Alex Jones & Phil Labonte Member Podcast: Veritas Whistleblower Says "Vaccine Is Full Of Shit," AJ Discusses Globalist Conspiracy

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Alex Jones & Phil Labonte Member Podcast: Veritas Whistleblower Says “Vaccine Is Full Of Shit,” AJ Discusses Globalist Conspiracy

676 responses to “Alex Jones & Phil Labonte Member Podcast: Veritas Whistleblower Says “Vaccine Is Full Of Shit,” AJ Discusses Globalist Conspiracy”

  1. Jamiesilva says:

    I was vaccinated back in February for COVID. I got COVID for the second time in August I felt terrible like I was coughing up glass. But my husband(who’s not vaccinated) and 3 boys nothing! When I got COVID last year I only lost my voice and had a terrible cough for a month and my husband and boys were very sick also.

  2. DudElite says:

    A colleague of mine had some kind of adverse reaction from the second shot, right after he got the shot he started having a stabbing pain in the arm where he got the jab, and he still has pain in the arm every day, as well as loss of grip strenght, an this is a young, healthy, jacked dude.

  3. The_Once_and_Future_Nope says:

    Grew up in west springfield MA, right in Phil’s neck of the woods… matt deis was actually a long term substitute teacher at my highschool for a while after he left all that remains, love the band, love alex jones, and FRIGGIN loved this episode. What a fantastic combination of guests tim, i actually joined just to watch this member’s only episode. Please have alex and phil back, great work.

  4. Stauffer6780 says:

    Ok well that’s gay… there’s no way to edit or delete a comment so when I accidentally hit the post button before I was finished writing the last comment! The end was supposed to say…..

    “There was a shadowy cabal working behind the scenes to ensure the correct outcome of the election”

  5. Stauffer6780 says:

    As always when Alex Jones Is Here by far one of the best episodes! The only others that can compete are the other videos with Alex Jones in them! And maybe Time magazine article episode where we finally got to have Tim get to the point of where he could say there was a shadowy cabal was working behind the scenes to swaying the election to insure the proper outcome the election!”

  6. Stauffer6780 says:

    How ridiculous is it that you have to scroll all the way through every freaking comment in order to get to the section where you can post your own!! Freaking annoying!

  7. Hermit_90 says:

    This was great and I’m glad I decided to join.

    Question: Where did Tim get the stats for people under 40 catching and dying from covid is 0.0000081%?

  8. deepseeded says:


  9. kingofangmar says:

    Anyone that is a student of history and sociology can discern the current state of the United States of America. The experiment is over. Time for the strong to survive.

  10. 9mgallagly says:

    For those who see the wicked and fallen world as it is now, hopeless. There is only one hope. For those who haven’t read the back of the book. Jesus comes back, he gathers what is His and established a New Heaven and a New Earth. An Earth free from Corruption, from Tyranny, from Evil, from Pain, and Sorrow. There is a reason he is called the blessed Hope it’s not to just praise Him for shits and giggles, it is Truth. It’s what the Apostles and so many other Christians held on to so preciously so dearly. Look at this world and tell me it’s not in need of a Saviour. Really sit down and imagine what this world is going to look like 10, 15, 50 years from now. For those who can see it and who tenaciously seek the Truth don’t be discouraged because your Hope draws near. Accept what he did for you with your heart and honestly call upon Him and you will not pass away along with the world like dust in the wind, but live. The world is hopeless but a New one is coming. In order for something New to come the Old must die. Don’t die with the old world but accept the Free Gift that He has layed His life down for. Like any gift, the only thing you need to do is accept it. Jesus solves all the problems stated in this interview. Including overcoming Death.

  11. EvilSasuage says:

    This made me become a member. Wanted to see the after hours with Alex.

  12. says:

    Ian needs to shut up about the ice cream it is CCP propaganda and it’s 100% incorrect. Ian needs to stop claiming he wants to know more about something and actually do the research. Ian is routinely wrong about many things if he were fact-checked like Jones he would be wrong a majority of the time. I wonder if Ian does any prep for the show or if he just wakes up.

    Also, Tim is incorrect about Jack and his situation. Jack has been having custody issues with his children. His children not getting the vaccine could be grounds for a judge to revoke his custody.
    This is a really stupid hill to die on as it could mean Jack loses the ability to teach his kids anything.

  13. TashaSchlittenhart says:

    Anyone who has studied the history of eugenics isn’t surprised by any of this. (If you haven’t studied eugenics and it’s history in the US, go do it now.) Rockefeller funded the “research” in Nazi Germany. Americans were sterilizing and euthanizing the undesirables in the US before WW11. Bill Gates uses vaccines to sterilize people in Afria and India.
    Climate change is just the new lipstick on the same old eugenics pig. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

  14. Bignate says:

    Watching Alex Jones, Ian, and Tim all bringing up websites and different engines searching for a single FDA source makes me feel better about how hard it is to find real information that has been suppressed.

  15. Schooly says:

    3 of my family member that where older in age die after getting the vaccine. All from heart attacks.

  16. angelom1776 says:

    The society that separates its warriors from its scholars will have its thinking done by cowards and fighting done by fools

  17. Element says:

    Communism doesn’t work even if everyone agrees with it and tries to make it work. Ludwig Von Mises explained this in Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth.

  18. Element says:

    People get dozens of vaccines through their childhood. Around 40% of Americans get a flu vaccine every year. There are most vaccines administered this year but not like 10x. Maybe it is like 2-3x the normal number of vaccinations administered in a year. The numbers in VAERS are not up 2-3x the normal rate. The number from this year exceed the total from the decades VAERS has been in existence. That can’t be explained by just saying more people are getting vaccines than normal.

  19. Element says:

    For young people this isn’t like the flu. It is safer than the flu.

  20. says:

    We need people with Tim’s approach and people with Alex’s approach. No one strategy works with all people.

  21. Shanjaq says:

    one thing Tim is missing on the discussion about “reasonable boundaries”, in which you avoid giving too much truth to the general public because it’s too outlandish: people choose not to believe it because it triggers severe emotional distress in them. they choose not to believe and that’s *why* these predators know to make their abuse as *horrific* as possible. that’s why they think they can do it all out in the open and laugh at us as they do it.

  22. HumanLivesMatter says:

    fact check this (if you want): In France is a “science council” appointed by the government, that decides which set of answers to give for all patients and which procedure has to be suggested to all patients, uniform, without any exception. Any doctor giving different advice (e.g. a patient on immunosuppressants in preparation of a transplant etc.)has to be reported and loses immediately his license, including if he hints that he is obligated to give the same advice decided by the science council or else. How can you go in France to your doctor, if the doctor has to calculate that all his patients lose their physician (e.g. a quadriplegic he visits twice a week etc) in case he gives in your case a different answer as decided by the science council? Adding to that: Since Hollande, in order to reduce the waste of prescriptions, doctors that give out conspicuous unusual medication can lose their license.This means for patients with rare deseases the problem to find a physician, that has not yet patients with this desease, as to often prescribed a rare drug will bring the physician in prison.

  23. Grand_Kai says:

    Hold up, Did Tim just down play the famous guy that can’t play music and got kicked out of the band? I mean he talked about how he got the shot and got FUCKED!

  24. Nadav_Igra says:

    Everyone is missing Tim’s main point- that the vaxx can be eugenics to cull those who acquiesce. That the opposition to the globalist transhumanist conspiracy is part of their plan – a test.

  25. GreyWulf7 says:

    I love how Tim is in shock and disbelief at the wall street journal article about billionaires planning in secret to depopulate the planet. How do we have to present information for this guy that he will accept it? Must it come from established media sources? The same sources he criticizes for lying? Must the liars tell you truth before you will accept it, Tim? Alex Jones been saying it for 30 years but the NYT prints it two years ago on the DL and now when you see the headline it’s plausible? Bro, seriously!

  26. tkal6 says:

    Have to say I clicked on Alex years ago and clicked right off because he sounded crazy so I agree with ya Tim he could tone it down a bit for we the not so knowledgeable ppl. 😂 Love ya Alex and all y’all at the show. Keep up the great work. And yes I too just moved out of Brooklyn NY where I lived my entire life. I still work for my NY office remotely and no one is going to mandate I put that shit in my body but me – my choice. And I can carry in Vegas! Cuomo and DiBlasio can suck it 😂

  27. TeeZee says:

    The globalist would be able to get their dreams, if only the offered it to people.
    However they are all getting old, so they want to see their dream come true, that’s why they are forcing it on people.
    Big mistake, intelligent people will not be forced.

  28. keldan says:

    1 Thessalonians 5:3
    When they are saying, Peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall in no wise escape.

    We will reach world peace and then sudden destruction will come and God will destroy the earth.

  29. keldan says:

    Actually Alex, youre wrong about the reason Cain killed Abel…he killed Abel because he was JEALOUS of Abel because he was favored by God for his offerings. Basically his servitude toward God.

  30. Stoned says:

    Forced turdvaxx…All the more reason to buy more solar gens/panels, food (including still living food), water storage, guns and ammo. Don’t forget the body armor before they ban that too. These leftist authoritarian crackheads need to lay off the rocks before they disable us completely against china or is that the objective?…

  31. matguerra says:

    Tim pool: I can break this down really simply for the average person…You guys play world of warcraft? Have you ever seen stargate?
    No, average person lost. Dumbass. The only dude out their who can make a convo w/Alex Jones boring.
    Ps. I need my last 6 months refunded

  32. matguerra says:

    Tim pool: I can break this down really simply for the average person…You guys play world of warcraft? Have you ever seen stargate?
    No, average person lost. Dumbass.

  33. qnet says:

    Good show. Becoming a member has been really worth it.

  34. ahazelet says:

    I live in West Virginia and I 100000% agree about NY, other areas being like a different country. Hilariously true about Barrett being carried down the road LOL. My neighbor regularly carries firearms across the road to show me his newest.

    My life has changed very little from covid. Hell they don’t even enforce masking at work, and I work for a major utility company. I haven’t knowingly had covid either. There has been covid around but not extreme and not people dying left and right.

    I’ve seen many vax adverse reactions, many more then what I should have been exposed to as a small town WV resident. Many cases of chest pain, heart issues, a few strokes/instakills.

    So… it’s either really bad luck or it’s just THAT bad …..

  35. Shark_outside says:

    Tim here’s some friendly advice; stop interrupting your guest and co host. It’s your show obviously, but when Alex Jones comes on, let him rant. It’s why lots of us are here.

  36. Abraxas_1191 says:

    Love Tim trying to teach Alex fucking Jones how to persuade people.

  37. InsightOftheAges says:

    The reason why these stories emerged in our culture and ultimately in our psyche over and over is because it’s written right into our DNA that this is a danger because we’re all human we have the same thought patterns that will ultimately results in the same ending. It’s like Tim pool said you’re carrying your passport with you you don’t need it in bed it in your body, when the technology is readily available it will come definitely. But the expression of the mark of the beast in the Book of Revelations is another iteration of that same idea that was emerging from the psyche of the day. No doubt there was a matrix controlling the people of that time, why do you think they killed Jesus? Because he was exposing it credibly and probably in an entertaining way. My guess is he was a really powerful influencer of the day and had to be cancelled permanently. However when you cancel somebody that famous it it creates a whole nother Empire that can only be defeated by co-opting it which is exactly what the Catholic Church did.

  38. InsightOftheAges says:

    This comment section interface really really sucks please hire someone quickly to make something in the style of Reddit? Why can’t we have our own style of Reddit the Donald. be invited. I tried to share Donald. Win with a friend and my Messenger on Facebook freaked out about it . If you really want to pick the bees nest as you say you don’t care what they do to you, then I would suggest creating a platform that would allow something like that to emerge and not be taken down.

  39. m_samuels says:

    Ben Franklin, great thinker, awesome patriot, integral founding father…awful family man. His son was born out of wedlock after cheating on his wife, and yes he was a terrible father and the two were estranged. he was off in Paris fucking prostitutes while his wife wrote to him “I don’t feel so good, I miss you, can you come home please?” and he was like Nah fuck that. She died later that year from a stroke.

  40. Nugget79 says:

    I am not a medical doctor and this is not medical advice, it is only what I went through, I got Covid about 4 weeks ago, I was flu like sick without the congestion or sore throat and a bit of bronchitis for 3 days, body weakness was felt for 5 days(2 days prior of sick symptoms ) from exercise weakness that was abnormal, exp. 10 pushups was exhausting, normally 20. I daily take low dose aspirin, vitamin D, and a HBP drug. When I got sick I had elevated temp of 99.6, weakness, diarrhea, congestion feeling in my upper nose that did not hinder breathing, my heart rate went thru the roof resting went from 63 bpm to 67 in one night and hasn’t came back down really, I’m starting to exercise again and I am almost back to where I was to begin with. I started taking ZMA along with Extra Strength Tylenol, and vitamin C. I felt better esp with the tylenol for the first 3 days and day 4 and 5 were almost like I wasn’t sick except when I went outside in the humidity, I could feel the weight of the air when breathing, this is not a normal occurrence for me as I have lived in this humid environment for 42 years, this disappeared around day 7 or 8. The loss of smell and only smell was experienced on day 6 and reappeared a week later as but just a faint hint of everything which has only increased since. For the bronchitis which is what I was most afraid of to turn into pneumonia, this I feel helped the most, lay on your stomach for at least an hour, the longer the better. I also took 1 Coricidin Chest and Cough due to my HBP, it did not help me and I felt actually hurt in that it made me feel worse, but after 12 days I was ready to get out of the house and go back to work. I have been really sick before and this was on a scale of the worst I’ve ever been which is a flu that had me out for my entire Christmas break in college, Covid for me is a 4, I thank the Lord and God it was not worse, I feel for those that have a bad time with it and pray that they recover and may that those that do pass, meet the Lord with their names in the book of Life. Amen.

  41. Sandman1776 says:

    Buy hi power guns on the black market with thousands of rounds and everything the authority have, find a safe location and bury them

  42. Sandman1776 says:

    Buy hi power guns on the black market with thousands of runs and everything the authority have, find a safe location and bury them

  43. zkingsbury says:

    @Tim, if you guys do make a trip to central Texas, you should host a live event. I’m sure you have a lot of fans in central Texas that would come out for an event.

  44. tsreg749 says:

    I get what they are both saying at the end. What Tim is talking about is called the overton window. people can only be pushed within their ‘reasonable boundaries’. But everyone is at a different point in that journey, and when their overton window reaches a certain point, people need the more extreme version like alex jones whose overton window is well beyond the starting point to – as alex jones says – go further. With Tim and Alex and all these other people, everyone is at a different overton window threshold and all are necessary to get people to wake up, but ultimately neither is more right over the other; they’re all stepping stones.

    • canadianthought says:

      There are lots of people who fit into the overton window for most people – like Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, Dave Rubin, etc. that have tons of traction. Alex should just keep doing what he’s doing. Tim can’t question his influence or his results, so why criticize the method? A lot of people know Tim doesn’t take the evidence to their full conclusions, and he deliberately does not research things past a certain point of “overton window” presumably because he doesn’t want to get lumped in with what the mainstream calls “conspiracy theorists.” He will pick certain controversial topics and still say “I just don’t believe x” and then not look into them. Tim is more of a mainstream news aggregator, while Alex reads into primary sources, white papers, books written by globalists etc.

      So the argument could be made that Alex’s news is more relevant and researched while Tim’s opinions are based on more spurious sources. If that is true, Tim’s audience might be considered the more gullible and misinformed because they lack context in the big picture.

      This is all academic though, because I love what both guys do. In the end they serve different functions.

  45. canadianthought says:

    I disagree with Tim about Alex trying to reach regular people. He is right that Alex turns a lot of people off who think a certain way, i.e. people who will never look anything up. But he has also woken up a metric ton of people who heard what he was saying and decided to look it up. Myself included. Tim is good at waking people up incrementally, but Alex is just “End game.” It is very common advice, if you want to be great at something, find a master of it and learn from them. Alex knows as close to the whole story as anyone. I have been a fan of Tim for a couple years, and I never would have come across him if it wasn’t for Alex waking me up.

