Timcast IRL - RITTENHOUSE NOT GUILTY PARTY W/Blaire White & Chris WIlliamson

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8 responses to “Timcast IRL – RITTENHOUSE NOT GUILTY PARTY W/Blaire White & Chris WIlliamson”

  1. cathy.drazek says:

    I was the foreperson on a murder trial. There were 12 people who all looked at the same evidence and all 12 people apparently saw something different.

    We were able to reach a verdict by going through each and every single piece of evidence away from the court room, using the notes from the court reporter, and each of us talking through it. Each of our perspectives and biases were deeply challenged. Some saw clear evidence of the event and others doubted what they saw. Eventually, through analysis, everyone came to the same conclusion and we passed our verdict.

    I can honestly say it was the hardest and most terrifying thing I have ever had to do, because I literally held the life of a man on a slip of paper in my finger tips. It was also the most amazingly patriotic and fulfilling thing I have ever done. When uncorrupted, our justice system is an amazing thing.

    The jurors on the Kyle Rittenhouse case proved it. They should be commended for standing with their convictions and not bowing to the mob. I pray for their safety.

  2. Freeborn says:

    Please fix your Kyle Rittenhouse party video, once again YouTube has censored it. I am a Timcast member and I can’t even watch your videos even if I paid for the membership? C’mon, enough of this YouTube only BS. Make them available on other platforms like Rumble or just move a copy to your members only area.

  3. dipsydoodle2623 says:

    What a lot of people don’t know is in Wisconsin, If you tell someone “hit me” and that person breaks your jaw, the “offender” who strikes you will not be prosecuted. Joe Rosenbaum (sp) repeatedly said “shoot me” the evening he was shot.

  4. Sherylpeters says:

    Every time I try to watch IRL on youtube, it buffers endlessly, eventually stopping, altogether. When I watch it on your members website, no buffering! your channel on youtube is being throttled. SUCH BS!

  5. Havorath says:

    I was at work, and saw that crowder was going live

  6. DudElite says:

    It would have been fun to see Crowder on timcast, but it’s probably just something like Crowder just couldn’t find the time, between his own show and being a new father.

  7. ellie says:

    Does anyone else find it strange that Tim was in Austin, Texas for an entire week and didn’t have Crowder on his show?

  8. Joshtheboss says:

    I see the promo could it be made into a hyperlink? Love the content!