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    Fauci Backtracks After Backlash For Saying The US MIGHT Have Ahold Of Covid By FALL 2022
    Oregon Mandates OUTDOOR Masks, Regardless Of Vaccination Status
    Timcast IRL - Oregon Implements OUTDOOR Mask Mandates, Parents REVOLT w/Steve Bannon
    NY Judges ORDER Defendants To Get Vaccinated For Covid Or Remain In Jail
    Wokeism Backfires On CA Dems, Paving Way For Possible Elder Win In Battle For Governor
    Gavin Newsom May Be RECALLED In CA Election Upset, Dems Insane Strategy May Make Larry Elder Gov
    Majority Of Americans Now Think Biden Is UNFIT To Be President, Most Don't Think Kamala Is Better
    Timcast IRL - Most Americans Now Find Biden Incompetent Says Poll w/Chris Karr
    Socialist Magazine FIRES Staff For Trying To Organize, It Is Ironic
    Trump-Hating Chemistry Teacher Fired For Ranting About Vaccine, Telling Kids Their Parents Are DUMB
    NYC Has Become WORSE Than Military-Occupied Territory With Vaccine Passports
    Democrats Mindlessly Vote For Policies That Hurt Them, Never Make Connection Between Vote And Misery
    When Presidents Try To End Wars Media BLASTS Them, Reactionary Leftists Do NOT Want Peace
    Dave Smith Breaks Down The History And Role Of The Internal Revenue Service
    Socialist Twitch Streamer Catches Heat For Buying $3 MILLION Home
    Owen Shroyer Faces Charges For Being At The January 6th Protest
    Timcast IRL - FBI Issues Warrant For Info Wars Reporter Owen Shroyer w/Dave Smith & Mises Founder
    School's Mandatory Vaccinations For Teachers BACKFIRES As More And More People Choose Homeschooling
    Vaccination Mandates Prove That Critical Race Theory Activists Are Grifters, They Are NOT Consistent
    New CDC Data Confirms The Efficacy Of The Vaccine Is DROPPING, Boosters May Be A Regular Need
    Biden Faces 25th Amendment Threat From GOP, But Voters Say Kamala Is NOT FIT To Take His Place
    Timcast IRL -  Biden Facing 25th Amendment REMOVAL But Kamala UNFIT Say Voters w/Delano Squires