Becket Adams Member Podcast: Australian News Segment Is Full On Fascist Insanity, Tim SLAMS NY Citizens For Supporting Mandates

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Becket Adams Member Podcast: Australian News Segment Is Full On Fascist Insanity, Tim SLAMS NY Citizens For Supporting Mandates

158 responses to “Becket Adams Member Podcast: Australian News Segment Is Full On Fascist Insanity, Tim SLAMS NY Citizens For Supporting Mandates”

  1. jmusto says:

    Website is finally working for me so I’m a little late to this but Tim blames the people enforcing the lockdowns, the police, the Nazi soldiers, etc., but not our military. I still don’t see the difference. He says like stuff like Obama killed an American citizen but wouldn’t it be the fault of the person carrying out the order? Wouldn’t he be responsible, not Obama? He was just following orders, right? He blames Biden and other presidents for the abuse of power regarding military action, but not the people carrying out the order. What is the principle difference between the military and all the other instances where he blames the people carrying out the orders and not the person giving it. And I’m with Tim, partially. I think that it was right to hold the Nazi soldiers accountable. I think that businesses should not comply, however I do recognize that both these businesses and the government edicts share the blame.

  2. UncontestedCHMP says:

    I live in Manhattan. I went to CityMD to get tested for Covid. The woman who walked me into the medical room asked what I wanted. I said I’d like to get tested to see if I had Covid, and I’d also like to get tested to see if I had antibodies. She suggested against the antibody testing, as it may not be covered by insurance. Is that not fucked up? It is free to get tested to see if you have Covid. It is free to get the vaccine. It is not free to see if you’ve had Covid.

  3. Russ says:

    One change that really needs to be done is to limit employment in any government service to 10 years. Second, as a government employee you loose the right to vote due to a direct conflict of interest. Basically a government employee will often be voting for their own job. These two things would help immensely!

    California has four seasons, mud, flood, drought, and fire.

  4. JankyPlan says:

    Covidians – those that rub their nipples in excitement to comply with every unconstitutional edict.

  5. Uncle_Pauly says:

    On the bus to Brisbane CBD now. Sitting up the back with no mask on (yes, I did bend the knee and put it on as I entered the bus) and about to walk through the city streets to work without a mask staying 1.5m apart (as per our health orders). Watching the steeple just doing what they are told. I personally think everyone is missing their tribe that has been eroded over 50 years of cultural attacks. This is their “War Effort”. They have a higher purpose now where being lazy and just doing it seems noble. The same feeling that leads to identitatianism is behind this mass psychosis.

  6. drewncharlie says:

    Americans stand with the protesters and freedom fighters of Australia. Fight Australia fight. If you dont fight now you will never be free again. Your state has betrayed you. Please stand up. The United States will soon be behind you. A war is coming. How did the nazis become nazis? Now we know. Fight. With all your heart. Fight. BLm riots were for freedom. Anything against the new left is a super-spreader even. Fuck them. Fight them. Arm yourself. Get ready. I hope you read this google. We are still a free people. Goddamnit.

  7. Jose says:

    New Mexico is the worse state! Lol

  8. Gralin says:

    Man caught the CoV in hospital, was discharged, then died within a few days? Seems legit.

  9. Serorder says:

    San Diego city gov’t now has mandatory vaccination for employees. Likely tied to state funding.

  10. daviage says:

    “Suck my dick”was worth the subscription alone

  11. Willisaverage says:

    I keep seeing these ultra woke feminists get angry when you say, “my body my choice” about the vaccine. They have this retarded(using the term literally, also using literally correctly; it slows down the conversation) argument that essentially goes to the tune of “My friend had an abortion, nobody knew, she didn’t harm anybody, and nobody cared. When you don’t get the vaccine, you can pass it to somebody and kill grandma. That’s why getting the vaccine is the caring thing to do.”

