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    Reading Rainbow Host Appears To Threaten Moms For Liberty With Violence
    Elite Ivy League Universities Received $45 Billion From Federal Government Since 2018
    Portland Teacher's Strike Leaves 45,000 Kids Out of School
    Arizona School Board Held Meetings Out of Town To Prevent Parents From Attending
    Harvard Forms Advisory Board to 'Disrupt and Dismantle' Antisemitism
    DOJ Settles With Florida School District Over Failing To Provide Materials To Non-Citizens In Their Native Languages
    Georgia Lt. Governor Proposes $10K Payments For Teachers To Carry Firearms
    Oregon Board of Education Votes to Maintain Pause on High School Graduation Standards
    Newsom Signs Bill Prohibiting 'Willful Defiance' Suspensions in High Schools
    Average ACT Scores Collapse to Lowest Level Since the 90s
    Tuttle Twins Author Releases Children's Guide To True Conspiracy Theories
    Wisconsin Judge Rules School District Cannot Hide Students' Gender Issues From Parents
    Canadian School Removes Library Books Published Prior To 2008
    Additional College Closures Predicted as Enrollment Declines
    After District Received $1.6 Billion, Zero Students Are Proficient In Math At 13 Baltimore Schools
    Youngkin Pardons Father Arrested at School Board Meeting After His Daughter Was Sexually Assaulted By Biological Boy in Girls' Bathroom
    WVU Faculty Votes to Express 'No Confidence' in President E. Gordon Gee
    Oklahoma Department of Education Partners With PragerU Kids
    Mexican Parents Burn Textbooks Teaching Gender Ideology, Communism
    An After School Satan Club Is Hosting A Back To School 'Community Celebration' at California Public Library
    12-Year-Old Kicked Out Of Colorado Classroom Over Gadsden Flag Patch
    Mom Fired After Speaking Out Against LGBT Curriculum During School Board Meeting Says She Would Do It Again