  46. roflo1804 says:

    Tim, here’s a guest idea for a show if you want to go into paranormal/general, no agenda news subjects with a concentration on covid and the WW3 lead up. Check out Marfoogle News on DLive or YouTube. I think you’ll like the hosts, Adam and Dex, and their unique brand of news reporting.

  47. JaeSea says:

    The comment box shouldn’t be at the bottom of the comments. On videos like this with 600+ comments, that’s a lot of scrolling down to get to it.

    That being said…outstanding members only segment as well as the public show. Worth the subscription fee alone.

  48. El_Dude says:

    I had covid at the very beginning. It was not fun, and made me seriously think about going to a doctor/hospital. I have not used the medical/pharmaceutical system in over 10 years. That said I was not worried about dying, I am healthy and my immune system has not failed me yet. Also exercising made me feel better.

  49. x503whitaker says:

    1. Why are you censoring Alex on your own website?
    2. Why do I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to make a comment?


  50. NavyWhale says:

    Hey Tim just FYI – We have ACE2 proteins in the HEART, KIDNEY, TESTICLES, LUNGS, NASAL, STOMACH, SMALL INTESTINE, COLON, PANCREAS. . . Pretty much your ENTIRE body. I had the original strain of COVID-19 in December/January of 2019/2020. I was sick for MONTHS. I got sick AGAIN almost exactly 1 year later and thought I was having a heart attack. I got sick AGAIN August 29th and had SEVERE Abdominal Pain (Delta Variant). This Virus is FUCKING NASTY. I thought I had a Gallbladder blockage or Liver failure and had similar symptoms to the first two times I was sick but in different areas of my body. There is something the Gov’t is not telling us about this virus and if I had to guess they have known that this was very likely a Bio-Weapon Made In China from the very start. I am a 35 y/o Male and was a Marathon Swimmer in the best shape of my life in late 2019 having just swam the 16.5 Miles across Long Island Sound for a charity swim to raise money for Cancer Patients at St. Vincents Hospital in Bridgeport, CT. This Virus is not only real, but I have suffered severe long term health effects and it has been almost 2 years since I first became infected by COVID-19. So yes, the virus isn’t especially deadly for young and healthy people but man I am telling you that this virus is doing SEVERE long-term damage to us and all signs point to the fact that it is endemic. Think about what that means if we can’t produce effective and safe vaccines and especially therapeutics. China either hit us with a Bio Weapon or they intentionally allowed it to spread by allowing International travel while shutting down Domestic. Either way that was a declaration of war on the entire world. This does make me extremely skeptical of the fact that the Delta-Variant was first discovered in India who just happens to be China’s rival neighbor with a population of almost 1.4 Billion people and the ONLY Ally of the United States that has enough Military Age men and women (almost 500 Million) to realistically counter the sheer size of the PLA and the CCP.

    • UppityG says:

      I suspect you have an undiagnosed co-morbid, or diagnosed but aren’t telling us, or you’re spicing things up. Sometimes I come across comments that try a little too hard, and yours seems to fit that bill.

  51. pafze says:

    Loving the Stargate SG-1 references.

  52. byzantine_peasant says:

    Can I up your tech game – you should be able to share links real time, and white board ideas mid show. I’ll set you up with Microsoft Teams, and O365 Security. I am a Senior Exchange engineer with multiple Microsoft certs in Exchange and Security. –

  53. Mundorin says:

    Here’s a thought, as a Christian I believe Revelations is a prophecy. The antichrist will rise up and everything else on the end times, now nobody knows the return of Christ so that means there is always an antichrist on earth because only God knows when the end is here.

  54. says:

    in Canada the doctors are refusing to put down that your reaction symptoms are from the jab even when the evidence is staring them in the face. like m brother and sister. they said we can’t report it that way.

  55. Liam says:

    just signed up. happy to be here!

  56. beterArtur says:

    Tim: but did you watch fulumetalhoodo alchemisto?

    • tsreg749 says:

      That part killed me. it wasn’t an article, it was that video from the FDA, it was even timestamped to the right spot where they cycle through slides and accidentally go to that one for a split second if they would’ve played the video for literally 2 seconds. then underneath the video someone screenshotted that slide. and they just glossed over it cause AJ didn’t recognize it and they didn’t want to waste time reading. lol

  57. Bugsy says:

    PSA the Delta variant isn’t a variant at all. Its a front for the vaccine injuries. The Delta variant ARE THE VACCINATED BEING INJURED.

  58. Thorlak777 says:

    Can anyone tell me why we can create a traditional vaccine by now? just like a seasonal flu vaccine.

    • Wbick1989 says:

      They have in China and Russia I beleive. Its just again if you would follow the evidence and listen to Alex, they do not want the western world to have access to early treatment and proper vax. This is global destabilization and depopulation operation. Thoughs that cant except it, well I guess I can’t blame for not wanting accept such a terrible reality. But it doesn’t change what is happening.

    • Sula says:

      I thought they were trying to get this one from novavax approved but I’m not sure if it’s going to happen anymore. Look up novavax vaccine on YouTube and there are several vids about it.

  59. Fenrir8281512 says:

    Funny how Tim wants to tell The Great Alex Jones how to be more presentable to people. Alex Jones doesn’t need to change his method. He has already changed the world, and everyone has started tuning in.

  60. c0de6349 says:

    They want consumers and followers. they dont need strong free thinkers as long as the mass will follow what they say. how do you not understand that?

  61. AlmightyJamesPC says:

    Please make a members only video of just Ian and Alex having a conversation. PLEASE!!!

  62. HumanLivesMatter says:

    On on my feed (HumanLivesMatter!) I published how and why and how the active agent can in children cause myocarditis. Also a few weeks ago, when I was reading the letter I wrote to Macron (in french) I called that out.I also outlined why I think that the mRNA technic – if avoiding risk groups- is quite smart, helpful, and opens new prospects in treating genetic maladies (which Alex mentions indrectly about the indian zydox vaccin.Also not giving it to a certain patient profile, that is known.But the zydoc has 66% efficiency ‘only’, as in the new plasma form the body decides itself, if or if not to produce I’ll make on minds another about how and why the graphiteparticles and parasites could be found, and what countermesures in the past added to main agents antibioctics, unnanounced and caused in allergic children the expected problem (like autism due to an aphylactic shock).It’s actually not in the food, that was an CCP smokescreen, blaming Trump for the covid.I give the peanuts example:Are peanuts deadly? Never…really?

  63. Jonathan says:

    Thank you for the wonderful episode. Everytime Alex Jones is on my mind is blown. Still can’t get over Facui means sickle and “billionaires meet in secret to de-populate the earth” is a real WSJ article. Thank you again for providing this uncesnsored platform — very cool!

  64. WatchintheWorldBurn says:

    Joe “have you ever smoked dmt” Rogan
    Tim “have you ever seen (insert pop culture reference)” Pool. Doesn’t quite have the same ring. Interesting episode, but i feel like I’m watching real life Ready Player One

  65. Havorath says:

    Gurran Lagan, an anime that y’all should watch, might be misspelled because I’m in la and still no internet and barely can watch.

  66. StephenLonghi says:

    That same thing happened to me with the god damned vaccine and now my heart is fucked! About 12 hours after I received the second vaccine my heart rate jumped in the 180s (SVT), I had a 104 degree fever even with tylenol and motrin, developed SOB, and stayed that way for three days until it gradually got better over the next 2 weeks.

    I hiked across Wales, rock climbed, worked out almost every day, and now I can’t even walk up my stairs without my heart jumping in to the 110s and becoming short of breath. I received the second dose in January and there has been no improvement since then.

    • Wbick1989 says:

      There are some thoughts as to how to flush the spike protein (which is micro cloting your lungs and causing this) DuckDuckgo some methods. Many i have read are completely safe and if nothing else are just plain good for overall health, such as high quantities of antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium. Obviously you need to know the limits one should take for some vitamins and minerals. But my very close friend has eliminated her shortness of breath by supplementing with NAC which boosts your bodies glutathione levels. it has absolutly helped her. Cannot rule out placebo, but again these things are GOOD for the normal body regardless. There are studies linking very high doses of Vitamin C to preventing cancer and other illness. Dont listen to PedoManBaby Stelter and do your own research.

  67. says:

    Shut up about the damn ice cream already…

  68. Guitartommy5150 says:

    I’ve been listening to Alex for over 15 years- dude is always right. But my favorite is when he’s trying to get someone to fact check- ‘Look up…globalists…9/11…turkey sausage…sickle…Fauci…wool hats…Bill Gates… bicycle’

  69. says:

    Tim is a fucking cowards and not talk about 9/11 on a platform for yet no risk of cancellation. He is always a f****** cow when it comes to the real hard line. And that is what prevents the massive push and we need or Awakening. Keep half-assing it to thank you for everything you do I love you.

    • Digital_Cajun says:

      I would just like to say that your grammar is absolutely fucking abhorrent. You insulted yourself with that comment and did nothing to put your point across (whatever the end result was meant to be). I can’t speak for others, but I was laughing at you 100%. It is NOT that hard to learn proper grammar, you have shown just how lazy people are these days

      • prek says:

        I just joined and am disappointed to see comments like this attacking grammar in lieu of anything of substance. I have the rest of the ungated public internet to see people attacking other’s grammar, spelling, character etc. You can do better!

  70. Cursed108 says:

    I just watched that stargate episode is Season 5 episode 10 “2001”

  71. says:


    This is why I pay you every month….great fucking show. Thank you Alex Jones

  72. VolkN@sty says:

    Sterilization via feminism. Birthrates down ~6% in many countries.

    • UnderSpaceAlienControl says:

      I’m not going to look up the statistics of birth rates in third world countries since covid because articles indicate they are not getting the BOGUS KILLER VACCINES (BKV).

      Give the BKV to first world countries and drive down the birth rates of the educated and allow illegal immigration and unchecked immigration from the third world.

      The communist democrats/globalists have had control of schools and colleges for years. The young in first world countries have been indoctrinated as seen during the riots and how they vote.

      The unchecked immigration of the third world into the first world will drive down wages, they bring with them a distaste for guns because of the drug cartels in their country, bring in military recruits who will die for the globalist cause.

      Viet Nam was perpetrated by our current globalist countries to kill the indigenous tribes of South East Asia. millions murdered for their land just to give South East Asia to China. Of course China is our enemy. The Industrial Military Complex marches on. The globalists and politicians get inside trading on defense industry stocks, politicians send us to war, and our countries go into debt and owe world banks trillions.

      In the USA, the communists/democrats currently in power began their “Assault” on the 2nd Amendment, the legal justice system, and family values are MURDERING free thinking, common sense education, and censoring the internet (in 2000, Hillary complained that “talk radio” was dominated by conservatives. She wanted a law against it. Their answer was the failed Air America/hate President Bush Channel-No answers; they just hate Bush) .

      In the past violent overthrows; the educated were murdered with a bullet to the head; their bodies were dropped in a hole and covered with soil. Our “little entitled shit-head college students and high school protestors” have an education but can’t think outside of the box. They failed to see that some one in our government allowed the drugs to enter (the USA and England forced China to buy opium in the past) our countries.

      I have seen a few movies where the west is warring with Middle Eastern countries. During the dialog the middle eastern leader says,

      “Oh you westerners are so impatient. Your country has only lived 300 years. Ours have lived and survived 3000. We will survive 3000 more because you have no real plan.”

      The west does have a plan. The plan is globalization. The use of satellites, and computer technology will bind our children in chains. Genetic engineering will be forced on us, and our organs will mutate in order to make us viable for space travel. Many of Hitler’s medical experiments on the Jews are still classified. What did they learn. How far have we progressed in genetics? What you find is only what they tell us.

      Our children’s children will begin to see organ changes from the RNA COVID inoculations. The government will say it was due to the COVID illness itself-not the inoculation. How many times has government lied to us?

      Those new Star Trek movies with the lizard skin half humans aren’t so far fetched anymore. Genetic studies on insects that can withstand high doses of radiation have been conducted and have been considered as a method to alter man (not for the ultra rich).

      Who’s children will be genetically altered and sent to another planet to mine gold and other new precious metals?

      Direct democracy, a representative democracy, socialism, communism, a monarchy, oligarchy, and autocracy. All forms of government have been corrupted by money and a “Piece of ASS.”

      The children of America are asleep watching violent movies, smoking dope, and on social media channels while our right are being stolen.

  73. ContainerB says:

    Should we try to fight against Biden & conflicting parties with proven malfeasance?

    We have the resources to address their tactics. Why are WE the People not using them?

    Antitechnocrat – Inspired this rabbit hole rant.
    Thank you!

  74. karmicneurot says:

    If the entire end game is the singularity, then hit the grid. I do not need it. We do not need it. When the power is down, big tech and the advance ends. Meh.

  75. alienbeans says:

    if it wasnt “leaked” then it was deliberately “deployed”.

  76. AntiTechnocrat says:

    Someday Tim will realize how naive he still was at this point in his life. It is every bit as bad as Alex is saying. Sadly, not enough people understand that yet.

    • FirstThessalonian says:

      You can see how bad things are? It is more of a :sense: huh.

      The powers that be are good at executing their plan, the mere fact they have 99% of the world institutions towing the line is a testament.

      Whether you (not necessarily ‘you’ but “you” who are reading) believe it or not, you are in a technocratic world takeover. The first of it’s kind.

      1st thing is first, getting right with the LORD. He provided a way out from the craziness, the Bible describes these times as calling good evil and evil good:

      [Isa 5:20-21 NASB95] 20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight!

      God sent Jesus to redeem the sins of the world. That all who call on the name of Christ will be saved.

      There is a great delusion on-going. Medical tyranny plays an important and strong role in bringing about the worship of the antichrist. The pope is in on it, a good candidate for the false prophet:

      [Rev 13:11-12 NASB95] 11 Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon. 12 He exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence. And he makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound was healed.

      Two horns, like a lamb.Lamb a type of Christ, this beast is like the spokesman for the lamb. But in reality, the dragon is at work.

      Whoever is the man of sin will be killed as it were, and supernaturally brought to life. But it is not real . . . . it is a deception. Do not take the mark, resist at all costs.

  77. says:

    Jack was right: tactical retreat. Comparing his situation of ONLY principle to that of forefathers who chose to resist in the face of kinetic force is dishonest.

  78. Mousehog says:

    Omg. So glad I joined. Top stuff. We are hobby farmers from Queensland Australia. I am witnessing Victorians try to fight back.

    • says:

      As a Texan, I always thought of Australia as the brother-from-another-mother! WTF is up down there? You guys fucked up by letting them “buy back” (aka, take) your guns. Get out before it’s too late! Just sail to Mexico and walk across the fucking border!

  79. laconicPaine says:

    Comment section is deep, this is good. Tim telling Alex Jones how to inform a population, as if he is not an OG of the game and ridiculously successful. Apples and Oranges, Tim do your thing, Alex Jones does his. You both want the same thing. Respect the game, respect the player. Tim telling Alex Jones how to be when Alex wants to be himself. Super telling. Unity ya’ll. Tim can learn a lot from Alex.

  80. Mortal_42 says:

    Not just a civil war. A Civil World War.

  81. Battlemagi212 says:

    I realize I’m a day behind but… is the October 22, 2020 document page 16.

  82. mike1985 says:

    You can guarantee that the same people who call Alex Jones insane would be the first ones to beat down his door for protection if an actual apocalypse happened lol.

  83. 4the_republic says:

    Very Interesting show.

  84. DrinkinSwish says:

    Why was there no conventional vaccine made for Covid?

  85. WaterMilan says:

    In the TV show supernatural villains called leviathans escaped from purgatory and in order to complete their world domination they established themselves in financial sectors eventually purchasing a corn syrup company in order to taint all foods with a compound that will allow them to feed on people without resistance. Very similar. Also Gavin newsom looks like the Leviathan dick from the show.

  86. FirstThessalonian says:

    The way I see it, is so many ideas on what, why, who, when, how etc. You can get lost in all that, entirely unprovable, and damages your ability to share ideas.