    Guess what, sweetheart, that has happened for eons. People unknowingly passing sickness around and killing others is always going to be a natural part of life. The difference between virtually everyone else in the world and your friend is that we, to include potentially you are; we did it inadvertently. Your friend knowingly chose to end a life. Statistically, speaking, out of inconvenience. But you honey didn’t care about the cold you probably passed in 2019 and probably gave to others that could have potentially killed grandma until a bunch of rich straight white men that run the wealthiest and most influential corporations in the world told you to care.

    TDLR feminists are correct.

  12. SDracis says:

    Bridge in Seattle Tim referenced is the Aurora Bridge. It does have a very high suicide rate, although they’ve since added anti-climbing fencing.

    Seattle is dying. Sad to watch.

  13. says:

    If you Americans think you can legislate your way back to the world leaders and have that respect again, you are fucking retarded. 2A nothing less is not only the only way but we the people need to send a message to all Governments around the world. Fuck with the people and you will be killed.

  14. JKeck says:

    M1A is based on the M14, which was developed from the M1. The M1 was a .30-06 and was fed by a clip. The M14 and M1A are .308 and are fed from a magazine.

  15. Bundy says:

    Im kind not surprised that Becket Adams is surprised at how much australia is an authoritarian shit hole. Our descendants are prisoners and prison guards.

  16. Happyken says:

    Glad you are doing great things in the member’s area. Thank you

  17. Huh4tofpv says:

    The postal union refused the order and the post office doesn’t have to be vaxed

  18. Bmwtech says:

    Just a suggestion, put the comment box at the top…
    US foreign policy should tell our allies that treating you citizens like subject will be called out hard..

  19. Devilsgun says:

    1984 + Aktion T4 = 2021

    People need to get the fuck up and stand against this shit NOW

  20. PseudoSwede says:

    First thing is first; Ian was right

    about log-in loops and clearing browser data. I was just getting used to Brave and had it happen only for this site, multiple open tabs probably not helping the situation, but that fix worked.

    I guess it wasn’t a global conspiracy against the Timcast empire…

  21. mcalliso251 says:

    your talking about Portland thats not the whole state

  22. Kshthymyla says:

    No, Tim. I challenge you to have heard of one good thing from Delaware, other than Aubrey Plaza or Scrapple. And ignore the lies that Biden lives in Wilmington. He lives in Greenville over in Chateau country, where they can avoid the rampant poverty of Wilmington.

  23. Rawdog says:

    Damn, this Becket Adams guy gets it. I had a guy say under his breath, “why aren’t you wearing your mask?” during the first lockdown. I asked him what he said. The fucking coward started stuttering. I stated that I heard him and wanted to know why he felt I needed a mask, as he was WEARING 2 MASKS. He hunched down and muttered something about how I needed to wear a mask for safety.
    I later realized that he was equating mask wearing with LIVING FOREVER. These cowardly psychos have, somehow, equated mask wearing and the vaxx with LIVING FOREVER.

    • Kexessa says:

      This is a side effect of no religion. I’m not saying religion is good or bad. When people have religion play a prominent role in their life they have purpose, they fear death less, they feel there is more to themselves than this life. Atheists have none of that. They feel no higher purpose, are terrified of winking into nothingness at death & believe this life is it. This led to the “live your best life stuff” & wanting to be sealed in hermetic bubbles so Covid (99.97% survival rate) doesn’t kill them. That desire for a belief system has been transferred to Government now. The Gov is worshipped as the supreme being.

  24. Tyson@timcast says:

    I get so excited when i hear the iconic Tim Pool FUCK YOU.

  25. GinaBet says:

    New Member here! Hold Cow Tim curses a lot! LMAO!

  26. Jakob says:

    Lydia, that was an awesome cut to Ian when they’re talking about Ian ordering people to punch other people. You got him looking like a bond villian.

  27. beowulf116 says:

    Um…. AcTuAlLy, Illinois has fields of corn and soybeans. Not wheat.

  28. Elizacha88z says:

    No one is talking about how this medical apartheid is going to make our already shaken economy even more unstable. Or maybe that’s all part of the Great Reset…

  29. The Talons of Alan says:

    They straight up said, “he was there hiding with a friend….or isolating, BUT STILL.”

  30. Ham-planet says:

    “Safe and effective” until you look at at VAERS. EAT THE PASTE!

