Adrianne Curry Bonus Episode: Adrianne Tells The Dark Secrets About Hollywood And SICK Child Abuse (Graphic Warning)

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Adrianne Curry Bonus Episode: Adrianne Tells The Dark Secrets About Hollywood And SICK Child Abuse (Graphic Warning)

276 responses to “Adrianne Curry Bonus Episode: Adrianne Tells The Dark Secrets About Hollywood And SICK Child Abuse (Graphic Warning)”

  1. Baalshazar1 says:

    I still think there is a disconnect when saying risk it all, Tim grew and gained in a different time to nowadays, especially nowadays. When like Bannon said, can scramble for 400$. However it still takes the steps to actually do something. But I LOVED THIS SHIT AND WANT TO KNOW JUST HOW FAR THIS HYPOCRACTIC “ME TOO” MOVEMENT IS. Keep it up I may not stay every month but I’m glad to be around every once in awhile.

  2. patpat says:

    The top levels of Hollywood is an evil place. I feel like the top levels of every industry is evil, though. I’m glad I quit the film/TV biz and moved out of CA. Sad thing is that Tim is correct about YouTube being the new Hollywood. Kids are growing up wanting to be YouTube celebrities.

  3. Grundvarg says:

    Is there any way to get full-screen video?

  4. WingedLion says:

    My first foray into modeling was underwear. I was actually in my 20s but it was my first intro into your evil the whole modeling thing is.

    I’d get offer after offer on model mayhem and craigslist offering covers for free and possible inroads into the top agencies. Turned out they were all gay wanting to hook up. I am straight and I said hell no to them all. They literally went apoplectic every time. The industry is evil

  5. JustJames says:

    Responding to Tim at minute 43……. I appreciate you, Tim. And I will put my name to the cause.

  6. AlmightyJamesPC says:

    I LOVE Adrianne Curry. Such as badass

  7. MJ_Aruffo says:

    Her impressions are way better than Kate McKinnon. Great episode guys!

  8. Jasonconnolly says:

    The Virginia department of health sterilized people for being on welfare and or being mentally ill way back when

  9. ChucklesTheLo says:

    When I was younger, I had an offer to become a catalog model and about 10 years ago, I had an offer for an audition to, I think become an extra in an upcoming movie at the time and even contacted them. Hearing all of this, I’m glad I never did it and that they never returned my call.

  10. LordAnders says:

    I dont give a fuck about what people say, from listening to you at work and telling the people I work with everything going on, at first the responded “That’s not what the news says” now I get “Hey your into politics, so what does this article or news segment mean?”

  11. Salty55187 says:

    I was at ComicCon 2015 in San Diego and rode the elevator to my room at the Hilton and Adriana happened to hop in with us, she looked so damn familiar and I couldn’t place it. It’s been my biggest regret that I didn’t say hi and know who she was 😢

  12. Lundpix says:

    There may be a lot of bad people in Hollywood, but not everyone is. I worked on 240 feature films. Many of the art directors with whom I worked were brilliant creators. There were a spectral range of morals. But nobody with whom I worked got there with their body. This guest has her experience, which may be completely true. But the invisibles like me lived completely different lives.

    • Clif2003 says:

      You have a point when you’re looking at the technologically skilled employee piecing the shows together. The bad behavior is seemingly directed more toward the actor actress crowd.

  13. GreyWulf7 says:

    Tim, I so want to help be a part of sending a positive message to the youth, how can I help? I want to act, how can I audition for your productions? Where do we go for information on this sort of stuff?

  14. crazy1cmc says:

    This was all on youtube. I thought this was the exclusive segment

  15. Fxs888 says:

    Oh the condescension! “Ian you have a beautiful mind” awww

    I’m an artist, I had a guy who had Jackson Polock drinking with his dad and sleeping on his couch tell me I am “the real deal”. My award winning production designer (not hollywoid) uncle wold tell me I was brilliant. I need nothing more. The sad part is that artists do not know where their talent comes from. But the FUCKING SWARMS OF NO TALENT HIPSTER CUNTS BOYCOTTING MY MARKET STAND AND SNARKING OUT BECAUSE I SAY DUMB SHIT LIKE “Basically everyone is racist” BECAUSE THEY THINK THAT BEING AN ASSHOLE MAKES YOU FAMOUS HAS GOT TO FUCKING EEEENNNDDDDD

    • SaltyGranny says:

      I think it says more about you than her that you heard that as condescending. It was nothing of the sort. She said it genuinely and that’s how it came across. As far as the rest of your unhinged ranting goes, if you know you’re saying something stupid that’s keeping people away from “your stall,” whatever that may be, control yourself and stop doing it. Aren’t you an adult?

      I’m not sure what your particular skill is, you didn’t specify. But whatever it is..I wish you the best in it. Sounds like you are still on the young side of life and have plenty of time to get wherever it is you want to go. Maybe some anger management may help you out in life. It’s not good for something so small to cause you such upset. Stay safe and good luck to you!

  16. Funkatron says:

    Speaking of Styx, when are you going to get him on the show?

  17. Fifth says:

    I was blessed to be born behind the Iron Curtain 18 years before the fall of Soviet Union.
    I wasn’t brave I was stupid, I went with the underground movement because it was cool and realized what I had done when it was already too late. Not just me, several of my friends were like this. So we pushed forward. It was scary as hell but we knew the system has no forgiveness and no mercy.
    We were lucky, we were the generation that crushed that beast. So many generations before us weren’t so lucky and starved to death in the Gulags. Life’s not fair, if you count on *that*…. don’t even bother.