    We can all agree on this: Something isn’t right.

    By all accounts, the creators of the “solution” also created the “problem”.

    And they have enough power and influence to change our way of life on a macro scale.

    My dad has until next week to submit or be placed on unpaid leave, eventual termination after 60 days of non-compliance.

    We cannot deny:

    1. Something isn’t right
    2. Those who created the problem also have the power and influence to enforce the “solution”

    We see the faces on the TV screen: Gates. Soros. Schwab. Turner. Rothschilds. Rockefeller.

    We hear the internet rumours: Luciferians. Illuminati. Occult. Satanism. Technocrats.

    And we hear the Prophecies:[Dan 7:23 NASB95] 23 “Thus he said: ‘The fourth beast will be a fourth kingdom on the earth, which will be different from all the [other] kingdoms and will devour the whole earth and tread it down and crush it.

    [speaking of the final form of Human Government: One World Order (NWO)]

    [Rev 13:16-17 NASB95] 16 And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 and [he provides] that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, [either] the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    [Speaking on how this NWO will have the technology to restrict economic activity based on your actions]

    No matter who, what, why, when, or how, we know this is the trend in our world today. Accurately described thousands of years ago, if the Bible is right about this, it must be right about Jesus Christ.

    Admit your Sins.
    Believe in His Life, death and Resurrection for your Sins
    Call on His name, you will be saved.

    The Bible describes a time of great tribulation, that only way to escape is to Believe in Jesus. That way, no one can hurt you, for you soul becomes eternal. Amen.

  87. CJS3 says:

    People often wonder why we don’t see traces of alien cultures, but couldn’t the reason we don’t see alien interstellar cultures is because they stabilized their populations. That way there’s no reason to expand beyond their homeworld. No reason to expand and develop an interstellar civilization. We shouldn’t try to stabilize our population, or make the Earth “better”. We should be trying to expand into the solar system and beyond. We should been mining metals on the moon and asteroids, thus ending mining on the earth. We should be seeding terrestrial biology on Mars and Venus, instead of trying to maintain a pristine alien environment. Living creatures don’t evolve in a stable environment.

  88. crass2047 says:

    I disagree with Tim. The elite does not want to reduce the population to where it’s completely made up of critical thinking, smart, independent people. They want a subservient staff to serve the elites. I know if I was a billionaire, I would want to remove almost the entire population, carve out a state sized estate, with enough staff to serve my every need. I would not want those around who could take what I have.

  89. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    Can somebody find links to any information regarding the Israel study , or reliable sources on the vaccinated being hospitalised at a higher rate?

  90. MJ_Aruffo says:

    I don’t think Mexican stand-off means what you think it means Tim

  91. Badass_Betty says:

    Awesome show Tim.
    Just wanted to offer another point of view to you guys.
    My husband and I caught Covid a few weeks ago from two vaccinated family members, two other vaccinated family members also caught it, and my husband and I are unvaccinated.
    My husband and I were fine, it was the weirdest sickness we’ve had, however, we never had breathing problems or even a temperature over 99.
    I’m 29 and my husband is 34, we never had to go to the hospital, we’ve been taking vitamins, we eat healthy, and we work out everyday. Our four vaccinated family members who also got sick ended up in the hospital (they’re okay now) but how did we (the only unvaccinated of all six of us) not have any problems other than feeling crappy for about 4 days, and all of our vaccinated family members did so much worse than us, two of which are around our age, the other two are older.
    I had the flu when I was a kid and honestly, when I had the flu I thought I was going to die, went to the hospital and all, the flu also lasted over two weeks for me, I’d honestly rather get covid again than the flu which was hands down the sickest I’d ever been, same for my husband.

  92. Drbrokenbonez24 says:

    Stargate SG1

    Season 5 episode 10 (2010)

  93. LrdRupertEverton says:

    Best show I’ve seen in a long time, was just missing Luke and Malice.

  94. UncleRuck53 says:

    I really appreciated Phil’s input in this segment, I kind of wish Tim would get him on the show by himself in the future. I loved All That Remains years ago, and the unique gravely voice of Phil, but it’s so cool to see someone like that have more depth than his role as a singer in a metal band. Really gives credence to that old axiom “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

  95. waseschashane says:

    Ian is thinking covid may be In animal fat al le the ice cream, there needs to be further discussion regarding the inaccuracy of high cycle threshold PCR testing.

    There were other countries that were testing oranges and soda cans and finding positive results…

  96. TheInfamousScratch says:

    The scary part is Alex Jones might be right about cross dimensional Hitler

  97. themorrigan1973 says:

    This was really good.

    Nobody is ever going to change Alex Jones and trying to is impossible at this point.

    There is a reason why he is as popular as he is though, and it’s not the yelling and the screaming (to me that is understandable attempting to warn people that they need to look after themselves and prepare for years has to be beyond frustrating.) despite the hyperbolic rhetoric,Alex is one of the most accurate historians in our country.

    I think if you want an amazing show where you get the historical perspectives broken down you really can’t do much better than Alex,what he needs is four or five people breaking down what he is saying so people grasp it.

    Now he and Malice are amazing together but I would love to see Alex,Malice, and Jay Dyer but I suppose that would be a good eight hour long Timcast special film rather than just an episode.

  98. Tflex says:

    Why does Tim never entertain the 9/11 conspiracy?

  99. Rbs094 says:

    In 10 years tops, we’ll all see the long term side effects of these vaccines on the population. Remember this is the same government in the 1950’s, exposed American soldiers to atomic blasts in the Nevada desert.

  100. nukedaddy777 says:

    Get Zinc Lozenges (FDA approved for coronavirus for over 2 decades) and if you can, HCQ or Ivermectin. And if you can’t get that, get DIET tonic water (with Quinine). HCQ, Chloroquine and Quinine and Zinc ionophores. They get Zinc into the cytoplasm of cells.

    Vitamin D breaks down, eventually, into Calcium in cells. Calcium and Zinc are both +2 metals. In Sweden they distribute large amounts of vitamin D and have relatively few colds (coronavirus).

    Live through the infection, and you will be much, much better off.

    The Vaccine is part of the mark of the beast. It is its forerunner. And if you get all 7 shots, 2 with 5 boosters, you will be gone.

  101. nukedaddy777 says:

    Get Zinc Lozenges (FDA approved for coronavirus for over 2 decades) and if you can, HCQ or Ivermectin. And if you can’t get that, get DIET tonic water (with Quinine). HCQ, Chloroquine and Quinine and Zinc ionophores. They get Zinc into the cytoplasm of cells.

    Vitamin D breaks down, eventually, into Calcium in cells. Calcium and Zinc are both +2 metals. In Sweden they distribute large amounts of vitamin D and have relatively few colds (coronavirus).

    Live through the infection, and you will be much, much better off.

    The Vaccine is part of the mark of the beast. It is its forerunner. And if you get all 7 shots, 2 with 5 boosters, you will be gone.

  102. SavageMeerkat9 says:

    Keep up the good work Tim,
    I’ve been meaning to join up for quite while and this vaccine discussion is the catalyst that finally made me do it. I was just coerced into the first dose by my family and I’m terrified of the second, especially with my family history of heart complications. These Veritas leaks aren’t helping that fear.

    • Tyler says:

      Then don’t get it do not cede control of your life to another only you can control your life. If you don’t want the vaccine then don’t get vaccinated any family member who isn’t okay with that isn’t a family member who actually loves and cares about you. I’ve had this same problem except my family knows they can’t force me into anything

    • FirstThessalonian says:

      I would also be very fearful if I did not know Jesus.

      Dont take anymore shots, resist at all costs.

      And number 1 get saved.

      Easy as ABC
      1. Admit you are a sinner. We all sin, and fall short of righteousness (have you ever lied, stole, looked at a woman with lust etc)
      2. Believe Jesus lived, died at the cross, and resurrected so your sins would be FORGIVEN. Meaning no penalty, you become perfect as Christ was.
      3/. Call on His name, you will be saved.


  103. JonathanGalt says:

    I’m adding my $0.02 about your comments on “wouldn’t they want the strongest to survive and not communists that accept authoritarianism” and your ‘smart chicken’ analogy. Nope. Most of the commercially raised chickens are stupid and helpless. Commercial turkeys are so stupid that if a bee gets in their pen, they will herd into one corner and suffocate themselves to death. In short, the free market wants stupid resources to exploit. Also, the history of revolutions is that the radicals and the dissenting intelligentsia are the first into the prisons and firing lines. You nailed it later in the podcast, get rid of all dissent so you can implement your ideal system (you used communism, but it applies to any ‘new order’).

    • Silentwidow says:

      Yea, but the problem with that theory is that, while correct with Chickens, typically, the morons are the ones that rise up in our civilizations, the intelligent ones(In this time period, Conservatives/libertarians) Want to keep things the way they are.

      Think about it, we make up the most important workforce. What do liberals make up? Media? Arts? They make up useless professions and live in cities that limit them in every way.

      Conservatives however, hold the more important jobs, rural areas have the farming industry(Food) Texas has our chip fabs, middle America has our mines and quarry’s.

      We make up the mechanics, the hard labor, the stuff that keeps the country running. To get rid of that, and instead use useless artists as the labor, is failure.

      Why is it that most of those billionaires push vaccines, push CRT, Push stupid math like Common Core, yet don’t follow ANY of it? They know who the important ones for society are.

      • JonathanGalt says:

        Good points. The problem is that the people of middle America aren’t activists. The one time we tried on 1/6 was a failure. The people that represent us, the Rush Limbaugh’s, Tucker Carlson’s, Tim Poole’s are getting censored, marginalized and if they can’t be silenced they will be imprisoned under the New Order. Supplies to the cities and aristocracy will be enforced while the suppliers suffer; think Ukraine under Stalin; China under Mao.
        ….in theory.

        (ooof that’s dark! Yuck!)

    • JonathanGalt says:

      I buried the lead. 🙁

  104. Nate22022 says:

    It’s hard for me to believe a lot of Alex’s predictions, but the amount of crazy info he brings to light, which is surprisingly easy find on the web, is extremely eye opening.

  105. hadestrain says:

    They are not just looking for one type of human. Just like Brave New World by Huxley, they want classes of people. They want grunts who will do only what they’re told and who will never question anything. They want middling intelligent people who are smart enough to build things and operate the bureaucracy and never question it. They want people who are smart people who are capable of building new technologies and who update the rules based on this class-based worldview, which are these people and those they deem fit. It is the centuries-long eugenicists’ wet-dream. And the keys to this are genetic manipulation, addiction, and the removal of private ownership.

  106. go to kill tony with AJ while in texas!!!! hilarious non -oke shiz every week

  107. sebodon says:

    Tim, great show as always! I finally joined your membership because you had Alex on the show. I love watching you guys chat. Keep up the good work and come to Austin!

  108. Mitster says:

    The comment txt box should be at the top, i was scrollin for daysss to get down here lol

  109. Tygerman30 says:

    Within 8 hours of my father in law getting the Vax he got a blood clot and then had a stroke and is now paralyzed

    • JIMIFAR says:

      My father in law was 82. My mother in law is 77. They are both together in a senor living village. Both were healthy, just wanted to be around people their own age. Their Dr wanted them to get the jab because of their age. They ended up getting the jab, and latter the second. 2 days later my healthy father in law felt ill and fainted. He was sent to the emergency room. He was admitted to the hospital and died a day latter of kidney failure and low oxygen levels in his blood. My wife is her moms power of attorney. My mother in laws Dr contacted my wife to approve the booster jab. My wife and her 3 brothers said NO. The Dr gave her the booster anyway. Today she was hospitalized with kidney failure and low oxygen. This isnt right.

  110. ragman755 says:

    the problem with tims argument at 46:46 is that they dont want to keep everyone alive, they just need enough of a compliant helot under class that they can control. Having a bunch of independant minded people is just cause for rebellion.

  111. markgordonbrown says:

    Be nice if people actually starting doing something
    Yeah been rural living since 2005 but still Wokism is out here in the middle of nowhere too. We can no longer just stop participating.. its time to stop talking and do something

  112. crystalbossola says:

    I don’t like how Tim tries to change Alex’s hyperbolic tv personality method of getting information out to the public. Alex has an empire he built using his method and Tim has an empire he built using his method. There should be respect about both methods and acceptance. FIN

  113. Hollowcon says:

    I’m not saying that there is a conspiracy around the mrna vaccine, but as a thought experiment:
    The main conspiracy theory about the mrna vaccine is that it is designed to make people infertile. Something I’ve been thinking about lately is that: is it possible that the mrna vaccine is a preemptive cure for a biological weapon planned for the future? Which begs the real question of: Who do these “globalist elites” want to survive; those who willingly do what the “globalist elites” tell them to, or those that don’t?

    • Cjay0 says:

      I ran this exact theory through my head early on in 2020 due to the third world obviously not going to get access which would be an easy way to knock them out. However, if this was the case they would have snuck the antidote into the flu shot and other supplies way before the release using something that could be administered without an injection and skipped this release of covid. If it was something g that diabolical it would have to be figured out perfectly and without anyone noticing. Also would probably go the route of not risking so much by using a means that would only be delivered to the populations targeted like poisoning the food supply ECT in specific areas where the method wouldn’t be brought other places. Anyways, the plan seems to be to take out a third of the population soon one way or another but not necessarily targeting any specific population. I for one will be not take the vaccine because of the people pressuring and forcing it on everyone. Also I had covid already so… Nope.

  114. DEPoland says:

    Sorry Alex Jones is incorrect. The Illuminati was never designed to be a worthy organization.
    Ian? How gullible are you?

    As to Thomas Jefferson? No. Not Illuminati that has been proven.
    And he was not all all upset with nuns and priests losing their heads in France at all. He was no major church goiter by a proud Freemason.

  115. TheAxyx says:

    Here is the link to what Alex was talking about at around 12:00 mins in.

  116. MeiNotChu says:

    OK, just to give some counter anecdotal evidence about COVID, as someone who has tested positive in the past, recovered, and have remained Covid free, and the effects it had on me and my 14 year old son (at the time). I’ll post my son’s symptoms first followed by mine:

    1 (the kid): the ONLY symptoms he developed was a hive like rash that came on suddenly (two days after testing positive) and lasted around 36 hours. The rash appeared around 10 pm one night, lasted through the next day (this is where it gets weird). The following morning his skin started peeling, much like from a sunburn, but the skin wasn’t dried out with completely healthy skin underneath. No other symptoms, at all. He continued to test positive for about a week after.

    2) me, 36 yr. old pack a day smoker: on a Monday, after work I felt kinda run down a bit (more than normal, but not outside the upper end of normal after work week). The next day felt a bit off, but nothing worrying. Got tested the next day (Wednesday), which came back positive on Friday, which oddly is when symptoms started: low grade fever, tired, and stunningly brutal body aches (like literally take 6 IB Profein and still hurt). These lasted about 3 days (bringing us to Monday week 2). The following two days were weird: I ran a cycle of low grade fever, chills, fine, repeat (with overarching achiness and fatigue but nowhere near as bad as the previous few days). The weirdness of the cycle was each ‘phase’ lasted almost exactly an hour (yes, it was as annoying as it sounds). Two days of this (Thursday, week 2) later all symptoms vanished overnight. I continued to test positive for another 6 days. However, even after testing negative and returning to work I did experience an increased level of fatigue for roughly two weeks after and have been perfectly fine there after.

    Now, I don’t intend this as a “got you” or “woe is me” or anything beyond giving another story of the effects, on me and my son at least, to give a counter point about the ‘chest pressure’ or other ‘I felt it in my lungs’ we keep hearing. I would also like to mention that at no time during this period I felt like I was going to die, neither did my son nor did I feel like he was going to die.

  117. Device1 says:

    When it comes to politics Alex is 100x more knowledgeable and wiser than Tim. Tim can only talk about basic facts while Alex can understand complex systems.

  118. UppityG says:

    POOL, SEE the comment

    “Robbj says:
    September 21, 2021 at 11:38 am”

    for link to a Twitter by LifeNews showing the aborted babies “boxing.”

