-12 child families as healthcare has improved and we need less children as quality of life has improved. The idea is to lower the birth rate naturally as a third world impoverished society gains improvements in healthcare and quality of life – just like western societies have done. I don’t know why this is so controversial, we have done the same thing in our society.

    • Ajsouls says:

      “KimGJune 30, 2021 at 11:31 am
      Bill Gates theory around vaccination is that third world impoverished families will naturally have less children because less will die from childhood diseases. They have higher birth rates compared to westernised societies to account for deaths due to childhood diseases and they also need enough children to work for the family, tend to crops and take care of their parents in their old age. The western world has mostly stopped having 10-12 child families as healthcare has improved and we need less children as quality of life has improved. The idea is to lower the birth rate naturally as a third world impoverished society gains improvements in healthcare and quality of life – just like western societies have done. I don’t know why this is so controversial, we have done the same thing in our society.”

      -How is a vaccination “natural”, and how is a vaccination a “natural” method of lowering birth rate
      -Who is granted authority in deciding what should or should not be done to a population’s birth rate, and how do they have the authority to do so?
      -Why is the diseases the focus instead of the conditions? Would children die of diseases at a rapid rate if the money used for vaccine research was put towards infrastructure and aid? The dictators of third world countries don’t distribute the charitable donations they receive, and people starve/become diseased. Why treat the disease in that scenario as the most pressing concern? To suggest the birth rate/population is the issue is a correlation/causation fallacy.

    • Tempus says:

      Exactly, this is nothing new. Some people are just using a pattern we know well for the specific effect of reducing future population growth.

  153. KFScrimson says:

    I remember we are the champions from the chicken little. I remember champions of the world clearly from that movie.

  154. 1FedUpMama says:

    Sinbad definitely played a genie… don’t remember the name of the movie, but I’m older than Candace. I also thought Mandela died a long time ago and was really weirded out when they said he died recently. However, the pb was Jiff, and it was always Berenstain bears (I still have my childhood books).

  155. ChubbyDSLR says:

    Freddie Mercury sang “of the world” at the end of the song, live. So he DID sing it.

  156. Clicwinko516 says:

    Guys- we are the champions DOES day of the world- I literally just listened and confirmed ….

  157. says:

    I also had to do the fluoride thing Candice mentioned in elementary school

  158. Weezues says:

    Listening to Tim projecting about his chicken city issues in relation to real world problems.

  159. Abelgg27 says:

    I remember that movie vividly!!!!

  160. Irris30 says:

    Bearenstein Bears…Bearinstain Bears….How would so many people remember it off? I had the Organize Your Room volume.

  161. G-Nash says:

    Mandela effects I believe is connected to crn, I think it has to do with ‘temporal-gravitational’ waves formed whenever they use the hydrogen collider, that ripple out causing small randomized changes…

  162. says:

    I remember death Vader saying “Luke I am your father” when he says “No I am your father”. Shit creeps me out.

    • Irris30 says:

      Are we crazy or what. My husband told me yesterday he was listening to one about a marine going on a rescue mission they saw shadows and the next day they were told they were going out on a mission and he laughed and said again….no one else laughed. He couldn’t explain why no one remembered what happened the day before but now had not happened.

  163. Jesusisnotaweapon says:

    I had to take fluoride in elementary school. It was called Swish. It was a pink liquid, bubblegum flavored that you’d swish in your mouth. It was gag….

  164. Fiream400 says:

    Freddie Mercury said “of the world” twice in the song. It is literally still in there.

    • ambreaux says:

      Yep…at 2:22. I guess most people are waiting for him to say it at the very end of the song.

    • FotoPhanatic says:

      Freddy Mercury 100% sang OF the World. You can look it up. . That line is definitely in there.

      • Clicwinko516 says:

        Also- even though I VERY much distrust Bill Gates – it seems sort of clear in that clip you showed that he was saying that increasing health services will decrease either CO2 emissions or the amount of people who are poor – I didn’t research the full clip in context but it appears he’s not speaking only about population – if you notice he’s talking about an equation that starts of with CO2 = etc… I could be wrong and frankly don’t feel like looking it up right now, but it’s sort of obvious even from that clip were not getting the full context of his Ted talk about “reaching zero” which I suppose means zero carbon emissions or something….

        • Strykerz says:

          If you dont remember what exactly was said and dont feel like looking it up in detail then why offer an opinion at all? You are unwilling to support your own claim that Gates was talking about CC? Pathetic.

      • HookDriver says:

        “Of the world” is sung at 1:13 of this video by Freddi Mercury. Proof that Candice is not crazy.

  165. Koolfrogg says:

    “The Great Foogly Moogly” shows newspaper ads of jiffy peanut butter was a thing.

  166. Superwhitt21 says:

    In 1985 Live Aid concert Queen sings “of the world” at the end. At some live performances he included this but it isn’t part of the actual lyrics.

  167. tomvvhite says:

    Interesting discussion but probably shouldn’t present these conspiracies as actual fact. not tim so much but Candace and Ian are really talking as of this stuff is 100% proven

  168. Wakes says:

    The misconception for “We are the Champions” isn’t Mercury never said “of the world” in the song, it’s that the song ends with him singing “of the world” – many people think it does, but it doesn’t. Mercury 100% sings “of the world in the middle of the song – I just listened to it to make sure and looked up the lyrics. He actually says it 2 times at the end of each chorus except for the third one at the very end of the song.

  169. Koko says:


  170. Masshole says:

    Barenstain Bears was just a commonly misread name. This is not hard to figure out…going directly to multiple universes and time travel is silly. There are much more logical explanations for this…like that fact that human memory is notoriously flawed.

    • NatalieReda83 says:

      How about Jiffy peanut butter and the Monocle on the Monopoly Man ? And then so many more examples? You being adamant about calling it silly that there are multiple universes is an example of how people back in the day thought that the earth going around the sun was silly.

  171. RedPelt says:

    Damn good convo! I agree keep rolling the camera.