  18. Smmmokin says:

    I’m 35. I remember turning 20 and you still know people and that’s when you start to feel like a creep. So easy to lie and be trash and go after whatever. Could never do it even if the opportunity was there. I can’t understand people who hang onto that for the rest of their life with no problem. I had zero power… To have power and do that…. I don’t get it. Society needs to help the old as much as the young.

    That said. 80 year old dude and a 30 year old woman… They both get it. Enjoy!

    … Must be nice.

  19. NONCOMPLIANT says:

    “Silent majority” = FUCKING COWARDS!

  20. Downtowngirl says:

    Adrianne’s Grit is Awesome! THANK YOU Tim for all you do!

  21. CzechTex says:

    Good show.

    Only reason I use a psudonym is because I always have from when I was younger. This is maybe my third one; each one representing a stage in my life. But also a previous employer despised “bad press” and fired a few guys for speaking poorly of the company. It was in our contract so sucks for them. But yeah, to each his own. I don’t shy away from my opinion and speak out often when I feel it necessary.

  22. TomJustTom says:

    Does she look like 1963 Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra?

  23. Wolv256 says:

    Man, Adrienne Curry is awesome. You might want out of the industry, but if you did any podcast or media type thing, it would be a success. Smart and funny. I’m sorry you went thru all that.

  24. Lord_Ecktor says:

    44:56 Detention Sphere?

  25. Rsharpe93 says:

    Not all of us are scared Chief, we need leadership and the tools to get the job done. Keep doing the good work.

  26. Tommy_Curry68 says:

    Tim, follow SEAMUS, he’ll show you the way.

  27. norgematos says:

    Hey Tim these videos should have options for likes and dislikes, so you can do metrics. I am enjoying them so much that I need to click somewhere!

  28. Teclo25 says:

    Love Adrienne!!

  29. Okivision6046 says:

    Love it guys wishing the best for you and good vibes and intentions please please do more like this exposing the Santanic cabal Hollywood Poltics is all connected and I don’t see why you think Q is so crazy when you have people exposing the Evil that’s going on theirs a lot of things in motion and I truly believe that in the End God Will Win and Save the Children 👍🏻❤️

  30. Andyroadhouse says:

    God I want to show the world this segment! Adrianne Curry is a fucking boss!

  31. ArmchairPhilosopher says:

    Glad we decided to subscribe can’t wait for operation to grow, my wife is particularly looking forward to the program covering the paranormal. Keep up the good work.

  32. Dankond16 says:

    Tim get Brandi Kruse on your show! She’s a local journalist from seattle. She speaks the truth and has balls doin it

  33. UppityG says:

    Great guest, Pool. Keep on keepin’ on. Remember, the cruelest, most vile commenters are usually sub-adults in fact or functionally so. Shine them on, they’re evil. What makes trolls crazy? Ignoring them.

  34. LightningKrazo says:

    You got another new subscriber thanks to Adrianne. Have her back on again soon, she is so great.

  35. Bootcrash says:

    Love this! Dark and funny at the same time.

  36. ZeroSigma says:

    Tim, cracking me up in the first 2 mins.

  37. OnewheelShaggy says:


  38. Andersondavid88 says:

    Well looks like I will not be dedicating a single second of my life or money to anything out of Hollywood until the day I die. This has me ready to start welding up my truck mad max style.

  39. MrsStarr21 says:

    I’m so glad she got out. Hollywood needs to burn and we shouldn’t give them any of our time or admiration

  40. NOTASPOOK says:

    She’s awesome. Bring her on again.

  41. PaidActor says:

    I always knew Hollywood had a dark side but I thought it was more or less a byproduct, something small. Over the last 5 years or so I’ve been so disillusioned with the entire industry and I feel like I’m in a weird place because I want to act and make films but I don’t want to be part of this awful machine.

  42. FxTwT says:

    Great guest. I understand both sides when it comes to speaking up about our beliefs. Sometimes it feels good in the moment to say “screw you” to people, but I think I like Ian’s approach of sitting down and just talking to people. I think social media has exploited our tendencies towards anger and isolation, and what we see right now in our culture is the result of social echo-chambers.

  43. Aracore says:

    Please please PLEASE have Adrianna on as often as you can! such a fun guest! (and just signed up as a member after having been unable to do so for a few months, SO happy that I did!)

  44. ASycks says:

    This was so interesting and eye opening. Thank you

  45. listener says:

    Another thing that the great Alex Jones talked about that was 100% true.

  46. DanCarmo says:

    Man this is CRAZY!! It’s really that bad?? This chick seems genuine and trustworthy sooo – when are we nuking hollywood?

  47. Nicademus says:

    Didn’t she say she kept her mouth shut about kid fucking so she could make money? Then 10 minutes later she talks shit about people who haven’t made themselves wealthy keeping quiet?

    • Rawdog says:

      Yes, you are right about that…I hadn’t noticed. Thank you.
      It is funny, I remember seeing her for the 1st time on that show The Surreal Life. I remember what happened on that show. I saw her trying to get something going (she did succeed) with that guy from The Brady Bunch. I remember that he seemed to be of the attitude of, “Hey, if this hot chick is willing to sleep with me in order to get something going with her ‘career’, I don’t have a problem with that.” While I never bothered to watch My Fair Brady, I did learn that they divorced as soon as the show ended. Seemed to me that the whole ‘love affair’ and ‘marriage’ were just for ratings (and money). Isn’t that the behavior of the typical, evil Hollywood types that she is decrying NOW?

  48. BlueAnon says:

    I will DM your D&D session. Check out my work @ role-playing Junkies & the ten-no way

  49. Brett_Aint_Dead says:

    This chick is based , you amongst a sleu of other thinkers , and creators , give me hope . The black pill , man , to quote my favorite descendents song , everything sux.

