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Loudoun Schools Sued for 'Moral Corruption of Children … Deliberate, Almost Gleeful, Violations of Parental Rights'
Supreme Court Rules Maine Cannot Exclude Religious School from Tuition Program
Baltimore Public Schools Implicated In Grade-Fixing Scheme
Three Pennsylvania Mothers File Lawsuit Against School District Claiming First Grade Teacher Gave Lessons on 'Gender Dysphoria,' and 'Gender Transitioning'
Florida Defends 'Stop WOKE Act' After Two Public School Teachers File Lawsuit to Prevent it From Being Implemented
New Jersey Lawmakers Introduce ESA, School Choice Bill to Circumvent Mandates
Ohio Legislature Passes Bill Permitting Educators to Carry Guns in School
Rapper Pitbull Launches Tuition-Free Charter School in Arizona
Texas Governor Orders Safety Officials to Conduct ‘Unannounced, Random Intruder’ Audits to ‘Find Weak Points’ in Schools
North Carolina Preschool Teacher Resigns After Backlash For Using Flash Cards Featuring Pregnant Man to Teach Kids About Colors
School District to Implement Grading System That Takes Race and Class into Account, Denies Grading System Will be Race-Based
Nevada Student Files Lawsuit Claiming Students Are Using Anonymous Gun Reports to Bully Him
Florida Gov. DeSantis Expected to Sign School Safety Bill to Help Prevent Shootings
National School Boards Association Draft Letter Called for Military Intervention Over Heated Meetings and Upset Parents
Members of the Congressional Black Caucus Request Meeting with Biden Over Student Debt
Republican Congressional Candidate Wins Court Battle to Have Graphic Sexual Books Removed From Virginia Beach Public Schools
Florida Student Who is Suing the State Over Parental Rights in Education Law Claims School is Censoring His Graduation Speech
Rhode Island School District Cancels Honor Classes Citing 'Equity' and 'Inclusion,' Parents Outraged
Department of Education Forgives Student Loans for 110,000 Public Service Employees
Ohio Family Files Lawsuit Saying Their Child Was Groomed By Sexual Predators on Unmonitored School-Issued Chromebook
Judge Orders Indiana Middle School to Allow Transgender Student to Use Preferred Bathroom After ACLU Lawsuit
Lawsuit Filed Against California School District for Engaging in 'Isolation and Discrimination' Against Student Who Wore Mesh Face Mask