Woman Uses Tinder As Man And Is SHOCKED How Awful Women Are To Men, The Culture War Is A Gender War

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5 responses to “Woman Uses Tinder As Man And Is SHOCKED How Awful Women Are To Men, The Culture War Is A Gender War”

  1. HumanLivesMatter says:

    Look at a study about the grus dentalis (the brain part responsible to analyse smell) in women and the subconscient capacity to teterman ‘on the first smell’ if the others bloodtype would result in stillborn babies.
    Or the bounding through by sex released interferons which can be oversaturated.
    In the 90th, when the internet was commonly only used for adult entertainment, had been sites of sex workers. Regarding the ratio (80% of men are below average, from them a lower percentage is over 183cm tall, even a lower percentage of the 20% average looking guys taller than 182cm have a six-pack, etc.) dating apps are advertising sites for stupid male prostitutes (I say stupid because these men don’t charge and even pay themselves for their services) adapted to a female consumer (the shopping feeling, confirm a 9$99 sell-by putting similar but uglier items at 11$99 next to it). First off: Any man hoping in the 90th to marry the most successful prostitute, because he is such a loyal customer is quite delusional.Second, even if the rarest case of a forced into the work Madame confronts and overcomes effects like interferon-saturation, wants to have children, and accepts equal obligations to have equal rights – the only example I know of would be Bruria and Raf Jehuda, which both became Talmudic authorities. And that is in line of a documented history of 3000 years once, and further rarely we find women that are Bruria or HIldegart von BIngen, as rarely men are Einsteins.

  2. metalman5150 says:

    As a 49 year old man- I can attest that the dating scene is HORRIBLE.. especially if you are a unique case like me: never married and no kids. So, at this point- I’m done. I will never get married because it almost always end badly for the man in a divorce (which is the more likely outcome rather than “happily ever after/together forever”), and will most likely get a vasectomy in the coming year. Women don’t seem to care about a man and what he’s done but rather about what he has presently to make HER life better, never mind what that man has planned in his future. Dating for me has been hit and mostly miss with women of different age ranges, body types, economic backgrounds.. and etc. It has no longer become worth it for men to even try since women want what they can’t have, and have set themselves to an impossible task that 90% of men can’t achieve. And this is why the MGTOW movement is gaining..

  3. RockettMan says:

    Where in Texas? What circles are you involved in? My father and step mother live in the Dallas area and are heavily involved. (57 and 58-59, not sure about her age)

  4. RockettMan says:

    I got more bots and scammers than I ever talked to women, and I tend to freak women out because I research. I don’t just go blindly into dates I want to know what I’m dealing with because guess what… I don’t really like getting catfished… I’ve probably spoken to 10 women on dating apps in the 3 years I was trying to use them and I went on dates or was in a relationship with 5 of them. (3 lasted more than 1 date, 1 was a catfish, and 1 I made an idiot out of myself) I’m currently with someone I met through a dating app in a really roundabout way. I added her snapchat, she added me back and sometime later she had a Star Trek story on her SC story and I commented on it. We hit it off and have a beautiful baby girl, but the overall experience with online dating was horrendous. Only 1 of the women I dated directly from a dating app was honest with me and we just didn’t end up working out. (not including my GF in that)

  5. Texasroseranger says:

    Here’s a thought. Wonder how much age would change your statistics? I am 62, woman, conservative, hate Biden policies, etc. I got on POF and it was a nightmare. Most were scammers. Talked to 2 men from Texas. Quit POF after 1 week. Men have told me women my age are horrible. Well…men my age are horrible online too. Would be interesting tho to test your theory by age.

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