  50. rcroberts9250 says:

    Adrianne is a gem and a treasure. So much honesty and not giving a fuck. Come back on sometime again.

    • Smmmokin says:

      The scary thing is how many are silent. iif she is 100% truth… Jesus christ….its pathetic society as a whole doesn’t do anything.

      Hollywood is trash. Interested? Get a VPN and torrent all of it. Never give them a cent. Screw Tim and his AMC shares.

      Sorry Tim. Love ya bud. You’ll be fine.

  51. chuckfarr says:

    Adrianne is as fresh as a perfect stick of celery right out of the refrigerator.

  52. monkeycan8 says:

    I am friends with a ex-child actor who in the last decade had a very public mental breakdown and one of the things they would talk about is secret societies in Hollywood that groom children and child actors and that many in politics are involved. Its very weird seeing how much they said come true that I kind of thought were part of their mental breakdown.

  53. Thundercleese24 says:

    Adrianne Curry is such a doll, love her attitude! We need more ladies like this.

    Great job Tim and crew, always having such great guests on.

    Adrianne, hey listen sister, you’re gorgeous for late 30’s, keep doing you!

  54. BethanyJM23 says:

    OMG! I just realized who she is! ThankYou for coming on & talking about your experience. I remember top model. A glitch in the matrix just happened right now….

  55. AngryShark92 says:

    God, this whole sentiment surrounding some people being afraid to call all this stuff out is getting stupid. WE are not all in the position you are in, you are a political commentator, calling this stuff out is part of your job nowadays, and since you reach a wide audience, it is more beneficial if you do it. Believe me, everybody appreciates that.

    Most of us have these conversations and debates every single day with people who disagree as we try to navigate this garbage and try to break people out of this nasty cycle, but calling out people who are in a worse off position for not throwing it all in the wind to stand up to it, is just moronic. Also, people are right when they say that you tip-toe on YT to not get banned and then bark at them to risk their careers. I support the good fight, which is why I am on here as a member, but you are flat out wrong on this one.

    • says:


    • loopygrl says:

      I 100% agree. His “entire pitch was that people need to stand up, speak out, and push back” all the while he self sensors on YT. He uses the excuse that it’s better that he sensors the 10% of speech to get the other 90% to the masses, but is it really when it’s the 10% he sensors that really matters? But hey, for $10 a month you get exclusive access to him “speaking out ?”. I like Tim and support that he’s following DW in creating culture content, but I get how some can see this as a grift and think he’s wrong about this one.

    • Mundorin says:

      Yup, Tim “ I made close to a million working for Disney and kept cashing the check after telling them off” Pool

  56. ChetF says:

    I live far away from this woke insanity but want to confront it when I get the chance. When does the Timcast Army meet up? Timcast remote outlets for sanity all throughout the country?

  57. neilkhess says:

    This was such a gross, sad, angering, and eventually funny interview. She has GOT to come back on. What a character! (That’s a compliment)

  58. NoOne123 says:

    [Around 25 minutes in]
    -listening to people talk about child trafficking and fucking kids-
    Ian: “well i guess everyones not always good or evil”
    Tim: “ian….they’re fucking kids….”
    Ian: “yeah but not all of them”
    Adrianne: “the ones that arent are covering up for the ones who do”
    Ian: “yeah but they become both good and bad”

    Ian’s psychopathy crawling out again lmao

  59. says:

    That was the most awesome discussion I ever watched on timcast. Adrianne Curry is phenomenal.

  60. fat_cyborg says:

    At 17:35 I agree, I just use twitter to follow all the porn.

  61. BarbaraAlb30 says:

    You are amazing Tim thank you for everything

  62. FuzzyMarineVet says:

    Albert Hammond wrote a song about the dystopia of Southern California, “It Never Rains in Southern California.” It was the sound track of my high school days.

  63. wbateman3 says:

    It seems like the topic of God, or Christianity keeps popping up in your interviews, may I recommend you check out BEMA Discipleship Podcast. At least give Season 1, Episode 0 a listen. I’m 50 years old and was just introduced to this podcast earlier this year and I can tell you aren’t hearing this teaching/perspective of the Bible from any American/Western church. It blew my mind! Peace out!

  64. Yagre says:

    So, Matt Stone and Trey Parker were right about FAG in Team America?

  65. Kate_the_mediocre says:

    I would love listening to her. Tim should put together a talk show with Adrienne, and maybe even other women like Bridget Phetasy. It would easily be better than any other talk show out there

  66. Eflash232 says:

    Seriously my favorite guest you’ve ever had

  67. WhiskeyRomeo says:

    Ian… “I don’t know I believe anyone’s 100% a dick.”

  68. Trump12020 says:

    New TShirt graphics…two middle fingers on fire … under or over the capital letters MFA. MFA=Middle Finger Army inspired by Adrienne’s comment “middle fingers ablaze”

    • AbbasllittleMari says:

      I’m from LA and have always told people “It’s pedowood”! And they will say “Not everyone”, but if they don’t protect or speak up they are just as guilty of the disgusting things that go on in pedowood! Play board games, go into nature , do anything but watch movies all day. LA used to be pretty now it’s gross and sad, stay away!

  69. DRUNKNBAKED says:

    Drunk recognize drunk 🍻

  70. IamDanSilver says:

    I watched Jeremy from the quartering try and proclaim Tim was attempting to dox people, I then unsupscribed from his channel. I knew about him from Tim, when I saw him hating, I knew he was just another buster. On another point, I love how honest Adrienne is, she needs to be heard bc she’s a force of nature.

  71. existenz1982 says:

    “Freedom isn’t free. It costs folks like you and me. Freedom costs a buck-o-five.”