  31. Boomer624 says:

    California is a wonderful place except the people and the government.

  32. Kaneisback says:

    You know what scares me the most about Australia’s slide into facisim? They will have authorised goverment blacksites, “covid-camps”, where they will have free reign to do what they want with the “others”.

    The pictures they show of the campsite room’s are missing a couple of details. Its going to look decrepit in no time, and there will be blood all over the floor from the “information gathering” that the “wardens” will be allowed to perform…

    I bet some people are going to “disappear” in that place, and the government’s going to just say “they died from covid”. How far of in the future are the mass graves going to be from today? i don’t think that far off.

  33. KFendley says:

    I just got over covid. Had a fever and body aches for a day. Everyone needs to calm down and stop being so fucking hysterical. The only people who really need to be worried are old people and a few more conditions. They can fucking stay home

    • leadd1 says:

      I had covid the week before delivering my daughter. The worst part was having pregnancy cravings but no taste. Daughter and I are fine, no issues during labor.

  34. Heimburglar says:

    Tim im what is known as a corn again christian. Praise Corn. I noticed you talk alot about my lord and savior corn. Ive been compiling clips of you mentioning our great lord Corn (Otherwise known as Colonel Cornelious Cornwall). Thank you for the material. Im going to make a Cornpilation of all the corn shoutouts you’ve made over the year. Please continue to shout out my lord and savior so i may make this a juicy cornpilation with many kernels of corn clips.

    And Ian is right, “You really get an appreciation for corn when you see it blowing in the wind and it looks like silk” Find a nearest corn field near you and find god! Join us!

  35. Rednoodle says:

    When this dude comes on and praises Bitch McConnell and Mittens Romney you might as well support aoc and the squad

  36. jprattie says:

    The real purpose of a vaccine mandate is to identify dissent. That’s it. End of story.

  37. ZerioctheTank says:

    Do NOT defend any business that’s falling in line with the government’s push towards mandates with vaccines and masks. If you’re going to defend them you might as well get on your knees and suck them off too.

  38. Chuker2s says:

    Tim: if it were me I’d tell the authority to fuck off and I’d do what I want.

    Also Tim: I can’t say this because I’ll get banned off of YouTube.

  39. AlmightyJamesPC says:

    I and my wife have been with our jobs for over 15+ years. We both are prepared to QUIT and find something else if they try to force the Jab on employees.

  40. mscards2 says:

    fucking hilarious how Liberals have pushed alllllllllllll these years for gay/trans rights, infantaside, people not having kids, while importing every other minority in the world! its all a fucking liberal trash scam.

  41. mscards2 says:

    They must have gotten plenty of stolen babies out of Haiti after the earthquake, now they’re doing it in Afghanistan. How else are all the trans and gays going to adopt children to raise on their marxist trash ideologies?

  42. mscards2 says:

    Democrats are the globalist supporters of terrorism, bottomline. And people like this are the underlying cause.

  43. mscards2 says:

    The only disease I’m worried about is the Socialist handout disease.

  44. DoctorDoctor says:

    What I was stating earlier about Ramadan is there have been a couple of cease-fires even this year in 2021 they had a three-day cease-fire at the end of Ramadan “Eid al-Fitr.” Some of the cease-fires we’re not with the Taliban as a whole but sometimes regional Taliban leaders. Even if a cease-fire is not in effect typically there are less large-scale firefights that occur during Ramadan. Also a ceasefire even if it was short-lived would have given a more safe exfil for our service members. I don’t think the Trump administration had brokered a ceasefire at that time but they’re probably would have been one established as they got closer to the May one date.

  45. Nabaus says:

    “these people are cock sucking Nazis!”
    I do not regret my sub 😀

    Also, this guest is worse then Crosland. At least when he says something daft it’s funny, this dude just seems slow.

  46. CodyBrandt says:

    Oklahoma weather is crap, goes from one extreme to the next. There’s a lot of rural areas and it takes forever to get anywhere that has anything worth doing. But we have medical marijuana and they passed legislation that you can’t have your concealed carry revoked for also having your prescription. You can literally smoke a joint while carrying a gun at your gay cousins wedding. Most libertarian state in the country.

