Bonus Episode: Steve Bannon Says Trump Won And Evidence Is Coming, Tim Gets Pissed About Culture War Issues

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Bonus Episode: Steve Bannon Says Trump Won And Evidence Is Coming, Tim Gets Pissed About Culture War Issues

768 responses to “Bonus Episode: Steve Bannon Says Trump Won And Evidence Is Coming, Tim Gets Pissed About Culture War Issues”

  1. aphix says:

    For those upset about scrolling through comments, if you have a full keyboard, ctrl+end will immediately jump to the bottom.


  2. aphix says:

    Also if 1% of a vaccine fails… nobody would consider taking that.

    Even just because it doesn’t prevent transmission or infection, that’s a fail. Doesn’t have to hurt you.

  3. NewAmerican says:

    First of all scrolling through 768 comments just to get to the comment section is a bit of a pain in the ass. Note to your developers.

    Great video and discussion! Would love to have you bring in Bannon For another longform discussion. It’s amazing how much we all have in common when we are given the opportunity to explore ideas without restriction.

  4. kellybw says:

    I want to meet these people. It is one of my life goals to build my own brand big enough to make acquaintance with Tim and his team.

  5. Gizmoses says:

    I subscribed just for this video. Well done. But all the foul language (Which I don’t normally care about) seems out of place and forced, over the top in this. It is unnecessary and discredits all of you.

  6. gregwood says:

    Good show!

  7. KekLordGrey says:

    Not a fan of the cussing…. FYI… has to be used strategically… If I ever cuss… you had best duck and cover.

    • denomic says:

      I’m sorry people are not fans of him cursing but they did pay a membership fee to hear it as well, so…

    • Your.favorite.andrew says:

      I’m sorry that you happen to not be a fan of the cursing. Speaking for myself though, I happen to enjoy it, comes off as a much more honest conversation. I can only assume you must be listening to this with your kids, and that’s why you are not a fan of the frank language. If that is the case, I totally understand. But I pay for the membership so I can hear the cuss words. We might disagree on this minor topic, yet I’m sure we still agree on most issues! Wish ya the best!

  8. TheGreyMan says:

    Tim, Lydia, Ian:

    Listen to Steve. You are going to quite probably look back upon this time and reflect proudly upon your contribution towards maintaining the promise and the freedoms of the United States of America. It’s either that or I will see you at the Re-Education camps, I and many of my brothers and sisters in arms, have already been put on watchlists just for being combat veterans. I’ve been trained in insurgency and counterinsurgency operations, tactics, etc. “Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that she was briefed before the release of a controversial intelligence assessment and that she stands by the report, which lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S.”

  9. Orgodemir2 says:

    Steve Bannon mentioned taking digital pictures. To avoid accusations of doctoring photos, they should also take polaroid pictures simultaneously to prove they weren’t.

  10. Janguskong says:

    I feel like the momentum the team is gathering is going to take us to some amazing places. If yall aren’t strategizing on how to best utilize your momentum you should be. Even being under the radar from public smearing is all the more reason to start exploring other avenues to best utilize the under the radar momentum.

  11. BluntestAsh49 says:

    Good interview, man.

  12. says:

    Outstanding interview, this reinforces why I subscribed. Keep up the great work.

  13. Kingfish says:

    Refreshing hearing non-curtailed speech 🤘

  14. Teona_irl says:

    Vice took your camera brother, I’d bet a lot on that!

  15. says:

    Tim, just because you can ( cuss like a sailor) doesn’t men you should! You are more intelligent then that.

  16. Wolv256 says:

    I wanna go back into the Matrix.

  17. Wolv256 says:

    They didn’t call him Andy Yges.

  18. Wolv256 says:

    He’s definitely playing up swearing, but I dig it. It’s probably fun for him too having to censor himself for so long. I wonder how long he can keep it up though or if he’ll get tired of it?

  19. Wolv256 says:

    What a God damn fucking shit milquetoast fence sitter

  20. Wolv256 says:

    Peaceful divorce isn’t possible. I worked hard to buy my California home and I’m not moving. You Communists can’t take over my home and I’m not leaving. I’m right, you’re wrong, and there is no compromise. You back down and conform to America and that is the only choice.

    • Phuckcensorship says:

      Fuck no, there will be no peaceful divorce. Can you imagine in 20-30 years, it’d be like living next door to Russia and China because Russia and China would get in bed with them. America’s greatest security is our isolated domain on the other side of the globe. We’re right, they’re ignorant authoritarian assholes. We will be keeping California and if anything, they’ll be EXILED. FUCK COMMUNISTS.

  21. MjolnirOdenson says:

    That Sargon Video was how I found out about you. I had forgotten until you just said it. Wow, the Reverse Mandela effect, where I forget something that really happened. Also known as approaching 40 😛

    Props to Sargon though! Love that skinny bastard ^_^

  22. Jank_Media says:

    Have Bannon on again in the future. Awesome episode, dude is fascinating to listen to.

    • says:

      You can watch Steve bannon Monday- Saturday at war room 9am _11 am central time and again at 4-5 central time mon- sat
      He also has a podcast!

  23. SwiftTremors says:

    I’m just here for the “Fuck” and “Fucking Bullshits” tbh /s 😀

  24. Tommy_Curry68 says:

    Why was Andy Ngo out there Tim, why was he willing to possibly be a martyr ? Have you read the Declaration of independence? Read it and understand the last line ” And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

  25. Tommy_Curry68 says:

    These people are as Dumb as a box of shit, the difference is a box of shit has some use, fertilizer, these people have no use what so ever, unless of course you use them as fertilizer 😉

  26. Tommy_Curry68 says:

    Timmy’s civil War could indeed be coming.

  27. Madmartigin says:

    The most surprising thing about becoming a member, is listening to Tim and Crew drop F bombs. =d

  28. mkshort says:

    What a great show! One of the best and totally worth the membership. Everyone should read the 4th turning,. Loved Steve’s take on all that’s happening. Keep fighting, Tim!

  29. adamelawrence80 says:

    This election was stolen and it’s gonna be proven…the result will be the end of the establishment as we know it and a Christian Conservative Revival Dynasty of 10-15 years rule…see the period of 1981-1993. Nancy Pelosi will be retiring in January 2023…she will not hang around for the Conservative revenge tour. The Democrat party is already dead…it’s a bunch of crazy Communists pretending to be bleeding heart Socialists and a group of corrupt 80 year olds like Biden and Pelosi who are hanging on by appeasing the nutty far left.. America will gain a valuable skepticism of their government moving forward that will help us correct course and get this world back on track. God bless for he is the answer to all questions.

  30. ElijahFrye says:

    Watching this a second time cause i was playing warthunder the first time. Ya wanna talk about how to die in city combat really fast….. watching this and looking down going “holy shit im not the only one” steve bannon is someone tbh that would be nice to have run for office cause as soon as he got high enough to get on a they have to cover him no matter what everyone would see threw the news medias BS

  31. The_Sinner says:

    Loving the content.

  32. Yamamoto says:

    Hey I joined today wanting to hear what Bannon had to say. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

    • Gralin says:

      So here’s what will probably happen: Our leadership (and I’m talking about Wall Street and the Security State, not the elected actors) will plunge us into another existential crisis to distract the public. This could take the form of a full scale shooting war or an extension of the “pandemic” , which will really be about ADE from vaccines, but blamed on variants. The Country Club Reps will fold. Again. It’s all about the numbers, and no amount of public pressure will shift this nation from running itself off a cliff, especially with Generation Woke populating the new “military”. All General Critical Race Theory will have to do is point the finger at “white supremacists among us”.