  72. Bonneroo says:

    I hear Adrianne talk and feel like I have found a kindred spirit. I am also a fed-up conservative who has a serious problem keeping quiet, only I’m not nearly as brave. She does inspire me to be brave, though. We all need to start chanting “fuck you” and stop trying to appease the beast.

  73. Trezrun says:

    This was a great discussion! Loving the bonus bit. Loved to get you all together; malice and curry, Knowles. Let the craziness ensue.
    Great episode

  74. Crusader2001 says:

    One of my fav actors growing up was Peter O’toole. Now this makes me rethink him. Remember his movie Caligula (1979)? I tried watching a few minutes of it, was absolute trash porn. Now gotta wonder how depraved he was. Also, 2014, the Wolf of Wallstreet. I was dating an new girlfriend. I was at work, tired, trying to think of a movie that she might like. I saw, without researching it, Scorsese, Wolf of Walstreet. I though, oh “walstreet” just updated. I was horrified by the first scene sitting next to her. mortified what she must of been thinking, but we watched. I saw some single women, by themselves, walk out. I appologized to my date and she didn’t seem bothered by it. My date was HOT, was in a movie called Vengeance and a TV show Rock N Lock, initials MZ. She told me she took pole dancing lessons before I had met her. I fell in love, actually lived with her for 6 months, which was HELL. It took that experience to finally give up on her. Right before she moved back to her hometown, I asked for some DVDs back, she stopped by and gave them too me, she gave me a LONG hug, told me I was the only one that ever treated her nicely and left. Right before she came to live with me, she had bought a Porsche Macan. That car was everything to her. Now I know why. I always buy cheap used cars, new ones are biggest waste of money. Most I ever paid was 16k for a BMW i3 EV. Learned that philosophy young.

    • bcccl says:

      love the anecdotes. peter o’toole was great in lawrence of arabia but i would not be surprised if he had a dark side. the whole hollywood system is about access and the people at the top are sociopaths who love to exercise control. it’s a fucked up system.

  75. Boomer624 says:

    I love this shit. Hollywood is a cesspool, hell the whole state is a cesspool! I am sure that Adrianne is much happier in Montana now with real people. I am not sure she likes it during the winters. Been there done that in Idaho. I am so tired of the 10% calling the shots.

  76. Bonneroo says:

    Wow. I knew Hollywood was corrupt, but damn…

  77. Brizybell says:

    Finally bought a membership just to watch more of Adrianne I loved her Facebook videos which I can never find anymore thanks to Facebook and I love watching Tim cast so I was so excited she finally got to be on here I’d love to see her as a regular on here I’d totally pay extra for that she’s seriously awesome!

  78. cdeboer2013 says:

    I have always said this, the most courageous of men do not act out of desperation because they have lost everything and have nothing to lose but the most courageous of men act when they have everything, and have so much to lose. When you are deprived of your freedoms, rights, and the liberties you enjoy today and in the past, you will be shameful that you did nothing to stop tyranny.

  79. TommyGun says:

    have never heard of Adrianne Curry before. I think she is a great person. Thanks for a great show. Adrianne you go woman!

  80. Robando says:

    I wonder if they’ve tried Final Fantasy 14 what with their dissatisfaction for WoW? You can actually play the base game and the first expansion for free*.

  81. Sweetenm101204 says:

    I actually learned about Tim Pool through Adrianne’s Facebook stream. Love that she took the trip to be on his show!

  82. Tigranes says:

    Grew up in the beach cities of LA County and Yup Plastic people everywhere.

    Dads family was connected with some of the Hollywood elite 1930s to 1950s and from what I was told it was a dark pit then. They are evil.

  83. Bigpapapaco says:

    New shirt idea!
    U need some FUCK YOU your heart!
    I’d buy 2 😜

  84. CptOverkill says:

    Big Shocker. Hollywood full of Perverts. Who would have thunk?

  85. says:

    I love this woman and wish she was the role model for all Americans she is way cool, at last the truth and nothing but the truth and funny too, way cool.

  86. Gollond says:

    THIS is why I became a member! Thank you Adrianne!
    I look forward to the culture content addition!

  87. CameronGrab says:

    This was the first video I checked out upon becoming a member. I have watched all of your content for well over 2 years now and becoming a member was the best choice I have ever made! It’s fun watching all of the stuff you guys can’t talk about on YouTube finally so thanks and keep up the amazing work!

  88. Graysfang says:

    Vampire the Masquerade!!!!! Loved that game. Thank you for letting us know the horrible shit that goes on. I know we all “know” but really hearing it makes it more concrete…

  89. BurlyD says:

    “Watching (reality) television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.”
    – Bill Hicks

    Great show with a great guest.

    Hollywood and the entertainment industry as it is being described sounds beyond degenerate.

    We have our own problems in the UK, but the majority of our actors and actresses have a theatrical education, they’ve studied Shakespeare and preformed on stage for years before being given an opportunity to work with in the movies, and even then they were probably first given small roles in made for British TV films.

  90. MZero1294 says:

    Each of you are fantastic, but I’d wager that there are parents watching this whose eyes are glazing over listening to 4 people without kids play this inside-outside game with regard to denigrating them for not being willing to put their heads on the chopping block at all times.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean that pushing back necessarily necessitates that. Some may have to do that and risk it all, most won’t. Not yet. We don’t want to get to that point, though. I see both sides of this, as a non-parent (albeit a lot younger than each of you).

  91. Turk_Longwell says:

    Great Convo. Besides the horribleness of F-ing Hollywood, we all do need a bit more of the Fuck Yous to come out.
    I am a Gorilla, Love Yourself.

