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    Airlines Cancel Flights EN MASSE Due To Shortages, The Economy Is Failing And Its Time To Wake Up
    Landlords Sue Biden For Illegal Eviction Moratorium, Fauci Says Third COVID Shot Rushed For Approval
    Democrat Cori Bush Says SUCK IT UP After Spending $70k On Security While Trying To Defund the Police
    DeSantis SLAMS Biden For Importing Virus With Open Borders, Fauci Says Deadly Variant May Come Soon
    Biden And BLM Support TANKING, Americans Are Fed Up With Leftist Politics From Democrats
    Biden Admin Now Giving COVID Vaccines To Illegal Immigrants, Illegal Immigration Hits 1.2M This Year
    Biden Violates Supreme Court Order Illegally Creating New Eviction Moratorium After Democrats Demand
    Democrat Gov Cuomo Faces Calls For Impeachment And Resignation After NY AG Confirms He Abused Women
    NYC Announces Mandatory Vaccination For Most Indoor Activities, Vaccines Mandates Likely To Expand
    AZ Senator Demands ARREST Of Dominion And County Officials For REFUSING To Comply With Subpoena
    Congress Failure To Raise Debt Ceiling And Extend Eviction Moratorium May Trigger Economic Meltdown
    China Reinstitutes Lockdown On MILLIONS Due To COVID Delta Variant, Democrats Flout Restrictions
    Democrats Fail To Extend Eviction Moratorium, Millions Of Foreclosures Could Spark MAJOR Depression
    Australia Deploys Military To Enforce COVID Lockdown, Biden Calls For National Vaccine Mandate
    Dave Rubin SUSPENDED On Twitter For Medical Misinformation, News Changes TOO FAST To Know What Real
    SF DA Publicly DEFENDS Criminal And Dealers, Americans Want Congressional Hearing Of BLM Riots
    NYT Article Says Non-Citizens Should Vote, Notes It Would Help Democrats And DESTROY The Republicans
    CNN Video Leak Catches AOC Is MASSIVE LIE, CNN Complicit In AOC Lying About Jan 6th
    Postal Union REFUSES Biden's Mandatory Vaccination, Twitter CLOSES Offices Over Delta Variant
    Biden Inflation Causes Wages To DROP, Economy Facing Collapse As MILLIONS About To Get Evicted
    De Blasio Says "The Voluntary Phase is OVER" Orders Vaccine Mandates, Demands Vaccine Passports
    ARREST Warrant Issued For Democrat For Illegally Blocking Bill, Democrats Literally Beg For CANDY