    When humans commit atrocities on a daily basis, they become monsters.

    ALSO: the site is crawling. Page loading is extremely sluggish. I suspect high traffic. That’s a good problem to have.

  119. StirredbyCoffee says:

    I used to think like Tim @ 1:19, but Alex is right, provoking is the best way to jar people awake.

  120. BoycottCHYNA says:

    Released every Monday.

  121. the-right-handed-neutrino says:

    Tim in regards to your comments on “wouldn’t they want the strongest to survive and not communists that accept authoritarianism” you have to understand that “they” believe that they are “superior” and they need a population of essentially slaves that pose no threat to their “new” government. Think the most recent “Mad Max” movie. These folks are numbers folks, they are looking for 99% chance their power is not challenged for the next 100 years as they attempt to become “Gods”.

  122. NotAlexJones says:

    This guy is awesome, totally never heard of him before, did anyone catch his name??

  123. Barb says:

    I was wondering if I can switch from my phone to my TV? Sorry I’m old. Lol

  124. B_Addie says:

    Just became a member. I have been following you for years Tim. But I really feel your YouTube days will unfortunately be coming to an end sooner rather than later. Keep up the great work!

  125. Hootusmaximus says:

    I personally know many people who had horrible reactions to the vaccine. One of them was an ER surgeon that woke up in the middle of the night who felt like his skin was on fire. He told me he has had more people in his room with reactions to the vaccine than covid.

  126. ncarroll says:

    Need to ask Phil what the greatest death metal song of all time is and why is it “Spheres of Madness” by Decapitated.

  127. UppityG says:

    I nearly bust a gut watching Jones get himself spun up and Labonte enjoying it to pieces and the whole thing start to finish. Stripe Crossland is still a drag anchor when he insists on chiming in with his 4th grade questions but Pool managed to keep him from derailing the show.

    Pool, while I appreciate your efforts to help Jones become more mainstream by using your psychological finesse on people so more will hear him out, Jones would no longer be Jones. He basically relies on us to do that for him when we share the info he shares with us. And I think it’s happening. It helps whenever you put him on the show, because with the Pool ‘filter’ on, more people will give it a chance.

    With your style of using analogies, it makes me wonder if your parents home schooled you using that device, which is highly effective for young people.

    The one who should be taking notes? You. From Jones. You already dig what Malice lays down, so mix and match. Just keep improving like you have been of late, keep on asking more questions and listening more.

    Smith’s camera work continues improving too, solid. Thanks ma’am.

    I’m gonna go watch the main show again. Just to hear Labonte squeel with glee. lol

  128. dwhite0279 says:

    While it wasn’t COVID related, I have lost my kids due to this woke agenda. The judge even quoted the Brett Kavanaugh situation in the hearing (meaning anti-Kavanaugh). They found me guilty of a rumor with no history and no evidence. Mom blantantly lied but did not get in trouble and I have been permanently removed from my childrens lives. It started years ago. They do want parents out of kids lives

  129. brandizzle525 says:

    Quite possibly one of the only guests you have on your show that I will stop what I am doing and take the time to watch and listen. “ALEX JONES IS NEVER WRONG”, seems to be a common theme when he goes on other media platforms, and while the statement is hyperbolic I definitely lean towards trusting what Alex Jones says over msm. Tim, crew, all of you involved, you are doing an amazing job and thank you for being a voice for counter culture while the world descends into madness.

  130. kepperjack says:

    Thank you for having Alex on to discuss these things. There are many more doctors and scientists who are trying to warn the world about the mRNA Vaccine and the deaths caused by Remdesivir. Please consider hosting them also. I can’t think of a more important topic at this time.

  131. Rachael says:

    This and the main show were the best timcast irl I’ve ever watched. So fun, funny, and interesting. The only annoying part is Tim telling a literal legend how to talk about conspiracy lmao. Dude, his whole schtick is being wild and crazy, that’s why people love him. Shut up and let him talk.

  132. JPfaff1028 says:

    Tim instead of trying to come up with analogies to explain it, just say “Why would the globalists want the people on the right, who are VERY skeptikal of them & UnVaxxed, to survive if they want totalitarianism if they’re using the jab for population control?? (41:10-55:00)
    No variants?? What??? Covid, like the flu, spreads back and forth between the animal populations creating variants. A Vaccine that doesn’t kill the virus is putting evolutionary pressure on the virus, which allows it to adapt to the counter-measures in the jab, just like antibiotic resistant bacteria. This is why we need to update the Flu vaccine every year

    • JPfaff1028 says:

      “Big Tech don’t need a microchip to hack in your life, cause the phone inside of your pocket is a tracking device.” – Tom MacDonald. Alex you know they use dinsinfo to discredit us as conspiracy theorists, like the Psy-OP known as Q, and most people ALWAYS have their PHONE on them. That seems like a plant to discredit every TRUE thing you say

  133. beterArtur says:

    Yes… Alex was the final reason for my sub!
    do something good with it

  134. Zack Jordan says:

    A power point type presentation of the globalization time line and what has already happened would be awesome, especially if the digi doc was posted for download. I love hearing Alex talk even if I don’t believe 100% of what he is saying, but if he was talking about this stuff and could show the receipts on screen I wouldn’t be able to resist watching that.

  135. Kinakomochi says:

    !!A great idea for the show I saw in YT comments:

    Just Ian and Alex Jones. Have it as a members only show so they can say whatever they want.

    Needs to happen.

    • Zack Jordan says:

      Yeah bro, I agree have em with the power point of the globalization timeline with all Alex’s notes and receipts. That would be one legendary show.

      • UppityG says:

        No. Nein. Nyet. Uh-uh. Nope. When Jones free styles, he’s doing it standing on top of a mountain information with a mind free of drugs, so when he starts making the connections, they actually connect.

        When Stripe Crossland starts doing it, he’s always on a mission to head straight for the great unknown, confident that truths will reveal themselves to him through the mystical powers of DMT or whatever.

        Jones is at least entertaining, Crossland is infuriating.

  136. kgres1 says:

    I want to be a Texas guest!!! But I’d diss you guys and hang out at the lake with my kayak and lone star beer instead. Y’all are awesome. Great conversations.

    Tim- I wish you had a biblical perspective with transhumanism. It would make more sense.

  137. NastyPaul says:

    Phil took the jab. Who would of guessed?

  138. heavymethod says:

    When redpilling a NPC you should never open the firehose to full blast. Find 1 small thing you both agree on drop a small redpill on that. Rinse and repeat over a long period of time – months if not years. Remember they’ve been programmed their whole life and you can’t just snap them out over night although lockdowns did that for millions of NPCs. You’ll eventually get a few small redpills through. I work with a standard college programmed commie. Took me a year of tiny redpills but the guy now hasn’t watched legacy media in close to a year, invests in the stock market and now identifies as left Libertarian. Went from a super annoying commie to a pretty cool guy to hang around.

    Never show your full power level right away. Go slow to not overwhelm them.

  139. Trang64 says:

    Have to disagree with Phil on the Right and The State, they worship it just as much as the left. Burn a flag, kneel during the anthem or talk shit about the military/police in front of a Republican and see what happens.

    • Danlove1989 says:

      There are liberals that hate burning the flag as well. I personally think you can do it but you probably shouldn’t.

    • UppityG says:

      Pool, Stripe the Gremlin and whoever else on the crew who says they think it’s “awesome” to burn the American flag are lying — to themselves.


      Burn an LGBTQ flag in front of a group of alphabet people.

      Now burn one with a Qur’an verse on it in front of Muslims.

      The reason they think it’s awesome to burn the American flag is because they don’t really care about America.

      When Pool declares America has fallen as blithely and dismissively as he does, he’s showing off his cynicism, with a side serving of hoping it’ll prick someone’s ass just enough to help him prove to himself he’s wrong.

  140. devan.petersen says:

    This was a great show. Keep it up Tim.

  141. SpoodyJ says:

    Tim says “we can’t live that way”. That’s true, but not they way he meant it unfortunately. Pretending that human beings are not being targeted and attacked is not the answer. This virus was clearly not an accident, nor is the vaccine. The fact that they are pushing it on people so hard and intentionally forcing people to take the vaccine by having to make a choice of being able to care for their family or loose their job, and disregarding your constitutional rights should be more than enough to make anybody question what’s going on. It’s sad.

    • UppityG says:

      Repellent in the extreme. I hope Pool and Crew watch it and publicly promise to stop merely just rejecting certain stories as simply impossible to be true.

      History is littered with staggering evidence that the old truism will get older still: truth is always stranger than fiction. Always.

      I’m amazed the video is still on Twitter at all. I hope it gets uploaded to Bitchute and Rumble and I hope it gets cleaned up. Seems that every time someone shares video of some atrocity, the quality is intentionally reduced, so it looks like it was shot on a potato.

      No, more of us need to see what is really happening so we can make real solutions that in fact work.

  142. Brodah says:

    I like Alex but he has a tendancy to interrupt and speak ober people that is very annoying (for me at least) but overall I like his passion haha good show

  143. RichMonk77 says:

    Tim, it’s not such a far fetched idea to think there is a global cabal of elite exerting tgier power and influence from behind a curtain. To me, there are only a few outcomes to come of this. 1.) The ruling elite plan to sterilize majority of population. Those who get the jab will be sterilized while those who think will be allowed to reproduce. 2.) The ruling elite have released the virus to hype populations into getting vaccine, the vax will actually save you in the long term, and the population will be dumbed down and sorted based on government compliance. 3.) Once 94% is reached on a global scale the elites will have their numbers for the final harvest of humanity. They will cull the vaccinated popution (who believe this will save them or it is the prophesied end of days and willing accept). They will give the opportunity to leave planet to those who survived. Earth will be left to those who refuse the ticket, and the elite logos (3rd density solidification of higher dimensional “Gods” or group souls) of this planet will depart. 4.) This is all happening exactly as the news presents it.

    • karebear581 says:

      While you have some good thoughts, there is also a thought from a dr that the vaccines will actually wind up wiping out about 90% of the population in the next 2 years. I hope they are gravely mistaken, but you can watch a conversation between Dr Zelenko and the Israeli Council about the vaccines. I believe that is where I heard it.

  144. Ldyhorse says:

    Control of the children? What you all are just waking up to this? Look at what they did to our indigenous peoples… boarding schools… killed many…

  145. Floridamike says:

    This alone was worth the 10 dollar sub 🤣!

  146. CNN_sucks says:

    Good show.

  147. MadderDoc32 says:

    People need to reread 1984. I will not make any allegations against Jones, but we seems to have a lack of understanding of O’Brian…the 1984 police state and the practice of controlled opposition. O’Brian is a ‘dangle’ for those who engage in wrong think. However, he is also a ‘spotter’, to use a HUMINT term, for threats/deviants from the Party. Remember that O’Brian was a senior actor in the Party, his position required him to live among the Proletariat and under the thumb of the Party. Pay attention to who is permitted to do what they are doing. Remember, the state is powerful enough to make people ‘go away’ if they want, through many means. But for some reason, Alex is just too clean for them to get him. Be smart folks.

    • WethePeopleVsTheFed says:

      Bill Cooper warned everyone about Alex two decades ago. Alex will absolutely scream nazis and chicoms all day while ignoring the most obvious group behind every negative agenda going on right now.

  148. CodyBrandt says:

    If you go all the way to Texas, you should have Joe Rogan come on YOUR show this time, or at least do his show again.

  149. Krowstorm says:

    Also, Timcast crew,

    I sent in a CV with my mechanics background last week. At the new year, I can come and set up your vehicles and trailers to make the trek to Texas; retrofits for your E-250/350 (didn’t get a good look at the cargo van on Cast Castle), weld reinforcements for the trailers, etc.

    I want to help how I can.

  150. roytheboy says:

    My doc told me it seems pretty safe, but we don’t know about ADE. ADE is a legitimate worry and anyone that says it isn’t is a shill full of shit. Coronaviruses have displayed ADE before but luckily, SO FAR, Covid-19 has not. As far a mRNA tech, he was excited about its future

  151. Greg says:

    TheHighwire released a video of a PA who was trying to do all the necessary VAERS reporting and was told told (subtly) to only focus on patients she was associated with. It’s a very telling video.

  152. MrZog says:

    I do believe the planet is overpopulated and we’re all suffering because of it. The solution is to stop feeding the third world and stop allowing third world “refugees” to overwhelm our nations. No more food aid to Africa, the middle east, etc. The most we can do is help the third worlders figure out how to feed themselves. If they can’t figure it out, tough luck. So we end programs to reduce fertility or sterilize people ( because they don’t work ) and we adopt a laissez-faire attitude toward famine and disease in the third world.

    • Austoned says:

      Agreed.. my wife is from Mexico and fleed the cartel with her family. I know it’s really easy to say “stand up and fight” but at the end of the day running with get you so far. The cartel is already down here all over the southern boarder states. Their Mentality is to run, never to collectively come together and fight. We are already a seeking ship allowing more and more passengers.

    • NoOne123 says:

      You are 100% wrong on the world being overpopulated and so is everyone else who believes in that nonsense but i agree with everything else. China literally has 1.3-1.5 billion people in their country and India has 1.2-1.3 billion in theirs. The US only has 340ish million people living within it. People don’t realize just how big the US is and how sparsely populated it is. There are sections of the US that are completely barren with no people living within it whatsoever.

      i’d give you a population density map that shows just how not dense the US is populated but i cant seem to link it here and have my reply show up in the comments. If you type in, “US population dot map” you will see exactly what im talking about.

      The US can support a much bigger population if it wants to. A lot of countries can. You should type in, “world population dot map” to see the US’ population in perspective to the rest of the world. Again i can’t share a link cause then my reply doesn’t get posted but go check it out. I actually can’t believe how empty Australia is lol. We’re nowhere NEAR close to being overpopulated and most of the developed world is on a population decline. The problem is literally already solving itself. Anyone that asserts that the worlds population needs to be culled is just a out of touch lunatic that has no idea what they’re talking about.

  153. Devon says:

    Tim keeps asking why they would want to keep dumb people around , and asking why they wouldn’t want capable people to survive …… aight buddy , go read brave new world and 1984 , actually read them , understand them. Think about it for a while , and ask yourself those questions again

    • davek1031 says:

      Those are books this is real life you can only have so many dumb people before you would destroy the world. They do want the best the brightest in the strongest they just want them to be Global Elites or boot lickers

  154. Hottaco says:

    Amazing show!

  155. Kommencentz says:

    Timmy can go fuck himself for being a little twat any time someone starts talking about 9/11.

    A REAL JOURNALIST wouldn’t act like such a piece of shit when someone tries to talk about it.

  156. Menzicosce says:

    Just have Alex on the show once a month like you do with Jack Murphy.

  157. MadManTV says:

    Tim’s worldview is based on movies , tv shows , video games and chickens and he thinks that he’s the voice of reason. Shut up and listen sometimes Tim

    • Dude05 says:

      There’s this really cool show I like. You could watch it. Instead, sit here while I explain the plot to you for 10 mins. You still understand but I will feel as though I made my point. Good job self.

  158. UghOKiGuess says:

    There is straight up a pdf link. “Oct 2020 cdc possible reactions from covid vaccines” even Google had it.

  159. Krowstorm says:

    >Fauci was in charge of the AIDS epidemic and stated that it was airborne
    >Fauci’s gain of function research used AIDS spike with four other viruses to create COVID
    >Fauci got his airbone AIDS

    Clown world, honk honk.

    • UppityG says:

      Exactly. I heard this from a doctor early in the pandemic, sometime in the last quarter of 2020. He noticed the AIDS virus component and pointed it out on twitter and everyone just washed over it. When I heard about it, it stuck in my head because it seemed like a quietly consequential bit of news.

  160. Hagadole says:

    Can we get Tim off the show??

  161. RKeogh22 says:

    Omg Tim you Carlin fan, just smart enough to push buttons, but not smart enough to stand up for yourself.

  162. Bmleclair07 says:

    I am not vaccinated and I know of at least 3 people who have had severe adverse reactions to these vaccines.. my neighbors sister has severe bellpaulsi like symptoms… yes I’m sure I completely spelled it wrong..

