Bill Ottman & Libby Emmons Member Podcast: Evidence Of Leftist Radicalization, Mayor Threatens To Arrest School Board

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Bill Ottman & Libby Emmons Member Podcast: Evidence Of Leftist Radicalization, Mayor Threatens To Arrest School Board

127 responses to “Bill Ottman & Libby Emmons Member Podcast: Evidence Of Leftist Radicalization, Mayor Threatens To Arrest School Board”

  1. Twiztidxxxninja says:

    Man, i feel like when i was growing up, around middle school the internet became big. My dad was into gaming at the time Delta force task force dagger with his work friends. i always had internet, but everyone in school go the internet in middle school and we all talked to each other. Looking back it was the weirdest thing, i would talk to other kids that i never even spoke to in person, and we were best friends online. we walked by each other in the halls and never acknowledged each other. In fact i “dated” 2 girls that i had never really talked to. It was a crazy time, and probably a great time to grow up. The internet wasn’t easy to use, but if you had it and you knew someone who knew slightly more than you, you would accidently become a computer wiz.

  2. redmuskrat says:

    When my son was in grade school he argued that plasma was the 4th state of matter. They told him he was wrong and I was a liar. Needless to say, the teacher and principal formally apologized to me and my son.

  3. Axeman says:

    You’re both making excuses and downplaying Child Grooming! Not to mention contributing to the delinquency of minors (plural) of which they are guilty for every single minor effected! (Promoting Underaged drinking)
    The Board is responsible for ALL MATERIALS…
    This is a literal crime and they all SHOULD BE ARRESTED

    The parents and the Mayor should be mad AND SO SHOULD YOU!

  4. DakotaJim says:

    PCs didn’t exist until I was in my 20s…..

    The key is being able to read and comprehend.

  5. Wyndsong says:

    Banning books IN SCHOOLS is not the same as banning books in general. The Nazis banned books to the general population. Libraries and books stores should always have these books in them. But parents should have the right to say NO this book or this content cannot be taught in school.

  6. Phantomcode says:

    They are the scared weak people and they will obey out of fear

  7. BJennings says:

    Tim you need to get an app for your after show

  8. Thepurpleguerrillax1 says:

    Libby’s intelligence is such a turn on

  9. C Keeper87 says:

    The issue is that pornography is not just limited to visual media. What if the school handed out material that had a “viewing assignment in it which contained a link to a pornographic image or movie, and to “view” it? Wouldn’t that be engaging in pornography with minors? I know it’s different than asking the kids to take pictures of themselves, such as the assignment in question, but my point is that different people see pornography differently. For instance, men are primarily visually stimulated, so pornography targeted towards males is usually visual (images and videos), but women are primarily non-visually stimulated and, so pornography targeting females is primarily auditory or reading (I know that’s “technically” visual… but you know what I mean). This then, IS pornography, explicitly so.

  10. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    Vaush is a pedophile.

  11. Blondichops says:

    I feel this alot. I grew up in a Catholic school and they make men smart, but emasculate at the same time in regard to authority. Tim called me out, because I was the boy who cried feeling he was never good enough when the slip came. I cried if I got a slip of discipline. I cried when they told me I couldn’t write both left and right hand (ambidextrous) and had to pick a side when I grabbed the scissors with my left. And when I got my foot pierced with a rusty nail, trailing blood into the bathroom, I was scared to tell anyone in fear of repurcussions. My father came hours later from his factory job to tell his son it was ok, and was fired for abandoning his post at the CF chemical plant shortly after (which almost made me become a Marxist in its own right)