  47. says:

    The best part was where Tim covertly called Becket Adams a coward and then yelled “CUNT!” 7 seconds later.

  48. Aracore says:

    Dammit! no like button to click on!

    Also can we have comments restructured so that the input box is up at the top and the most recent comments first plz?

  49. Bishop says:

    In Australia we had the SA government and Australia post working on digital id apps about 4 years ago, not sure what the status of them are now.

    What I have seen about how we have become in Australia around COVID it makes me not want to live here anymore. Which is sad as most of the time it is an ok country to live.

  50. c0de6349 says:

    change the name to TCN instead of timcast.

  51. sirshade says:

    Let’s see how the bullshit excuse of “they made me do it” works out for someone robbing a bank….if people grabbed found their spines and told the city to f*** off it would be over. The problem is though that a majority in the city voted for the asshats that CREATE these policies.

  52. Nhadley13 says:

    I am in the process of living donor liver donation for my mother and my girlfriend is pregnant and has an autoimmune disease. We were both told to hold off on the vaccine and are very close to having them mandatory at both our employers. It hasn’t been implemented in pennsylvania but it seems it is right around the corner. I think Philly side of the state will implement it but in western PA so many bar/restaurant owners are talking about ignoring anything that comes down. But the big corporations and large business will for sure follow any orders and we may both be out of work.

  53. WolfWilde says:

    They are already indoctrinating the kids. It’s the long game.

  54. Alanbchav92 says:

    I left LA via Seattle for Louisiana in 2017. I am trying to build a farm up. So far just chickens and ducks. It’s sooo awesome. Louisiana IS the poorest state but it’s by far not the “worst” (besides NOLA) by most metrics. I dream of working for TCIRL. I was one of the many they said overwhelmed them with emails of wanting work for little to no pay lol. I just wanna put my shoulder to the wheel.


    Watching this guy made my brain hurt… Watching Tim spoon-feed him throughout and then watching the gears in Beckett’s brain stripping trying to grasp the main points… It’s like food trying a dog to push a button to get a reward… JUST PUSH THE BUTTON!!! FFS!!! This guy’s a writer? Explains a lot in society

  56. Wolv256 says:

    Dark horrible days upon us, but congrats on your expansion and success, Tim and Crew. Wish it came under better times, but in days like this we need people like you actually trying to report fairly and honestly. It blows my mind when I talk to so many other people who just follow the main stream propaganda and have no idea what’s going on. I’ll occasionally disagree with you on issues, but never doubt your motivations or ethics. And yet these sociopaths try to slander you and call you a grifter because their fear your success and the fact they know you’re waking people up and exposing their corruption. Thanks for what you do.

  57. Goodwin1776 says:

    Check out Avi Yemini for Rebel News – Australia

  58. Thequaz says:

    Holy shit worst guest you’ve had in a long time. This guy is a spinless neocon coward that would kill his own mother if he was told to. Jesus what a pathetic sad little soy filled pussy. It’s cunts like him that let america slide into the state it’s in today. He’s the kind of republican that Tim shits on. Spinless cowardly sellout bitch

    • Maiafay says:

      I agree with most of this. He really pissed me off when talking about the Jan 6th stuff. But whatever, I guess agree to disagree. We won’t like every guest. I need to replay the YouTube video chat so I can laugh at the screaming that went on during that segment.

      • BritMike says:

        Come on Man,It’s Obvious that Old Lady with Waving The American Flag Was The Ringleader on the 6th!
        She Could Have Taken Someone’s Eye Out With That!

    • Wolv256 says:

      I thought he was pretty good. And you seem mean.

    • Alucard says:

      The dude wasn’t bad Tim has had worse but I respect his opinion Jan 6 he’s one of the few on the podcast to talk about it but his take on the administration flop and taking the side for NY workers definitely better than having Ian doing devil advocate no offense to Ian I hope he comes back and engages again I feel it was helpful for both whether you agree or disagree find out their perspective

    • Rednoodle says:

      Thank you. When he praises bitch McConnell and mittens Romney and dousnt know what rino stands for then goes full aoc about he was almost raped at the capital “insurrection” says all you need to know about a person. America used to build men. This soy addicted pussy is a disgrace to this great nation

  59. GtheBattleAxe says:

    Tim I love you buddy but that little fart noise you make with your mouth when you discredit something is infuriating.