  163. Anony says:

    Tim is out of his mind saying the VAERS data isn’t that bad. There are already 12,000 deaths. That’s more than every single other vaccine combined for the last 20 years of VAERS data.

    • LealikeSea says:

      Especially when you consider that VAERrS was studied by Harvard and it was found to capture only 1% of adverse events. I think we can all do the math on those numbers and it ain’t good.

    • bcccl says:

      those are reported deaths. the numbers are likely much higher.

    • says:

      Fr.. and in the PV video… If it’s all true she says they are not using the system because of time. With a labor shortage that makes sense. How many hospitals is this happening? The numbers could really be 10x higher..
      Of all medical data in human history covid seems to be the only one where nothing matches at all

      • Faxie says:

        In the Netherlands we have a similar system, LAREB, and plenty of medical staff have stated that it’s time consuming to report there as well, so a lot don’t even bother. Also because, well, you can’t be 100% sure it’s because of the vaccine…

        • AmericaFirst says:

          Of course you can’t know if it’s from the vaccine – that’s WHY it’s a requirement to report all events that happen up to 6 weeks from vaccination

          That allows for patterns to emerge that you wouldn’t normally see if Medical professionals had the discretion to say “well I don’t think that’s from the vaccine so I’m not gonna submit it”

          VAERS seeks to override that human error. Submit all events, even if unrelated. Then en mass, looking at all the data the patterns that emerge are visible even if it wasn’t for that 1 doctor and 1 patient.

          But like the whistleblower said (and anyone who knows RNs and doctors knows) – they are busy nonstop in hospitals and taking 30-40 minutes to complete a report the hospital gets no money for and the employee gets no thanks for is seen as a waste of time to many medical employees.

          That’s why the Harvard study (from way before covid) showing only apx 1% of vaccine adverse events are ACTUALLY reported is so huge !

          That means the real number could be 100x what the numbers in VAERS are right now.

  164. Illusivedude says:

    Tim relating to your chicken analogy, you dont want a chicken that is too smart. If a chicken routinely got out of its cage and ate your vegetables you wouldnt want it. If it kept its eggs for itself you wouldnt want it. You want a chicken smart enough to produce but dumb enough to not resist and be self-sufficient

  165. thndrbrd says:

    Man I like the idea of having a crossfire format, that would be amazing! Alex is such a personality though you need a strong person to offset him.

  166. Homunculus says:

    My brother died last week from a heart attack within hours of his first shot. He was a sick man, and had had a stroke previously. He should never have been encouraged to have the shot – he had regular contact with 3 people and was at extremely low risk of contracting the virus. I have no doubt Covid would have killed him, but his risk of exposure was low, and if we were honest about the risks of the shot, they would have been weighed against his low exposure risk. That said, he himself was terrified of the virus, since he was a shut-in who viewed the world through the television. He had reason to be worried about the virus, but not much reason to be afraid of contracting it.

    • LealikeSea says:

      Sorry to hear about your brother. I had a friend who died last week. He wasn’t vaxxed but also had health problems and got Covid. His downfall was going to the hospital where they will only do remdesivir and ventilator. They wouldn’t try ivermectin Or Hydroxy chloroquine that has been used by many doctors to successfully prevent hospitalization and death. If you are interested you can look up Dr Zelenko for a preventative protocol and post infection protocol. He wants that information out there so more of us can survive this. Good luck to you!

    • Jcerna34 says:

      Sorry for your loss, I had a close primo/cousin who suffered from multiple strokes in the past and covid killed him right away. Doctors told family that individuals with prior history of strokes have a high chance of dying from covid for some reason. I wonder if the artificial spike proteins in the vaccine was the reasoning behind the death with your family member.

  167. MadManTV says:

    There is literally no hope for Tim
    He lives in this fantasy world where powerful people would never seek to grow their power and dominance over the people.
    Tim is about as smart as his chickens. He’s waiting for CNN to tell him conspiracy occurs.
    The oligarchs don’t give a shit about people , they will kill us all.
    The best thing Tim can do is realize that he wrong about everything and I mean everything. The oligarchs don’t love you Tim Tool

  168. Bryan_Liem says:

    I’ll buy a new Timcast IRL shirt with a Gorilla saying “Alex Jones is Always Right!”

  169. Spooskey says:

    New member here. May I say I love good articles and naughty words in the show. My goodness, am I a happy camper. Short of all the world’s problems, I am. Thank you all and let us all conform by becoming more independent individuals.

  170. Derekflinn1 says:

    Bret Weinstein said this the other day liberals are unable to see unintended consequences. Tim is unable to see that there’s more going on that meets the eye plus he’s grown to the point he believes he needs to be the arbitrator of truth. I believe when he started this podcast it was to have these very conversations while his other channels where to talk about news stories. Now though it’s him talking his opinion his direction it’s his way only I think Adam talked about this. Let your guest be themselves stop trying to control everything let go of that leftist mindset you need to control people and you show will be bigger than Rogan.

    • leadd1 says:

      I agree, and will be ending my subscription over this. Tim telling Alex his way is wrong is a joke. Alex is way bigger than Tim and the comments prove it. How many new subscribers are here for Alex, not Tim. Tim is getting arrogant and it’s unbecoming of him.

  171. 50715 says:

    Know many people, self incl, who had covid. No one died. No one thought it was a big deal.
    Do know people who died from clot shot.

  172. Nemeton says:

    I know 4 people personally (wife included) that required a trip to the hospital post 2nd Pfizer. Two (wife included) had a massive blood pressure spike, and acute multi-system inflammation responses. The two other we know had TBIs…. Like brain bleeds. None of these folks had co-morbidities. We are all 43-52 years old.

    I had COVID Sept 2020. I still have antibodies 12 months later (as of last week). I get blood tested every 3 months. They are totally ignoring mass antibody testing. If you took the vaccinated + naturally infected with antibodies, the protected numbers are much higher. But that’s not good enough, you “must get the vaccine”. 🤡 World

    • Gobsmacked says:

      I’ve been asking why antibody tests aren’t the norm instead of vaccine. I’m glad to see someone else mention it.
      Mandatory testing at my job just started and it was the first question I asked, all I got was *shrugs*.


  173. lespaul36 says:

    It doesn’t hit everyone the same. I was down for a few days and then went back to manual labor work. A couple of days later I was down again. Mostly just feeling horrible. I also know guys 70 – 90 that got it and it was about the same. However, I know a few that were hit hard as hell and went to the hospital.

  174. says:

    Tim. I’m truly Gen X. Born in 1974. Grew up before most technology. Before cassette tapes, video game systems, CD’s, true home computers, cell phones, Internet….etc. I enjoy your show. You are a critical thinker. Becoming a dying breed.

  175. Bittalion says:

    What if we’re in a time of prophesy and Covid is actually the first beast of Revelations? Tim has mentioned multiple times that he senses that people have just lost the plot over the last few years… in the New Testament it literally says that as the time for Christ’s return approaches God will make the non-Christ followers essentially go crazy to hasten the hour of his return.

    Revelations 13:1-10- NIV
    “13 The dragon[a] stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. 2 The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. 3 One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast. 4 People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?”

    5 The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months. 6 It opened its mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. 7 It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. 8 All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.[b]

    9 Whoever has ears, let them hear.

    10 “If anyone is to go into captivity,
    into captivity they will go.
    If anyone is to be killed[c] with the sword,
    with the sword they will be killed.”[d]

    This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.”

  176. Irris30 says:

    Amazing show. Funny you brought up Stargate SG1. I was watching Stargate last night while the show was on. This morning I saw the who was on and tried to catch my husband in the driveway leaving for work to tell him right away but he was too far and I had to text him. I had to rewind the first few minutes twice to absorb the energy. I would have loved to be just sitting in the room working on my new crochet blanket watching it. Amazing.

  177. Aracore says:

    I can just see it now… TIMFOWARS Live from Texas!

  178. Fxs888 says:

    How many red pilled are vaccinated? What I don’t understand is why the psychocult is killing off all their best friends.

  179. Tactical_Morty says:

    I was outside with my dog, about 3 ish in the morning. I work second shift, a city truck drove by spraying “fog” , I remember them doing this in the 2000’s but haven’t noticed it years. they always said it was for “mosquitos”. I’m not poked. within the hour of me seeing this weird Deja vu, I had uncontrolable shakes, and a fever. I Fell Asleep and woke up Drenched in sweat. I felt mostly normal the next day, bit of sinus gunk. when Alex said that “around 4 in the morning you just get the shakes and can’t barely talk”, I got the chills. I hope I don’t give it to my family. Scary times. Question Everything!

  180. ZedS says:

    Excellent episode, Tim and crew. Great guest discussion, too.

  181. Deefiredancer says:

    I’m always grateful when Alex is brought on as a guest, so thank you, tremendously. I think Phil appreciated it too 🙂

    Just needed to speak on something:
    it’s really important to me that any US enforcement using horses is portrayed by the media in the right light. If we were truly using whips on horse back onto humans, I would be the first one to speak up. But this is another incident where the media snapped a shot, unfairly and grossly misrepresented these people trying their best in a terrible situation down there, because the media have no clue what a cowboy is, does and how exceptionally good they are at their jobs. Those are horse REINS. They are connected to The animal for control and safety of the animal and human. I watched the video. Nowhere was a Haitian crossing no longer a border but a pass through (let’s be honest and clear here) to take food across whether it be take out or government food they are stealing, because there’s plenty at the border being shipped down to feed the hoards of crossers “whipped”. And I’ll say it, in any other country these people would probably be shot on the spot for stealing and in some countries just for crossing an invisible border.

    No, I don’t recommend the US shoot people. But for heavens sake, can we start using some common sense when reporting instead of immediately jumping to the classic, look at that white man riding a horse attacking kids of color!!
    And I heard the White House today say they were outraged by these “disturbing” images. What’s so disturbing Jen?? That your people fucked up royally and perpetuated us being the one of the few countries with a chaotic immigration system? Or is it more lies for race division?

    I know it was on the main show, but the coverage has bugged me and I know this show tries to get narratives corrected. That’s why I like discussions vs. relying on the main stream media articles pulled up, because we are just regurgitating their sensationalism.

    And thirdly, Alex Jones seems to be proven right these days. We get all bent out of shape when he talks, but what he says is ultimately admitted as real. No matter how dark people don’t think people like Fauci and Gates are, these people seem to go there.

    Thanks for the opportunity to hear voices being silenced.

  182. pandusa says:

    It is simple…DEFUND the Oligarchs. Question: What means more to America, convenience, free shipping , entertainment, social media or freedom? The world awaits the answer.

  183. pandusa says:

    Build Back Better-denotes destruction. They refer to us as deplorables .( Destroy the middle class , purge/ remake the military ect. reference the Commie playbook). You will need serfs to work. Yeonmi Park (escaped from N. Korea paraphrased)” We could not fight we were trying to survive and eat for another day”. They are remaking the world in their OWN image. Sound familiar? We are divided but NOT outnumbered. It only appears that way because they own 90% of the media, big tech, pharma and have a slim majority in Govt. They don’t own us…not yet anyway. We are strong. We are the descendants of the survivors of the Great Depression and WW II. WE ARE AMERICA.

  184. Magster73 says:

    This started real dark….didn’t expect that with Alex Jones in the house.

  185. AndyfromWrexham says:

    It’s ok for the people criticising Jack Murphy, it’s not them in his position. It’s like the pro-choice people: it’s easy to be ok with ending a baby when you’re not the baby.

  186. BeLogical says:

    You guys need to study up on this vaccine and understand that the spike protein that you make is in a pre fusion state and stabilized with two amino acids so it can’t puncture your cells.
    In the past they have screwed up and done antibody therapy using antibodies for a post fusion Spike protein and it causes a bad and even deadly immune response. So knowing that, these vaccines were created with that in mind and have pre fusion Spike proteins only.
    I heard this from MedCram. They have a YouTube channel where you can learn about the vaccine & treatments for covid.

  187. Deutscher says:

    BUILDING SEVEN, TIM !!!! 😂😂😂😂

  188. SweepTheLeg says:

    Just tried to follow to the website Ian lists out nice and early in the conversation. It still is a valid link but all content has been removed off of the FDA’s media release. They scrubbed it.

  189. VAgulr21 says:

    LOL Tim puffing his chest about not caring about being banned while admitting that he didnt want Alex Jones to go off the rails is very sad

  190. NoVA_JB says:

    I can confirm doctors don’t want to report adverse reactions to the vaccines. My 14 year old son was vaccinated and was very sick after the second dose. After a couple of weeks we went to the emergency room and they wanted to dismiss any discussion of this starting after the vaccination.
    The doctor wouldn’t even consider the vaccine as the culprit despite providing a list of adverse reactions. I reported it to the CDC but I’m certain it was ignored.

  191. AndyfromWrexham says:

    I hate the covid hysteria by the media and I think we should resist the Orwellian restrictions but I don’t think we can say the vaccine is dangerous. If you give half a billion people a vaccine and only one in a million have deadly side effects, you’d have 500 people dead. You get way more common deadly side effects from ibuprofen. It should not be mandatory though.

  192. VernonRedmon says:

    The vaccine was developed under Trump, was altered by Biden in order too sabotage Trumps second 4 years if he won so they could impeach him. The boosters are the original vaccine, that they believe will be able to control the mutated variety of vaccine. But that is just an idea.

  193. tomrat247 says:

    “..they found Covid in ice cream in China…”

    Righteo, *dons chemist hat*

    Ice cream is essentially a combination of fat lipids, protein, water and ice crystals along (usually) with sugar, sugar-based surfactants & humectants (like glycerol, capryl caprylate & TWEEN).

    What is in most of the vaccine? mRNA enclosed in a lipid encapsulate system consisting of complex fat lipids and protein.

    Combine that with the knowledge this jumps species and it’s pretty obvious why we are finding it in food.

    Doubt it’s the source for most people though, even in China.

    • says:

      COVID being imported in ice cream is CCP propaganda, it’s 100% false and the CCP is only pushing it to get their population scared of foreign goods.

      Ian is just not smart enough to realize its false information, which is sad as Ian claims he wants to know more about it, but Ian never seems to do any research.

  194. Dn1984 says:

    It doesn’t matter if conservatives are having more kids, leftist control institutions starting with kindergarten. And sometimes it doesn’t need to be that extreme. Destiny grew up in a Christian conservative household and went to Catholic School.

    • Notlaw says:

      About time you had Alex Unleashed!!!! The Druids and The Phoenicians are examples of groups that alex is mentioning. They’re Palladist not satanist, Satanist are like a Disney version of what these folks really do. The Franklin Scandal and Epstein story are connected to this type of stuff. Not too mention that Epstein was also a Eugenicist which seems to never get mentioned by the press. Alex really is some what right about what these people think & believe. It’s like a whole underground civilization and society. There’s an interview with Christopher Lee were he talks about this and the topic of black magic.
      We got a little glimpse of that with the Armie Hammer scandal. I never used to take any of this talk of sex cults or occult groups seriously until I started working in the entertainment industry and for an A&R group here & got friendly with a wealthy couple that lives in the Hollywood area. They really do have underground eyes wide shut type parties all over Los Angeles. Sanctm is one of these places it starts out at 50k-100K membership per year

  195. cworley2007 says:

    My 74yr old stepmom just today went to the VA hospital in TN diagnosed with Covid. I texted her to tell them to give her Ivermectin but I knew being the VA they wouldn’t. I told her to demand it anyway. She told me the doctors exact words to her were “The democrats are blocking it and we’re not allowed to give it because it WORKS!”

    That’s Some fucked up shit!! They’re purposely killing people over politics and control! I was relieved to find out the doctor is giving her the Monoclonal Antibody therapeutics Regeneron instead of Remdisivir because it doesn’t work and patients end up on a ventilator! My dad and I are making sure she gets Ivermectin

    My 48yr old cousin just passed away Aug 28th. She was put on Remdisivir and then on a ventilator. Then she got a collapsed lung and a Staph infection! I do have to add she was a little more than 350lbs which made her higher risk. Her doctor told her to not get the poke because she had a bad reaction to the Flu shot yrs earlier.