    Because he lost his job, we couldn’t afford my private education. Two schools were available in my small southern Louisiana town. I blew every public student out of the water academically (making valedictorian as soon as I was ousted) and got beat for it by the poor kids in my community, who tried to racially segregate white vs black, and have me be the minority. I never understood, and cried more, and more, until the mental blocks creating racial prejudice did their best to imbed themselves in my unconscious psyche.
    My dad did the best he could to give me the school I could function in to build me, and I ended up in a GT school (the “gifted and talented” if you hats even a fucking thing anymore) of a program based in San Antonio Texas. They worked to pull book smart people in to boost their school wide gpa. I finally said enough is enough, and gave up on school.
    It’s 5-7 years after I gave up, and I’m now In college. I’m glad I went through what I did because I’m it’s given me a very real perspective of humanity, sociology, And psychology of our society regarding ostrication. And to anyone who has read this far into my spiel from the heart, you really are the base for the future. One man can build the web of connections to counter the disease in our culture, and you can be the antidote for people like me. I feel abandoned, and I’m just 21. Come find us and give us purpose to fight the good fight.

    • zafamily says:

      When i was a teacher i was surprised that is was the boys(not the girls) especially around 9 or 10 that did most of the crying. I think its a natural phase for boys at that age.

  12. codec3752 says:

    AOL was the Eternal September. Twitter is Eternal September to the 10th power.
    The internet has gotten dumber, as less and less motivated people have joined.

  13. Astartes says:

    I’m a good bit older than Tim but I had the exact same experience in school. Was reading books by 3 and getting in trouble constantly with the teachers for letting them know I was smarter than them. I got past year over year without turning in any homework because my testing scores. I’d read all the books within the first few weeks of school then sit and draw for the rest of the year. 7th grade came along and they tried to hold me back and tell me if I don’t do well I won’t be able to go on to high school with my class. I look at all of them in the meeting and said legally you can’t hold me here I’ll be too old and you’ll have to put me in high school regardless, my mother tried to hold back a smirk as best she could and I went 6,7,7 on to 9th. Then never made it through freshman year. Went on to be my own boss and a successful one at that. It was scary listening to just how close Tim’s story was to mine and good to see he has become successful as well.

  14. BFairfax123 says:

    People for several years now have pointed out the similarities between the current left in the US and the Fascist of the 1920’s in Europe . Though I think what’s been missing is charismatic leadership as of yet nobody has been given the limelight that actually survived the scrutiny of those on the left . Once someone does they’ll then be much more difficult to stop . Now they seem destine to repeatedly shoot themselves in the proverbial foot . Oh and as for the AP prompt it’s not even the sex part that’s actually the issue it just get’s more clicks it’s the encouraging underage drinking that’s illegal for even most of the College age kids this would have been aimed at . Most kids in College can’t legally drink till their at least Sophomores and the majority are Juniors my 20yr old who’s a JR at WVU will be glad to complain to you about it .

  15. AndrewHopson says:

    Libby’s intelligence is attractive.

  16. Rbracewell says:

    As I listen to them speak about their educations in public and private schools, I’m shocked! My husband and I grew up in a little two horse town in Tennessee and we received a better education than all the people on this podcast. We’ve always been told that the north had better schools and education than we did here. I don’t know if our better education had something to do with Nasa and Frito-Lay sponsoring our schools or not. But I am wholly shocked!

  17. VannicWolf says:

    I love the more personal stories.

  18. GhostTroll says:

    Obviously YOU should have finished school, Tim. You would be successful today.

  19. BeyondTilted says:

    age of consent is 16 in at least the plurality of states 16 and 17 is over 2/3rds of states very few states have age of consent at 18

  20. KMerckCPA says:

    Tim your story about school makes me think you were a spoiled brat who was never taught to respect authority. That’s why you’re such an arrogant dick sometimes.

  21. KMerckCPA says:


  22. VegasHotFlash says:

    I am 54. My immigrant parents told me school was a glorified babysitter. They educated me. I did the same for my children who are 25 & 27. Both graduated from college, as did I, not for the “education” but for the right of passage and social currency it provides.
    I am constantly amazed at parents who believe that school is there to educate their children and not do them harm. Dumb parents = dumb children.