    • leadd1 says:

      I have a pet peeve with the saying “you know what I mean?” Or “you know?” For short. It’s just a space filler for when the other person is clueless and doesn’t want to admit it…. Tim has been saying it more and more lately.

  60. KekLordGrey says:


  61. Goodwin1776 says:

    “Officer who shot Ashli Babbitt during Capitol riot breaks silence: ‘I saved countless lives’ ” – NBC News

  62. Kevinc183 says:

    Tim, I’m a truck driver and former union ironworker, I’m glad to see you reporting facts. I’m glad to have been an early member of this website. Thank you and keep up the good fight for truth.

  63. Burly9 says:

    New Orleans is the fucking worst. I am saying this as a someone who lived in East Texas during Katrina, screw those assholes

  64. Margie says:

    This guy is the perfect example of why we can no longer be defined as “Republican,” better, why we wouldn’t want to be. What an absolute shill. Probably a perfectly nice guy but ffs, McConnell? REALLY?
    I wanna see Michael Malice debate this man.

  65. NoOne123 says:

    Okay so i finally finished the episode. Towards the end, Becket started to be a little better but i still think he’s a pathetic loser for supporting Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and Biden for both elections.

    Obviously the concentration camps are not what we’re being told they are but something to think about, What are they going to do exactly in those camps? Keep you there for 2 weeks while you isolate? Will they let you go afterwards? What if its longer? How long? Are they going to forcefully inject you in order to stop the spread? No one is being transparent about what’s going on in them and that scares the shit out of me.

  66. Rustyshackleford55 says:

    Youtube: “Hey Tim, don’t say ‘fuck’ or else we will fine your business…”

  67. trixtrax says:

    Look Kate Brown and Portland are a fucking pile of garbage, but Oregon is a vast state filled with beauty and great people outside of the shithole cities of Portland and Eugene

  68. AverageScruffy says:

    Over here crying as a Californian trying to get ammo for my big scary “ghost gun.” It is nice to be able to shoot a thirty magazine clip in half a second though.

  69. KellyAnn says:

    For what it’s worth, the PBA & UFT have lawsuits ready to go against the vaccine mandate. They’re apparently going to drop next week.

  70. Maiafay says:

    “Vaccines are safe and effective.”

    Shut up, Tim. Or get it if it’s so safe and effective.

  71. tweezak says:

    Oregon was a great state. I’ve lived here all my life (53 years) and I have watched it go from a fantastic rural state to an absolute shit hole because all the Californians that come up here because of cheap property values. They have utterly ruined this state and everyone except them knows it.
    If I can find a job and a house somewhere else I’m out and I’m leaving my parents and siblings behind. They can have this turd of a state.

    • Margie says:

      Same situation in Oregon. We’re leaving as soon as possible. This state has been destroyed and it’s heartbreaking. I’m afraid the same thing will happen no matter where we go. Leftist’s ruin everything they touch.

    • NoOne123 says:

      I’m with you dude. I’m in Oregon and it is an absolute tragedy to witness what’s happened to this gorgeous state. Things are going to get worse and the window to leave is closing i think. Last year around the time of the snowstorm that knocked out some of the power in the northern part of Oregon for a bit(Texas was hit hard by that storm and it was a national news story about infrastructure and power grids) there was a news story of a Covid Isolation Camp being built near Portland. They didn’t mention when it would be up and running but considering whats going on in Australia i imagine the timetable is somewhat similar since Tim said Aussy’s Camp would be up and running in like 2023 or so.

      Also i want to mention about Oregon, i think we’re dismantling some of our water dams under the excuse that it kills fish(it doesnt) so Oregon will be facing rolling blackouts a lot like California within a couple years.

