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Man Who Tried To ASSASSINATE Republican Candidate Lee Zeldin RELEASED IMMEDIATELY, Democrats Lost It
Biden's Approval Drops BELOW Trump Record Low, Voters Regret Voting Democrat, RED WAVE Hits Midterms
WH Claims Biden Has COVID, Biden Claims He Has CANCER, We Are Being Yuri Bezmenov'd Into CHAOS
Dave Chappelle Show CANCELED After Antifa & BLM Threats of Violence (Youtube CENSORING VIDEO??)
Dave Chappelle Show CANCELED After Antifa & BLM Threats of Violence, Media Says Its Trans Backlash
Democrat Conspiracy EXPOSED, Dems Fund Over $1M For Dan Cox & MAGA GOP Then Claim Its the Apocalypse
Dictionary CHANGES Definition Of Female To Woke NONSENSE, Lady IDENTIFIES AS CAT As Society Implodes
Colbert INSURRECTIONISTS Lied About Creds, Caused PANIC, Refusal To Prosecute PROVES J6 Hypocrisy
AOC FAKES Being Handcuffed, Gets ARRESTED Protesting SCOTUS As Democrats Push Bill To Pack Court
ELON IS SUING TWITTER, Big Tech Blood Feud Erupts As Elon Preps To COUNTERSUE Woke Company
Rogan Calls Trump MAN BABY, Cenk Says Trump CANT WIN Without Him, Timcast Makes HUGE Announcement
Democrat Mayor LOSES IT As Illegal Immigrants From Flood DC, GOP Plan Works As Biden IGNORES Problem
In HILARIOUS SELF OWN Pink News Says "Groomer" Is Anti LGBTQ, Gays Against Groomers Group Disagrees
BLM HECKLE Crying Mother Who Was Nearly Killed, Good Samaritan STOPS Mass Shooting In Greenwood Ind
Doctor Faces CRIMINAL Charges Over Democrat Abortion Hoax, Viral Story Turns Out To Be Manipulated
Democrats Will Vote Next Week On Near TOTAL Gun Ban, GOP May SUPPORT Ban On Nearly All Modern Guns
Leftists Promote Trans 6 Year Old, Sterilizing & Aborting Kids Means The Future Is Conservative
Trump Just Cleverly Announced HE IS RUNNING For 2024 Presidency, Elon Says DeSantis Would WIN
AOC Implies 1/6 Was An Inside Job, Demands Investigation Into Cops Who OPENED Doors On January 6th
Leftist Story Of 10 Year Old Abortion WAS HOAX, The Girl Is REAL But The Circumstances MANIPULATED
Biden ROASTED Over Pathetic LIE Saying Record Low Polling PROVED Democrats Want Him To Run In 2024
Trump EPICALLY ROASTS Elon Musk, Says He'd Elon On His Knees, Elon Hit With MEME Lawsuit By Twitter