  172. RedPelt says:

    Damn good convo!

  173. tomblair says:

    I just turned 36, me and my brother watched Shazam as a kid too!

  174. ChannelingTheFounders says:


  175. prcntm says:

    So every now and then I have an existential crisis. What if the Mandela Effect is totally, 100% real, and our reality is changing around us?

    So this is pretty far into the crazy-people weeds, but here it goes: We are living in a deteriorating reality within someone’s dream. Dreams randomly change to accommodate the dreamer. What if that is what is happening here? Someone, somewhere is actually dreaming and we are living in that dream as manifestations of their mind. As they progress through their dream, the reality around them changes and we as manifestations in the dream react to the changes. But since we are only manifestations, we are forced to accept the changes and continue on rather than question them on a meaningful level. (It is our reality after all; can’t question it too much to begin with.) Eventually the dreamer is going to wake up and our world, our universe, is going to either fade into non-existence, or tangentially continue on with whatever reality the dreamer created prior to waking up.

    Just a “shower thoughts” theory. I don’t actually believe it myself, but I did think of it. Perhaps I’ll make it into a short story and offer it to for publishing.

    • tchopper says:

      Interesting hypothesis. I remember being around 14 or so and just pondering (to paraphrase) “what if our dream state was reality and our “waking hours” are just a dream?”

      Personally I’ve experienced what I feel to be almost radical changes over the last 2-3 years that just make almost no sense to me, ever since spring of 2018, at which point I had gone into cardiac arrest and actually flatlined for a short period. The more I think about the time since, it feels almost like I came back into some alternate reality where things are basically the same, but certain fundamental “things” have radically changed…

      Without writing a thesis to explain (and noting others have derived the same point), all of the talk of “living in the matrix” is essentially a non-deist/atheist view of living in a time/space that would otherwise have been attributed to God…

      Interesting things to ponder.

  176. Kraftsman says:

    I want to hear more about kim klasik and Nicole arbor. Sounded juicy lol

  177. Gypsyprincess says:

    I had a HS teacher tell me once…..What if life is but a dream and when the dreamer awakes we cease to exist? Its stuck with me for 25 yrs

  178. Damon says:

    the mandela effect is just God gaslighting us

  179. says:

    Freddie Mercury did say “OF THE WORLD” during the live aid concert maybe that’s what you were listing to Tim.

  180. Robzilla333 says:

    I thought the Mandela effect was allegedly caused by the cern super collider when it smashed dark matter and caused a wormhole and had 2 realities merge or something to that effect

    • G-Nash says:

      Yeah I believe it’s connected to crn, I think it has to do with ‘temporal-gravitational’ waves formed whenever they use the hydrogen collider, that ripple out causing small randomized changes…

  181. M@m3ntosPa1ace says:

    So then, this has been a rather terrifying episode of, “everything can kill you or/is useless”

  182. RJIsaac says:

    He sings of the world at 1:09…

  183. LimitlessPower says:

    Sinbad was Shazaam. Shaq was a nobody to me at that time. no doubt about it

  184. Element says:

    Shazam is a hero from DC Comics that was originally called Captain Marvel.

  185. ferotole says:

    As for the We Are The Champions thing….Freddie Mercury actually performed it both ways. That line wasn’t on the album, but it was in several live concert recordings.

    The recording of Queen at Live Aid 1985 is one example.

  186. Element says:

    People are probably confusing Jiffy Pop and Jif peanut butter.

  187. BrianHagerman says:

    She’s right. When I found out my wife was pregnant I studied vaccines into the ground as unbiased as I could. I want the best for my daughter. Pretty sick to watch the well produced animation videos on YouTube about how there’s no vaccine controversy and they’re completely safe, etc.

  188. Anony says:

    The Mandela effect thing is stupid because you can always find a few people who remember it the way it actually is and was. Just because a bunch of people misremember something doesn’t mean everyone does and it only works if everyone does

  189. Noli says:

    I was wondering what Aliens think about our theories.

  190. SpartanSpear says:

    I think the Mandela effect can be relatively easy to explain in our reality without jumping to aliens or other dimensions:

    It’s a mix of misconceptions, arrogance/ppl think world revolves around them, and the internet fanning the flames.

    Imagine CBS/CNN reported that Mandela died and never corrected the story. Everyone who saw that when they were kids took that as a huge life event. They didn’t keep the footage because it was the 80s we will never know.

    What if a comedian in an 80s/90s movie or show sang We are the Champions and sang that line at the end? After that everyone watching would want to resolve the phrase every time we hear the song like a tick and your mind fills in the rest.

    What if an idiot called Kazam Shazam on a show or on the news and said Sinbad was in it because they didn’t know what they were talking about and it was never corrected?

    What if your parents/ media mispronounced berinstain bears and your mind filled in the rest when you think back?

    We know you mind can manipulate your own memories, fill in blanks and be generally unreliable the further distanced you are from a memory. Many of the ‘proof’ that the Mandela effect is wrong might have been lost in old unrecovered footage. We had generally one narrative from the authorities back then and now with the internet and self-centered mentalities it only makes the problem worse.

    It is not critical thinking to jump to other dimensions and realities to explain it. Thinking that actually stops people from studying it to find out the truth because the truth is not fun or crazy.

  191. eric8604 says:

    P.s. yes i remember having to use flouride in elementary school. We only did it for a few months though

  192. Redrookie7 says:

    Crew, I sent you a tweet debunking the we are the champions Mandela effect

  193. eric8604 says:

    Jiffy is also a bread mix

  194. Christopher says:

    In chicken little he sang “of the world”

  195. TeeZee says:

    What a great chick, with a great mind. Can’t wait for Candace Farmer on the lamb n hoe.
    Or mabee garden grown recipes from farm to table with President Farmer.

  196. OrdoN11 says:

    Shazam exist Sinbad later said that he did play in the movie but was doing a lot of crack at the time the movie released in 1994

  197. CrispyBacon says:

    Been following the Mandela effect for a while now and have even witnessed over time things change from what I didn’t remember back to what I did remember as a kid.