  23. DieOnMyFeet says:

    Lol I had a bunch of people in my school that couldn’t read or write worth a fuck too. Literally the exact same amount of stuttering and pausing. I volunteered to read every time because it was torture to listen to other 16yr old kids try to read 3rd grade words. I hated school from the 7th grade on, luckily I had marching band, theater, and color guard (flag twirlers, not ROTC) to keep me from going insane.

  24. Vashts1985 says:

    16 may be the age of consent in Ohio but its still statutory rape if you are over 18 sleeping with someone 16 or 17.

  25. YEAHCOLDBEER says:

    Enjoy most stuff on the show. This members video was a bit too much of Tim talking about himself suffocating the conversation.

  26. PresidentGaius says:

    I was today years old when I learned camels don’t actually have water in their humps.

  27. Tribe39 says:

    “Accuse the enemies of doing what you are doing, as you are doing it to create confusion.”
    Karl Marx

  28. McCaffrey6100 says:

    I think the USA and CCP are in a desperate game/race to outlast the other.

    If the USA wins they keep the CCP subservient. If the CCP win, they take the throne.

    China is having some financial collapse issues. Link:

  29. Hollowcon says:

    Whether intentional or not, what we have here with the arbitrary authoritarian rules around covid and the woke cancel culture combined; is Milgram’s experiment on a planetary scale.

  30. Aquarius says:

    I’m in college now, and my teacher thought that it might be necessary to draw a triangle, circle, or square on the board in case we didn’t know what they were. I know I’m not always the best with math, but I definitely know what all of those look like.

  31. Irris30 says:

    I started out in private school and went to public. Took two years to catch up to where I already was. I used most of my time in public school catching up on my reading. I must have read every book in the elementary, middle and high school. I even found a few trash novels in the the hs library :O But yeah Tim I can see how you thought it was a waste. My Dad was raising us alone and helped as he could but it was frustrating…showing your work…I don’t know child I just solved it in my head. But dad the teacher will mark me down for not showing….gahhhh. Anyway, I was smarter than my grades, because I never applied myself. I was more interested in the art room, library and hiding books in the desk as the teacher rambled on about blah blah blah. For 2 weeks in advanced bio I was engrossed when we were outside learning about Botany. Practical and in person. What a waste of time.

  32. Sekiro654 says:

    Just got my membership and I love the members only content. Can’t wait to see more! 🤙🏼

  33. Stephan says:

    The left and right haven’t changed……I hate that argument. Democrats led the satanic panic in 80s. Created PC language and fought to censor and ban video games in the 90s. They control the movie ratings with is notorious for being religiously favorable. The found against gamers again in 2010s. Outside abortion, the religious extremist and censorship and infringement on liberties has ALWAYS been from the left. Abortion in itself is not even a comparable topic since that involves another person and it can be argued an infringement on that babies life. That’s not comparable to all the other censorship and control the left has demanded for years. They have always been the authoritarians. All these ex leftist who think they are red pilled because of progressives are still asleep.

  34. keithhetrick says:

    Tim’s favorite thing in the whole wide world is the sound of his own voice…jesus bro, the Earth ain’t gon explode if someone else starts talking LOL

  35. FishoutofWater says:

    Left and right are their terms of division. I don’t use them and wish more people felt the same way.

  36. Boomer624 says:

    Really good show. I too dropped out of school but we didn’t have internet back in the 70’s we had encyclopedias….Yeah they were like 5-10 years old but I would read them cover to cover during the summers from about 5th grade on. I got to be in high school and like you Tim, got fed up with shitty teachers that because tenure couldn’t be fired. In the last days of my Jr year I went to the college and took the GED tests and passed in 3 days. I then joined the Navy and got an education. (In more ways than one.) I worked on Polaris/Poseidon missiles (Predecessors of the Trident missile systems) on Submarines. Got out and went to college got a degree (Chemistry) and went to work in the mid 80’s. In 1990 I took a job in IT support and retired 2 years ago. Not bad for a kid the Guidance Councilors said would never amount to much.