    Best episode ever!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Alex kicks the door open and let’s Tim walk right in… SWEET! As an aside it’s nice to see Tim actually smile, laugh and have a good time cutting loose. Thanks again for the good episode

  197. jwschwalb says:

    He did it he said the thing te-he-he.

    But in all seriousness this was eye-opening.

  198. 556NATO says:

    Alex Jones needs to be made a regular guest, even if just on the members section. Maybe a regular weekend episode?

  199. JacenSolo says:

    On that CDC video the slide is at 2h 33m 40s

  200. Starchuk says:

    Why would you take something a third time, when it didn’t work the first two times … 🤦

  201. Baalshazar1 says:

    Heck yeah THIS is what I pay for dood.

  202. VannicWolf says:

    Why is 9/11 off the table for discussion???????

  203. bloodshovel says:

    i love how much tim curses on this side of the podcast world! hahaha

  204. John_Beart says:

    😁👍🖖❤️⚡🙏 .Made my day today. Good fun. To the lake house we go. I am a MAMMOTH GORILLA chicken hybrid. A CCP CRISPR project. 😁👍🖖❤️⚡🙏

  205. BartonBella96 says:

    * Edit “”newly blackmailed fauci into creating more deadly strains which is why we have an alphabet of different strains. The miracle vaccine attacks us with hiv like the mrna spike proteins to weaken our cells until Gates mosquitos can hit us to steralize many and the rest will be killed by the diseases being imported into the US the well meaning and truly pitifull newly immigrated refugees. Look at the flare ups of measles, hiv + Haitians all the sudden everywhere. Just my Opinion…8

  206. RaneyNickel says:

    Alex is so hot

  207. oldspicesmuggler says:

    I don’t get Tim’s obsession at the end with trying to tell Alex his way of waking people up is wrong. There are different ways to get people to see what’s going on. Alex is like a hard slap in the face. It’s abrasive, impactful. You will have a strong reaction but eventually you will(if you are open minded) think about what he said and refer to what he said. Talking about opening doors….I would say that you, Tim don’t even open doors. You talk in circles and end up at “idk..don’t listen to me”. You barely open the door for people. In fact, I’d go as far as to say you prevent people from opening the door with the middle of road approach! In the YT show you claim “if i can’t read it, I don’t believe it”. Do you not get that once things get to a point where you can “read it”, its too late? We know you only look at verified sources. You expect the liars to tell you the truth?

  208. BartonBella96 says:

    So we fund the Who by I think up to 50% PLUS All the independent studies, the private funded studies, PLUS the fact that the U.S. is bankrupting itself by taking care of the world.
    ALL the sudden we leave our highest tech weapons and our biometrics And our best positioned base for China to take over… Right after the WHO stops warning the world even us. Trump is taken out by the media Biden comes in and is already meeting in secret every weekend in Delaware, is he sick or having a nervous breakdown from guilt. Face it, China ccp found out about Faucis disease as soon as the deaths started.. China took over that lab and used our money to fund a newly blackmailed Fauci ( He’d be executed for crimes against humanity) Its not unheard of look how the world forgave Unit 731 and the Nazis so we could get their info on fluoride studies on control and health, disease, and medical solutions. BUT then billionaires and population control worried intellectuals decided that the research could be used to thin the herd of all the independent thinkers. After all someone has to wash their feet. The timeliness and countries benefitting from this.. in China not 6 months after this started over 350,000 cell phone users disappeared. There is a real vaccine out there, that much is obvious just by watching the politicians NOT wearing masks. Joe is compromised. Billionaires are taking test flights to fucking space while 300 million people are starving to death…India is NO Longer a threat to China, we soon won’t be. Montesano owns something like 95% of the world’s seeds. The epa controls everything down to Alabamians using rain water to water fields. Afghanistan can now take out Saudia Arabia, China is dancing on the blade of a sword due to bankruptcy( they’re already kidnapping their wealthiest eople and taking HALF their money* check Alibabas owner. The monarchy is getting taken out. Say what you will about them but the queen has been a steadying force since ww2. The Queen might make it to jubilee but she will be gone very soon after. China won’t even return Bidens calls, Nancy has put out feelers about retiring…the leftist elites know they’re going to hand Trump and us an already cancer ridden (blm, commies, bloated govt spending and soon no wealthy companies to help like Morgan & the secret 9 (or 6?) But a weakened Nation that’s now been stabbed in the ball sac and is bleeding to death. And The Right will be crucified for it. If we don’t comply they’ll just tell the country WE created the virus and we will become preww2 Germany

  209. TheRealZac says:

    All the people trying to demean Alex or Tim really need to look up spiral dynamics thinking. Lots of chimps running around here. Not many apes.

  210. LeviStrickland says:

    Open as desktop site to skip/rewind video

  211. Bjbarker says:

    I bought a membership just to see Alex Jones! Tim… stop being so dismissive and start giving the benefit of the doubt while using critical thinking! Alex gets 1 thing wrong in 20 years, and they try to ruin him, yet MSM lies purposefully for 20 years and gets applause…but only from idiots! Something is wrong here

  212. Dragoya says:

    RNA from another designer virus found in the first patients with Covid back in 2019.

  213. NoOne123 says:

    So we don’t know the exact plans of the elite but Alex Jones basically tried to lay down a rough outline of events(listed in no particular order)

    – Continue social divisions and push propaganda to agitate population
    – Flood US borders with hungry migrants
    – Slowly dwindle the supply chain and deliver less and less until perhaps nothing at all?
    – Round up people into Covid Isolation Camps(they ARE in fact in the midst of being built. No idea if they’re functional yet. I know they’re building one in Oregon)
    – Eventually cut off power to the electric grid (might happen during this winter or early next year)
    – Release another bioweapon that has a very real body count behind it(alex mentioned outside this podcast this might happen around 2025 but it could be sooner)
    – Proceed to force people to stay in their homes as infrastructure collapses
    – Proceed to let people fight and kill each other
    – Continue to consolidate government power and surveillance

    I don’t know how to defend and survive this? It seems like if you were going to survive this, you would have had to have been planning to counter this a few years ago. It requires money, land, guns and ammo, and a particular set of skills that produce your own food via farming and raising animals.

    Thats not something most people are going to be able to do, especially at this stage. We’re fucked, like REALLY super fucked. I don’t know how to overcome all that even having some of those skills it still requires a community of people. I guess if things get too rough i can just put a bullet in my head and call it a day. God dammit, all i wanted to do was just become an engineer and contribute to humanity by developing a better battery.

    • MrSooop says:

      There are survival and freedom-minded communities throughout the US. I saw on youtube that South Dakota has an interesting one where the homes are built inside old missile silos, cheap too and out in the middle of nowhere.
      Could maybe stack a little crypto then venture out to build a homestead somewhere, then build your better battery.

    • MrSooop says:

      I dug this up for ya. A long time ago it helped me out:
      Live your life

      Please remember that we can’t save the world all by ourselves, we do what we can and hope that others do too
      But don’t forget, we can’t change it all but we sure can change ourselves and have effects on much more

      Please remember to make time to fight the good fight before the fighting comes to you
      But don’t forget to live your life so you don’t forget what you’re fighting for

      Please remember to keep listening even when you’re trying not to get caught up in the hype
      But don’t forget not to get too caught up in hype of a different type

      Living your life is growing fresh and not too ripe

      Please remember that the roses can smell pretty sweet
      But don’t forget about the many other things that are good

      Please remember to look for the day when hating is mostly obsolete
      But don’t forget that sometimes simple things can be easily misunderstood

      Please remember to learn, move on and not to dwell too much on what has happened since it is gone
      But don’t forget, echoes from the past can make waves into the future coming on

      Living your life is learning to bless and embracing the dawn

    • Maiafay says:

      Yeah, I hear you. I still want to prepare but I’m basically paycheck to paycheck. I’m not sure what to do. Feeling pretty hopeless.

  214. TheRealZac says:

    Alex a man of your caliber doesn’t have to do one or the other for presentation. You can do both.

  215. Hatecaster says:

    Keep in mind that one of the bits about fallout lore, from the little bits we do know what was going on before the bombs dropped was the fact that for some reason, a lot of people in rural America were very hostile to the federal government.

  216. BartonBella96 says:

    And Bill Gates has been experimenting with mosquitos that have sex and reproduce but their spawn CAN’T reproduce.

  217. GmenNC says:

    So, I guess I am a bit confused. Are y’all arguing that they want to kill people off and kind of initiate their own version of natural selection??

  218. BartonBella96 says:

    Odd coincidence that all the sudden we have 13000 Haitians that have a 2.5-3% HIV + rate that’s diagnosed with many more undiagnosed. If you go to Haiti you can’t give blood for 5 years. And now somehow 13000 got to the border of largest red state with secession built in to their states constitution.

  219. NephroRock says:

    1. Why do we have to scroll to the bottom to comment?
    2. We need a TimCast App!
    3. I now trust Alex Jones more than ANY other news source. Also, everything He speaks about lines up perfectly with what The Bible says about the tribulation.

  220. som1alive says:

    This episode alone was worth the $10.

  221. FatillacN says:

    Alex : presents proof by referencing real information, sensational but real
    Tim : gratuitous cursing and references a video game or tv show
    Ian : makes up something out of his butt
    Phil : waits patiently for Alex to eat Tim and Ian
    Lidya : Only one with any sense

  222. Kingstoned says:

    Being nice is almost criminal now.

  223. Kingstoned says:

    Tim I think the CRAZY Alex Jones way of providing information is tip top for the fact that a lot of people are Acting in a crazed way because of everything that’s been happening. I agree with you also because it should be more of direct calm ima talk to you attitude. Alex jones is boss tho dude, Every one knows that.

  224. James_Norred says:

    You listen to all of this and wonder about “Bullet with Butterfly Wings,” but “Despite All My Rage, I Am Still Just a Rat in a Cage!” Maybe the Pumpkins were on to something; it fits today.

  225. Chrisj2000 says:

    That patent Ian mentioned 060606 is about a wristband that will serve as a unremovable metal bracelet that will serve as a bio tracker for biometric data and banking and personal storage. There is an indoor water park in Clinton Oklahoma that uses this system for accessing the water park(from the main lobby), paying for things within the building, and accessing the lockers and I believe this is a mirror of what is to come. The nano particulates that Ian mentioned is also going to be the magnetic force holding the bracelet from being removed, among other biometric functions. When people were reporting about magnets sticking to their arms, it might have been an early test of it and I think only certain test batches were sent out so it was not in every batch and not widely reported, but I would have to meet with someone experiencing it to actually confirm. All of this is in revelation, please wake up to what season we are in.

  226. MattCraig says:

    Died laughing at 16 minutes from the end when Tim “tries” to wrap up the show…

    This is Alex mothafuxxin Jones.

    The show is never over 😂😂😂

  227. Twainsghost says:

    The god gene, “fun vax.”

  228. FenixAurora says:

    Tim if you want the evidence for the conspiracy have on Richard Grove and Tony Meyers from the Grand Theft World podcast.

  229. Kpod says:

    YYeeessss!!! Count on Government-employed healthcare workers to be free of any incentive to bend over for Commercial Pharma! This totally makes up for 8-mo-in-advance-only-to-be-cancelled-by-VA-at-the-last-minute-costing-vets-the-hours-that-they-had-put-in-the-calendar-for-work.

  230. CalDelt says:

    Is Tim-pilling a thing yet?

  231. Kingstoned says:

    Tim seriously Look up Jack Murphy’s thread on twitter about his son shoveling snow for money. It is a long serious thread about his son making good life decisions to get what he wants. It brought a tear to my eye.

  232. Sikrik665 says:

    Tim doesn’t understand..they dumb people to control. Thats the goal. They don’t want strong independent people.

    • Thequaz says:

      Do you really think he’s stupid or have you maybe ever thought the reason he still gets his platform is he is helping dumb them down. Pretty sure Tim would love being the mouthpiece for whatever power as long as they stroked his ego and gave him money

      • MrSooop says:

        I’m pretty sure that Tim had that chance with Vice but instead he told them to fuck off. So what you are saying doesn’t actually make a lot of sense. Sometimes things like frustration and anger can blind us from the truth.

    • MrSooop says:

      Maybe they do want strong and independent people, just not very many.

  233. Jonman0002 says:

    Tim, you need to watch the whole veritas video. If the people who work for the government arent collecting the adverse reaction data (as is clearly shown for at least this hospital) then VAERS is completely useless. We have no control and no way to know any data, they showed how readily they were to lie using misleading statistics and outright fake numbers last year, why would they not be doing that now?

    • Jonman0002 says:

      Also, you are not correct when you asserted that covid is a respiratory disease. There are a lot of people coming out saying it is a pulmonary disease with the spike proteins fucking up everything delivered by the blood stream. It’s why respirators dont work, the peoples lungs arent blocked from mucous or something, the hemoglobin in peoples blood has been stripped of its hemes and is then incapable of getting oxygen to the bloodstream regardless of whether or not patients are breathing mechanically. NEVER LET A LOVED ONE GET VENTILATED, IT DOES NOT HELP AND WILL OFTEN HARM, DO NOT LEAVE A LOVED ONE UNATTENDED IN A HOSPITAL WITH COVID OR SIGN SAYING THEY WONT BE VENTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!

  234. Wolv256 says:

    Two hundred-seventy-ninth!

  235. Siultor says:

    Man… Tim you really upset me with your shortsightedness. It isn’t a national civil war. Can’t you see these globalists actually got almost 90% of all human population to fall into two factions? The ones who want mandates, and the ones against them! This is global guys… This isnt national anymore. This is a new era, a new age, and a new page of humanity. We have been synchronized by force by these gobalists to the point where people all over the planet are having the vax conversation. This is beyond America.

  236. Winterborn says:

    Finally bit the bullet and joined the site. Holy shit Tim drops all the bombs…love it!

  237. leadd1 says:

    Just wanted to say earlier Tim is wrong ab satanist, I have cared for a child victim of satanist parents and also cared for a satanist as a nurse and I can tell you they do believe in satan. Watch their actions, don’t bother with their words, they lie to cover the evil. Alex is right, some may join as a rebellious joke but it attracts sick people like a moth to a flame. I would say the rebellious jokes are even less likely to join than the true believers.

    • says:

      At the very least, even if they don’t believe it, they’ve left themselves open to the influences of evil. They denounce any adherence to a supernaturally good and lack protection from a supernaturally evil, then go in that direction by giving evil their mouths and actions. Just dumb, tbh.
      Tl;dr if they say they’re only pretending to be retarded, does it make a difference when they shit themselves and giggle?

  238. Jean2009 says:

    I watched the Project Veritas video when it first came up… So glad I did! It’s bullsh*t that they removed it!!!

  239. Hieronymus says:

    Pharmacist here, still not getting jabbed. The risk and reward can’t be accurately balanced because there is no meaningful attempt to accurately collect adverse effect information. Additionally, if you factor in sensible treatment regimens like the FLCCC protocols, the equation is even further out of balance. Finally, it’s still not clear who is liable when something goes wrong.

    Ivermectin is soft banned here is the US, even after 97 countries have adopted it as part of standard treatments. Doctors are threatened for prescribing and pharmacies will lie about its availability. This is why I have the apple gel form. Consider that humans are omnivores able to break down a wide variety of compounds, while horses have a generally narrow diet. One thing that could happen is toxic substances being added to the vet formulations of ivm, like when the FBI poisoned alcohol during Prohibition (est 10k deaths).

    Avoid hospitals if at all possible. Refuse remdesivir, it does nothing and has huge adverse effect profile. Also very expensive. Our hospital treatment courses are now inferior to India and Mexico, who both use ivermectin. We still give insufficient doses of steroids.

    Finally, I’ve personally witnessed a patient receive a first dose and die the next day of a cardiac event. The hospital claimed he was COVID positive, and counted him as a COVID death. He was apparently feeling relatively fine the day he got the vaccine. Since it was his first shot, he counted as unvaccinated.