    For example I’ve seen seen the “Houston we have a problem” line from Apollo 13 (what I remember) go to “Houston we’ve had a problem” and the back again later on. I also remembered Froot Loops as a kid and was shocked when I saw a Mandela Effect that it’s always been Fruit Loops and then in the store one day it was back to Froot Loops. I also experienced Flintstones (what I remember) become Flinstones (which makes no sense) become FlinTstones.

    • Masshole says:

      The mandella effect is just an illusion. There was never a peanut butter called Jiffy. It was always Jiff. A lot of people just relate certain memories to what they are most used to, so when we remember the peanut butter we don’t remember the word that only existed on the condiment, we remember the more common word “Jiffy” instead as it is a much more common word for us to remember. The same thing is true for the Monopoly man. He never had a monocle, that was the planter’s peanut. We just associate, in our minds, the top hat with a monocle. People just misremember things in a common way which creates the “mandella effect” but its just people who all have the same flawed memory for similar reasons.

    • Cg0osemer says:

      “Houston we’ve had a problem” is the real quote from Jim Lovell. In the movie Apollo 13, they changed the line to the present tense “Houston, we have a problem” to add drama.

      So yeah a lot of people are confused about that one.

  198. DionysianPirate says:

    “We are the champions of the world” is used in the end of The Mighty Ducks 2.

  199. Vmanzo says:

    What if the government is working on mind control technology. And to test it without people knowing, they subliminally feed these thoughts into peoples brains and wait to see how long it takes for everyone they tested to come out and say “no I remember watching the movie Shazam” so they know how good their mind control tech works

  200. LiquidLogic says:

    Wonderful show. So nice to see Candace in a low key interview keeping it real. I’m really glad she brought up the issue of how most of our diseases were eliminated by better sanitation and clean water, and not because of any miracle vaccines. To this day, I am perplexed by the public’s lack of knowledge on the history of vaccination or our biowarfare programs.

    Once you have seen the actual history of these weapons, it changes your perspective in a deep way, Read “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” to learn how vaccines and our biowarfare plans came together in the CIA plot to kill Castro. You will receive an incredible education.

    Kudos to Candace for knowing her stuff, including how the Hep B vaccine makes no sense. It’s tragic that in the wake of a devastating year with such political tension, and fears of a pandemic, and potential biowarfare tooks being used, we can’t have a national conversation on these matters — and literally one cannot mention on YouTube anything about biowarfare, our vaccine policies, or even a very suspicious election.

    I think the fact that social media has banned the mature and nuanced discussion of these subjects says more about the health of our democracy than anything else. The active measures used to silence any critics of the official narrative is right out of Orwell.

    We have so many major Red Flags surrounding each issue facing humanity and yet we can’t even discuss anything on a YouTuve channel? The creator of the mRNA vaccine was a victim of character assassination and Weinstein’s channel demonetized — all because an insider spoke honestly about true facts such as how animal testing would have discovered harmful effects in the mRNA vaccine’s cytotoxic Spike Protein that the p establishment is still pushing under a false pretext of being completely safe and effective. It does not prevent Covid and we now know it is cytotoxic. We live a world where true info is suppressed and truth tellers are marginalized and ridiculed,

    How can we reform our world if YouTube will not let anyone discuss the real challenges we face?

    I want true accountability to result from this fiasco, from examining the collusion between the MSN, Big Tech and Big Pharma, to Congress holding a Church Committee style hearing on reforming the intelligence community. We need to bring manufacturing back to the US, get away from debt-based economics, and restore journalism a true profession again, one that challenges power instead of being its PR wing.

    Thank you all for a great show!

  201. JamesEagle says:

    Bill Gates is the largest owner of farmland in North America.

  202. JCBK says:

    The New Zealand thing is easy to explain. People are just confusing it with Papua New Guinea which is to the north. What isn’t easy to explain is how NZ ended up with a leader who is clearly a hyper evolved reptaliod authoritarian grown in a lab on the orders of King Ping!

  203. smymfnc says:

    I just went on amazon music… Freddy Mercury definitely says of the world.. in we are the champions I just listened to it just this second….

  204. says:

    Gates is a nazi

  205. Mike280zx says:

    watch the rest of that clip time, he basically says not keeping old people alive could pay multiple teachers salaries.

  206. listener says:

    Her power level is over 9000!

  207. outlawjosey says:

    I’ve just listened to 4 different recordings of We Are the Champions on Spotify, and I have an original pressing of the vinyl record. In every single version he sings “of the world.” if you’re listening to the original studio recording, it’s at around 2:20.

  208. NatalieReda83 says:

    I like Candace but tonight she called every teacher in America “the dumbest ones who attended university.” As a teacher myself I suppose I didn’t end up working for NASA but who else here didn’t either? Lol. Also I have to break her narrative about teachers being the dumbest of the bunch by bragging about my niece who just graduated high school, scored a perfect on her ACT and plans to be a high school teacher. Generalizations are a cancer but I still love you Candace.

  209. Starchuk says:

    Riddle me this batman …
    The 2 primary victim’s of covid :
    The virus … Directed at the elderly.
    The vaccine … Directed at the youth.

    The 2 elements of society, that only consume, rather than produce.

    Can you say over the target … 🤷

  210. Omnipotus says:

    So… when I was young, like 4-7 I’d had a dream. In it I saw my whole life, freaked me out. I now work construction. Often when I get to a new job, I get a very real sense of deja vu. People, places, conversations and what we’re doing.

  211. r_nicole says:

    CERN has been destroying parallel universes by poking holes into fabric of the substance that holds everything together.

  212. Margie says:

    You’ll never convince me vaccines have nothing to do with autism. We saw our son change overnight. As if he died and we were given a different child. His doctor admitted it had to be the vaccines and days later, in front of other provider’s denied he said it to us. Our son now has severe autism and he’s almost 20. You can’t even have a conversation about it without being called a conspiracy nut.