    • mullmans says:

      another daily warroom listener who joined just to hear bannon

  33. ColorfulThinker says:

    Came for Steve, stayed for tim … but I smile because of Ian and lydia.

  34. Ians_hallucination says:

    Just joined because of this episode and i follow steve and warroom but also because i believe in tim and his crew

  35. DNOLAN says:

    I’m so glad I finally signed up for this membership. Not just because of Bannon but Tim sounds just like me it’s hard to go 1 minute without saying fuck or bullshit lmao. This is the Tim I like to hear! 100% Geniune! Fuck YouTube but I understand completely hard to bite the hand that feeds you but if this membership keeps growing and people realize how phony YT is nobody is going to want to continue to watch. We need a true 1st Amendment version of YT in size but until then I’ll definitely be watching all these aftershow videos. Keep it up we like the genuine Tim not the PC Tim!

  36. Crownejules says:

    We know it! Now to see it! Cant wait to see them bring the receipts!!

  37. Downtowngirl says:

    I’m with them all. The Comment Bar needs to be ON TOP

  38. alienbeans says:

    thats the first time i heard that word in english, “comport”..ive only heard it in spanish, “comportando/etc.”=behaving

  39. TheComedian says:

    Damn there are so many comments. Obviously Trump won…. by a LOT!

  40. yournamehasbeentaken says:

    This is the interview that convinced me to join. Great stuff, you’re going in the right direction, keep it up!

  41. Alphawolf209 says:

    Flip you comment upside down tim. Comment bar up top newest comment first. Also just joined for this interview alone

  42. says:

    This is the first podcast I have seen that’s not on YouTube and I got to say I should have gotten and I count on here sooner. Seeing Tim and Steve Bannon talk about what we already know it’s like finally coming up for air after getting suffocated under the suppression of YouTube Facebook and Twitter.

  43. Stoned says:

    HA!!!! Tim said “retarded” I laugh way too loud. I grew up in the 90’s my friends and I always said it to each other along with all the other “gaymer words”.

    I remember “Smear The Queer”, none of us are gay to this day, but it was a fun game to play with your friends for absolute no reason other than to tackle them and dog pile on top of them.

    Shit this all reminds me of the those sweet yard darts that could stick into your skull if you were dumb enough to stand anywhere near where it lands.

  44. Murph17 says:

    Joined to hear this interview and now going on to the conspiracy theory episode… Tim unhinged is glorious!

  45. Cleffy says:

    The Watermarks thing in Arizona wasn’t an official ballot. It was a proposed ballot for future elections.

  46. dabrown says:

    The epic journey to the bottom such a quest of determination and desire to comment and say:

    Its weird hearing Tim curse.. I feel like I’m in gonna get in trouble haha

  47. Emo6126 says:

    I joined just for this interview….. Not disappointed. But please move the comment box to the top it’s a pain to scroll all the way down to comment

  48. coast5 says:

    I love how at the very end Ian manages to ask Steve Bannon if he takes psilocybin mushrooms! Smooth!

  49. Sashaeisenman says:

    Tim please get rid of those childish comic book posters on the walls of your studio, its embarrassing to have some one like Steve Bannon have to sit there with those ridiculous posters behind them.

  50. PTruong says:

    This is beginning to make sense now. No wonder they are going after the 2A so hard and they are also trying to jail the Trump Supporters because people are going to flip. The will be another Jan 6th when facts do come out…

  51. GovernmentIsRape says:

    He honestly admits that he cannot reduce government vote buying, yet believes SOMEHOW he can centrally plan an economy! He’s just as delusional as every other communist.

  52. Magster73 says:

    Bannon is right. Women won’t back down if it concerns their children.

  53. DOC7685 says:

    Tim, you have to have Seth Keshel on. He likely wouldn’t be able to discuss much of his work until the bonus episode, but he speaks only in data and numbers and facts. He won’t mention the word fraud bc it takes away from the argument. His stuff is the most convincing thing I’ve seen that the election was absolutely stolen. Have him on, if only to see if you could possibly disagree afterwards.

  54. HumanLivesMatter says:

    A chirugical masks can stop spit, but as it filters particles as small as 20 000 nm and the covid19 virus with a diameter of 120 nm, plus children infection are very very low.But
    an lab analysis of school children masks found on schoolhildrens facemasks on June 16th 2021 in Gainsville Florida: Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumonia)/Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis)/Neisseria meningitidis (meningitis, sepsis)/Acanthamoeba polyphaga (keratitis and granulomatous amebic encephalitis)/Acinetobacter baumanni (pneumonia, blood stream infections, meningitis, UTIs— resistant to antibiotics)/Escherichia coli (food poisoning)/Borrelia burgdorferi (causes Lyme disease)/Corynebacterium diphtheriae (diphtheria)/Legionella pneumophila (Legionnaires’ disease)/Staphylococcus pyogenes serotype M3 (severe infections—high morbidity rates)/Staphylococcus aureus (meningitis, sepsis).Bon apetit!

  55. HumanLivesMatter says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen my channel (from YouTube bitchute odysee etc)As it was already forbidden on YouTube, to talk about Trump winning the election, I introduced the persona of a CCP -50 cent-vampire (vampires for Biden) with a conspiracy theory how Biden won the election that explained all theirregularities with vampires voting (dead-voters, votes coming in at knight, protection panels for sunlight) no empty election office, just vampires don’t show on mirrors and therefore not on camera – which shows why voter ID is the alive-voter supremacy) Maybe, one day, bored on the toilet you’d like to watch it.Youtube only rated it as indecent, because I put in all the Biden clips from his racist past, like when he defended in the senate the K;K.K.And by the way, the vampire starts to talk in the garment of his day-job as Antifa activist (it’s only sun protection)

  56. annotlesperance says:

    lol tim get his own medicine getting cut off by bannon

    • ElijahFrye says:

      Just became a member 06/29/21 and im not gonna lie at first i was like 10$ why not a 5$ and now i know cause i would pay 10$ just for this episode. TIM when u watch this i realize how much people have wrong about you cause they dont get the full you and watching how passionate you are about these things are just impressive to say the least. Love ya man keep up the work ill be subbed for as long as i budget properly

  57. skibum says:

    Tim still can’t get over the Andy Ngo thing? LoL let it go, dude, we don’t agree with your view on it. You love to dish out criticism, obviously your tone in going at Andy came across as self-satisfied. Had you made the same argument with an appropriate tone, you wouldn’t have gotten the pushback you did.

  58. says:

    Became a member only for Bannon… Will exit soon, Tim seems to lack empathy for the normal people out there..
    A guy(Myself) in the 30’s having a diabetic parent CANNOT just leave the city when they are dependent, and have a child.
    Despite agreeing with almost EVERYTHING Tim as to say, his spectrum on everyday people is grossly limited. I personally have an amazing Job in a IT Company. Thanks to that, I am able to put food in the table, and take care of my child and wife. Majority of us can’t just leave the city like that.
    Tim is in the position that he is in now with and doing extremely well, thanks to people like us who support his website. He has to make the noise on our behalf as Banon pointed out.
    TheQuartering has an amazing video on this.