  240. Kasper says:

    Tim why is it hard for you to understand that they are using TV and movies to let the public know of their intensions. Go back and look at movies and TV shows that have became reality. Take the Dark Knight Batman uses Fox’s ‘cell phone sonar’ technology to turn every single cell phone in Gotham into a sonar device, giving him the opportunity to spy on everyone in Gotham. Do you really not think that the powers that be do not already have this “cell phone sonar” technology.

  241. Twainsghost says:

    53% is the updated accurate vaxxed for US

  242. mcalliso251 says:

    great show ..but you guys keep cutting of the gusts head just a little bit.

  243. TheDarkworld says:

    Seriously, fuck Tim

  244. NavyWhale says:

    The reason most people don’t know about the Illuminati/French Revolution/Washington connection is because our Higher Education Institutions have been coopted by Communists.

  245. Bsnii says:

    Hey Tim I’m U of A student havnt tested or vaccinated and still go into class normally

  246. Lazarus says:

    It is my dream to be on a podcast with Alex Jones.

  247. Yobuyahouse says:

    Wow this show and now I want to move to West Virginia.

  248. AdeptDS says:

    So weird. I smoke like 2 packs a day (yes horrible), so I thought if I get Covid, with it being a respiratory disease I’d really have a problem – yet, I barely knew I even had it (later confirmed with anti-body test). It’s so weird to hear people like Alex Jones say it was worse than the flu. I am not that much younger than Alex Jones, very close to his age, maybe not as large, but he doesn’t look too out of shape. I think some of these people play it up for effect… I swear it was the mildest cold I’ve ever had.

    • Hieronymus says:

      Interesting, might be a correlation here.

      • Maiafay says:

        I read somewhere to use nicotine patches if you’re not a smoker, but to get used to them first because I guess it’s a shock to the body. I would may consider this if I ever get Covid, though I would be surprised if I haven’t been exposed yet through the two years of working through it and going out several times a week.

    • Rawdog says:

      That is interesting, my coworkers were heavy smokers. I don’t smoke but was around them breathing 2nd hand smoke & like your experience we had very little respiratory symptoms. We experienced all other symptoms but they weren’t that bad. I even kept working thru part of my bout. So did many of the other guys.

      What do you know…cigarettes…actually good for you. Big Tobacco needs to jump on that advertising campaign🤣

      • Reptilian says:

        Yeah smokers definitely seem to be underrepresented among COVID cases. I suspect it has something to do with the nicotine molecules binding to the same ACE-2 receptors SARS COV-2 requires to infect its host, thus temporarily blocking a viable path for infection.

    • Jonman0002 says:

      Tim was wrong, it is not mainly a respiratory disease, it is a pulmonary disease. It causes your hemoglobin to be stripped of it’s hemes, which makes it incapable of transferring oxygen through the body. It’s why ventilators dont work, they can breathe into their lungs just fine but the blood cant support the oxygen. That is also what can cause long haul sy.ptoms, the spike proteins flowing through your blood causing micro clots and even possibly mini strokes. The CDC and FDA claim that the spike proteins in the vaccine differ somehow to make them less dangerous, but dr Robert malone said that they were actually made to be more immunological, not safer because at that point they didnt know that the spike proteins were cytotoxic. The people who took the vaccines are significantly worse off than the long haul covid people in my opinion, because not only do they have spike proteins ravenging their system but they also carry the risk of ADE or helping create a new more deadly variant.

      • crcook84 says:

        The moment I heard about what the spike protein can do and then it was a tug of war between it is harmful and it’s not actually that harmful, that’s when I knew something was up. The problem was I was getting doctors on both sides of the isle saying that it was the spike protein or it was an underlying condition that there was no easy way to confirm the health risks. Now, it’s about information coming out about severe reactions people are having to the vaccines, both immediate and long-term. The only way you’ll know if you’ll have a reaction is if the doctor does extensive tests of your body based on the “current” list of side-effects. Then, the question is how much will that cost and will insurance cover it?

    • innominatargh says:

      Are you absolutely sure you had covid? Ive heard some of the tests are basically random number generators, including the antibody ones

    • Bridgeburner77 says:

      Same here, I smoke like a chimney and covid was nothing for me, but it’s possible that it really is not so bad for some, and terrible for others. Not to mention it could be people getting totally different strains. It is strange though that some places are faking the numbers and saying the hospitals are overrun, and they aren’t, but then there really are areas that get hit hard by this. Very perplexing. Regardless though, I don’t care if I get it as bas as Alex said he had it, or if I feel like I’m dying and I need to go to the hospital, I’m still not taking this damn shot. That’s a hill I am ready to die on.

    • oldspicesmuggler says:

      I don’t smoke and I had the weirdest 48 hour sickness I’ve ever had in my life (not sure if it was covid, but gonna get a antibody test to confirm). I’m a pretty heavy supplement taker but for 2-3 days i didn’t take anything, then went to the movies. Next day I had weird “brain fog” type symptom and that was it. The next day body aches, chills, fever, lightheaded, and the beginnings of the “gorilla on chest” feeling but it was very faint. Laying in bed wondering if it was the “cov” that I was experiencing because the aches etc came very rapidly(matter of minutes really). Retracing my steps and I realized I had not taken any supplements the past few days. Instantly took vitamin D, hair supplement that has a stack of vitamins incl. zinc, iodine, turmeric, and then took dayquil. I then laid down and in like an hour began sweating profusely. Just decided to sleep and woke up the next day feeling relatively better. About 12 hours later I was basically back to normal. This was a little over a month ago. Before that, last time I was sick was Christmas ‘19. Very strange!

  249. shadowsquall19 says:

    I hate to be that guy, but really Communism =/= Authoritarianism

    As far as I am aware, communism is financial. Authoritarians are the ones that want control

  250. MTRafter says:

    I noticed that our local Publix grocery has large signs on their walls on each side of the entrance (you can read them from the back of the parking lot), offering the Wuhan shots… at a freakin’ grocery store!

  251. Conspirator says:

    My whole thing, was that I was wary of these situations something didn’t seem right so I stayed out but all these things trying to get me to take the Vaccine I had to seriously think and try in order to avoid the Vaccines; so it’s not just about being smart but smart enough to resist. I even conspire that the Vaccines are designed to wipe us out and sterilize us.

  252. robertwoodfield says:

    Hi thank you for bringing real news, because I am no longer believe the main streem news eg The BBC useing Trumps real tweets as biden’s tweet without blinking when I watched Trump send the tweet to protest peacefully at the time. (like biden knows how to use twitter) among many others. Could you check out.
    stop the , I think Deborah Tavares Could give Alex Jones a run for his money, (put these 2 Together) witch I found through my friend when he red pilled me with this video.
    Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Document – Full Read. I am open to the possability it is not real, But when I try to fact check her videos. I have a lot of luck. please let me know what you think, and. Is She on to Somethink? ps (it was through her videos I got recomended yours on youtube back when you had Adam on your channel ,good times)

  253. Rawdog says:

    Well, since we’re waiting on encoding, I think I will do a bit of stream-of-DMT.

    Remember when Ms. Peterson was on?
    Shut. Up. SIMPS.

    She spoke about her dietary issues…
    (she can only eat fresh organic beef & mutton)
    Shut. Up. SIMPS.
    I thought about her nutrition issues were similar to people with glasses/contacts. In peacetime & when everything is civilized, it isn’t a big issue.
    When SHTF happens…she is going to have to put a LOT of effort into finding food.
    Now Ms. Peterson will probably do alright as she has an army of you Simpanzees as well as a rich daddy to help her.

    But what about someone who doesn’t have that support?
    What if they live in an urban area?
    What organic, fresh meat source do those folks have?
    Town of Andale anyone?

    As I thought about the ramifications of this dietary condition, I began to make connections…
    What if her condition has been recorded thru history? What if it was what drove humanity for the last 7000 years? What if that syndrome was recorded in the Bible?
    Think about it…

    The Fall of Mankind (book of Genesis) where most relig-tards agree that we started eating meat…I imagine that there was some Fauscist wizard who was experimenting with an airborne bioweapon that got away from him…

    Legends of ghouls…children & women who needed meat. A harsh winter. The bodies of the dead are used to save the living…

    Legends of werewolves…these were probably men (strength) who hunted on nights when the moon was full (no electricity, remember) & weren’t too picky about the type of prey they hunted…

    The nobility down thru history were huge meat eaters…

    And think about this, 7000yrs ago the carnivores might have been a small subset of the population but over time they would have taken over as they HAD to travel in order to keep up with the hunting. They would have been stronger & more aggressive than any herbivore humans…

    Hopefully the encoding is done, I’m beginning to sound like Nutland.

  254. rufg says:

    Thank you for not having Malice on with Alex.

  255. JoshHickey says:

    Tim knows he’s arrogant, but he’s too arrogant to understand that his arrogance is due to his ignorance

  256. BladeRunner says:

    Did anyone happen to watch Tucker Carlson today and the segment where he showed a slide from a Military PowerPoint Presentation about normalizing Satanism? I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts on that please? Even as an Atheist I couldn’t believe what I was watching on a mainstream News Service like Fox and it deeply disturbed me.

  257. LeviStrickland says:

    Would not encode on chrome. Switched to brave, had weird problems entering my password (tho I may just be too stoned). Figured it out and it finally encoded in brave (about 20 mins wait time). The player has no features but pause and play. The video stoped 20 mins in. Switched back to chrome, fully encoded instantly, same player, can’t skip ahead. Back to brave, still stopped… I love the show so far tho! And Alex! Keep it up

  258. Turk_Longwell says:

    This Is Awesome.
    The Research They Do.
    Go Member Area!

  259. Thequaz says:

    Literally just started and Tim is already being a dismissive cunt. Fucking trash. Dont have fucking Alex Jones on and censor him and Ian while you bitch about censorship you fucking coward. God damn Tim you either need to grow a spine or just admit your a goverment asset.

  260. AustralianBen says:

    This video won’t load for me. The last video that wouldn’t load was Steve Bannon. Why can’t I see the best clips? Help pls 🙏

  261. Lildav3232 says:

    I screen recorded the veritas vid as soon as it came on YouTube. In case it’s gone already

  262. shadowsquall19 says:

    Y’all should have a messaging app to send links and stuff. lol

  263. jacobmeacham says:

    1 hour and 30 minutes lets fucking gooooo!!!

  264. bambam625 says:

    i tried to post the project veritas link to fb and it was deleted IMMEDIATELY by fb. this is fucked.

  265. Turk_Longwell says:

    I muted TimcastIRL while I watched the veritas video.
    Sorry Alex.
    Sorry to the IRL Team.
    PV is the truth.

  266. suede says:

    I have so much love in my UK heart for Alex Jones, mistakes and all.
    He at least won you my subscription despite me listening for over a year.
    That said, as far as the encoding… this is not it. (nor is it particularly lit).

    Twitch’s annual expenditure on servers alone is starting to make some sense now, in relevance to the cost of easy access data.

    I’d love to be able to hop off the freemium podcast on YouTube and come straight to your exclusive members only podcast to watch it as it happens, but i understand that’s a goal for the future.
    I’ll probably be watching this tomorrow when its finally encoded, laughing as Alex tries, fails, fails, and succeeds to compose himself.

    Kudos to the entire TIMIRLPODCAST team.
    (not forgetting Ian)

  267. MikeM says:

    >Video Will Take A minute To Encode, Its a long one!
    The real pressing question is why the word “A” is capitalized, but “a,” “long,” and “one,” are not.

    I love you Madison.

  268. InkedX1072 says:

    Woooooohooo! We’re in business everybody! Encoded, imbedded, and INSANE! ALEX JONE IN THE HOUSE!!!

  269. KDiddy says:

    Oh it’s encoded now! I’m busy watching a Rand Paul video… guess I’ll get to this when I get to this. Super excited though!

  270. rschashu says:


  271. drewncharlie says:

    My friends sister died from the vaccine and they said she died from covid. And i had two other friends almost die because they had covid and then got the vaccine. Its real. Veritas are heroes. Its real. This shit is horribly dangerous for certain people especially

  272. -DK- says:

    People do realize that once the video encodes fully it will never have to encode again unless it is removed from the site. It was always my understanding that in an effort to be transparant Tim wanted to post the video even before it was finished finalizing post production. Unlike the IRL show this segment is prerecorded but this all takes place between the end of IRL and the time that the encoding process starts here on the site. (Correct me if I’m wrong). I know what I signed up for and I am eternally greatful.

  273. Turk_Longwell says:

    537* Comments before the episode even encodes.

    *made up number, but close.

  274. Piff says:

    Waiting to upload video to storage !!!!!!!

  275. Darthmonkey says:

    I demand a monthly Malice & Jones power hour hosted by Tim. Make it so.

  276. Kilamonjaro says:

    Bought a membership just for this episode. Does this website work with mobile? I don’t see a video player on this video or any of the prior ones

  277. MykC says:

    The year is 2025. Timcast has become the Netflix of encoding as his lifelong goal finds fruition

  278. Katherine says:

    So after 40 minutes it has encoded by a fourth! And I have run out of yams to wash!

  279. MikeyG says:

    Damn Globalists all be making this to take way too long to encode

  280. Djpdx says:

    I have to say SUPER dissatisfied with the fact I couldn’t seamlessly transform from YouTube to here with the continued live stream. Not sure if I’ll continue my membership until that’s figured out

  281. Tunamitch says:

    No other guest would be treated with this much disrespect. Tim was seething lol

  282. tylerturner says:

    Long time fan of Tim here. Before I became a member I was thinking , “$10 a month is a steal for this extra content!” I still agree with that comment, however this particular Alex Jones episode doesn’t seem as relevant now as I’m sure it was back when it was filmed. I remember that night so well! I fell asleep while waiting for the video to encode and was late to work the next day because I stayed up extra late. Covid was in full swing and I was a very hard working, hard nosed 34 year old. Now here I am watching the 2nd inauguration of Barren Trump and I wanted to show my grandkids some old photos of what I looked like during the “Covid Days” as this youngsters call it. So I went to the garage and to my surprise my 40 year old computer booted up after all those years. After updating to my browser to Google Overlord v4 with some extra Zuckerbucks I had left on a spare gift card I was able to finish encoding this video with the 1 Trillion-Gigabyte Internet we just signed up for. It only took 45 minutes with this new high speed connection. Man, those were some great times! Covid is long gone and so is my youth. At 74 years old I only have roughly 40 or 50 more years on this planet(thanks to the new Graphene surgical procedures) but I can say that this video was worth the wait. God bless the United States of American and the United Elonian Colonies of the Mars Tesla Revolta.

  283. RaisingAnAmericanGirl says:

    Sweet baby Fauci this one must be a doozy! Guess I’ll go read a couple chapters of “Little House in the Big Woods” to my daughter while I wait. Or the whole series…

  284. Piff says:

    Wish they would get some kind of streaming service so we can watch the segment live here….. It cant be that hard can it? Private discord server even lol

  285. says:

    I’m currently out in the middle of nowhere on a hotspot. Like an orgasm, I guess this isn’t happening for me tonight.

  286. Patriotsoul says:

    Almost an hour and encoding.

  287. Clearance217 says:

    I just joined for the first time tonight because of Alex Jones. What a great show!

  288. Patriotsoul says:

    Almost an hour and still encoding.

  289. Dagwood1968 says:

    It’s taking forever it’s created a complete chat room maybe this is Tim’s plan

  290. Pottsville says:

    Hey! I tried to pay a ka-billion times (and got screenshots) a post on the IRL show tonight. Love Tim and I find Alex as the most entertaining person in politics. I have a small business growth vodcast on YouTube. I was willing to pay $300 for a super chat tonight to promote that. It’s an amazing show. I just had the President of Liberland (a Libertarian micronation) on the show a few episodes ago… but for the love of Gorilla, I could NOT get the Super Chat to go through. Please do us a solid. Check us out. Share us out. We are at: – I’ve done a few Super Chats in the past and Tim has read us out. All we focus on is personal, professional, and business growth for small to midsize businesses (just like Timcast wink, wink haha!). Cheers!