  213. Rhodes87 says:

    So after you said that Queen never said “of the world” in that song. He did and you can find it. Look up “last scene from the Mighty Ducks movie”. That song plays at the end of that movie and he 100% does say ” Of the World” at the end of the chorus. Now back to TimCast

  214. TheLegend says:

    “we are the champions of the world” look up the mighty ducks 2 ending it’s there, not that the song fully ends on that line but a verse does..

  215. Marcos says:

    Sinbad was on All That with Keenan Thompson that one time. Keenan had a skit where he played a foreigner with obscure customs. Sinbad played his friend or relative and looked like a Genie. That’s why you think it was him in KaZaam.

    Jiffy is because of Jiffy Lube, maybe?

  216. mrdontplay says:

    Jiffy was store brand peanut butter

  217. Magster73 says:

    I swear the label used to say Jiffy, but it says Jiff now. And there WAS a Cornucopia on the Fruit of the Loom logo!

  218. VannicWolf says:

    I remember when Kazam came out and I was like, “Oh is that a sequel to that other movie?”

  219. johno50 says:

    Sorry guys just listened to We Are The Champions, he definitely sings “of the world”.

  220. Toddalus says:

    I Read the last president. It says nothing about trump. Separate stories from baron trump. The candidates name is Bryan. And sounds more like a propaganda piece and the telling of populist/Republican candidate William Jennings Bryan as if he won. That everybody loved him for what he was accomplishing, until it collapsed society and led to the destruction of the White House. Even refers to him being from Illinois where Bryan is really from.

  221. DrewishAF says:

    Yeah so there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of actual practicing physicians who have been silenced or banned from speaking openly regarding the alleged “pandemic” and treatments under the excuse of “spreading [possible] medical misinformation.” These are real doctors who see real patients with real conditions in the real world. Simultaneously, people like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates who either haven’t practiced medicine in decades or who are not doctors at all are being touted as the foremost experts in health and medicine. Everyone is encouraging the idea of getting sound advice from experienced professionals while also referring to people whom are neither experienced nor professionals as the sole outlet for advice. Bill Gates couldn’t even design software that wasn’t total shit when any competition came along so why in the hell would anyone trust his advice for a field in which he has literally never even worked? All these people are a joke and none of their followers even have the slightest clue that their “opinions” are just blind allegiance and obedience.

  222. NihonSama says: The Mandela Effect is trippy but you guys are wrong about We Are the Champions

  223. jwschwalb says:

    Queen we are the champions does have of the world, its located in an earlier verse.

    It also happens on a live album.

  224. AssertiveDebater says:

    Regarding Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” it could just be Human Expectation that causes the “of the world,” issue. The lyrics to the chorus actually do include “of the world,” at the end of it, except for the last one. So it could just be that we all expect the “of the world” to be there at the very end of the song since it was there the last two times we just heard. That, or people just remember the Live Aid version where it is included at the end.

  225. Winterlight87 says:

    I know why bill gates says vaccines can contribute to lower population because I have seen the videos they have put out on youtube regarding the population problem. In short, the theory is that when a “developing” country reaches the same level we are at in health and prosperity, people don’t have as many kids. Part of the reason why they used to basically all gave litters of 12+ children is because of poverty and illness… as in, don’t get use to that kid being around he might die of small pox or bear attack or something. Idk what the mortality rate of their children are in those countries but I’m guessing he is referring to that premise that a higher mortality rate would contribute to those people not needing to have so many kids. I know in Korea it is traditional for their birthday to be one year later than their actual birthday because they didn’t know if the kid will make it, so they don’t even name them until they are a year old.
    Even with that said I totally still wouldn’t put it pass gates to use vaccines for mass sterilization. And I think your “conspiracy theory” about the vaccines being used to kill off stupid people or whatever is backwards.
    This is totally a “brave new world” future and… it doesn’t matter what kind of dystopia you refer to anyways, totalitarians never want an intelligent population… they want a subservient one. So really the premise could be correct, but backwards… meaning the obedient subservient people get the vaccine, and then eventually another wave of biological warfare sweeps across the world, and it kills off anyone who DIDN’T get the vaccine… thereby killing off the dissenting individuals and halving the population at the same time… two birds one stone. The vaccine is an antidote to some biological warfare they have already devised. It may kill off some loyal individuals but look at how china treats their own… they don’t care about human life. If its even 80% effective with some casualties… thats good enough.

    Furthermore in regards to the mandala effect, it could just be a group think psychological phenomenon where people are planting thoughts into other peoples heads and creating a self fulfilling prophesy effect of some kind by having others think they thought of these memories on their own… or… its not entirely impossible the prospect of this being the result in the government doing subliminal message experiments through the TV as we were growing up, and they succeeded in planting ideas into our minds of things that never existed when we were kids. This isn’t that far fetched as they did indeed do subliminal message experiments of advertising on tv and movies… I think they “banned” it officially but… the government doesn’t really follow its own laws now does it? In any case… thats another one strait out of brave new world.

    • Scafflaww says:

      If impoverished people have 12+ kids because many die from disease, the dead kids do not add to the population, the population DECREASES when they die… Which is a piss poor argument to support the Gates population control initiative.

      • jwschwalb says:

        No impoverished people have 12 kids because many are likely do die and they need help with daily activities like farming. They still have population growth so at at least 3 are surviving. But after the industrialisation and modernization couples have having 1 to 2 kids, some times having 3. This is because they don’t need the help on day to day activities and their kids are likely to survive childhood.

        Modernization of a population slows population growth so much that many nations head into population decline, look at America were if couples have kids its likely only going to be one. They aren’t even replacing themselves much less the people who aren’t having kids.

  226. Skullfacefedora says:

    OH MY GOD!!! PUT THE COMMENT BOX AT THE TOP OF THE THREAD, PLEASE!!!! That being said, the “Mandela Effect” is just your mind messing with you, sometimes your mind fills in blanks with subconscious assumptions. It expedites sensory input processing. Bernstein Bears, Berenstain Bears is all the same to your mind. You know it’s the kids books and cartoons with the bear people in it. Oscar Mayer oscar Mayar, potatoe,potato, it’s bologna. As for Mandela, people heard about this once, yeah that’s how rumors start.

