Timcast IRL - Woke Takeover Of Company FAILS, Founders Fight Back And WIN w/ Grace And Curtis

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Guests: Grace & Curtis
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6 responses to “Timcast IRL – Woke Takeover Of Company FAILS, Founders Fight Back And WIN w/ Grace And Curtis”

  1. Masshole says:

    You want me to name a critical theorist? How about Carl Marx? You want me to describe the problem? Marxism!

  2. Masshole says:

    I think I’m in love with grace…Super intelligent and informed. One of the few educated people I have heard speak and not talk a bunch of nonsense. Also cute as a button!

  3. Growler says:

    I guess a way to combat them is to change: cultural identity, race, sex, and sexual orientation on them during an argument. They will look at you as being insane, untrustworthy, and untruthful. Isn’t insanity chaos in man and the universe?

  4. Doughppe says:

    I’d like to donate to their non-profit but I can’t figure out what it is… anyone know? I went to her Twitter like she said to and there’s no mention of it.

  5. Valerie says:

    So the way to fight back when your staff go woke is to approach it like an exorcism. You have to learn the Latin to fight the Latin-spewing demons.

  6. cutter says:

    Our culture is being destroyed by the tyranny of “tolerance.” Curtis actually praised the people who were trying to destroy his organization because he says they were acting in authentic accordance with their own Marxist ideology. To be clear: Marxism is evil, and it is the root cause of untold horrors, from the Gulags to the Khmer Rouge to the Uighur concentration camps, etc. All Marxists believe they are principled. But evil that is rooted in principle is still evil. Tolerating Marxists on the grounds that they are acting in accordance with their own beliefs is moral relativist idiocy. It’s basically a suicide pact.