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Sir, do you know Youtube chat?
      If not. Duckduckgo and you’re solid.

      • Pottsville says:

        I do. I posted a few times, but with Mr. Jones – that chat was too crazy. Hence me wanting a super chat which I was unable to do. Surprised me. I was trying for over 1 hour and then, BAM! The show ended 🙁 Can’t wait to watch the episode here!

      • Pottsville says:

        Surprisingly, it did allow me to do a few small super chats. It would not allow me to do the $20, $50, $100, $200, $300, or even $500 super chats though. It kept blocking me. When I am saying it was blocking me, I mean it literally gave me an error. I couldn’t get to the payment screen. But if I tried the $2 super chat or the $2 super sticker – those worked with no problem. I guess it is the Mr. Jones effect 🙁

  291. ianrea says:

    By the time this is done encoding, Alex will be a guest again on Timcast IRL.

  292. rschashu says:

    “LET ME IN! LET! ME! IN!!!!!!” – Eric Andre

  293. CalmDown says:

    I have always heard that Alex Jones was a crackpot. Tonight I heard him speak words I know as truth. The fact that Tim is willing to host conversations that can’t be had on YouTube lead me to joining today.

    “Don’t be complacent. Be proactive to do good as others seek to do evil daily.”

    • JoeDogInKC says:

      I’ve watched both for years, but I decided to join tonight too. Now it’s saying “Encoding Video”, which I hope means that the server is transcoding for streaming.

      • rschashu says:

        Normally the video would be up by now but their Members Podcasts with Alex Jones go wayyyy past their usual run time. So it’ll take much longer to finish encoding than usual.

      • Ganadorious says:

        Yea. These long after shows take a long time to encode. This is normal. Usually the after shows are about 30-40 minutes. Those come up relatively quickly compared to this one. This episode is probably over an hour long. So it takes awhile. I think its mostly worth it, though.

        Ive wasted $10 on way worse things. Lol

    • Marth7th says:

      I think its more of a show of character from Tim; He was destroyed tonight from a East Texas Redneck…

      Alex Took over the show

      Knocked Tim down a peg and he knows it
      His face during super chats tells the story of the entire broadcast

  294. rob512 says:

    This brings me back to the old days with telephone wire and AOL internet. lol

  295. Defiance412 says:

    Why nod do the lives on rumble too?

  296. Tripping52 says:

    We need a show where Ian invites guests and takes them through psychedelic experiences

  297. grave367 says:

    Absolute banger of a show

  298. Dagwood1968 says:

    Has anyone gotten to see the video been waiting for encoding for 25 minutes

  299. PapaShrek says:

    Nice. This will be uploaded just in time for my morning coffee in 7 hours.

  300. jones386 says:

    It would be nice if we didn’t have to wait for the show to conclude then encode, it really breaks the flow.
    Maybe a 5 minute intermission while everyone switches over to this site, then live stream the rest of the show here?
    Afterwards, it could still be uploaded/encoded/archived.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Love the Idea. It’s supposed to be the same thing.
      Can they do that on and not youtube?

    • JoeDogInKC says:

      I suspect that they film with very high quality resolution and bitrates, which would be near impossible to stream on their own platform. It’s probably in some other format like RAW, Red, etc. and pretty much has to be transcoded into lower bitrate video that doesn’t require so much bandwidth for streaming and/or storage.

    • SEPpie says:

      New member tonight assuming I would be able to view the live discussion with Alex Jones on when YouTube portion concluded. Apparently, that is not the case.
      Suggestion for improvement. Communicate to prospective members that the member content following YouTube is a recording.

  301. benben says:

    All Hail the Legendary Alex Jones!

  302. Patriotsoul says:

    All 1500 timcast subscribers trying to watch Alex Jones at once.

  303. Turk_Longwell says:

    Since I decided to stay awake for Alex, I did some research.

    Penn State Football:
    “Penn State won’t require proof of vaccination, negative COVID-19 test to attend football games”

    Alabama Football
    “Because the roof is open, fans won’t be required to wear masks in open-air parts of the stadium.
    All stadium staff will be required to wear masks at all times.”

    Ohio state Football.
    “Ohio Stadium won’t require fans’ proof of vaccination, but masks are needed for restrooms.”

    I’m not a Doctor, but do scary viruses only happen in kind of enclosed spaces?

    Trump Rallies are the size of some College football games.
    They were Outdoors.
    But… They’re Super Spreaders?
    More Proof that Covid only Attacks Groups of Liberty Loving People.

    Back to College Sports.
    College Sports are Literally a Billion a Year of Profit.
    Deaths or No Deaths.
    It Will Go On.

    Go ‘Canes!

  304. bambam625 says:

    became a member for this video, guess ill watch it tomorrow, been waiting 20 mins and the bar hasnt moved

  305. Ackraven says:

    Just became a member to watch Alex Jones. Guess Ill have to watch this tomorrow with how lightning fast the video is loading…

  306. Ganadorious says:

    “Goddamn foreign TV. I told ya we should’ve got a Zenith.”


  307. NoOne123 says:

    Haven’t watched it yet because its encoding. Man i am freaked the fuck out over what is happening all over the world and im pretty freaked out over what Alex is gonna say. He already dropped a bunch of truth bombs that everyone in the room kept laughing off and didn’t take seriously. Like, i don’t know how many times Alex Jones needs to come with receipts before people take him a little more seriously rather than not at all. There was a vid not to long ago where he said in 2025 an actual virus would be unleashed that would have many bodies behind it instead of whats been going on covid. Man i really REALLY fucking hope that doesn’t happen but the point is collapse and the usurpation of government power

    Honestly a REALLY good guest to have on with Alex Jones would be James Lindsay. Phil brought him up on the show a few times and when Alex is telling you what the elites believe like James Lindsay will tell you the same thing. It goes back to these insane philosophers and esoteric beliefs in gnosticism.

    Also Alex tried to bring up Cyber Polygon but got cut off before talking about it. The whole electrical grid thing being taken down. Biden handing over a list of the US’s most vulnerable energy infrastructure to not get hacked is part of that. We’ll probably see that sometime this winter or early next year i think.

    • r_nicole says:

      I agree, people need to stop laughing Alex off so easily.

      • Dagwood1968 says:

        Absolutely Alex is a blessing and people need to pay attention

      • NoOne123 says:

        Honestly the laughter should have stopped at Epstein and Maxwell. Once the international pedophile ring was exposed that should have been the thing to cause people to REALLY re-examine the things he has talked about and start taking his claims a little more seriously. He DOES play things up and Alex IS a pretty wacky guy but like over and over again he says something and you can check it out yourself and there’s truth.

        I honestly hate it. I dont want him to be right. I like the dude a lot but i also hate listening to him speak. Things are A LOT darker than we realize. The worst part is the powerlessness. I actually don’t know how he deals with it and isnt in a constant state of depression.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Teamwork will win, No One, my Friend.
      All of us. Stronger Together, right?
      That’s why Tim made this place.
      I think he’s smarter then I give him credit. lol.

      • NoOne123 says:

        Once Tim adds an Edit button to the site i’ll consider him smart~ lol

        Tim will probably be okay i think. Most people will not. The economic demolition that’s happening, the cleansing of the military in preparation for the US-China conflict, crisis at the border, ect ect. I don’t know how the average man can prepare for a situation like that. All of those are horrible disasters in their own right but its all happening at once. We’ll see how it goes though. There’s pushback happening so thats good. There’s definitely room for optimism at least for now.

    • cheetodictator says:

      You know Alex has a show where he goes on and on about this sorta stuff for hours on end? He was pretty reserved on the yt stream at least.

      • NoOne123 says:

        I actually don’t know if i can stomach watching his show. I check info wars every now and then and i look over 4chan’s /pol/. Some of the things Alex brings up is so depressing. It makes it hard to really concentrate on your personal growth as a person especially these days. It feels like we’re basically in a countdown until a trigger is pulled and there’s mass death everywhere. It kind of brings the mentality that everything is futile and pointless. I mean its not….sort of but thats the kind of headspace i fall into.

  308. wcrews says:

    this video alone is worth a year’s subscription

  309. Ladyhess says:

    I think it’s broken

  310. linkdeadsoul says:

    encoderino pls

  311. OneillWithTwoElls says:

    Hey Tim, I think you are taking this personal responsibility thing a little too far. I shouldn’t have to encode my own video.

  312. -DK- says:

    Usually I am a very paitent person but I have been inable to focus on anything other than waiting for encoding to finish!

    • Dagwood1968 says:

      How long have you been waiting it’s been 20 minutes for me

      • -DK- says:

        Same amount of time as everyone else. Since the video is pre-recorded unlike IRL it has to be processed after they finish recording and if they went longer than the usual 45 minutes it automatically means that the upload time will be later than usual. Since it is probably a longer segment it will take more time to upload to the website video player and then given all the added trafric to the site it will make everything move slower. Tim wants to be transparent (in my opinion, I do not speak for Tim or on his behalf, that is what I precieve from his viseos) and unfortunately it is making it seem like the video is having issues when in reality things ran later than normal which is good in a content context. Hopefully that makes sense.

  313. DJ200s says:

    By the time this is done encoding Project Veritas will have been banned

  314. Poltergeister says:

    60 minutes later….

  315. GMacAttack12 says:

    When I was logging, Google was fighting it hard.
    I’d expect nothing else when Alex Jones is featured…lol

    The feature is in encodenito mode at the moment.

  316. drewncharlie says:

    Ah man i watch on my phone. The bar never moved. Too bad. This is what i pay for. Guess it’ll be encoded forever

  317. Dseegmi1 says:

    Waiting for a video to encode is a lot like a mandatory vaccine, in that…
    I don’t like it.

  318. bambam625 says:

    holy encoding batman!

  319. My_Sharona says:

    So since we don’t have the video yet does anyone have any theories about the Petito case? I won’t give that scumbag the time of day by speaking his name.

    I hope she didn’t suffer, I pray for her family and her soul.

    • TylerWmaddogElliotT says:

      I haven’t ruled out CIA or the aliens yet. Probably never will.

    • Dagwood1968 says:

      Did they find her I have not checked since Saturday

    • TheDarkworld says:

      Getting married very young to an older dude that lives with his parents. One would kinda expect something like this. Yawn. Neeeext

    • Steezymac23 says:

      I will not stoop down to that level of calling him a scumbag yet. Body still hasn’t been identified and no cause of death has been determined and there is literally only speculation. There isn’t enough information to even create a good theory. But everything surrounding what that guy did seems very suspicious. Theories could be anywhere from he murdered her to maybe she was hitting him again and he flipped and hit her back and she hit her head on a rock and died to maybe they broke up and she went off on her own to see the friend she was supposed to meet at Yellowstone and she told him to go back and pack up his stuff and she will get a flight home and she was picked up by stranger and murdered… Fact of the matter is we don’t know and won’t know until cause of death and if that is her is identified along with finding the guy. It’s such an unknown and I am not going to form a strong opinion because of those unkowns. But he does seem guilty….. I will say that

  320. Sha256 says:

    So my first comment yet.

    Seriously, is the site ok? Never takes so long to encode. Hope all is well.

  321. Bigdeitz85 says:

    Alex Jones is always right!

  322. Jcornman24 says:

    Wow this must really be a long one, the after show is always available when I get home from work.

    The Main show tonight was amazing Alex was on fire!

  323. Turk_Longwell says:

    This is going to be Epic!
    I don’t use that word lightly.
    Phil had a blast tonight.
    I know I did.

  324. Patriotsoul says:

    Alex crashing another website. Yeah I’m the two comments in a row guy.

  325. Davei_Boi says:

    I’m a TimCast member because of Alex Jones! #ImAGorilla

  326. Patriotsoul says:

    C’mon Man! Where is the vid?

  327. Ganadorious says:

    “On this very night, ten years ago, along this very stretch of road in a dense fog just like this. I saw the worst accident I ever seen. There was this sound, like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building… And when they pulled the driver’s body from the twisted, burning wreck. It looked like this…”

    -Large Marge

  328. rschashu says:

    Encoding squad rise up!

  329. Dirtsquad says:

    Jones is a fucking national treasure.

  330. PowderPZ says:

    Encoding… 😕

  331. Wolv256 says:


  332. shadowsquall19 says:

    “Minute” you sure about that?
    Might be worth Pre-encoding before upload if possible guys

  333. Dusty Oldman says:

    Didn’t want to post a comment but the encoding forced me. It raped me to do it. True story. Thanks for listening.

  334. DCrockafella says:

    What kind of s*** should I talk about on my YouTube channel and will you subscribe

  335. RyanShhit says:

    When you blow money consistently on super chats and get passed over day after day…

  336. NickLee says:

    Alex Jones is like a comet; It comes around every so often capturing our attention and bringing strange omens.

  337. BrutalBastard says:

    What the shit with this encoding? What are you hiding, Pool?!

  338. Another Beer says:

    Hurry up and load, the edibles are kicking in!

  339. Nugget79 says:

    Since I can no longer superchat, I was going to say, have had a song from my youth going thru my head lately, Manic Street Preachers – If you tolerate this your children will be next, poignant times, Stay and Stand Strong.

  340. Jaybediah says:

    “Video Will Take A minute To Encode, Its a long one!”…

  341. JarrodGideon says:

    Alex Jones is the bird which is the bald eagle. I am beyond angry.

  342. DCrockafella says:
    That’s my YouTube channel, please subscribe. Please. I’m not sure why but we may have something in common. I aim to please.

  343. JMGardner says:

    😴 waiting on encoding blows

  344. Carp says:

    Encode me harder

  345. Winston_6655321 says:

    I wonder if this’ll be the episode where Tim finally goes all in on the NWO conspiracy…..

  346. Katherine says:

    So by the time the encoding completes the humans will have evolved into fruit washers as there was nothing better to do while waiting for the encoding.

  347. KMerckCPA says:

    I came here to watch the great Alex Jones and listen to whiny pussies bitch about having to wait a whole minute for a video. You wouldnt have survived in 1993

  348. says:

    Can Ian do a physics/metaphysical show? Please and thank you.

  349. VannicWolf says:

    EXCITING! They had SUCH a good episode on Themtube! Cant wait to see the uncensored mayhem here.

  350. MachismoJoe says:


  351. Danlou38 says:

    Alex Jones is the greatest show on earth

  352. SinkJohnny says:

    Do you think Alex really has to take a leak every show or do you think he really goes to the restroom to do more blow?

  353. PseudoSwede says:

    Is this where I come to publicly bitch about how long I perceive the encoding process to be taking?

  354. TimsBeanie says:

    On DMT… My belief is that, images that you see are so familiar to what other see, because DMT opens the third eye, the pineal gland .. and when we peer through the third
    eye we are looking into ourselves physically, we are in the chambers of our brain. Everyone brain is similar thus we see similar things.

    • Wolv256 says:

      The third eye is your butt. That’s why the aliens are always probing us.

    • Mattyboy420 says:

      I agree I think inside of us is a battlefield of various spirits. The Bible talks about this each of the 7 sins as an individual spirit. But you also have the holy spirit inhabited inside of you also your own unique soul. Youre a vessel that all of these things try to convince you to act on their will in the physical realm. I think DMT is dangerous but could also be good because it could allow you to become more in touch with your the holy spirit. But its all based off intent, these other spirits may intercept like Alex was referencing in the beginnings of the YouTube show

  355. Nobilist21 says:


  356. TheAcquisitor says:

    Google “Jack Murphy, John Goldman, feminists need rape” if you want to learn more about “Jack Murphy”. And be Enlightened. Ask Project Veritas.

  357. Forky says:

    Oh I am *so* ready for this!!!

  358. Acog says:

    So looking forward to these shenanigans

  359. Cristiano says:

    Lookin’ forward to it! Thanks team!

  360. Stephen Menard says:

    it says error!

  361. tinydanser says:

    i work morning shift tomorrow and i stayed up to watch this, but the encoding is gonna take so long i’ll have to watch it tomorrow lmfao. Can’t wait to watch it though!

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