  227. Brock303030 says:

    I found where I remember “We are the champions of the world.” It is at the very end of Revenge of the Nerds. After Freddy Mercury is done singing a choir comes on and sings that line.

  228. woodyn18 says:

    Reducing childhood mortality in a society/country, will decrease the number of children people have. This is the answer they were looking for regarding the statement by Bill Gates.

  229. MillennialFalcon says:

    Hey Tim,
    Not defending Bill Gates. Heard him talk years ago. On de-population, he use to be big on contraception and abortion in 3rd world countries. He changed his view when he realized root cause of large birthrate in 3rd world countries was high youth/adult mortality rate. If you live where there is a high risk of death from sickness, starvation, and violence, you will be inclined to have more kids, hoping some of them make it to adulthood and continuing the family. If you increase health and safety of society, people are less inclined to have many kids. Plus, many kids make light work. Help with farming, hunting, producing. This is why 1st world has barely replacement rate. If you know your kids will survive to pass on the family name / traditions, you only need 2 or 3. Unless your like me who ended up with 6 beautiful daughters. I hope the they will pass on the traditions but this branch of the family name will die with me. 🙂

  230. 3dee says:

    I damn well remember Shazzam with Sinbad. Wtf???!!!

  231. TylerDurden057 says:

    I remember everything the way Candace was talking about our reality

  232. Clol says:

    Omg people, vaccines reduce population growth because people have fewer children, because more survive. That is the argument. No doubt in my mind that Gates is a sociopath, but attacking him on this one is just lazy thinking.

  233. EvolutionVIII says:

    I had to take the fluoride in grade school. Swish and spit. It tasted like shit!

  234. jdrusse11 says:


    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

    2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

    3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

    4. Rule Passion — Faith — Tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

    5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

    6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

    7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

    8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

    9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

    10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

  235. Sisto says:

    You probably get this a lot. But srsly, “Of the World” is at the end of We are the Champions.

  236. DrewishAF says:

    So what you’re saying is that BILL GATES IS OUR THANOS!
    I’m totally down with working on building an Iron Man suit (and being a weapons engineer) but only if we can modify “Captain America” from a character to the newest SOF unit comprised of MARSOC Raider/Recon, SEAL, and Green Beret operators. And I want command to be run by Jack Carr, John Stryker Meyer, Marcus Luttrell, Dakota Myers, Jocko Willink, Marcus Capone, Shawn Ryan, Tim Kennedy, David Goggins, John Lovell, and Mat Best.
    Let’s fucking do this shit!

  237. says:

    My god I can remember some of the Mandela Effect stuff. Bernstein Bears, Jiffy peanut butter, and the Shazam with Shaq. Although, I don’t remember anything about Mandela dying in prison.

  238. jdrusse11 says:

    For a guy who doesn’t believe in a lot of conspiracy theories, Tim sure does know about a lot of them. Luke must be rubbing off on him 🤣

  239. Hatebreeder80 says:

    I haven’t read through the comments yet, but after watching this I checked out Queen – We Are The Champions on youtube. In the official music video he does not say “of the world.” But he does say it at the end of the song in the Live Aid 1985 version.
    So that must be what everyone is remembering because that was a pretty famous performance. Just about everyone on the planet has seen or heard that version.

  240. KDiddy says:

    I’m not sure I’m following you. So… what you’re saying…. is that JCPenney put objects into the mirror that may be closer than they appear and that’s why the Ford symbol took on two appearances? It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood when you can read bearenstein bears to your kids and tell poor Luke that “No! I am your father.” The trick isn’t that someone remembers it one way or another, it’s to find someone who remembers it both ways! (Neo) That’s who we need to talk to! Friggin Santa.
    It’s a fun mass amnesia kind of thing to consider at face value, going deeper has to assume a lot. We can remember it one way, but when we go back to look at it, it’s different than how we remember yet we all have the same mistaken memory and others don’t seem to care. A rorschach test of sorts for personality types. They say there’s only about 8 so maybe that’s a way to tell who you are? Did we all really repeatedly say, “kkkkkkt ttttt, kkkkkkkt tttttt (shitty assisted breathing noises), Luke…. I’m your father” based on what we truly saw in the movie or what some asshole falsely did wrong when reenacting the movie when it wasn’t playing? We need to find that asshole and ask them why their stupid ass did that nonstop. But that only solves the monkey see monkey do effects.
    Fun! it’s like if I watched the same news segment my parents did, but separately, and you asked each one of us what we saw. I’d say a burning building, my parents would say a peaceful protest. But that’s just because I’m more concerned with things burning.
    Actually, a better explanation is, in 2012, our shared reality ended. Rather than all suffer the catastrophic event, we were divided among a couple different “parallel reality” Earth’s depending on our needs. To get the planets prepared, they had to transmit the data first. Some data was corrupted and when it had to be reconstructed before arrival, so there were some… well gaps… to fill in but there was no one there to fill them in correctly. So whatever entity was transporting us just kind of filed in the gaps and we’re noticing it. Problem is, people were supposed to be divided by desire for service to self and desire for service to others. I figure I’d end up in the service to others realm but perhaps I took a wrong turn in Albuquerque. Perhaps thoughts and prayers aren’t enough and I would’ve done good to put in some community service. Meh, fuck that theory. If I’m thinking of doing good things it’s still using my energy and even if not right away, will better my services provided to others.
    There’s also assemblage point shifts in which you can experience a very similar reality but there is something minor off. Like people have tails. Experiencing this is usually a tool you can use to remind you you’re in a dream… but it’s not useful while awake so that kind of falls flat.
    I love that this Mandela effect exists because it helps explain tomatoes.

  241. KJ_08 says:

    We took fluoride in elementary school on base, early 2000s. Idk when it ended, but we would take it once a week IIRC-and we were told not to ingest it.