  72. ThorAsgard says:

    Tim keeps saying that if you have epilepsy you can’t get the vaccine, but everywhere I search it says it is safe with epilepsy. Can anyone point me to where he may be getting that, or is he just wrong?

    • Wolv256 says:

      The vaccine causes massive inflammation, so it can trigger diseases that that affects. That’s why people with MS can’t get it, because inflammation is a big part of causing MS and making it worse. I’m not a doctor, but I imagine epilepsy is something similar, so it could probably trigger a seizure. Then again I’m just talking out of my ass. But also to be fair, so are they, probably. So I think I’m right.

  73. momofeleven says:

    I loved how Tim held his own and pushed back on him over and over

  74. NoOne123 says:

    -watches a clip of a man being carried away to a concentration camp on the news with people in hazmat suits and swat gear. The crew discuss authoritarian measures being taken-

    Tim: “its sort of like a sorting algorithm. Those who like freedom will leave and those who suck the dick of the state will stay”
    Becket: “oh you know whats weird is….like how socially distanced are those in these camp areas? Are they taking a bunch of sick people and putting them in the same area?” -frowns trying to use his low IQ brain to think-
    Tim: “yep. Its one big camp. Its a concentration camp”
    Becket: “that seems so….counter productive to the idea of stopping the spread” -continues to frown in frustration, his brain doing its best to put the pieces together-
    Tim: “It’s not about stopping the spread”
    Becket: “right…” -still doesn’t understand-

    Holy shit this Becket dude is a fucking low IQ drooling retard. We’re fucking doomed bros!

  75. Gojeta says:

    The problem in Australia is that the government defeated us, and our friends, families, and neighbours are snitches. It’s a modern North Korea here.

  76. NoGambleNoFuture says:

    Super excited to see that Timcast logo on a Elad video today!!! If you’re looking for more field reporters plz check out Josh Friedman on YT. The dude is everywhere! He covered the riots, he was in south America covering the caravans and now he’s on the boarder of Afghanistan interviewing refugees who are traveling in foot to get out of Afghanistan. Amazing, fearless independent reporter

  77. MrGalzraVoid says:

    Id like to nominate New Jersey as one of the worst states. I lived there most if my childhood. While I miss some of it I am definitely happy my family got out and went up north into New Hampshire around 2011.

    NJ is the same state that took a rare firearm from my father made in a joint project by 2 different companies. All cause of a tiny bolt you can put a bayonet on.

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      New Hampshire👍 I grew up in southern NH, which is slowly being ruined by all the Massholes moving north. Currently live in northern NH, which is a bit better. Let’s keep the Sate Congress red and stop sending Dems to US Congress!

  78. InkedX1072 says:

    I just gave my employer the ultimatum today to either stand by the views he has expressed or find my replacement today. Virginia’s petty dictator Northam announced executive directive 18, requiring, among other things, contractors who enter state facilities to disclose vaccination status. If we continue to do business with the state I will be seeking employment elsewhere.

  79. tix0toom says:

    That was a good session. I’m employed with University of Michigan-Dearborn which attempted cafe segregation based on color of their skin. Now their enforcing vac mandate and many employees got fed up this time, including me. I cannot wait to be fired plus now i can move south. Let’s keep pushing patriots and let’s do the right thing. Cheers

  80. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    Wife son and I are moving to Utah. Lots of nice areas and open. 2A friendly.

  81. DMC82 says:

    The “quarantine camp” outside of Brisbane is shaping up to be a political stunt by and breathtaking overreach by the state government looking for a few positive headlines. They’re getting a lot of push back from their own voters AND the federal government. Not to downplay the situation in Australia which is a total embarrassment, but this particular development is something that’s unlikely to take off. Just wanted to provide some nuance to the story.

    • NoOne123 says:

      I very much appreciate the whitepill and the info. This could very easily go EXTREMELIY wrong so i hope the pressure and pushback continues and the government backs off on its citizens in Australia. This a terrifying time to be alive. I really hope the Australian people break out of those authoritarian measures.

