Timcast IRL – Biden Publicly DENIES Constitutional Rights To Push Gun Control w/Jim Hanson


  1. mmontag says:

    Ian is like a alien with a very slightly skewed view of reality, everything has to be carefully defined… he’s kind of like Dr. Spock.

  2. Boden says:

    This episode is from 2 weeks ago?

  3. Nebula says:

    I wished I had friends who I could argue as hard with, like like Tim and Ian, and then kickflip out of the room high fiving eachother

  4. NerdiousMaximus says:

    The IRS is definitely in favor of 2+2=5 so your bill won’t pass until amended to optimize tax revenue.

  5. SUJU17 says:

    If Hitler was alive today, hed be so woke.

  6. Itcanalwaysgetworse says:

    Them: “White supremacists are roaming the streets attacking black people and the cops are helping them do it.”
    Also Them: “We should take guns away from black people.”

  7. Doug1965 says:

    members only content glitch???

  8. ickythump333 says:

    When I click the post comment button it stops the video and brings me to the home page. A bug you may not be aware of. Thanks

  9. ickythump333 says:

    Bug test