We're Using LIGHTSABERS To Light Up The New Timcast IRL Studio

Tim shows off his morning routine of collecting chicken eggs and preparing an omelet, the construction team installs insanely bright LED lights and mark where …

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5 responses to “We're Using LIGHTSABERS To Light Up The New Timcast IRL Studio”

  1. RockettMan says:

    I’ve eaten an omelet straight from a chickens butt. Too long has it been since then.

  2. You know these guys are legit when they have a shitty radio tuned to some classic rock station.

  3. Russ says:

    Looks like we see Tim in his West Virginia home making breakfast with Allison having a morning brew. Does not look like the Castle as this kitchen did not appear in the tour. Good for Tim living a good life with a lovely, often cheerful, lady. Cudo’s!

  4. Lcrand029 says:

    Noticing that while Tim is making the eggs, the fridge says Food. Does that mean that there is a non-food fridge in the castle, or does someone just like labeling things?

  5. SuperAdx73 says:

    I look forward to the Castle vlog every morning. So fun and great for a smile – especially in the midst of all the crap going on right now.

    Keep doing what you do. It is deeply appreciated!