  59. says:

    60 seconds in and already hooked.

  60. AGBLVNV says:

    Joined because of Bannon

  61. InsightOftheAges says:

    I have a challenge for Tim pool and his team and I also want to set forth my intention for how you would spend my $10 support fee. I love what you guys are doing! In the context of this episode, I think that the Tim pool News Network or whatever the hell you guys are going to call yourself; needs to do a deep dive into Eric Carmelo I don’t know if that’s how you spell his name but you know what I mean. I think it’s time America knows who he is and why his name was censored! Maybe one of the new dissenting news anchors could really jazz it up! This story demands to be told and if they censor did so swiftly, doesn’t that sound like the steel man we’re looking for? Isn’t ukrainegate the steel man we’re looking for? Why don’t you do a deep dive on it? I know that it’s extremely dangerous but you have our support you have my $10 in the whole world should know. Half the country’s going to have to admit they were wrong and I don’t know how to tell that story unless “the name that can’t be spoken” is spoken loud and clear. He needs to be a household name and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be given the fact that it’s probably the most Noseworthy story America’s “FREE PRESS” yet hasn’t told. Fortune favors the Bold, WHERE WE born for Times Like These, or are we the weak men that you warn others about? I’m thinking that a deep dive on this man and his career might indicate a little bit more clearly to us who exactly is behind all this information misinformation and b******* being crammed down our throats. I would start by Framing it as a package of his Noble service to our country and his patriotism.

  62. Porski28 says:

    I loved this. I’ve been watching Tim for years and just realized he’s only a “milk toast fence sitter” on YouTube lol. So great to hear him curse and get pissed off and say how he really feels on his own website! Keep it up Tim!

  63. InsightOftheAges says:

    Tim needs a real message board .. like Reddit style.. asap… this comment section sucks.

    • TimeTravel says:

      I second this. It would help Tim form a community and provided a nice service to his subscribers. There are plenty of plug and play solutions for this too.

  64. redrumax says:

    I like Tim cursing and getting angry. I also sued my employer , won, went off sick for 6 months with stress after winning the case and still work for them, they are tiptoeing around me. The empowerment is beautiful.

  65. BillyLong42 says:

    I am with Tim. While I do believe it was so easy to do that manipulation did occur, I really do think it was made just too easy. The ballot is dropped in ur lap of course I’ll vote for Biden.

  66. mayakrieger13 says:

    I am currently at a loss for what to do. I found out that the university that I just transferred to is requiring the vaccine for the fall. I have been trying to go back to school for two years so not going back is not an option. Getting the vaccine is also out of the question for me. I have been trying to get off of certain meds because the side effects have been negatively affecting my life for almost two years now so the fact that the vaccine might cause myocarditis and nerve damage means I am absolutely not willing to take it, especially seeing as the only responses I’ve got when I mention my apprehension due to these side effects is the fact that they’re rare or that “the cdc says the benefits outweigh the risks.” These are both cognitive fallacies and do not address the question of why these side effects are happening or to what type of patient so until I get some legitimate arguments, how could I put myself at risk for a more serious side effect than the meds I am already trying to get off of due the side effects negatively affect my life too much? Point is… does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle the vaccine requirement at my school????

    • redrumax says:

      To the kid who needs vaccine to get back to school: don’t get the vaccine, find another school, move to another state. No school is worth having you crippled for life, or sterile, or dead.

    • Scotty says:

      Is the school a government ran organization? Or a private institution?

    • GovernmentIsRape says:

      Commit fraud or just learn online and through actually working in the field. You may have to come up with a trick how you can get paid less than the minimum wage. Like a contract for only 20 hours and then not getting paid for overtime. Schooling is the worst way to learn anything.

    • Phuckcensorship says:

      I just talked to my doc who treated me for long term Lyme disease (I suspect was a US government leak they never admitted to but that’s another story) but she knows her shit. She said the problems are with these new mRNA vaccines. She said if I get a shot, get the Johnson & Johnson shot as it’s the classic technology snd not the shot causing these problems. Talk to your doctor, I’m just giving you the info I got. Fwiw I am 43, healthy immune system, have experienced long term mysterious health issues and am not taking any chances to make situation worse, I’d rather catch the stupid Covid cold and possibly not experience any symptoms. This entire thing has been a dystopian joke. I knew it from the start they were up to something. This has been one big IQ test and so many people FAILED.

  67. TimeTravel says:

    I subscribed to see this one. Great show!

    • DavidSr says:

      Tim that is a good man you had on there. He is one of the few that have his priorities straight and knows what to do. Here is another man l would like to see on your show North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson. Man can he give speeches and he is correct in what he says

    • Sourshoes says:

      I subscribed just to see this content with Steve. Been watching Tim for a long time on youtube. Fuck yes….. this was real. I’ve been a fan of Steve for years and have always been really disappointed with how the legacy media has portrayed him as he’s a patriot, gentleman, intellectual, and a key general in our war against the left. Thanks Tim…. keep it up.

  68. julezy_adams says:

    Lol Tim said ‘dumb as a box of rocks’. I say that all the time.

  69. Bignate says:

    I don’t come in here that often, but that was fantastic. I am much more upbeat about the figurative fight now. Bannon was so inspirational.

    • Alicia22 says:

      My first ever YouTube membership. Great Guest. Thanks for that. Gives me hope for 2024. Informative on China. And always a pleasure to see “Tim Acting Tough”. Wish that was my name. More of it please. All that and based in the UK! It all started with Brexit with me.

  70. ChestRockweezy says:

    At the end Steve basically said stay classy San Diego

  71. Lootcrew says:

    Joined for this. Thank you for everything you are doing Tim & crew you guys are the best. Just a regular dude. Electrician by day and without these podcasts I don’t know how I would get through the day. Keep it man! You and the crew are seriously the best.

  72. MachismoJoe says:

    holy sheet there’s a lot of comments here… i had to scroll for ages.
    My sister-in-laws father got vaccinated, he’s now in the hospital. Not sure which one he got, but i’m hoping he pulls through. As for Q theories… i’m not a Q, but I still think things were fishy in this election. Time even said so. There will be little trust until we do a full audit, of the entire nation. We found “anomalies” in the NH election (folds discounted or voted the other way). But technology is god, and you can’t go against it… BS.

  73. UncontestedCHMP says:

    Absolutely best opening possible.

  74. TwoDogsFN says:

    I’m a new subscriber because of this episode. Its great getting to hear Tim just go off without any bullshit restrictions. Keep the pressure up Tim, we’re starting to turn the tide.

  75. WolphB says:

    When Tim has a take that a lot of people don’t agree with he takes it too personally. Its going to bring him down if anything does.

  76. Shouting_Parrot says:

    I can’t believe I waited 2 days to watch this. It makes my toes tingle as I hear Bannon speak. Uncharted territory indeed.

  77. WolphB says:

    Its not proving it thats going to be difficult. Its stopping activist lawyers from shutting it down or activist DOJ people from shutting it down. Its getting more then a couple of news sites to cover it. Its getting past the wall of propaganda on MSNBC and others.

    • ClemEverly says:

      It’s MSNBC and others” that are going to have to get their consumers, their financiers over that wall of propaganda. Stop thinking people win by convincing traitors they are traitors, convict them, then their opinion means nothing… their numbers mean NOTHING! Get it Stupid?

  78. Davv says:

    Beautiful white pill segment and wholesome ending!