  242. lilmancarp says:

    Watch the end of D2 the Mighty Ducks- its on Disney plus- it ends with the Queen song and Freddy Mercury ing “of the world.”

  243. jdrusse11 says:

    The lyrics “Of The World” are definitely at the end of The Mighty Ducks movie 🎥 🍿

  244. SunnyZ says:

    For the New Zealand being above Australia, there is an explanation.
    In New Zealand news, they always had New Zealand LARGER and Further up to Australia.
    TV programming, you are being programmed.

    • SunnyZ says:

      Just to add, this always bugged me.
      Had grandparents in New Zealand, I’m Australian.
      When I went down to visit, the weather report would show New Zealand in totally the wrong place and larger than Australia.
      I thought to myself at 8 years old, going on 25 years ago, THIS ISN’T RIGHT!

  245. Shaun81 says:

    Tim’s best guest yet other than Bannon, but I wish Tim would’ve asked Candace for some good behikd the scenes Trump stories . Hope to see Candace back on soon.

  246. EightySixed says:

    I found and shared that Ted Talk where Gates is talking about population control
    It is right at the four-minute Mark (below).
    What’s so amazing is when I shared it on Facebook it came up as Chinese symbols. Sick
    Fight like hell!

  247. HotSauceage says:

    Omg I remember both movies and got tears along with shortness of breath when she brought that topic up WTF WTF

  248. says:

    Jesus she does not stop talking does she….

  249. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    Thank you Tim and crew and thank you Candace.
    Amazing work keep it up.

  250. BethanyJM23 says:

    I totally remember Sinbad in a movie playing a genie character. Totally.

  251. BennyQ83 says:

    The we are the champions one, “of the world” is definitely there, I have it on my phone and just listened to it, it’s there. 100%

  252. Lofty says:

    Dude… I have a very clear memory of mighty ducks 2 at the end around the camp fire singing that song and the part “of the world” is there swear to God it is… original vhs version. I mite still have it… ill get back to ya.

  253. Thatguyatbreakfast says:

    Mainer here- some people up here do love the idea of racially segregated vaccines, but most of us are not that crazy. We sure are lucky we have the coastal elites to keep us progressive.

  254. says:

    Candace is a great ally of common sense

  255. Traveman says:

    Fantastic guests this past week, I mean damn guys… you really not giving me the chance to watch anything else.

  256. kaesar says:

    This just blew my mind because I also remember Shazaam! I can picture the cover in my mind, am I in a matrix……………Hello…Morphius?

  257. carrotsontop says:

    And as for your Freddy Mercury, either blame advertisement editing of the song or….he could’ve sang it that way during a live performance you heard watching VH1 as a kid.

  258. ShiningLightOnShadows says:

    The crazy thing about shazam is I know I saw it when I was young and I had the VHS and when I asked my mom about it she was like yeah we still have it in the attic and when she went to look for it she couldnt find it and it drove her crazy.
    And as far as Bill Gates goes look up when he was kicked out of India for a couple of years because of vaccine injuries he caused the young population there.

  259. Ambrossia188 says:

    I thought everyone had to take fluoride in elementary school… In NM we all did. When my children started school in 2011 I told the school nurse I did not want them taking fluoride and was informed that it was no longer a thing. I honestly have no idea why it ever was…

  260. Hollowcon says:

    I remember some of these Mandela affect things, but the “we are the champions” thing is wrong. Had to confirm for myself. I just played it on Spotify, the remastered 2011 version says it at 1:05.

  261. ElijahFrye says:

    The government sent charles manson on a never ending LSD trip mkultra think im joking look it up

  262. Brandon.Wallace says:

    “of the world” in Queens We Are The Champions isn’t a Mandela Effect. Freddy Mercury did say “of the world” in many of his live performances including Live Aid.

  263. Turk_Longwell says:

    Great Great Convo!!!

    Thank You to the Team.

  264. Chrisj2000 says:

    These death cult Baal worshipers hide in plain site it’s literally there montra.

  265. Seraph says:

    He says “of the World” at the Wembley Stadium live performance (maybe most played version)…. there is a video of Sinbad’s Shazaam, College Humor posted it

  266. Wootdoo4u says:

    Hey timcast crew, something odd is happening with this video, if you log in outside the US with a VPN. It loads instantly but in the US it says an error has occurred. We pay for this site to avoid censorship. This needs to be addressed ASAP

  267. Georgiegirl1216 says:

    I remember watching Shazam and Sinbad was a genie. WTH is going on. Also remember Champion of the World

  268. carrotsontop says:

    We all think Sinbad played a genie bc he dressed like a genie on his sitcom, in purple and green clothing, AND bc there’s an old tale about Sinbad who was a genie which I watched in the form of cartoons as a child and I associated that cartoon Sinbad with Sinbad the sitcom. You “Associate” things with similar things but you have to keep in mind, it’s just how we store information, and if there’s a lot that share this experience it’s bc we have similar ways of associating things. Remember, how many people are alive today!

    • ASong says:

      I agree that this is the most likely explanation for this one, and most of the people who remember the movie day it has a similar plot to the movie First Kid which starred Sinbad as a bodyguard to the presidents son. Sinbad always dressed in genie-esque pants in his sitcom. All of those things combined make me second guess this one. But Berenstein Bears and Kit-kat are the ones I can’t quite explain away.

    • ASong says:

      I agree that this is the most likely explanation for this one, and most of the people who remember the movie say it has a similar plot to the movie First Kid which starred Sinbad as a bodyguard to the presidents son. Sinbad always dressed in genie-esque pants in his sitcom. All of those things combined make me second guess this one. But Berenstein Bears and Kit-kat are the ones I can’t quite explain away.

  269. BennyQ83 says:

    I remember shazam too, I knew something was wrong with this place😂

  270. CryptoZack says:

    I remember watching a movie with Sinbad being a genie! WTF is going on!

