University ADMITS Using FULL-TERM Infants For Fetal Tissue Collection

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join journalist Cassandra Fairbanks and FreedomToons founder Seamus Coughlin to discuss the breaking news of the University of …

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3 responses to “University ADMITS Using FULL-TERM Infants For Fetal Tissue Collection”

  1. SColl says:

    There’s also the argument to be made of the foster care system (if the baby isn’t adopted) and the statistical chance the child might turn out to be a drug addict.

    Adoption.org says ‘62% of babies in domestic infant adoptions were placed with their adoptive families within a month of birth.’

    I do not know what percentage are adopted within 1 year of birth etc. However, something to consider

    Finally, there’s the societal cost of supporting kids in foster care or raising a child. It’s expensive.
    Maybe there is not enough demand for adoptions? So there is less of a focus on it in on messaging?

    This I do not know, simply thinking…

  2. SColl says:

    Because people major in the minors: focusing on when birth control fails (minor percentage it does), while pretending the minor percentage of failure is prevalent in the majority of cases.

    Also sounds like some ‘strong donors’ are making money off these fetal tissue money machines.
    Why would they give up that? Money makes the world go ’round

  3. vhaeder says:

    There are two great alternatives to abortion: birth control and adoption. Why aren’t they discussed and advocated?