  37. UppityG says:

    The left left Emmons, she did not leave the left. Reminds me of what happened to Ronald Reagan.

    It’s clear that she, like Pool, still has left sided values and ideals, some good, some not so much. The left, the regressives, “los progres,” has devolved into The Cult and everyone else is some flavor of Classic Liberal, aka right of center, conservative, libertarian, populist, nationalist (no color designation). There’s an easy test to determine which camp you’re in: name a time when you were wrong and you knew it. Everyone (who is honest with themselves) can name at least one time (and not some lame ass kind of wrong, but the kind of wrong that stung). The Cultists can’t name one _and_ because they sense their dishonesty, they’ll point at your example and attempt to rub your nose in it so they can take the spotlight off of them.
    Guess who else does that? Juveniles.

    Where Emmons’ lingering leftism rears its ugly head is when she shows she is unbothered by porn writing prompts being among other writing prompts meant for college students (who are really just ex-high schoolers until the end of their sophomore year), and tries to prop up her pro-hit the kids with sex info early and often argument by asking what is the age of consent* in Ohio.
    _*Let’s puncture this conceit right now: consent for engaging in a romantic relationship with another the same age is not a justification to permit juveniles to become sexually adventurous without any training on how to spot danger before it spots them. Far too many lefties think “age of consent” means they can decide for themselves anything about sex, anywhere, anytime, with anyone. No. Not at all. It exists so that two juveniles who fancy each other and act on their natural urges are not criminalized for doing so. Some states have updated their age of consent so there can be a small gap in age difference._

    She _wants_ to believe the school board’s excuse or explanation for not at least redacting those “prompts,” while many of the rest of us decidedly do not. The school board is lying to somebody and it might not be the parents or the mayor. That said, I side with the mayor, a realized adult who has cleared things up in one stroke, and thank God.

    Far too many from the latest generations think that what they went through didn’t have deleterious effects on them, so why not replicate what they experienced for others? Here’s why not: just because you _think_ you did not suffer ill-effect from the experience (in this case, Emmons writing about her sexual experience was read aloud to her writing class) does not mean A, that you _didn’t_ suffer a negative impact, you simply have automatically accommodated it and put it out of mind, or B, that someone else would _not_ be traumatized by having their writing divulged to others.

    Which leads to this question for Emmons: did she know her writing would be read aloud before she got the assignment? That would make quite a difference.

    I can understand Malice saying if you can’t stand up and speak the truth, support those who can and don’t risk your job. Some people are terrible at speaking up, they mangle the point, they get flustered, they derail easily, they blurt out confidences they later apologize for but it’s too late, and so they end up making matters worse. If speaking the truth comes naturally to you, and you have other qualities, and tools, that give you some insulation against the cancellation attempts by those who favor the lies, and you have support from lots of others, then you can get the truth out faster and more acceptably than otherwise.

    But, you have to pick your battles. However, if you _never_ pick a battle then this truism will apply to you: a man dies but once, a coward a thousand times.

    This bonuscast was very elucidating and provided much insight, and I’m appreciative. Big thanks, great guests.

  38. Rachael says:

    Yaaay 38 min of Tim talking over everyone about how smart he is.

  39. says:

    Good God, Tim and Ian. Your stories literally are the best advertisement for small town schooling. I grew up in a small town (similar age to Tim) in Montana, and our education was NOTHING like that. Almost all of our teachers respected us and actually taught us. Avoid blue state education I guess. Shocking, I know.

  40. Bmwtech says:

    Even though I’m not a religious person, but taking religion out of society has had detrimental effect on society as a whole. Without moral/ethical society anything goes removes taboos from people minds. Add to the fact that American collective IQ has dropped below self government. This country will be no different from a 3rd world country.

  41. TheSphinx says:

    We treat young adults as children then complain about failure to launch for years afterwards.

