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    Overdoses Surge Past 100,000 in a 12-Month Period
    EXCLUSIVE: Fauci’s NIAID Funding Island of Monkeys in South Carolina Used for Horrific ‘Maximum Pain’ Experiments
    Loudoun County Gives Over 100 Kids Incorrect Doses of COVID Vaccine
    Oklahoma Supreme Court Overturns Landmark Opioid Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson
    France Discourages Moderna Vaccine For People 30 and Under
    England May Start Prescribing Vapes to People Trying to Quit Smoking
    Florida Files Lawsuit Against Biden Admin Over Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors
    Cigarette Sales Increased in 2020 for the First Time in Two Decades, Experts Blame Pandemic Shutdown
    NYPD Union Files Lawsuit Against City Over Vaccine Mandate
    Actress 'Fighting for Her Life' After AstraZeneca Vaccine Caused Her to Have a Stroke
    Biden Mocks People Who Support Medical Freedom — 'I Have the Freedom to Kill You With My COVID'
    Leading Pediatric Organizations Declare National Emergency Over Mental Health Crisis Among Children
    UK Adds ‘Rare Nerve Disorder’ to Potential Side Effects Associated with COVID-19 Vaccine
    San Francisco Closes In-N-Out Burger After Company Says They Won't Act as 'Vaccination Police for Any Government'
    Johnson & Johnson Reports Total Sales Growth of 10.7% to $23.3 Billion — Says COVID Vaccine Contributed
    Joe and Jill Biden Caught Violating DC Mask Mandate at Upscale Restaurant
    Florida County Fined $3.5M For Violating Governor DeSantis' Vaccine Passport Ban
    Finland Will Limit Moderna Vaccine to People 30 and Older
    Woman Denied Life-Saving Kidney Transplant Because She Is Unvaccinated
    Sweden Pauses Moderna Vaccine for Anyone Under The Age of 30
    Global N95 Mask Market to Reach $11.8 Billion by 2026
    Justice Kavanaugh Tests Positive for Coronavirus