  79. Paul Sawyer says:

    Everyone seems to keep glossing over the biggest factor in this bullshit push to give kids the Fauci Ouchie! 🤦‍♂️ None of these experiments will STOP transmission or contracting the virus and kids have statistically near 0% chance of death from this virus. Most won’t even notice they have it. And that’s according to the Criminals Demanding Controls very own stats. Wake the fuck up and keep that shit out of kids arms! Keep it out of anyone’s arms imho, but hey, adults, you do you, just don’t complain next flu season when you are sicker than shit. Also Tim, you should talk with Ryan Christian from The Last American Vagabond. He’s the man! Love you all

  80. Mwz1991 says:

    Tim, Great episode as always. Been watching for years now, been subbed here a couple months. I watch your regular vids on YouTube to support you there, and i pay for a subscription to watch the bonus episodes. Trying to support as much as I can. It just feels good to have a guy who pretty much sees the world similar to the way I do. Much love from Houston.

  81. JohnCordisco says:

    If Steve Bannon is right about the election fraud, will the Republicans (local, state and national level) have the backbone to do something about it? If the main stream media calls election fraud evidence fraudulent what happens then? I hope Steve is right, we shall see.

    • Thinkfirst says:

      Thats what I was wondering.
      I suppose it will ddpend on what happens in the midterms. If quality people on the right get in we win, if the left steals the elections again we lose.

  82. Orourke says:

    The wheels of justice move slow.

  83. Orourke says:

    I woke one day with radial nerve damage to the point my arm felt like it was asleep. The Va dianosed it as radial nerve neuropothy. That happenned after a flu shot I accepted on a routine check up with my Primary care provider at the VA. I went through physical therepy for a year just to move my arm again. I seriously could not use my arm for almost 2 years. The thing with vaccinations is you can not sue the company that caused harm.

  84. says:

    Tim, I have been listening to you for a LOOOONG time now—at least two years. I quit listening to the Daily Wire because they didn’t cover the election fraud. I didn’t expect them to say there was fraud, but I was incredulous that they didn’t cover it. You did. Thank you.

    Today I finally went to Timcast and subscribed. Steve Bannon pushed me over the edge to support the beanie and Company. I can’t get content like this anywhere—except from Robert Barnes. Now that I am a member I want to stand up and shout: Get Robert Barnes on your show!!

  85. Rosetown says:

    I was sent a link to watch Steven Bannon on your show … I admit I was reluctant. But WOW, you were excellent to him and both had great commentary! So I have decided to subscribed to your channel. Let’s all come together to save out Beloved Country❤️❤️

  86. DJ200s says:

    Tim, your site keeps crashing on mobile. I don’t know if it’s your site or censorship, but every time I play something my phone screen goes black & I get the circle of death. I have an iPhone 11, so not a old, shitty phone.

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      Probably something wrong on your end unless it was glitch that got cleared up already. I have a mediocre Android and it’s been fine for me.

  87. McLovin says:

    Why the fuck do I need to scroll past 600 comments to leave a comment?
    Tim WTF 😍.
    Put the comments section at the top.

    I joined because you had Steve on oh and because I missed Luke. 🤣

  88. McLovin says:

    Why the fuck do I need to scroll past 600 comments to leave a comment?
    Tim WTF 😍.
    Put the comments section at the top.

    I joined because you had Steve on oh and because I missed Luke. 🤣

  89. McLovin says:

    Why the fuck do I need to scroll past 600 comments to leave a comment?
    Tim WTF 😍.
    Put the comments section at the top.

    I joined because you had Steve on oh and because I missed Luke. 🤣

  90. Mserin88 says:

    Can you please have Dr. Peter Navarro on! He is smart but so wild 😜 hed be an awesome guest!

  91. Solitary_Scribe says:

    Finally got my money for this one, the main segment was so interesting I couldn’t not subscribe for more. Great show with a guest I never bothered to listen to before. Eyes have been opened to this man’s great patriotism. Thank you very much for having him on.

  92. Dang_Doodle says:

    Why has nobody mentioned that a Dominion executive was brought in to lead the group certifying voting machines right before the election?

  93. WafflesSensei says:

    Steve, my opinion of you has changed in the same kinda way it changed with Donald Trump… except you have a way better grasp than that guy. You are not what they say you are. My best advice is to keep up the fight, keep going forward speaking the truth and keep the same tact that you had on the live show this Tuesday.
    Also I’m getting really sick of it when people say they have seen evidence, but can’t say what it is… People want it to be true, and they want to fight for Trump like he fought for us.. Bring the evidence man, and let’s show the people the rot.

  94. 1598_1776_2020 says:

    Nice work Tim & Cast. Bannon got you my money. A request if I may….Dr. Victor Davis Hanson please.

  95. ralfi says:

    This was a great episode and Steven Bannon, bro guys is cool. Not was the media showed me, just another eye opening event. I have changed my mind on Bannon, the guys an American first type of guy, Very cool. Thank you for this.

  96. deplorablewhitesupremacist says:

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    • redneckpisano says:

      I signed up just to hear this and I am so glad I did. It is time to put away the petty differences that our “rulers” infect our society with, to divide us, and unite as Americans to save our Republic. This is, without a doubt, spiritual warfare, good vs evil, light vs dark. Only one side will win and I pray to the God of my understanding that good and light prevail. I am so encouraged by these two brilliant people to articulate our common foe, whether you consider yourself “right or left”. Let it go, this is an up and down fight. I love you all and I love this Republic.

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    Bannon’s probably right about women pushing for change. However, he’s missing something important: those women were married and had children. Most women are not forming family units with men and many are not having children. This makes them very easy to control. The push back from the families of school-aged children is going to be MUCH weaker than during the time of the French Revolution.

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  111. Miranda02 says:

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    Let’s just assume that sufficient enough fraud is found to prove that Trump actually won. What does anybody believe is actually going to happen? Lol I don’t have anything against Bannon, and I don’t necessarily disbelieve that some fishy shit happened. That F distribution on the vote graph is suspect has hell. I just have no faith that anybody that could do something, will.

    • BigbubenTEN says:

      My thoughts are I doubt Biden gets removed but it’ll justify the need for better voter laws much like what they put in place in Georgia and what already exists in Colorado. It’ll help to secure elections.

    • MiloHoffman says:

      If enough states decertify their elections, then I guess the theoretical outcome will be that Joe Biden no longer has 270 electoral votes, so the US House will have to elect a president.

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    I’m more like Tim, don’t drink or smoke, exercise every day(boxing, weights, HIIT, plyometrics).
    Check out a Trail Toes Tire-Trainer, get a used car tire from Goodyear, set it up, put a 35 lb weight(sand filled) on the tire and go to town. It’s great fun to do sprint intervals with.

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  120. Shifty_Sweden says:

    Again with the Sweden thing… When I grew up in the eighties we didnt have to lock our doors when we went out of the house. Now we have more hand granade attacks than any other country in the world that is not in a war. We have been the top rape nation for a decade. Its all because of the mass immigration the politicians has decided about totally against the will of the voters. But Tim says we are rasist because we are against mass immigration. Stop comparing murder rates with Chicago. Compare it to what we used to have.

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    Mr. Bannon, I believe you and agree with you, but it’s hard to feel like we’re winning. I’m ready to fight though and will not stop! Thank you, Tim, Ian, Steve, Lydia, and everyone here…members and IRL staff. You are all my hero’s!