  82. DorseyWoods says:

    This dude is such a spineless coward. He would be the neighbor ratting you out to the state for violating constitutionally illegal mandates to save his own ass. Not to be trusted.

    • Christopher says:

      I quasi agree… but if he has three neighbors… he is bankrolling the food prep….

      Negative to positive. Don’t hate… facilitate to benefit of everyone. Understand the weasel… adapt to the weasel… let the weasel do weasel shit to get you a few more berries.

  83. kellybw says:

    You say they are willfully doing it. I disagree, I think they don’t know. I didn’t know. I didn’t know anything about any of these laws. It isn’t that different in Canada and I’m only now just learning this stuff in my 30s. People don’t understand what their rights are.

    Look at China. All of their media is filtered by the state. Look at USA, all the media people consume comes by choice of consumption. Everybody thinks something else based on different information (you talk about this often when bringing up articles that have been updated with completely different information days or hours apart). You are living in a country where everybody thinks everybody else knows the same things but, in reality, few are aware of anything outside their local grocery store.

    I think these people don’t know their rights. The same cult-like following is happening here in Canada. “You don’t have a right to endanger the lives of others by not wearing a mask”. That is where we are at right now. Y’all have passed that point. How long until my peers start saying “You don’t have the right to endanger the lives of others by not getting this vaccine”, This is getting fd. Everything is weird.

    I think the United States will become like Orwell’s vision of the three states/continents (however he explained it) that know each other exist but no-one in each state knows the other states exist.

    I don’t know anything about Canada. I’m working on it, I just started. I working on building a similar thing you Tim and team have built. I want to start educating my younger generations about our political system. We have an amazing system here in Canada but no-one is involved. Everyone blames the Prime Minister on all their problems, I digress.

    Be valiant, stay genuine.

  84. Tribe39 says:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom- go home in peace. We ask not for your counsel or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were ever our countrymen.”
    Samuel Adams
    I always thought I understood this quote but in the last 2 years or so I realized you have to live it.

  85. Lildav3232 says:

    so the vaccines are effective? they first were 96 percent and now 50. while the media and docs are still saying 96. its not effective. i trust my government about zero right now and what if they are depleting their immune systems? the more shots the more you need. fuck that dude. and there is no way the vax is fda approved that fast. no panel. no public comments. the approval is 100 politics. and i have read that bs like 10 times. it does kind of seem like theres a new vax to be fda approved. it is worded kinda wonky.

    • tix0toom says:

      Yep, i wanted to say similar thing.

    • momofeleven says:

      Heard this on “Lotus Eaters” yesterday:
      VACCINE IS A PLACEBO (surprise!)
      Makes more sense than anything anyone is saying…..

    • smc7 says:

      Keep in mind Youtube has banned people before for things that someone has said on a different platform. Why do you think Tim won’t go into operation lockstep, event 201, or SPARS 2025-2028? I don’t believe he doesn’t know about it. Why do you think all of the sudden he thinks Biden was legitimately elected when after the election he was saying there was voter fraud just didn’t think the election would flip? Once YouTube rules changed, his opinion changed.

      • Thequaz says:

        He’s a spinless coward that bent the knee a long time ago. All about the grift baby. Cunt just wants to keep making money truth be damned

      • Goodwin1776 says:

        🤔 interesting…

        • smc7 says:

          Also, what evidence have they shown you that proves the vaccine prevents serious illness and death? All they do is tell you that a vaccinated person got sick but would have died if they weren’t vaccinated, showing no evidence of that. Remember, before a “vaccine” even existed over 99% of people survived covid and the vast majority of those people never even saw the inside of a hospital. Keep in mind these are the same people that told us the vaccine was 95-98% effective at stopping you from GETTING covid. Now there has been so many undeniable “rare breakthrough cases” that they have now lowered the bar to “well it stops you from ending up in the hospital and dying from covid”.