  92. Irris30 says:

    My husband called my sister a bitch and then she introduced him to her sister me. My sister recognized that my husband was not taking guff from anyone and a person who isn’t going to be pushed around and instantly respected him. Sorry I am Chatty today everyone, I am lonely working from home. I love it. But sometimes I want to chat 🙂

  93. JamesEagle says:

    $$$ = math.sqrt( all evil )

  94. Irris30 says:

    Litch King was the best expansion. I quit before Pandaria. Then I played again and I loved the cooking recipes from Pandaria. I don’t like playing ugly toons either. But my main was a Dwarf Priest for the fear ward before the nerf give all to priests. I was soooo mad because I would have made a human for the leveling perk. Someone traded me a white undershirt because they didn’t like the flesh showing on my dwarf from the pretty priest robes. So sad. I am skinny irl but it hurt me that they didn’t want to see my little dwarf. My hubby was/is an EQ guy and I couldn’t get into it. We play Valhiem together now. Check out the song I Hate People by Jemima Pearl lol. Stay awesome mountain lady.

  95. PlagueDocPhD says:

    Shit, is like watching Night city come to life… and just the other day I was thinking we already are living through Cyberpunk 2020

    • BAWWelding says:

      Liked the conversation except for her dismissing Tim saying he’s 35 and she says “your still so young.” After she got done saying how old she is at 38. This is a cringe worthy thing woman do these days.

  96. Vmanzo says:

    Notice how Tim always says “I tried to break my Disney contract”. He doesn’t say he broke it. Cuz he didn’t he accepted 200k up front. Then 250k for two years. Yes Tim, I’m sure it’s SOOOOOOO easy to tell everyone to fuck off when you make 700k in 24 months.
    Anyone who made 700k in the last two years would have no problem telling their boss to fuck off. The difference is that most make 60k or less, and live paycheck to paycheck. If I had a half a mil sitting in a savings account, I’d quit my job and start a YouTube channel tomorrow. But I don’t. Like most people.

    • MZero1294 says:

      Each of you are fantastic, but I’d wager that there are parents watching this whose eyes are glazing over listening to 4 people without kids play this inside-outside game with regard to denigrating them for not being willing to put their heads on the chopping block at all times.

      Of course, that doesn’t mean that pushing back necessarily necessitates that. Some may have to do that and risk it all, most won’t. Not yet. We don’t want to get to that point, though. I see both sides of this, as a non-parent (albeit a lot younger than each of you).

    • Shane_Sakal01 says:

      The point is, he stood up for his principles even though he could have stayed and literally made millions more. $700k is nice, but millions of dollars is a huge temptation.

    • CryptoD00d says:

      He said he took it, but the moment he could he bailed. He’s described this at great length. Myself being in the business world, what he described is common and an unfortunate byproduct of modern business.

  97. brynandr says:

    So didn’t know how this woman was, however she is beautiful and became more so with comments like suck my balls. Her personality is wicked. I bet she is riot to be friends with.

  98. Ornithology says:

    Adrian is great! Wonderful show!!

  99. Jasonvano says:

    If you guys are trying to get to kids to change the culture then why not go to where 99 percent of them are? Gotta get into gaming if you really want to shift the culture with the next generation.

  100. WildAtreides says:

    “All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.” – Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune (Dune Series)

  101. Vmanzo says:

    “The left is willing the risk their jobs for their beliefs; and the right is not. This is why the right loses”
    Well, this is also the exact reason that in blue areas, there is a lot of homeless as well as not a lot of production. While in red areas, there little to no homeless and businesses thrive producing things.

  102. TinfoilPool says:

    Fuck you

  103. Plastdunk says:

    print a t-shirt.

    “Divine Feminine”
    and her fast från the shot, flexing her muscles and with that look on her face.

    never heard of her, but the episde ond show was really interetesting, keep up the good work and this mix of guests!

  104. Vmanzo says:

    Tim….. you took 15 minutes last week to explain in full detail what you did with fusion, Disney, and all that stuff. You told us how not only did you have a six figure annual salary, on top of bonus checks worth up to $200,000. Clearly when you broke you contract and went on your own to YouTube, you had AT LEAST a quarter of a million dollars to sit on in case shit didn’t work out.
    Everyone please keep this in mind when Tim says to go on ur own. He had accepted over $500,000 of big corporate money in less than 4 years before going on his own.

    • Plastdunk says:

      I think you didn’t listen to the wholw story, and what does that matter in the end?

      grunt work made him an opportunety… if hi hed gotten out of thet contract when he wanted, we perhaps couldn’t enjoy now.

      cause and effect

      • Vmanzo says:

        I completely agree that he made an opportunity for himself and it’s great than he got out and is doing this now. But when he tells people “oh just do what I did.” I think he’s forgetting that most people don’t make 700k in two years. Most people don’t make that in a decade. It’s really easy to say fuck off and start your own business when you have a ton of capitol to do so.

    • Parrhesia says:

      Give Mr. Pool some credit for possessing five things. Integrity, intelligence, talent, energy and balls. An exceedingly rare combination which almost inevitably produces wealth.

  105. Lootcrew says:

    Amazing 10/10

  106. Irris30 says:

    I thought I was listening to myself with you. Girl you get it. I will walk behind and on the inside by my husband. I know he is my protector and would do anything for me and so I will as Shakespere said in Taming of the Shrew…Place my hand under his foot. Your husband and mine could start a club on How to survive your wife’s pms….chocolate and run lol
    God is the Father. If you have a good dad you can understand God’s love. If you don’t have a good dad, you can find one through the heavenly father.
    One more….Kings still have their mama’s. The King may be in charge official, but if their mama is alive they have to show some respect to mom. Elinor of Aquitaine, Maude Holy Roman Empress, Empress Elizabeth of Russia, Catherine the Great, Wu Zetian, Hao Lan (Qin Sheng’s mama, Terra Cotta warrior tomb…) Boudica.
    I could be best friends with you. Stay awesome.