  42. MZero1294 says:

    Your videos keep pausing and chugging on the Brave browser, even with the shields shut down.

  43. covfefeovich says:

    Accepting the phrase “they banned…..” as normal seems to me like a lot bigger problem than a lot of other things. I rather roll with “The fucking asshole book-burning neo-psuedo NaziKommie fuckwads at xyzCorp banned”.

    I had low expectations of them when they started but fucking asshole book-burning neopsuedo NaziKommie fuckwad social media turned out far worse than I expected.

    [too much?]

  44. Astarr1462 says:

    Aligning with ppl like Libby and allowing her to call herself “conservative” will be the downfall of the “not cult” side. Everything we see happening is the logical conclusion of the ideas liberals hold, its the end point of the slippery slope. Much like Karly Boreshyenko these ppl are not liberty based in their ideology, they place acceptance and saftey above liberty.

  45. ryan.hartley says:

    So the moment banning a book makes you look like a Nazi, is the moment we walk away from the idea? Are you going to start adding Kama Sutra to school libraries because of the fear to ban books from an educational facility? Evil watches and listens to things like this, and then it says lets do more books because they are afraid to ban them. They don’t want to look like “Nazis.” Sorry, but lines need to be drawn somewhere. You’re not a Nazi because you ban a book. Literature can be dangerous in the wrong hands. How do you know what you’re creating when you introduce a young mind to ideas it’s not ready for? Walk before you learn to run

  46. Bjorkman says:

    Ian tries so hard to play the role of intellectual cyber hippie that he rarely makes a good or even coherent point

  47. Mygymus says:

    “Joy villa” – timmy poo

    “Literally who?” – me

    • UppityG says:

      @Myg, 😄 Villa is a pop singer, I believe. She’d be a good guest, now that I think about it. I’ve heard her interviewed about her support of Trump in Hollyweirdoland. (I’m an operaphile.)

  48. Pacivility says:

    Malice drinks alot of coke zero. Cut him some slack.

  49. KVanBogart says:

    Tim mentioned his high school being full of really dumb people that didn’t know how to read. That may have been true, I think it might be worth pointing out that it may have been just full of kids who had been served very poorly by the public education system. His example about the teacher telling the kids to look up a problem and then just leaving seems to be an example of this.

  50. KVanBogart says:

    I love that School board video where the Mayor threatens them. That being said, I wonder if it’s the wrong target. The school board may not have assigned the books, the teachers who decided to hand this stuff out should be taken to task as should be who ever brought these materials in for the students.

    May I suggest looking into bringing Deb Fillman on to discuss education in regards to schooling and the wokeness in the public schools. She has a YouTube channel called ‘The Reason We Learn’?

  51. GtheBattleAxe says:

    The left and the right are both cults – to deny that proves you belong to one of them.

    • MrSooop says:

      Good point. Let’s see…
      Someone not in a cult does not need to lie or obfuscate the truth or censor dissenting opinions and should have no problem with their facts being scrutinized for accuracy. They can encourage open discussions and can question popular narratives.
      Someone in a cult has no problem lying and will deliberately obfuscate the truth and actively censor dissent and their ‘facts’ must be taken as ‘gospel’. Acceptable discussion topics are extra limited and discussion must remain narrow in scope. And the narrative of authorities may not be questioned.
      I remember the turncoat antiwar left when Obama was in office, war was suddenly fine with them after they spent years Bush-bashing over it. That’s some cult shit.
      I also remember the warhawk neo-con right, they would be on tv and talk radio and online spewing out vile hatred and psychopathy like it was just a normal thing. That’s some cult shit too.
      I think that a lot of critical thinking has been happening on the so called right side over the last few years but i think that most normies on the left have decided to go the other way.
      So I think the left is currently way more culty. But the right could go back in that direction too if they aren’t careful.

    • Anony says:

      This is bullshit. There are well defined qualities of cults and the left fits that definition far closer than the right.

