Timcast IRL - WWE's John Cena Apologizes To China In Creepy Video, Gets SLAMMED w/Scott Horton

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Guest: Scott Horton
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5 responses to “Timcast IRL – WWE’s John Cena Apologizes To China In Creepy Video, Gets SLAMMED w/Scott Horton”

  1. ProofofParadox says:

    this man is very critical of Israel but if the iron dome was turned off and they threw down their guns Israel would be destroyed… no one is chanting death to Hamas or Palestine but they are chanting death to Israel and America while firing indiscriminately at Israel, Israel only targets military and issues knock bombs first. If Hamas stopped shooting there would be no war by definition they are the aggressor. I seem to have more disagreements with libertarians than tim at times even as a conservative. some would say it leaves me speechless much like Michael Knowles new book preorder now on amazon

  2. JamoeCW says:

    @Jean – Hitler fully planned on invading France. he had stated that he was wanted to conquer all of Europe, though he felt that the UK was not a part of Europe. that meant that Britain could have stayed out of the war, but France had no choice, nor did any other country in Europe. the US could have stayed out of war as well. both of these meant backing down from the regimes and letting them dominate the international laws and trade policies. it really isn’t any different with China (the CCP), as to avoid war we would need to decide that we no longer trade with the outside world unless we follow the CCP’s rules. we also would need to ensure that we have no influence over their sphere of influence, and thus no internet as we know it. if they have failed policies they might need us to trade something we don’t want to trade, such as women (failed one child policy) and thus we might end up participating in slavery in some fashion. think of it like being part of the EU in which some foreign entity tells us which policies to implement and we figure out how to do that in our own way. this guy has never been over seas to see how it is under another country’s boot. sure Hitler invading the US is a fanciful tale, but the reality is hard for people that don’t understand global politics to wrap their head around.

  3. Chass says:


  4. Jean says:


    What’s up with Leftists like this spouting of nonsense in the tone of truth? Like this guy here.. to say that Hitler wouldn’t have invaded the west if Britain hadn’t declared war, so it was Britain’s fault that hitler invaded the west?! It could be argued that Hitler changed his timeline, but to blame Britain because for Hitlers invasion of the west is just dumb.. this faulty ass reasoning can be applied to his overall points for the pacific too.. talk about China having claim on the South China Sea and we don’t.. yeah, except for Our alliance with Japan, but don’t mention it and it doesn’t exist.. this was some dumbass revisionist history.. glad you left that topic because it made all involved sound like idiots…

    The above reasoning can be applied to almost all of his arguments.. “the liberals abandoned their support of free speech”.. actually, it exposed them for never actually believing it in the first place..

    This interview was painful and I tried to listen to it to hear a different viewpoints, but this guy was a clown and it made the podcast sound dumb as fuck..

  5. Seesaw says:

    “This channel got free money or free things to make this video” WTHIT?!