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    • Klunk says:

      I’m watching from a phone.

    • Felix_The_Rat says:

      The only way I have found is to click on the progress bar at the bottom, and try not to move it too far passed where you want to go. Far from ideal for sure. Hopefully they’ll be able to add quality of life items, over time, like using the arrow keys to skip forward/back by a few seconds.

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    Liam Hood, a concerned Australian sovereign person

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    • Rwright85 says:

      I’m not so sure, that Tim and Crew are financially able to take the hit of losing YT. Not yet, which I believe they are putting the cart before the horse if they follow Bannon’s suggestion. Once you have a large audience off YT than you do it on YT.

  138. neeboopsh says:

    lol a: put the comment box/button at the fucking top. not after 670+ comments. second: were there watermarks? somewhere in there. i dont have the exact page link off hand, watermarks are listed as a ballot security measure.

  139. neilkhess says:

    I’d love to see this election get vetted and certified…but I wouldn’t bet on it. If this does happen, we will have full-on civil war.

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    • SheaMeehan says:

      Your analogy for 1% of people suffering from Vaccines (in fact i think Chris Martenson calculated it at 2.5/1000,000) could also be used for Covid? It kills old people but anytime someone young is impacted they sure as make sure we know about it too?

      I am more scared of Covid than the Vaccine.

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  147. Macatac007 says:

    Tim, look up Jovan Pulitzer Hutton, his video on watermarks in ballot paper. He states all paper ballots have a type of identifying marks. They have digital numbers, company names or initials, or other identifying things, such as the make of the paper.

  148. Realtrees420 says:

    I really enjoyed that. Never really listened to Bannon but I think I will now. Man does the MSM really lie about people. It’s so obvious but people are brainwashed by their screens. Project Mockingbird in full effect either by design or just fell into their laps, they’ve totally weaponized the media.

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  164. HoustonUptown says:

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  165. mainten84 says:

    Vaccine is for population control. Bannon only goes so far in his analysis. But he’s Boomer mentality. Bill Gates would never have included vaccines in his list of things to do to get the population down during his Ted Talks presentation. It wouldn’t make any sense to mention vaccines as a part of a list of things to do to get population down by 15%. It’s too scary, to non-boomer for him to think. Correlation bdoes not mean causality. BUT, every causation has a correlation.

  166. ETeam says:

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    • milessharette says:

      It’s refreshing to hear Tim cursing like a sailor. Also cool to know he has a good on/off switch for cursing. It comes in handy. Bannon is a true patriot. His show was one of the few that was telling the truth during the crazy winter

  169. Fxs888 says:

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    • Vesuvias says:

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    • Stevonid says:

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      • Robiscore98 says:

        Bannon shouldve mentioned David Cross’s analysis of the ballot images in Fulton County. Batches of absentee ballots: Biden 100 Trump 0 (x3), Biden 150 Trump 0, Biden 200 Trump 0, Biden 950 Trump 0, Biden 0 Trump 150. When David Cross got access to the individual ballot images, he matched most of the batch numbers to each other but some were missing, some were counted twice or three times and some were wildly off. The batch that was 950-0 was actually Biden 92 Trump 6 Jorgensen 2. Still seems sketchy and is not taking into account the ~30k counterfeit ballots that Suzie Voyles and three other poll managers testified they saw but this is the most convincing evidence you could show anyone including a judge. This is why Garland Favorito and VoterGA is getting access to the 147k absentee ballots in Fulton County.

        Trump won BIGLYYYY

  170. jabrann98 says:

    One of the best shows yet.

  171. PhatJimmy says:

    Check out this awesome couple (who happen to be black) — they are the NEW populist Steve Bannon are talking about — both of them used to be woke/left wing liberal drones —

  172. Up4GrabsGA says:

    I watch the War Room every day! I’ve been a member of your site for a few months but have never watched an extended episode. THIS interview is why I’m happy to support you, Tim! Thank you for having Bannon on your show!!

  173. woodyn18 says:

    Awesome show!

  174. Plastdunk says:

    a bit frustrated with your image of sweden… but with this episode it cleared out that u actually have gotten some of it.

    if you think it is unwise to to get USA Citizens wellfare and what not in the pandemic, in sweden illigal immigrants get their sallary from the government, in support checks (who uses checks anymore, it’s like the early 90’s) they get payed to learn swedish, but they shoose to fail, government is doing nothing, our PM and his acolytes is going for “the prize of the humaitarian superpower” except for welfare during “studies” when they arrive ass assylum seekers or illigals, the are prohibited to work,
    they get the welfara… that is rent for your appartment and a sertaian value for the other expencives .. shampoo foord and what not.

    still no incitament for learning the language.

    swedish isnt as wide spread as english, and refusing to learn the language is activly hinders them from ever getting a job.

    swedens opportuneties for non educated workers, collage or more, are extremly limited, we are high tecjh.. and then if you dont know the language… well

    ofc there will be segregation…

    about the violence..
    that 1300 % raise in the crimes…

    Sweden was like the USA, we were undamaged by ww2, our industri just keep producing.. we specialize in weapons ands crafts there of… wonder why… canons (bofors), airplaines (saab – draken, viggen (they only plane that ever locked on the spyplane.. b52?, 4:th largest airforce in the 50’s i think ), tanks (s-120), rocketlaunchers (carl-gustav and that little handy machinegun that was used up until the 90’s by US special forces) etc etc.

    swedish retired ppl, get less than in retirement than immgrant elderly.. although they have worked and payed their dues… our ow citizens is a second class citizen…

    and who are the refugees.. its not our wars… if i state with a sound of Monty Python…

    last… n the 1980’s early on or the last years of the 70’s nativity numbers fell under 2.0 per every swedish female. Still the population have increased frpm 7.7 miljon then to 10.4 now… of imports.. wouldnt mind if thewere actually interested in sharing the burden.
    swedish welfare is based on that everyone pulls their share, IE works and pay taxes, then we can afford what we used to call free healthcare etc. when ppl dont at least ries.. and dont even learn the language… well..

    final note… somalie immigrants in canada is one the most hardworking groups… in sweden it is the opposite… why is that?

    u (we) cant be handing out gifts for free and suggesting or thinking, that they will adapt…

    did you otice that the swedeish government got sacked? true story bro.

    perhaps sweden will finally abandon their socialism herritage.. it served us well. but not since the 70’s..

    really great episode, finally tim got challenged and it was one of the best episodes!! <3

    we never had that violent rise that the USA had in the 70's

    • KellyAnn says:

      @Plasdunk Wow! Thanks for all of that info coming out of Sweden. I’ve seen some really horrific things coming out of your country, other nations in the EU as well, & have felt so bad for your nation.
      Your country is majority female government, correct? If I’m right, then that’s the problem & solution. Vote them out.

  175. Turk_Longwell says:

    Dang, TimcastIRL… it’s nice to see the massive amount of interactions and all the new members!.
    This is how it should always be.. it will be.
    I had no idea Steve was so legit. Look out War Room here I come. 🧨
    One great perk of being a member and a watcher if IRL, I get find new worthy people to watch or sign up to help, i.e. Matt Braynard w/ Look Ahead America and Joe Kent for PA Senate.
    500 comments! Hells Bells it took a while to scroll down to comment. 😁
    Apes Strong Together. 🦍
    Patriots Strong Together. 🐱‍🏍🦾

  176. Tvollmer says:

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  179. Durnjulio says:

    500 comments… Man this shits blowing up and im happy to be apart of this

  180. MichaelR says:

    I joined for this episode and it’s nice to hear Tim not sounding like a milquetoast pussy. That said, he’s 100% wrong about the magnetofection. Many injected people are becoming magnetized. Maybe some of the videos are fake but that doesn’t mean the whole thing is a hoax.

