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SIX MONTHS Of Dem Focus Groups Result In 'ULTRA MAGA, 'Great MAGA King' Meme GIFT To Gleeful Right
New Art Drives Home That American Children Want To Be Influencers, Not Astronauts, Like Chinese Kids
Diesel Supply Store Hits RECORD Low, Mass Inflation And MAJOR Economic Crises Inbound
Millennials Are Completely BROKE, First Generation Poorer Than Previous
Elon May Have Uncovered FRAUD At Twitter, Puts Deal On Hold
Children Hit With Title 9 Complaint For MISGENDERING Student
Journalist ROASTED For Asking Video Game Companies About Roe v Wade
Netflix Tells Woke Employees To QUIT, Enacts Anti-Censorship Plan
Timcast IRL - Netflix Tells Woke Employees To QUIT And They Won't Censor Anymore w/Julia Song
AOC And The Squad Vote To Fund War Machine, The Anti-War Left Is DEAD
GOP Says Pallets Of Baby Formula Sent To Illegal Immigrants Amid MAJOR Formula Shortage
Tim Pool DEBUNKS Liberal Meme About Roe
Biden Admin SLAMMED By GOP For Ending Gas Leases Amid Record Prices
Timcast IRL - Biden Admin SLAMMED For Shuttering Gas Leases Amid RECORD High Gas w/Will Chamberlain
Will Chamberlain Member Podcast: FBI Targets Anti-Woke Parents, Will Is Invisible And Doesn't Speak The Whole Time
BLM Leader ADMITS Using Funds For Private Parties
Pro-Roe Protestors Swam Nancy Pelosi's House
European Drug Company Reports THOUSANDS Of Calls From American Women Seeking Illegal Abortion Drugs
Timcast IRL - Democrats FAIL To Pass Abortion Expansion, Roe Is DONE w/Julio Rosas
Julio Rosas Member Podcast: Bill Gates Invests In Lab Grown BreastMilk, Society Is Falling Apart
Member Of Congress Exposes Corruption In Democrat Districting
Elon Musk VOWS To Restore Trump To Twitter, Trump Will Definitely Come Back