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Lawmakers to Introduce Bill Capping Salaries of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Staff at the Defense Department
Hispanic Lawmakers in Connecticut Call for Ban of the Term 'Latinx'
Massachusetts May Reduce Sentences of Inmates Who Donate Organs and Bone Marrow
'We Are Removing The Government's Permission Slip': Florida Announces Permitless Conceal Carry Legislation
'Similar To Cars': California State Senators Introduce Gun Owner Insurance Legislation
Wyoming Considers Banning the Sale of Electric Vehicles
Vermont Lawmaker Announces Effort to End Clergy Exemption in Abuse Reporting Policy
Oregon Supreme Court Upholds Injunction on Measure 114
Voter-Approved Gun Control Law Challenged by Oregon Firearms Federation, NRA
Senate Passes Bill to Expand Medical Marijuana Research
Recreational Marijuana Initiatives Rejected by Three States, Passed by Two
Republicans Submit Legislation Prohibiting Federal Funding Of Sexually Explicit Material For Children
White House Says 15-Week Abortion Limit Would 'Create a Nationwide Health Crisis'
Senator Lindsey Graham Proposes Nationwide 15-Week Abortion Ban
Massachusetts Voters Will Decide if Illegal Immigrants Can Be Given Driver's Licenses
Montana Health Department Adopts Rule Banning Alteration of Sex Listing on Birth Certificate
Seattle City Council Makes People Seeking Abortions a Protected Class, Prohibits Discrimination
Senator Lindsey Graham Says ‘States Should Decide the Issue of Marriage’
Kansas Voters Reject Constitutional Amendment on Abortion
'High-Capacity' Magazines Banned In Washington Starting July 1