    I’d love for him to have Dr Jane Ruby on before he jokes about the magnet stuff again.

    • Nutters says:

      But there are no magnetic materials in the vaccine. My husband is a chemist, looked at the ingredients and found no magnetic materials. How is the vaccine magnetic if there are no magnetic materials?

  181. Killa_Cam says:

    Self censorship is the ultimate form of censorship. Being afraid to say something and censoring yourself before the corporate overlords do it is what George Orwell warned us about.

  182. Rover says:

    Mods Please delete my comment. While EUCs are cool and fun It does not make any sense to have this under this video. It was late /early when I made the post.

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  190. ElectionFrog says:

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  191. PhatJimmy says:

    Two comments on this show:
    1. This is one of my TOP 5 favorite EVER shows (both the YouTube and the Members Only segment).
    2. Steve Bannon is playing 5D chess when everyone else is just now figuring out how to play 4D chess.

    • nxtnow says:

      You’re spot on! This was one of the most insightful interviews to date. It truly reaffirmed my decision to be a Timcast member! Bravo team, bravo.

      • PhatJimmy says:

        Some of my more traditional Conservative establishment friends and some of the Trump die hard friends thought it was dumb for me to watch Tim cause he is a self-described left of center guy, but I told them all that Populism is what we need rather than allegiance to the GOP and that everything happening right now is bigger than even Trump. I kept sharing videos and segments with them, and many of them have become diehard Timcast fans now. I was even able to get my pastor at my church to start watching! And he got his wife to start watching! I have my 67 year old now-former establishment GOP mother watching daily. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF DECENTRALIZED MEDIA!

    • ronr says:

      One of the best shows I’ve seen.

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    I joined Timcast to see this episode and to support the new “News Room” and independent journalism. Time to go check out all the other extras I’ve missed. PS I’ve been avoiding your show as much as I could for a while now because you were too lefty. I think Lydia has you coming around though 😉

  196. Glothr says:

    I really, really want Steve to be right. I’m hoping and praying that he is. But I will continue to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The thing that perhaps gives me the most hope is all of these parents showing up to school board meetings and ripping these racists a new one. Pissed parents get shit done when it comes to protecting their kids so I expect this to gain a lot of steam.

  197. WilliamWallaceWilberforce says:

    Have been watching on YT since 2016 – joined for this video.

    Keep the prayers/intentions coming.

    Good >>>>> Evil

  198. Deebeegoods says:

    Amazing conversation! Keep em coming.

  199. WilliamWallaceWilberforce says:

    Action action action.
    Human agency.
    Let’s take down the CCP.

    [‘ubiquitous’ War Room mantras to live by]

  200. Mike_D says:

    THAT…. was SpIcEy!!! 👍👍👍

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    First guest where I agreed with EVERYTHING he said. Truly amazing man and I admit, I doubted him a lot due to MSM reports.

    • Gabbers says:

      One of the best shows I’ve seen. For the first time since the election, I feel a sense of optimism. The media has SO lied about Steve Bannon…. It’s just disgusting. He’s brilliant and kind, and has a true love for this country and its people. His comments about the Chinese people and helping them gave me goosebumps. I just can’t say enough good things about him. I am so glad that Tim’s audience (including this educated, suburban, white woman 😁 – I say that because it’s supposedly our demo that hates Trump & Bannon) got to see the truth. Thank you!!

    • Innerface says:

      This is why they banned Bannon, If you give him the opportunity to speak, what he says absolutely makes sense… no bullshit the “powers that be” can’t have that. So they demonize the man and provide him no N platform to respond … very similar to what they did with Alex Jones…though Bannon is so much more toned down in his delivery. The dude knows his shit.
      FYI Tim, after watching the inter iew on YouTube, my need to hear the rest of this discussion finally convinced me to join… so for those subscribers you may have lost … you also gained some new ones. I hope it balances out if not gets you more traction

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      That was the most optimism inspiring thing I’ve seen in….. At least two years.
      Fight. Be mindful. Have faith. Don’t back down.
      Thank you Mr. Bannon
      And as always, Tim; you’re a national treasure. Keep building your media company.

      • Gabbers says:

        He really is a national treasure. I started watching him in 2015…. Stumbled on his YouTube channel. I started watching because I needed someone to “balance” my views. Then, I watched him somewhat evolve to where he is today. It’s just awesome. I could see the twinkle in both Tim’s eyes as well as Bannon’s … Tim seeing that he REALLY COULD make a difference by doing what he’s doing, and Bannon seeing Tim as a phenomenal messenger. I don’t want to sound too corny, but it was a magical show. I feel reinvigorated again.

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    I got the first vacc shot in May. I have opted not to get shot #2 in light of all the new info out. I got Covid in early March. My Dr called me and asked if I wanted the vacc within my 90 day immunity window. I asked if it was too soon. Dr said No. So after 1st shot I got the speed dating version of Covid all over again. Knocked me down for 3 days. So I’m not getting #2. My 5 year old got Covid same time as me. She got it from her school. I’m not signing her on to getting the vacc. Until people in power start telling the truth, I’m out.

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    “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” – George Orwell
    “Whoever controls the media controls the mind” – Jim Morrison
    “People who think their government cares about them probably think strippers love them too” – origin unknown
    “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” – Plato
    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire
    “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves” – Edward R. Murrow
    “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” Richard P. Feynman
    “Ownership of the media is always in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn
    “Governments will use whatever technology is available to combat their primary enemy – their own population.” — Noam Chomsky
    “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false face for the urge to rule it.” – H.L. Mencken
    “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants” Albert Camus
    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled” -Mark Twain.
    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”-C.S Lewis

    • TRoz says:

      Love your quotes…which include some of my favorites. Your keen awareness about the ongoing truth and current relevance of such axioms says a lot about you…and frankly…a lot about the quality of Tim’s audience in general. Glad you’re here.

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  224. vettev says:

    Re: Fauci requiring “4 yr olds must get vaccinated” – Check out Connecticut’s recent REMOVAL of religious exemption for vaccines. HB No. 6423
    CT has stepped on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM in favor of vaccine mandate. This applies to children going to public OR private school, participating in inter-district sports, etc.

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      Just subscribed today to hear Steve. Glad i did it. As far as putting your friend on who had adverse reactions to the shot… my opinion… won’t matter. Ppl STILL won’t hear it. I know 3 people personally & nobody cares when i tell them. Sickest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

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    Now here we are.

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    • DCDave says:

      Nullified because they are invalid, fraudulent, illegal, etc.? lets play it out – the media, gated-community corp overlords, and social media techno=kings will realize they are caught in the election steal (No surprise since Time brazenly already told everyone this took place) will gin up the ne’er-do-wells of society and yes they will burn down all the big cities… and? Meh? Believe me they ain’t going nowhere outside of the big cities because that would be the end of them and they know that and If you are a sensible person with any means and you still live in a big city – well I am sorry but you reap what you sow. If you lack the means and still live in a big city that should be your main goal – gtfo – because whether it happens with election being overturned or something else you are living on borrowed time. My only hope is that when they do burn this shit down they make a bee line for the gated communities that propped them up and burn that shit down as well.

