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New Report Finds U.S. Military 'Weak,' Unable to Win in a 'Single Major Regional Conflict'
Pentagon Report Finds 77% of Young Americans are Ineligible for Military Service
Air Force Academy Tells 'Cisgender' Men Not to Apply to Fellowship Program
Dept. of Homeland Security Warns of Threats From Manmade EMP Attacks
Japan Mulls Unprecedented Change To Defense Doctrine Incorporating Long-Range Missiles
US Launches ICBM Missile Test Despite Previous Cancellations Due To Taiwan Tensions
Top ISIS Leader Killed By US Airstrike in Syria
Retired Army General Suspended for Response to Jill Biden's Comments on Abortion
Army Cuts Pay, Benefits From 60,000 Unvaccinated Guard, Reserve Soldiers
Michigan National Guard Deletes Social Media Post Saying They Won't 'Share' Juneteenth With Father's Day
Four Star General Shares Video Game Footage as Proof Ukraine Air Defense is 'Formidable'
Biden Authorizes Sending Hundreds of Troops to Somalia, Reversing Trump's Pull Out of the East African Country
Erdogan Pumps the Breaks on Finland, Sweden Joining NATO
Army Lieutenant Convicted for Refusing to Wear Mask Indoors and Take COVID-19 Test
Seven Soldiers Who Camped with Paratrooper Whose Head Washed Ashore to Face Court Martial
U.S. Navy to Name Future Oiler Ship after Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Navy Plane Crashes Near Virginia — 2 injured, 1 Dead