  107. J-Hale says:

    Damn. The whole world needs to see this. Imagine a world where this got out to the masses before the whole wokeness cult started taking off…..

  108. OmegaSyrus says:

    Tim, you should have Adrianne make a show. She’s hilarious and talented. She could easily be a headliner for your aspirations, like how Candace is at the DailyWire.

    I’ve honestly never heard of her before now, and I can’t get enough of her. Huge potential for both of you.

    • s_cypher says:

      I’ve literally never heard of her and I loved this guest. I don’t watch much TV and definitely not reality TV. She’s a really fun guest and it’s great to have her be able to let loose on the Members Only segments without having to bite her tongue for language, lol.

      I do like that she complimented Ian’s heart, because I think that’s accurate. He’s a good dude, he just can’t help but be a loveable hippie.

    • SunnyShowers says:

      I 100% whole-heartedly agree. She could do a show – whatever she wants, I’d watch her give make-up tutorials – but she should probably be drinking and talking about politics while she does them lol. Or a weekly advice column or something – that would be awesome. I have loved Adrianne since she was the toppiest of all the top models and I was so excited to see her on this show! My heart is so full! <3 (of fuck you…)

      It would be so cool if she would fly in once like every few months and just hang out for a week of shows. I love you Adrianne. I love you Tim. I love you Ian. I love you Lydia. This show is my favorite xoxox

  109. Kexessa says:

    Are the full episodes of IRL no longer on this site? I feel like for my subscription I should get to watch the full 2 hour ep commercial free. I’m having a hard time navigating this site here! I know it’s under construction so can you please make sections more clear and have all Timcast content available here?

  110. says:

    I love her she’s awesome!!! Best thing I ever did was sign up!!! Hearing Tim say “Fuck” is music to my ears!!!

  111. DCDave says:

    +4 vorpal swords takes out all of them [trolls, elves, ogres, etc] – Also Tim don’t let the dickheads with limited brain capacity get you down. Please keep up the great work.

  112. MtWhateverest says:

    Awesome conversation. If you’d get Styx on the show, that would so fucking awesome.

  113. PTruong says:

    Wow! I love this much better than on the Tube. Tim! You guys actually curse. I like it.

  114. GreenZer says:

    Shit Happens! It’s Life! get back up and go forward!

  115. tomrat247 says:

    So glad I finally paid for Timcast today.

  116. says:

    The whole country NEEDS to hear what she has said in this video!!

  117. rhyolite says:

    As an LA native, I wish all of the fame-seeking transplants would fuck off and go back to where they came from

  118. Jk79 says:

    You’re right Tim. We are winning. There are more of us than them, we just don’t have the media exposure.
    I’ve been a subscriber since day one. Keep it up! This is the way.

    • Lacrymosa says:

      Jesus, I often saw Adrianne commenting in Tim’s live chat and I would be like “wait, wait is that Ducksauce’s wife?” I knew Ducksauce from way back in the day, playing a hunter in WoW, he used to talk to Tosan and I, and damn, how far away that world seems from this insanity. I’ve never met Adrianne, but thank god she is this amazing. This was riveting to listen to. Thank you.

  119. says:

    I want to know what she thought of trump pre potus

  120. APerson says:

    I have been a fan of Adrianne and Mathew for a very long time, since the early twitch days. Its great to see her on here and she is an awesome person and guest. I enjoyed Mathews show, watched it almost every day. Glad they are happy and doing well. I hope she comes on this show every so often.

  121. Bmwc94 says:

    Egotistical assholes love to be hated it’s part of being a socal pathetically

  122. PandaSub2000 says:

    What a great show and guest! Thanks for great content!

  123. TheDarkworld says:

    For the record everyone, he’s referring to Mr Obvious. I’m sure of it. All that mother fucker does is act like he’s playing the market while simultaneously bitching about people doing better than him 🤭

  124. MattCraig says:

    Adrianne is awesome. We need more chicks like her, with balls. Not literal balls, but like lady balls.

  125. Blankfield says:

    Tim pool sucking dick in marvel movies, and I thought this was the clown world timeline.

  126. Danlove1989 says:

    Loved Adrianne. The LOTR references were awesome. Also agree about not being silent.

    I wanted to ask if folks could bring awareness to ask to show support for Toyota and Cigna. The Left is attacking them on Twitter for supporting “insurrection.” Eyeroll*. I already messaged Toyota with my support. I’m not into Cigna. Plan on calling as well.

  127. liedtke says:

    This is why I finally pulled the trigger and subscribed. I lurked for about a year and you piqued my interest. When you had Steve Bannon on, I subscribed. The first channel that I did so. Subsequently you had Adrianne on in this episode and I knew I had made a good choice. She is someone who has her feet on the ground. You have the platform and cajones to promote freedom. Keep pushing.

  128. Brozumaki says:

    Make this video public

    • says:

      Can’t. He would lose his audience on YouTube. We need him to stay mainstream for a while.

      • PadreMortalis says:

        Thank you! You are one of the few that actually gets it. We need his ass to stay on YT for as long as possible and keep the fight in the big tech world. We need as many eyeballs to clear up and see how crazy the world is.

        • says:

          Padre, you’re not being consistent. Do you agree with Tim when he says parents should risk it all for the cause, or, do you agree with Tim when he says he should self-censor to avoid risking it all (on YouTube)? You can’t have it both ways.

      • Bonneroo says:

        I agree. I became a subscriber because he put his “tame” stuff on YT and advertised his bonus member content. I am so glad I subscribed. Learning so much that I never would have known staying on YT.