  271. rcdarrin says:

    Ian it’s the fluoride in the water and we remember what they want us to

  272. rcdarrin says:

    Ian it’s the fluoride in the water

  273. Haybee says:

    I had the same experience as Candace in elementary school with the flouride! A lady would come in to the class everyday and give all the students chewable tabs. Really creepy looking back….

  274. Turk_Longwell says:

    Stop speaking their language.
    We don’t do that.
    Bill Gates simply killed people.
    A Murderer.

  275. Fr33kChronic says:

    I full on remember the shazam sinbad movie. Bernstein. Mandela dying in the 90s.. Some of them are really freaky if you’ve been through the list.

  276. MrBean420 says:

    Hey Ian, Candace kept giving u a very nice look, she looked at u more than Timmay!!! My fellow TimCaster’s I think our boy Ian is in a Lloyd Christmas situation “So ur telling me there a chance!!! 🤭🤭🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫👉👌🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍🤜🤛💥🤭🤣😂😅😅😅. Good luck ian and to the rest of stay safe and Stay Sane exhiles

  277. Plaguen says:

    Awesome show, another where it was cut too short. Ian, gotta get your jabs in.

  278. Ambrossia188 says:

    A friend and I went and saw Shazam with Simbad in the theater. I swear it…

  279. DanCarmo says:

    How good is this!!!!!!!!!!!! Candace is the bomb – great get guys.

  280. A.J. says:

    I like Candace, but for god sake, have Ian give that woman some of his stash of downers to slow her down to about a 100mph next time she’s on. ;p

  281. Yobuyahouse says:

    I worked in birth control drug testing. the Blood pressure jumps are insane!!!

  282. EternalDread001001101001110011 says:

    I found an actual clip of Shazaam, so it is a movie..

  283. shadowfoxx says:

    There’s a movie called Dark City about people being trapped in a reality controlled by these weird, pale, bald beings. It’s cheesy but this conversation made me think of it

  284. dji82 says:

    Mandela Effect = Matrix Update

  285. Chrisj2000 says:

    The human sacrifice is Baal worship

  286. Turk_Longwell says:

    Tim just admitted he is a Conservative.
    I never expected it.
    It makes sense though.
    Who wants a Dystopia?
    He preached the message he just claimed by Conservatives.
    He brought a lot/us along that path.

  287. Ccmayfield12 says:

    Holy shit. Never knew Candace was this based.

    I usually hate it when ppl do this, but it would be awesome if y’all could get RFK Jr on the show to elaborate more on how they get these vaccines added to the childhood vaccine schedule. The relationship between Pharma and the FDA is more incestuous than a Kentucky mountain town.

  288. says:

    What?? I remember Shazam! Quite seperate from Kazam, which i saw as well. That is so bizarre 😳

  289. Eflash232 says:

    When my daughter was born they tried to push hep B down her throat. I eventually had to tell the nurse to fuck off

  290. VorpalBunny says:

    It’s the fnord!

  291. Brett_Aint_Dead says:

    Let’s be real ” well all find out in years the long term data on the vaccine effects ” , hell , they just admitted origins after over a year of propganda . That data will eventually come , not from me .

    Also pretty based Candice conspiracy theory , approved , smartest of the smartest survive . 👍

  292. ElijahFrye says:

    Mendela effect should be just called the matrix cause i sure as hell feels like that

  293. Sc0rp10N says:

    watch Dark City

  294. Yobuyahouse says:

    The vaccine conversation crashed my internet. way to creepy!!!

  295. Turk_Longwell says:

    I remember Shazaam too. It might of been a movie.
    Like Stove Top Stuffing.

  296. ElijahFrye says:

    Tim legit i have we are the champions on spotify and it says “of the world”more than once

  297. says:

    Freddie Mercury did sing “of the world” all the time live it just isn’t in the studio virsion

  298. Russ says:

    If you can observe these changes you are aware. What the situation is reality (time) is filamented meaning made of individual paths like a rope made of fibers. As “now” moves forward the filaments come together to form the continuum around the present. Filaments are possible variations which dominate at the continuum moment but, likewise split apart again as history falls behind. As any filaments existence is a changing statistical probability any particular filament can disappear replaced by a filament with higher probability. This happens often. I refer to this as wandering reality. This is what Candace Owens is talking about and how many events of this nature have occurred. Last year, right here this was occurring so often as to make work difficult. So many things were moving from where they were to where they became and so much previous specific data was changing to replaced data confusion was to often the result. Indeed, even items disappeared completely and items never seen previously appeared put away in an appropriate location.

    One must accept and realize everything is statistical in nature in the micro to the macro meaning a change in probability can result in sometimes dramatic changes in conditions and events. It is part of the living experience to observe this and one must accept when a large item you are looking directly at vanishes before your very eyes the truth of reality has just been shown to you. Thankfully, this effect has decreased a lot lately making my work much easier.

    It would be a longer conversation to detail the hows and whys of this though know this, the notion the universe is 14.5 billion years old is plain outright preposterous. Chaos and catastrophe define this seemingly endless continuum of reality for what appears to be trillions of years at the very least.

  299. TheNewEnglandah says:

    The cornucopia behind fruit of the loom was real!!!

  300. nameless_typhlosion says:

    Freddie Mercury did say “Of the world” in his live performance just not the studio version. It’s on youtube.

  301. slobooger says:

    Yes, Sinbad DID play a genie, I remember it. 100%

    • says:

      I definitely remember Sinbad and Shazaam playing on Disney channel all the time when I was a kid, and I was a huge fan of Shaq in the NBA at the time

  302. We Are The Champions OF THE WORLD…I just watched the Queen Official clip for the song…Fred sings…”OF THE WORLD”

    • Hottaco says:

      FB fact checkers say this is “mostly false”
      In the song, We Are the Champion’s by Queen, it does not say “…of the world”
      …at the end

  303. Heimburglar says:

    Dude I just looked up we are the champions. Yeah man they don’t say it. AT THE END. And I remember that it wasn’t at the end. It definitely was missing at the end. But it’s there throughout the song.

