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South Carolina Department of Education Launches COVID Vaccine Jingle Contest for K-12 Students
Wisconsin Parents Sue School District for Allowing 12-Year-Old to Use Different Name and Gender Without Parental Consent
Los Angeles Board of Education Bribing Kids to Get Vaccinated With Gift Cards, Tickets to Disney
California Elementary School Teacher Under Investigation After Saying Conservative Students Should 'Jump Off a Bridge' (VIDEO)
New Jersey Announces Plans To Infuse Higher Education with $400 Million
California School District Announces They Will Not Comply With Governor's Vaccine Mandate
Vermont Establishes Free Condom Program in Middle And High Schools
Biden Admin Pressuring School Officials to Help Get Students Vaccinated
Chicago Public Schools to Close for 'Vaccine Awareness Day'
Arizona Court Strikes Down Effort to Block School Mask Mandate
British Elementary School Asks Boys as Young as Three to Wear Skirts to School for 'Equality'
Missouri and Ohio Withdraw from National School Boards Association Over 'Terrorism' Letter to Biden
70% of Virginia Dems Want Parents to Have LESS Say in Education, Independents and Republicans Disagree
Loudoun County Students at Multiple Schools Walk Out in Protest of Sexual Assault Cover Ups
Miami Private School Asks Vaccinated Students To Quarantine For 30 Days
NYC Mayoral Candidates Aim to Save Gifted and Talented Education Despite De Blasio's Efforts
UK Schools Using Facial Recognition Technology to Charge Students for Lunch
Seattle School Cancels Halloween Celebration Claiming it Marginalizes Black Boys
Colorado State University Bans Unvaccinated Student From Campus, Threatens Them With Arrest
North Carolina School Board Votes on Controversial Policy Restricting the Instruction of Anti-American Sentiments
Oregon School Board Bans Employees From Displaying Political Symbols
FIRE Releases 'Concerning' 2021 College Free Speech Rankings