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    Disastrous Media Coverage Painted EVERY Trump Action As Catastrophic, Gave Us BIDEN
    Tim & Crew Debate Police And The Authoritarianism They Enforce, The Institution MAY Be Rotten
    Tim Compares Afghanistan Withdrawal To 'Argo', It Was Shocking A Short Time Ago To Leave Americans
    Politics And Culture Have Made People Petty And MEAN, Being Cruel Is A Form Of Points System
    Ian Asks Whether 'Useless' People Should Be Financed By Society
    Tucker Carlson Theorizes Biden May Have BOTCHED Afghanistan Withdrawal ON PURPOSE
    Jack Dorsey Tweets Link To Libertarian Book Calling The State PARASITIC
    Dems On Jan 6 Commission DEMAND Social Media From Protesters From Back To SPRING 2020
    US Intel Says COVID Leaked From Lab In Wuhan MAYBE, But Still Nothing Definitive
    Timcast IRL - US Intel Says COVID Leaked From Wuhan MAYBE, Still Nothing Definitive w/Dan Gainor
    Republicans Call For Biden To Resign Over Troop Deaths Following Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal
    Glenn Beck Flies Private Plane To Afghanistan In Attempt To SAVE People Fleeing The Country
    US Officials GAVE Taliban LISTS Of Americans, Sparking Major Scandal
    American Troops Lose Their Lives In Afghanistan After Biden BOTCHES Withdrawal On An EPIC Scale
    Timcast IRL - 13 American Troops Lose Their Lives In Kabul Attack, Biden Vows Revenge w/Becket Adams
    Alaska COULD Provide US With Resources We Need, But Politicians Want It CHEAP From Other Countries
    America Is Being TORN In HALF, It Is Visible At Every Level Of Normal Everyday Life
    America IS Advancing On The 10 Steps Toward Genocide, Where We Are Now
    Democrats Demand Trump Supporter Communications, Info In SHOCKING Move
    Timcast IRL - Dems "Subpoena" Trump Supporters Like Posobiec & Alex Jones w/Daniel Turner & Poso
    Elon Musk Tweets Bizarre Quote About The End Of The World, History May Be Repeating
    Gavin Newsom Recall Election On-Track As HUNDREDS Of Ballots Are Found In A Car With Drugs, Felon