Timcast IRL - Prosecutors Engage in GROSS Misconduct, Judge Threatens Mistrial w/Jack Murphy

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13 responses to “Timcast IRL – Prosecutors Engage in GROSS Misconduct, Judge Threatens Mistrial w/Jack Murphy”

  1. Alicia22 says:

    Let’s Go Brandon..!!!

  2. Aaron Rodgers didn’t lie, he was honest and said he was immunized, not vaccinated. If people chose to assume immunized was vaccinated, that is on them and their lack of understanding.

  3. cathy.drazek says:

    To Cassandra’s point, as a mother of two sons, my heart fricken broke watching Kyle Rittenhouse trying to tell his story through a PTSD-induced panic attack and then watching the despicable prosecutors treatment of him.

    That judge is the most based human on earth.

  4. Agstar says:

    I got an email that linked me to this video, from TIMCAST
    Thu 11/11/2021 11:14 AM
    was this from TimCast? Not clicking on the keto powder ad… it was in my junk mail… should I return this to it. 😉

    iS this a new fishing thing or do the email need a different format to make me feel more comfortable with them or a way to verify them on the site.

  5. DRUNKNBAKED says:

    Would you ever consider getting the comedian Sam Tripoli on?
    He hosts Tinfoilhat, Broken Simulation, Zero, Conspiracy Social Club with Brian Callen aka deep waters etc.

  6. HerrDoktor says:

    Nah dude. If you want to draw similarities and distinctions between Rittenhouse and Baldwin, then you have to start with the fact that Baldwin was being irresponsible and Rittenhouse was actually defending himself. At no point did Baldwin think he would die if he didn’t pull that trigger. Odds are he was goofing off in the worst possible way.

  7. FreeFolk says:

    Burn Notice

  8. FreeFolk says:

    Enjoyed watching the Character Michael Westen in Bun Notice.

  9. FreeFolk says:

    Tim and Cast, let’s see a flow chart of when shooting someone is not a crime (vs is). I’ll bet there’s no circumstance where the Rust set shooting didn’t violate law. Law exceptions have conditions and caveats that have to be met. It appears that Kyle Rittenhouse met those, but the Rust set could not have met those conditions; therefore crime(s) were committed.

  10. CalDelt says:

    I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt because he’s talking about a professional athlete. Joe Biden saying that about an attorney and politician is racist AF. Let’s Go Brandon!

  11. CalDelt says:

    Next time I see Ana in Vegas I’m still screaming “She crossed state lines! She crossed state lines!”

  12. CalDelt says:

    My sister (narcissist with psychopathic tendencies) lied under penalty of perjury in a court filing. I could prove she lied and there is no mechanism available to have her charged. Perjury is bullshit unless you hurt the State with it.

  13. BigbubenTEN says:

    Funny that jack says how ridiculous the conservative conference was about having a black guy there and trying to prove they’re not racist but in that are showing they’re racist, and then begins to list off how articulate and intelligent Jonathan Issac is as if black people aren’t is crazy racist on his part. Come on former Democrat expect the intelligence.