Trump Launches MAJOR Class Actions Lawsuits Against Big Tech over Censorship, Democrats Mock Attempt

[youtube-feed-single]Trump Launches MAJOR Class Actions Lawsuits Against Big Tech over Censorship, Democrats Mock Attempt. Trump is also suing the Ceos Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar pichai

Republicans are also launching antitrust legislation to break up big tech and stop censorship.

Democrats meanwhile say this is doomed to fail and they may be right but it takes the effort to make the change and eventually the courts may side with those fighting against big tech censorship.


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5 responses to “Trump Launches MAJOR Class Actions Lawsuits Against Big Tech over Censorship, Democrats Mock Attempt”

  1. ChetF says:

    Yo Tim,

    What do you make of Breaking Point’s accusation that this lawsuit is just a big grift? Sagar and Kristal state that because the suit is filed in the wrong district it will go nowhere and the practices used to support the suit are just funnelling money to deadbeat lawyers.

  2. matguerra says:

    And…You missed the point.

  3. OrangeRoseMeepling says:

    I don’t think he will win.

    I would love to see the esport and and other fandoms on platforms like minds, who don’t date harvest it’s users.

  4. Helkan says:

    Tim something that nobody seems to bring up when it comes to big tech is how they make money. Your data. Ads absolutely, but your data is immensely important to how they make revenue. Something that has always bothered me, Is what about the money they made off the individuals data, to whom they censored. If they censor you, and still make money off the data they collect, isn’t that technically stealing. Im probably wrong. However When you agree to one of these company’s “terms of service”, the agreement is we give you this space to talk, you give us that data.

  5. mthees says:

    This argument towards the end, about the republicans being able to do the same thing, that is what scares me the most. Not necessarily because republicans would do it but if they did it could become a thing that flips and becomes the norm every 4 years to just persecute those not in power. It’s the result of the two-party system where you only have to be less corrupt and malevolent than the other guy.