  129. Bikerbob59 says:

    Cool Lady

  130. Starchuk says:

    Out of the Shadows …

  131. Dallamar says:

    11 twitter accounts banned in a year Tim

    11 emails and or phone numbers burned to stay on there

    My main account flamed out in less then a week post George fentanyl Floyd

    To use my real name, I literally have to go buy a burner number for $20 … lol

    • PadreMortalis says:

      Wait… 11? The fuck? Are you like an unfiltered troll or what? Is “the real you” a fucking toxic voice that spouts hatred? I understand not letting people walk all over you and speaking truth, but enough to fill 11 dead accounts? Nah fam, that ain’t it.
      Sorry about what happened to you but just look towards your inside.

      • says:

        Padre, you seem to be attacking anyone in here who disagrees with Tim; you realize he’s a big boy and can stand up for himself, right?

        You realize everyone here pays money to support Tim, you’re not the “enlightened one” – chill bro

  132. MikeM says:

    Ian’s right. Most of them aren’t evil, they’re afraid. That’s how totalitarian societies always work.

  133. frankaron says:

    Totally love this guest!!

  134. thndrbrd says:

    LoL, YES! I was at work when the whole Harvey Winestine story broke and the #metoo movement started and this gal was like, “Can you believe this?” I was like, “What? My mom told me growing up that if you make it in Hollywood you’re going to be like a dart board from all the dick.” Then more and more, I was like how are people surprised?

  135. Cluegoo says:

    We all need a little more “fuck you” in our ❤️‘S.

  136. ProofofParadox says:

    I think younger conservatives are more outspoken I’m 24 and have conversations at work with my liberal friends to challenge their ideas I helped many people buy a gun… much of this I have done seeing the failing of the generation before. I have also been getting them to your site as well as daily wire and crowder

    • TheDarkworld says:

      I try to be that guy as well in my town (in northern central IL, yuck) and it’s not always easy my man but good on you. Do it to it.🥂 (Recovering democrat myself, it took some extremely persuasive arguments from a cool but rational older dude I worked with to expose me to the lies. He has no idea how grateful I am)

  137. says:

    Truly fun and insightful IRL. Although dark at times, this was insightful but fun most of the time.
    As to Super Network…please Tim, keep doing you. Time and tech is not where we need it to be for loose affiliation networks.

  138. LVIII says:

    I don’t follow pop-culture, so I had no idea who this wonderful, inspiring woman was until tonight. It was so refreshing to hear someone come out of the hellscape she described and have such salient and potent views and statements about things that matter in this life. There is nothing more powerful than strong, empowered people with ethics and a backbone.

  139. says:


  140. says:

    Social media personalities seem to always overvalue social media.

  141. jasonvreeman says:

    I have no idea who Adrianne is but I love her. What a breath of fresh air.

  142. Plaguen says:

    Detention Sphere 1WU, I believe is the card you are speaking of. Well at least one of them.

  143. bcccl says:

    great job tim & co., fantastic conversation. adrianne is a gem. sad that this can’t be aired in public as it should be but that’s the state of our social media discourse.

  144. says:

    Is Tim trying to compare himself to the founding fathers?

    • PadreMortalis says:

      You’re joking right? He is not comparing himself. Just looking through the comments, I see every comment you made has a bit of salt or criticism. I know criticism can be good, but you are reaching to make Tim something weird in your head. Tim himself has said he’s an arrogant prick. I see he’s an arrogant prick. But come on. You need some kind of self complex to sift through this world and rise up. I can look past his douchiness and see the world he sees and how he puts words to describe it for videos. I don’t know why you’re in the members area if you don’t care about the big picture. Everyone I see that dislikes Tim that much just sees “gimme money and fuck off” instead of “help me create something that will allow for a degree of change”

      • says:

        Your comment contracts itself and you’re making assumptions about my thoughts that I haven’t posted. You’re obviously making assumptions about my thoughts based on less than 5% of my comments made in members only. I was supporting Tim through PayPal before this members only website was even up…

        It is also interesting that you’re claiming to know Tim’s unspoken thoughts, too.

        Allow me to explain: his criticism about parents not risking their families financial security is correlated/compared to the founding father’s “…having their homes burned down and their kids executed/murdered” for their beliefs, then he goes on to give examples of how he feels he’s taken risks to stand up against the Marxist machine with his social commentary. Do you get it?

        As far as you trying to limit my feedback as a paying member is nonsensical.

        I stand by what I said: people who don’t have kids giving advice to parents on how to parent is like a man without feet telling you what shoes you should be wearing.

  145. Dustinicus says:

    Fight like hell

  146. Enclyclo says:

    Great Guest – God Bless

  147. Kshthymyla says:

    I LOVE the “his heart is nothing but FUCK YOU!”

    I have good news. There is another pill after the black pill. It’s a different red pill. A crimson pill, if you will. Not one of hope, but one of determination.

  148. says:

    It’s comical to hear a bunch of adults without children talk about what parents should do.

  149. FrozenFargo says:

    She is awesome. You all need to have her back, I laughed so much!
    Old indeed I could be her mother. Yes Tim old people follow you!
    You give us old people hope for the young!

  150. benben says:

    Now we need to see Styx Warwick on Tinfoilcast.

    make it happen!!

  151. Yobuyahouse says:

    All you need to realize is how often Alex Jones is right.

  152. Almighty_Antichrist says:

    Fascinating bonus episode.

  153. catniptoy says:

    Love seeing my Avon Lady on Timcast. Love Adrianne.

    My 82 year Mom is a now a daily Timcast viewer.

    Keep going and growing 👍🏻

  154. MikeM says:

    Do you have insider information that they’re about to come for me? Because this is the Algernon episode.

    t. Algernon

  155. Plaguen says:

    I get the whole trust the plan thing and Q is crazy but I learned 2 things from watching Fall of the Cabal.