    • Ozzy says:

      Lol thats like saying all white people are racist, and if they deny it it proves that they are. Thats some lefty logic, dork.

    • winesjh says:

      This is a vague claim void of any substance or evidence and smells more like a fence-sitter going on about “wing nuts”. We know. Every side is wrong and you are “above” it.

    • Bjorkman says:

      Im going to make a sttatement and if you disagree i proves me right….
      sorry but this type of logic is the absolute height of stupidity

    • UppityG says:

      @G, your BS has been called.

  52. Shannifin says:

    You need to let both guest speakers speak. I was disappointed I didn’t learn much about your new guest. It seemed like a lot of chummy chatting between the 4, but you cut off the new guy whenever he started speaking.

  53. TypicalStranger says:

    Tim bro you really gotta stop tryin to interject every sentence. Let the crew share a few ideas without you, just listen man

  54. Alucard says:

    In a holy war how could you ever see your side as unholy

  55. says:

    That content was absolutely inappropriate for high schoolers, and just because the guest had a teacher who was just as morally bankrupt as the ones who gave that book to minors does not suddenly make it ok. I took college-level creative writing courses as an adult in university and didn’t even encounter anything like this. My professor was definitely not conservative, but on the first day of class, he made it clear he wasn’t there to read anyone’s erotic fantasies. I have nothing against that type of writing in general, but there’s an appropriate time and place for it. Minors should not be distributed that material in school. This isn’t the same as studying classic literature. This is a teacher in a position of power giving their students a book that asks them to write about their actual underaged sexual experiences. To write about things they would never tell their parents. It’s creepy. I know they say the erotic prompts were never assigned, and I’d give them the benefit of the doubt without proof to the contrary, but it also would not be the first time teachers lied about the severity of a transgression when called out about it.

    • TheSphinx says:

      Fair points but can we stop infantilizing high school seniors? We are falling into the trap of these young adults being children… they are minors but they are not the same st that age as even freshmen are. 50 years ago most of them would leave home at graduation and some would get married right out of high school. We complain about kids not understanding the real world but treat them as if they were 12 year old even as they enter college… and now for years after.

      • UppityG says:

        Protecting high schoolers, who are not yet legally responsible for their actions or omissions, from adult temptations, is not infantilizing them, it is buying time for us to get them trained to negotiate real world mine fields so they have a better chance of coming out the other side with just a few bumps and bruises. We used to do that, but lately we’ve allowed the marxist teachers to indoctrinate them into believing they’re supposed to be sexually active now (which they are already, biologically designed to be, with those their own age) but not for themselves, but for adults. No worries if they make a baby, they’ll be trained to think killing it is “contraception.”
        Yes, 50 years ago, a high schooler was much more mature because back then we knew the very real danger of not getting our kids up to speed to handle the big bad world sooner rather than later. We’ve become a soft society, so far too many of us took advantage and took life for granted.
        It’s our fault that the latest generations have been given too much and taught so little.

    • UppityG says:

      @KDB, agree.

  56. JumpmanKain says:

    School is garbage full of morons that hold the rest of the class back. When my family moved from New Hampshire to Arizona in my sophomore year, I was asked by a senior where I was from. I said New Hampshire and he asked where that was. I said it’s in New England and he literally said, “Oh, you’re from Europe.” I will never understand why any parent thinks school is a valuable use of a child’s time.

  57. benmac1089 says:

    Weird sound at 7:57.

  58. Grand_Kai says:

    I remember when my Psychology teacher in high school asked us about gender. He said what makes a boy a boy and a girl a girl. Most of the class said penis, when pressed further they said xx vs xy. All correct answers.

    He then said, what about these people, and presented us with those that are born with both organs?” Then he said, “What are they? How can we expect to say a boy is a boy simply by a penis, or xy when someone can be born with with both attributes?”

    I then asked, “How many legs do frogs have?”

    He responded with, “4(no hesitation)!”

