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Report: Gov. Newsom’s Wife's Company Made Over $1.4 Million Charging Public Schools to Screen Sexually Explicit Gender Documentaries
Rhode Island School Reportedly Seeking Donations For Trafficked Student
Police Arrest 29-Year-Old Woman Who Enrolled in High School as a Student
'Get Ready To Work!': Alex Stein Will Run For Texas School Board
Pennsylvania Governor Ends College Degree Requirement for Over 90% of State Jobs
College Enrollment Among Women Dropped at Twice the Rate of Male College Enrollment in 2022
Colorado Professor Claims That Astrophysics is 'Steeped in Systemic Racism and White Supremacy'
Arizona Parents Protest Gov. Katie Hobbs’ Proposal to Cut Education Scholarship Accounts
Texas High School Teacher Arrested For Sexual Assault of Former Student, Police Believe There May Be Additional Victims
North Carolina Teacher Suing Department Of Instruction Challenging 2021 Termination
California Parent Sues School District For Concealing Daughter's Gender Transition
USC Replaces Word 'Field' With 'Practicum' In Inclusive Language Effort
Canadian School District to Impliment Dress Code After Shop Teacher Sparked Outrage By Wearing Massive Fake Breasts
Georgia School District Sued For Banning Students From Wearing Black Lives Matter Shirts
Supreme Court Consults Biden Administration Over Case About Charter School's Skirt Requirement
Former WV Teacher Sentenced to Over Two Decades in Prison For Sexually Abusing Student
North Carolina Professor Files Lawsuit After Being Fired For Criticizing Critical Race Theory
Missouri School District Switches to 4-Day Week Amid Teacher Shortage
School District In Temecula, California Bans Critical Race Theory
Ohio Middle School Teacher Files Lawsuit After Being Forced to Resign For Refusing to Use Children's 'Preferred Pronouns'
North Carolina School District Urges Staff to Withhold Children's Gender Identity From Parents
California School District Provides LGBTQ 'Teaching Guide,' No Parental Consent or Notification Required