    1.They want you divided. Divide you by religion, sex, political affiliation, class, culture, and race.
    2.The world is run by a cabal of kid touching perverts.

  156. empire92892 says:

    PLZ have styxx on

  157. CapnK023 says:

    Satanic Blood Cult. I knew it

  158. Magster73 says:

    Not surprised in the least. Hollywood has major issues. Always have. She better be careful or she will end up being Weinsteined.

  159. says:

    Please bring Adrianne back!! I love her!!

  160. John_Beart says:

    What a set of guns on this lady. Dang. Awsome attitude. Thanx for your time.

  161. eheff says:

    I’m pretty sure this lady is insane. God bless her. A national treasure.

  162. ocnier says:

    “FUCK YOU” is a beautiful thing. This lady is dropping truth hard.

  163. ocnier says:

    “FUCK YOU” is a beautiful thing.

  164. Cursed108 says:

    TIM I know you need to make money but this needs to be free for EVERYONE! This is important info!

  165. Azuris89 says:

    Tim you uncultured SWINE! I refuse to buy a superchat to correct you lol. Pandarens have been in the Warcraft universe much longer than kung-fu panda has been around. Also, the most recent xpac is Shadowlands, and the “one with the nightfallen” was Legion. WotLK was the best xpac though.

  166. Robert says:

    She’s a firebrand of a guest. Definitely one of the better streams.

  167. John Tango Mango says:

    What a shocker– women are whores. Harvey Weinstein did nothing wrong. Women have no business in public life.

  168. Jado says:

    ugh this stuff needs to be public and names named

  169. Shablankadonk says:

    I second @arakitai ‘s suggestion with some added flavor. One platform where you can get Tim pool, Jordan Peterson, Brett and Eric Weinstein, Michael Malice, Dave Rubin, Jack Murphy, Jocko, The Quartering all in one place UNCENSORED! And let’s not forget our comedians Joe Rogan, Tom Segura, Reggie Watts Louis C.K., Dave Chappelle and any other comedian worth his salt. Let’s make a place where we can laugh again.

  170. grave367 says:


  171. Brianziskie says:

    Timcast, Maj toure, jack posobiac, Glenn greenwald, micheal malice, Jordan Peterson, colion noir, John Lovell( warrior poet society) Jarrett (guns and gadgets) , Matt breynard, John Doyle and Luke should all merge they’re sites together for a super news/media/ politics/content channel ! That’s be lit son!

    • Tim_Pool says:

      that’s what they’re working towards
      if u’ve been watching long enuf, they talk about ‘free the code’ and IPs + IPSs and alligator wrestling …? 🤷‍♂️

  172. Stickywicket1977 says:

    It was 110 in Tacoma, WA today and it was hot but I got AC so…

  173. says:

    Hey Tim, I’ve been a fan for a while. I’ve recently seen the progress your making and became a subscriber to support the great work your doing. Adrianne, I love your energy, your outlook on life and how we all really are equal as individuals. Female and Male are two pieces of the same puzzle. Neither can exist without the other. God Bless you both. I wish I could just sit down for a night with you all on my back porch here in Florida and Just shoot the “S”, Best of luck to you all.

  174. Hitman8541 says:

    Honestly my critique of TimcastIrl is that it is too short. I wish that it was more of a 3 hour segment. Oh I know you have lives to live haha. I find myself at a loss after a measly hour and a half with 30 minutes of superchats. These subjects need to be explored for a lot longer. Just my take.

    • Brozumaki says:

      Maybe like a once/twice a week extended episode? I see your take, good point

    • arakitai says:

      Ideally it would be a super simple, super bare bones app. You have a list of content channels/creators you can select. Then you get a subscription feed with a list of videos to tap on, which takes you to the URL of the video you select. This takes the back end burden off of the federation app.

      You literally don’t do any other features. No comments, no nothing. Just something that I can tap on while working, without having to go to 30 different websites. The issue is the time it takes to launch the video, not anything else. If that can be solved, nothing else is necessary. Solve just that one problem, do it well, and you have defeated Golia…. I mean Google

  175. arakitai says:

    I really wish that Tim, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson and a few others would federate their content together onto a single website or app. All people really want for a YouTube alternative is a few hours of solid content per day. TV networks have made do with much less than that.

    Once you start filling out people’s entire viewing day, things will radically change. Tim and Friends will start seeing Netflix numbers. You just have to hit that tipping point where YouTube goes from primary to secondary content consumption for people. I would love it if I watched Tim TV all day and flipped over to YouTube for non-political content for 30 minutes a day, esoteric stuff that no one else carries. I think even YouTube would be happy about that.

  176. Allen63087 says:

    Wtf Tim

  177. kaesar says:

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  178. Hitman8541 says:

    Waiting patiently

  179. Mariajohnstone says:

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  181. KJ_08 says:

    Late to party,…do these not livestream?

  182. Shablankadonk says:

    C’mon! Encode already!

  183. says:

    Adrianne Curry; sorry I never heard of you before this episode on Youtube earlier, tonight; you seem like a cool chick who’s really alive; grabbing the bull by the horns! Thanks for a great show and good luck with everything in the wilderness with your viking hubby! I look forward to this members only episode, this topic of child abuse int he world needs to be realized by the mainstream. What greater responsibility do adults have other than protecting children?

  184. Blackjack70 says:

    Tim I’m really impressed with the work you are doing. Keep it up man. God bless.

  185. Francia says:

    Tim needs to talk with Adam Curry about technical solutions to censorship.

  186. HawkSmash says:

    You must construct additional pylons.

  187. indycarpenter says:


  188. asianchris says:

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