    I said, “Exactly we do not determine what is normal by abnormalities, and we agree frogs have four legs even though some have more or less. We do the same with humans, simply because abnormalities exist we do not add it to the norm.”

    He then said, “Go to the principals office!”

    This was in 2002, Do you really think this shit started a year ago?

    Also interesting that xx is not under lined as spelled wrong but xy is, just saying.

  59. M.e.leechee says:

    Shout out to Rap News so fucking awesome

  60. pandusa says:

    You can discuss and disagree while still respecting the each other as people. I believe that trait evolves with maturity and personal insight. An illusive skill in their reality. Maybe that is why very few will appear on the podcast. The “parroting” of ideas without evidence and substance will not work there.

  61. NoOne123 says:

    Ive always maintained that reddit was trash but i do know that at one point it was okay for finding hobbies. There are other things you can use to find hobbists now. Discord exists, 4chan is still a thing but is severely and actively being disrupted by bots. The fact that free speech oriented alternatives are starting to pop up is really good. It’ll be a slow burn but eventually more people will learn about those alternatives. Rumble and bitchute are already doing pretty well. Youtube while not great for politics is actually still an incredible resource for knowledge. People literally put up class lectures FOR FREE on there on a variety of subjects. It’s awesome. The internet is still alive and well and new tech is still being developed and discovered.

    The thing im worried about is that the World Economic Corum wants to shut down the internet and remove all anonymity and replace it with a digital ID thats permanently tied to you. Now that would actually destroy the internet.

  62. Francia says:

    What’s a good Reddit alternative? What’s the new Reddit?

  63. Kleon333 says:

    School/College was the biggest waste of time in my life. I should have taken programming classes and got a job. Instead I wasted the most productive years of my life, it was a ton of fun, but I know my parents misled me.

  64. TheRealZac says:

    I hope you don’t forbid these convos from coming up tim. The semantics are important. The left is eating its own slowly but surely. We need to be ready to recruit these people and the hyperbolic left and right narrative is a way for people to discredit info without listening or looking into it. We have to get past it.

    • TheRealZac says:

      I was a liberal until the muller report like you. It will get worse than it is now, and hard times create strong men and women. Times are still good, so weak men and women we get. If we build it they will come. Never forget 🙂

  65. MikefromMichigan says:

    I deleted my Reddit account about a month ago and it feels so liberating to not be bombarded with incoherent leftist bias on every post. One of the healthiest things I have done for my own sanity in a while.

  66. jackie says:

    Sorry, but she is WRONG… and her teacher was WRONG to have done her play or even have read it. This is not okay… It is all infuriating.. dont be numb to the bad stuff cause too much craziness is going on.

  67. wisdom says:

    0-4 most important time of a child’s life… also the most “vaccinated” time of a child’s life… think about it. They need to develop BEFORE they’re vaccinated to say the least.

  68. Jinenji says:

    Ian-Digestion haha, all yours.

  69. Lildav3232 says:

    You can not have sex with an adult at 16. Consent is for someone that is close to your age. I think it’s like 18 and 6 months or something like that. You should not be given that “prompt” in high school. Especially with the prompt of not telling your mom. That is evil brainwashing. Schools should not be doing anything that suggests hiding it from your parents unless it is a fact the parent is abusive.

    • pandusa says:

      Writing about sexual experiences in high school? Encouraging drinking? High School has changed a lot since I went there. The difference is if the school establishment was for it, we would have been suspicious of, if not against it. I think these kids bond to these teachers for attention the are not getting at home.

    • Reptilian says:

      The age of consent is literally the age at which you are legally recognized as being able to give consent for sex. So if a state has an age of consent of only 16, then legally they could fuck a 75 yr old if they wanted to.
      What you’re mistakenly referring to are Romeo and Juliet laws which apply only to close-in range age groups and are typically used in states with a higher age of consent like 18. For example, a 16 yr old and a 22 yr old would be considered consensual under these provisions, even if the age of consent of that state was still technically 18.

