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    Twitter Disables Retweeting Kyle Rittenhouse's Mother Complaining About Her Son's Supporters Being Censored
    Yahoo Ends Services in China
    Rumble Acquires Locals in a Bid to Expand ‘Creator Economy’
    Twitter Suspends Representative Jim Banks After Saying Transgender Biden Administration Official is a Man
    Trump Announces He's Launching New Social Media Platform Called 'TRUTH Social'
    REPORT: Donald Trump Asks Courts for Immediate Access to His Facebook Account as Lawsuit Proceeds
    Global Outage Takes Down Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
    Russia May Block YouTube After Two German Channels Were Deleted in Alleged Misinformation Purge
    Facebook to Pause Building Instagram for Kids 
    Browsing History Could Soon Be Used In Calculating Credit Scores
    Facebook Removes Accounts from German Anti-Lockdown Group
    TikTok Adds in-App Shopping Feature
    Facebook's New Prayer Tool Gets Mixed Reactions
    Apple to Scan U.S. Phones for Images of Child Sexual Abuse
    PayPal Teams Up with ADL to Research Extremist Activity