  304. Kpilgrim609 says:

    I was born in 92 and I clearly remember Shazam with Sinbad. It definitely was a movie.

  305. Chrisj2000 says:

    I distinctly remember as a kid I got a toy from taco bell for the Shazam movie. It was like a purple container or something if I remember right. I can remember the toy case promoting the movie being on the counter where you buy the food.

  306. snochse says:

    We took something called “swish” in elementary school. It was like mouthwash, came in a little cup.

  307. Turk_Longwell says:

    Real Quick All…
    I haven’t watched the clip yet, but I did this…
    Watch Candace on Tucker on 06/29/2021
    Her Words Astonished Tucker.
    Her Point is Over Target.
    Candace is Top Notch.
    Her Game is On Point.
    Please Watch the Clip.

  308. Heimburglar says:

    Dude I just looked up we are the champions.
    They totally say of the world. Wtf are they smoking lol

  309. Mersa5 says:

    ” Of the world” is listed in the official lyrics

  310. Neversummer160 says:

    FOTL Cornucopia is true and i can prove it! Some of their undershirts have the black and white cornucopia! I’d take a pic of it right tf now if we could post pics 🙁

  311. Mercin1988 says:

    Just listened to we are the champions and it says my friend and the world

  312. Hottaco says:

    Why is it I feel like I’ve seen Sinbad play a genie in a movie called Shazam…remember it plain as day.
    My brain hurts time for bed lol

  313. PricklyPear says:

    Loved this guest

  314. Curt says:

    Mandela effect is nonsense. The differences are so minute and memories are so malleable people are just being mistaken and their arrogance makes them think they couldn’t be wrong. Dumb

    • Curt says:

      And he does say “of the word” just in the verse part of the song. Just not at the end

    • Dallamar says:

      can confirm connecticut school – the school nurse used to come around with a cart, we had to “swish” and spit the fluoride treatment

    • Russ says:

      CURT- have watched one pound object made of steel and plastic vanish as I was looking at it. In a very small room with the door closed. Then strip searched the room removing everything with the object no where to be found. Maybe you just do not notice these sort of things. Would say 50% of the population is not capable of this observation and you are one of those people.

  315. Crow says:

    Yes! I remember this movie! Sinbad was definitely in a movie shazam! And its the berenstein bears not the berenstain bears!

  316. ElijahFrye says:

    Sup ya sexxy motherfuckers.

  317. MigL says:

    We are the champions still says of the world, it’s even on the lyrics in Apple Music.

  318. djklhc says:

    I’ve been telling people about the Hadron Collider theory more and more. Most people kinda do this 🤷🏻‍♂️ but don’t tell me that I’m nuts…

  319. karmicneurot says:

    VPN works great.

  320. TheDarkworld says:

    Ok nah! I’m aware of both movies but I for sure remember Shazam being the one with Shaq in it cus alliteration… Right?

  321. Skeeter105 says:

    Loaded instantly on VPN.

  322. Trump12020 says:

    Chrome = no video
    Duckduckgo = no problem

  323. Almighty_Antichrist says:

    All good now

  324. PandaSub2000 says:

    Thanks for having Candace on! Such a great show!

  325. Doubl3M says:

    Had the same error issue. Now it’s available

  326. Hottaco says:

    Error…no bueno

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    Once again. Used my VPN and the video loaded instantly. Just like the episode with Steve Bannon. 🤔🤔

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    I waited through all that “rendering” and now it’s just video error 😭

  330. catboy02 says:

    Yikes – what just happened?!!?

  331. MediumMusic says:

    Hope I’m not the only one seeing an error with the video

  332. Hottaco says:

    [Bonus segment Ebsteined]

  333. Yobuyahouse says:

    Candence 2024!!!

  334. Algonishui77 says:

    I think he means 11 PM CST tbh

  335. WafflesSensei says:

    The truth is… We out here Mulder. – Scully (X-Files)

  336. Globalwarmer says:

    The video is still encoding? Why do you tease me, Timmy?

  337. Doubl3M says:

    What in the name of L. Ron Hubbard is taking so long?

  338. MrBean420 says:

    Can I be the chair? Lmfao JK sorry ima construction worker from the south. These last 2 guest are very fkn awesome. Keep that shit up TIMMAY!

  339. Wootdoo4u says:

    Canadian bacon is ham

  340. Almighty_Antichrist says:

    Adrianne yesterday, then Candace today…That guest chair is going to melt.

  341. FirstThessalonian says:

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    anyone know why these videos have been taking forever to encode? or how to fix it?

  343. Mini_Swaggz says:

    This must be another hour one. I’m pumped!!

  344. Turk_Longwell says:

    Hey. here Earlier than I thought.
    Candace = Halleluiah!
    Not saying she’s biblical.
    Just saying…
    Thank You, for Her Existence.

  345. Lildav3232 says:

    tucker didn’t kill himself

  346. FluffyLorax says:

    literally just joined for this. also save us Canadians please

    • TheDarkworld says:

      Stop training PLA pilots and maybe we’ll think about it.

    • FirstThessalonian says:

      its up to you canadians to stand up to the tyranny, and to not go quietly into the night. Godspeed.

    • McLovin says:

      Save yourself

    • arakitai says:

      Canada has definitely gone down the wrong path lately. Everyone must fight for themselves but we’re all in it together. I don’t care if you’re in B.C. or Chicago or Nicaragua or Sudan. If you want liberty, I’ll do what I can to help. Every human who wants liberty for themselves is my comrade. Having said that, sacrifice will be necessary and unfortunately more will be needed than most people will want to give.

    • DrewishAF says:

      Yeah FluffyLorax, you guys are fuuuuucked. Your people gave up almost all their gun rights and keep sucking off PM Vaudeville McBlackface. If you guys can cut that shit out, tell the queen to get bent, and open up your pharmaceutical industry to Uncle Sam then we might be able to annex you. But y’all ain’t getting a new star on the flag yet. Kick California into the Pacific and you might be able to take their place though.

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