  70. MrSooop says:

    Maybe Ian could go through survival training for a week and Luke could fill in. Then when Ian comes back, I’d be curious to see the changes. Could film parts of it too, call it ‘Lib in survival training’ or something.
    P.S. Maybe some old school Chomsky would help with his semantic issues.
    Sponsored by the Save Ian Committee 😁

  71. NoOne123 says:

    About the podcast earlier

    “Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To Create Confusion” – Karl Marx

    When people talk about the left saying the same thing as the right it is the left that is projecting, not the right. Its literally a tactic of the left to project. If you haven’t picked up on this by now there’s no saving you. That being said, when you’re fully aware of the tactic its kind of nice because the left basically tells you to your face their entire plan and what they’re doing and you can easily sidestep it but most of those on the right get tripped up by the hypocrisy and constantly try to cope with, “CoUlD yOu iMaGiNe iF tHe rIgHt dId tHiS…”

    Obligatory Ian is a retard who doesn’t understand politics despite co-hosting a political podcast 5 out of 7 days a week for over a year. Its like he just sits there and tunes out and doesn’t listen to anything the guests say. Dude says hes, “basically a socialist”. I’m not sure if he actually knows what a socialist is since he constantly goes on about, “decentalization bro!” but weirdly enough i believe him? He has psychopathic tendencies. The way his mind works is very much in line with the thinking of the World Economic Forum guys(who are full on lunatic actual facsists). He’s very much overly technical about words and can’t seem to understand simple concepts. Dude is very much into word salad to the point its practically pornographic for him, same with the idea of technology. Fully buys into the overpopulation narrative and has mentioned support for mass depopulation. Good on Lydia basically nuking his entire, “bro ur falling into the trap of the two party system bro!” at the end. You’re not going to unite with people who laugh at your suffering and want you dead dude.

    The male guest(idk his name) also doesn’t understand that the right has always been the party of freedom and liberty. It is leftist revisionism that has claimed otherwise. You can see he is visibly uncomfortable associating himself with the right. The right want to dismantle the government and want the government to have less power. Nazi’s being right wing is another leftist lie and historical revisionism. National Socialists are literally socialists. They want centralized government power. That’s not right wing. Germany was a fight between communists and socialists who would be to the right of communists hence why the communists call national socialists, “right wing”. Ugh…im so tired of the lies

  72. Clayton says:

    It’s 100% lunacy to think it is appropriate to supply that kind of material in k-12 education. Especially when that is government education that you have to attend. It’s manipulative and deteriorating to the mind. Our society does not lack for opportunity to field the oats

  73. MrSooop says:

    Just a thought:
    Far-Center Party
    The FCP promotes and supports candidates, and in some cases specific legislation, from any party if a 4/5 majority of active members agree.
    An active membership requires an average of at least 1 hour per week of volunteer work for the party, with a maximum of 4 hours per week allowed.
    A supporting membership requires a small monthly or yearly donation and includes a bimonthly physical magazine and plenty of exclusive online videos articles essays etc.
    The basic ideological requirements are liberty-minded and supportive of non-extremist policies and solutions.

    • MrSooop says:

      People are so polarized, votes are so close, a far-center party could be a powerful tie breaking force for liberty.
      even with less than 10% of voters, it could steer the whole ship.
      Just sayin 💪

  74. Rawdog says:

    Poor Ian. I really thought Tim was going to have to implement the final solution. I’m sure the crew will get the meds right for next week.

  75. Jakuando says:

    What’s a good pc case?

  76. munchhasen says:

    Hey when ever you get a chance book Robert Barnes. He represented Wesley Snipes against the IRS and won and has represented the Covington kids and Alex Jones. He currently represents Kyle Rittenhouse and is leading many lawsuits challenging vax mandates

  77. munchhasen says:

    Ian it’s going to be ok dude. You don’t have to challenge every word or term philosophically.