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    We need to find some way to fundraise for the people standing up,ways to help the mom’s fighting for their kids so we know we’re doing something worthwhile and real and tangible for these people.

    For the first time in six months,I feel like I have a purpose again and I don’t feel miserable and alone.

    Thank you cast and crew of Timcast for having Steve Bannon on,it was a true pleasure to see.

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      • GreenGables says:

        Tim did mention that “This is Biblical”., and a fight between good & evil. Many who are not all that religious still can recognize the significance of that.

    • JackisBack says:

      I became a subscriber solely to see the video. I rate Steve Bannon as a General in the war against the Globalist communist like destruction of the entire worlds freedoms not just the USA. I view Tim Pool as a lieutenant colonel in the war against the monopolies and the propaganda and I watch his videos as much as I can.

    • IBPTGIRL says:

      My eyes were opened last summer into fall, in enough time to vote full Republican ticket, after a lifetime of generational Democrat! My brother became Republican during Carter years! He kept sending me Ben Shapiro shoes, which I couldn’t stand, but like a bad wreck couldn’t look aware or unhear! That and conversation with a dear friend that lives in Australia but from Venezuela and recognizes Socialism and we can see what it did to that country! I will never vote Democrat again. I’m 58 years old, a lifetime of believing them and NBC network new! Insert blown mind! But praise God, my eyes have been opened and heart changed!!!

  266. swimfinn says:

    I’m an ex-pat. Washington state emails us our ballots, and we can email them back. It’s a little odd. Plus, in Washington, anyone was able to look up how we voted. They just needed our first and last names and our birthdates. They could also order a new ballot, and I believe they could easily change our addresses, but don’t quote me on it. Inslee was definitely going to win. To be honest, out of the 3 West Coast governors, he’s the best one, so that wasn’t shocking, but some of the people who won were very odd… very odd indeed.

    • GreenGables says:

      Not to mention some of us have gotten extra ballots.. I got one for 2020, and thought maybe it was from the people who lived here before us, but noticed the name did not match. I dropped it back into the mail, not even thinking of the fact that someone could fill it out, and they would not know the difference. I hate the vote by mail only here. I have little confidence in the integrity of their elections. It really bothered me the way Inslee handled the Chop/Chaz situation as well. It was as if He thought it was humorous or something.. until someone was killed. WHY wasn’t He even the slightest bit concerned about his job security?. NO politician should feel that confident in such a situation. It just seemed very odd.

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    • GreenGables says:

      Same here. I’ve only seen him in short clips on the news here & there. This was a fantastic interview, possibly my all-time favorite. Worth my sub for this month. I hope He comes back in the near future, maybe after the audits are finished. That would be interesting.

      Also, Bannon is absolutely right about the mothers; you mess with our kids, and there will be hell to pay. And it’s starting to get very hot at school meetings right now. There is a lot that doesn’t make it to prime-time; the media purposely tries to avoid that happening in many cases. But there is a wave spreading across the country. People may have stood by on other issues, when they should have fought. But mothers are not going to allow them to poison the minds of our innocent children/grand-children, and teach them to judge according to skin color. The line in the sand has been crossed,

    • Karmaphilip says:

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    • Arthurman70 says:

      I agree this is one of the best Steve Bannon interviews ever done but I don’t think YouTube would play nicely if he appeared that frequently on there but if they did exclusive weekend episode on here with him that would probably do better at getting Steve’s message out because it can be announced and promoted on YouTube

      • Shaun81 says:

        The reason I think at least most of it like tonight has to be on YouTube for it to reach as many people as possible, then like tonight save the spicy non YT friendly parts for the website but honestly I’d take it either way at this point.

  269. Chicca_Enterprises says:

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  283. Kshthymyla says:

    Please do 2 things. Read my other comment, and bring Steve Bannon on again! One of your best guests in a while, and that’s saying a LOT! I’m so inspired with ideas. Can you get someone to detail HOW TO RUN for office, for people that have never had experience with that, too?

  284. Ruaidhri says:

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  285. jakeflemming says:

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  286. JonathanVorlicek says:

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  288. PolishPierogi says:

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    Tim grew a little bit tonight, in a good way. RESPECT

    Stay focused, we have a country to save, and you ALL are cogs in that machine!

  289. Antonette59 says:

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  290. TommyGun says:

    Really enjoyed this interview. BTW, I watched a video with Eric Clapton the other day. He received both of his vaccinations and he has severe side effects that are keeping him from being able to perform with his guitar.

  291. drewncharlie says:

    This guys is speaking truth about the elections. But the truth will not be seen. The media created a crisis where cities were being burned and regular people were being forced to act as police. The full forensic audit will not matter. they will say we cheated and so what. And then there are either sheep or warriors. And the entire millennial generation are too pussyfoot or just too stupid to fight for our own system. We have to fight. Just tell me when and where we show up to protest.

    And theres your problem. Big tech will never allow the working class resurgence to begin. They have shown their hand this next movement will not be allowed to be seen. We want to take our country back but who do we get behind if people like tim pool wont actually show up. We need leaders on the ground.

    We have to end google. Google must be ended. Tim if you have that kid on that got a shot while he already had antibodies and it fucked him up. I’d bump to 25$ a month and would never stop backing you as long as you made content. The peoples right is on verge of something great but how do we organize?

  292. Brett_Aint_Dead says:

    This got me fired up , brooding , chain smoking cigarettes in my room , few people get my blood boiling , who know exactly what’s up , wide awake to the “psychological war ” Jones , bannon are two of them . And on Timcat woooeeee .

    Getting Bannon was epic Tim , great video and Convo , and hopefully people can see how manipulative the media portrayed him .

    Hello fellow apes 💎🙏💎🙏💎

  293. Harrison says:

    Do that video with the guy, but in combination with crowder both tied together to fund the lawyers together. Just a thought.

  294. PandaSub2000 says:

    Good Lordy was that a GREAT SHOW! Thanks!

  295. RaneyNickel says:

    Watch out for Senator Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania – he’s a real patriot and fighting everyday for a forensic vote audit in our state – in the style of Arizona’s.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this bonus with Steve, what a fine man he is!

  296. CalDelt says:

    Finally a guest who pushes back when Tim says something retarded. I used the r word, too! ‘What other strategic errors have conservatives made?’

  297. Starchuk says:

    Worth every $$ Man …

    Stay Classy.


  298. r_nicole says:

    The people who went to the Capital on January 6th all went there to “do something”. Many of them were conservative youtubers. My recollection is you and Luke were afraid to go because you thought it might be too dangerous. Now many of those brave people are in prison, in solitary confinement, without bail. Their lives have been ruined and future is uncertain. So please stop acting like conservatives aren’t doing anything.
    Also, trying to stand up to the critical race theory policies at work is very difficult. The companies and government agencies have put HR policies in place specifically define racism “discrimination combined with power”. They say it is impossible to be racist against whites because they have the power. And then these HR policies outline the consequences if you violate them, which is usually disciplinary action “up to and including termination”. My workplace even includes prohibiting “micro-aggressions”. So it can definitely be a career-ending decision to stand up to the companies.
    I think the only hope is if the Supreme Court hears one of these “critical race theory” cases and rejects the policy that only whites can be racist. We need the supreme court to affirm that the law prohibit discrimination against ALL races.
    Love your show and looking forward to your social content on the website!