      • thndrbrd says:

        Well, I think Tim just gave up because nothing credible has came forward. Last year was exhausting, Pompeo, “Donald Trump will have a second term.” All lawsuits fall through. Oh something big is going to happen, just wait. Nothing happens. We have unleashed the Kraken! The Kraken gets kicked in the nuts. Mike Lindell, “I have absolute PROOF!” Eh, it’s this conglomeration of theories that could be true, but is any of it enough to go to court on? No. Did he release his metadata to show China interfered? No. It’s all been this cluster fuck barrage of possibilities, but somehow gets deflected. Then a guy and I at work was talking on this and really we came to the conclusion that if even like 30% of what Mike has is legit and enough to stand up in a court, the government somehow is unable to stop it, they will have an issue where like half the gov has got to be stripped in one decision. No way any of this makes it through, the system has been “fortified”.

        Really the engineer that ran for congress had the best proveable information I’ve seen to date. Otherwise it’s been this he said she said barrage of statements that are amazing but if they do actually have the information it will wreck the system so bad there is no way this gets through.

        • smc7 says:

          There is plenty of evidence and I saw what I saw election night and the 2 days after. I don’t need some grifter telling me to “buckle up” to make me believe it.

  86. ShawnAnderson says:

    There needs to be more cost for a business to enforce bullshit than to pay fines. You ask for papers you get brick through your window

  87. Yobuyahouse says:

    Get ready for the Truckers to strike on Aug 31 against mandates. NY needs to do what they are doing in France picnics out front of restaurants, bring your own food and stare at the business orders as you eat.

    • momofeleven says:

      I saw that on “Lotus Eaters” this morning, what a good idea!

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      Yeah, that’s an excellent idea!

    • Alanbchav92 says:

      That is so badass. I’m no historian but I never understood the French US rivalry. Especially after I learned more about the revolutionary War and how much they helped. Then I learned we basically kicked them to the curb when they started their own Revolution. So sad. But I’m glad to see we both seem to still have that fuck you attitude. Vive le France. Vive Cuba Libre. USA (ppl not gov)

  88. DarthWho says:

    The UK was doing the beer virus proximity alerts except it was going off for people in ajoining apartments lol.

  89. SkyeGuyDude says:

    Anyone else unable to view the aftershow?

  90. NoOne123 says:

    I haven’t seen the members only segment yet so maybe i’ll eat my words but during the podcast, this dude strikes me as an absolute fucking loser. Mitt Romney is the perfect litmus test for weeding out RINOs that belong in the democratic party. If you support Romney or Mitch McConnell(who is literally connected to the CCP), i’m sorry bro but you’re just a dem attempting to inflitrate the party and subvert it from within. No exceptions. When we talk about a defanged republican party of spineless, useless, losers who only exist to “slow down” the democrat agenda we’re talking about people like Bucket boy here. Fuck this dudes feigned, “aww dang, the republicans really screwed up guys on jan 6th. Its just such a gosh darn bummer that it was an insurrection you know? w..who did i vote for? oh gosh > w> i hate to admit it but >////< tee hee it was Biden both times uwu liek i KNEW his track record but i just couldnt vote for the orange man O_O " like fuck off, go stand with the dems. You don't stand for America first, we don't need you.

    • DarthWho says:

      I doubt you are going to eat those words but then again I might eat these ones

      • DarthWho says:

        Status update:

        He didn’t get down and gobble more turtle dick, but his proto-fascist, just following orders, defend the enforcers attitude didn’t help.

    • uncappedturtle says:

      Nailed it – this guy was a horrible guest that was just full on TDS and slobbering in love for all the poor police that opened the doors for the meanie Trump supporters that did SOOO much damage (remember the footage of people having to pick up empty water bottles and an entire overturned waste paper basket) over something as silly as, oh, the entire election being stolen via illegal ballots and the entirety of the justice system claiming it had no power to even hear the cases?

      What a normie swallower of the kool-aide who added nothing to the discussion but derailing it.

    • TheDarkworld says:

      Have to agree

  91. Mel Lester says:


    really enjoyed your input on the main show tonight

  92. leadd1 says:

    So Ian still vibing with the taliban????

    • Thequaz says:

      Wish he would. Love to see a clip of how far that empty head of his would roll when he told them God isn’t real and if he is he’s a woman. Haha.

  93. TheDarkworld says:

    That title ain’t lyin though