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    YouTube Will Now Require Users to Disclose if Content Was Created Using AI
    33 State Attorneys General Sue Meta Alleging Its Social Media Platforms Contribute to Declining Youth Mental Health
    Appeals Court Bars U.S. Cybersecurity Agency From Pressuring Social Media Platforms To Censor Users
    Elon Musk's Social Media Company 'X' Will Begin Collecting Users' Biometric, Employment, School Information
    Elon Musk Announces Plan to Remove the Block Feature on X, in Violation of Apple and Google Play Store Guidelines
    YouTube Announces Expansion of 'Medical Misinformation' Censorship Policies
    'Fact-Checkers' Caught Spreading Misinformation
    German Court Rules Jewish Student Org Can Sue Twitter For Not Removing Six 'Racist and Violent Tweets'
    U.S. Cybersecurity Agency Partnered With Big Tech, Disinfo Partners to Illegally Censor Americans, House Report Says
    Facebook Parent Company to Challenge Twitter With New Platform, Plan to Use Oprah Winfrey and the Dalai Lama to Promote
    YouTube Removes Jordan Peterson Interview With 2024 Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. For 'Vaccine Misinformation'
    YouTube Reverses Policy — Will Allow Users to Question Election Results
    Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal Seeking to Hold Reddit Accountable for Hosting User-Posted Child Porn
    European Union Hits Facebook Parent Company Meta With Record $1.3 Billion Privacy Fine
    Twitter Launches End-to-End Encrypted Direct Messages For Verified Users
    Elon Musk Warns NPR That Inactive Twitter Handles Go Up for Grabs — 'No Special Treatment'
    Twitter to Allow Publishers and Media Companies to Charge Users to View Articles
    Twitter Removes Portions of 'Hateful Conduct' Policy That Prohibited 'Deadnaming' and 'Misgendering' Transgender People
    Tech Entrepreneur Arrested For Fatal Stabbing of Cash App Founder Bob Lee
    UK Fines TikTok $15.9 Million for Misuse of Children's Data
    Arkansas Sues TikTok, Meta for Deceptively Targeting Minors
    Twitter Suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Congressional Account Over Tweets About 'Trans Day of Vengeance'