  299. Susie says:

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  301. AlphaPrimeIan says:

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  306. says:

    It’d be so fucking crazy if it came out that these five states flipped. If states left the union because they thought an attack on slavery made the fed illegitimate, wouldn’t they leave now if proof came out that the fed literally is illegitimate?

  307. Elmerj3 says:

    Most likely the best show ever you guys! 🤜🏼🤛🏼🇺🇸

  308. Weezues says:

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    The next few years will be pretty dark but people like Tim give me the energy to slog through the suck. We’re all in the suck now but it can’t last forever.

    • Osomxl says:

      The episode in question is posted on his “Tim Pool” channel. You see all of his channels under the channels tab from any of his home pages.

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    Ideas: Teach your children to be entrepreneurs. Teach them the value of small scale sustainable farming and homesteading. Teach them about the glory of good and the empty promises of evil. Teach them to write, to read, and to think critcally. Teach them to have compassion, care, and respect for others. Teach them good manners and respect. Teach them a second, even a 3rd language. All to name just a few.

    Lastly, inspire them to love to learn, and the value of hard work and perseverance, because where we’re at now, the only ones you can truly rely on is yourselves. To all the Fathers who have subscribed and are doing their due diligence to pave the way for a better life for your young, I wish you all a belated Happy Father’s Day.

    God Bless you and keep you strong and safe.

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  329. BlazeCast says:

    I can’t imagine Tim having his friend on and becoming the Licoln to save us from slavery, but then again I never thought Fascists who say they’re fighting Fascists would be running America into the ground for revenge. So I suppose crazier things have already happened🤔

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    I don’t know anyone that died from covid. I know two people that have had negative vax reactions.

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    Ian: what about psychedelics?

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  350. @FkTheSystem22 says:

    Your shows are great on a regular basis. This show! This show right here! Fucking Phenomenal!! So was the earlier show on YouTube. Great Work

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    I understand if you need time to get some things sorted out. I suggest you improve your server, because this will cause a wave of supporters to flock to this sight.

  356. SIlver says:

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    Wisconsin went to Trump. I’ve lived here my entire life and seen the back and forth. Over 100% voter turnout in MKE is a deadbeat giveaway that the election was rigged in my state regardless of the vote in the park illegal scam.

  359. Kshthymyla says:


    You’ve had some great ones, but I needed this hope. I don’t know what will happen, but this MUST be solved for the sake of democracy itself. I hope he’s right about everything! We need confidence in our systems, and deterrence for future malfeasance regardless of how much there turns out to have been.

  360. JasonTM says:

    Did anyone else get a Mail in Ballot that you didnt ask for. I got one a few weeks before the election shredded it and went in person to the ballot box.

    • Locke-n-Paine says:

      My wife is ex-military and used to vote absentee. We live on the other side of the country now, but an absentee ballot from her old state came to our new address. She never requested one.

      Would her old state know she’d voted in her new state if she’d been a less honorable person, filled out that absentee ballot and sent it in? How could they?

      She’s the best soul there is, so we shredded it. I would easily believe there are many who didn’t.

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  362. frankaron says:

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  363. Christopher says:

    I live in Cobb county Georgia. There were 1 out of 10 Biden signs. I delivered, they worked for the campaign. The trump signs were just voters.

    Btw. Guess who tipped more? Wasn’t the Biden camp.

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    • shadowfoxx says:

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      I’m proud to support this show. If you have your friend on I will share that everywhere.
      My generation are a generation raised by do-nothing boomers and those who are not meant to be leaders need that strong spirited person to show them the way.

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  383. Classical Liberalism gave women rights, Feminism gave men wrongs. Conservatives aided and abetted Cultural Marxism by rolling over to Second Wave Feminism, which is really when Identity Politics in America began.

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      Yeah, I’m pondering what new strategies I can use to outwit the very poorly written YT censorbots that crawl the site deleting rando comments for no human-discernible reason, because for the past 6 weeks? I’ve watched YT zap my comments once, seemingly, I hit a daily limit of 5-6; back in April? I routinely could comment 30-40 times a day, no worries. No, I don’t troll, I actually naturally mix it up, short form, long form, witty, serious, etc, etc. Ya’ know, like a normal adult. But YT can’t tell that I’m an adult human American. Or maybe YT now hates adult human Americans? If anyone has any ideas, kindly share.

      Ok, I’m nearly drunk, so I gotta go. See ya’ on the morrow y’all.

    • Tim_Pool says:

      ikr👍 I just could never watch him
      because of the screaming

  410. Inspectorwilliams says:

    Thomas Wictor has been pointing to Chinese defector Dong. Highest ranking Chinese Intelligence defector in the history of the CCP. Apparently he is being debreifed by the DIA, the military Non-Civilian mirror of the CIA. When Blinken debates the Chinese, in private they demanded the return on Dong, he had no idea what they were talking about. This means Biden is being kept in the dark.

  411. N1TRAIN says:

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    I will give more when the Hedge funds cover their shorts on AMC.
    The manipulation Citadel has gotten away with is criminal.
    Thank you for your coverage on the matter, this could truly be a cultural revolution.
    That depends on a lot of dynamic factors that are constantly changing.

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    Seriously, search, (duck duck go)… “Who owns the world vanguard blackjack”

    watch that video documentary, and never sleep well again. I’m about to move to a new home in the country taking Tim‘s advice. This new death tax thing has me thinking about leaving a legacy for my kids how much more difficult it’s going to be. Watch the fucking video when you search for who owns the world and you’ll see why this new death tax is being proposed. Amongst other startling discoveries. Sorry.

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    And tonight, Bannon’s on.

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    • Zeknix says:

      I know a lot of people that give him a lot of shit about talking about the direction he wants to take with TimCast, while not making a whole lot of progress; but these things take time when he’s unwilling to get investors. Then again, he doesn’t have to bend the knee to any investors. Although to be honest, there has been a lot of movement within the last month.

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    I m giddy for this bonus segment ..tonight’s episode was awesome ..I honestly don’t know alot about the man..saw his Oxford Q&A ..I Fancy myself a populist of sorts..definitely surprised by some of his opinions..Anyone else shocked when he said Tax the wealthy 44%.????episode has me thinking..and I like that✌✌

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  439. ShooterMcKevin says:

    I’m here for this. Never listened to Bannon, and honestly had preconceived notions about the guy. Boy, was I wrong to vaguely feel the same way as the typical choir of the cathedral on him.

  440. Legion307 says:

    I signed up tonight to watch this and also Luke but I’m impressed by the website so far and enjoy the comment section and excited for the articles. Keep up the great work you guys. I also heard a lot of you curse for the first time and I just laughed because it comes if as more genuine for me at least

  441. Compromised_Informant says:

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    Pool, when you get livestream going here, please put in a Bucko Chat so subscribers like me can finally get a chance to ask a question or the like and can feel good knowing none of it goes to YT, Google, and ilk. And I can finally get your attention on the subjects that need it.

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      Am at work so I wasn’t able to hear the last of it just yet.

    • TheWitten says:

      welcome… it’s going to be sick

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    Why can’t our leaders be so brilliant and bloody reasonable as Steve Bannon??!

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