Timcast IRL - Now 1,000 Experts Demand Joe Rogan be Censored, Gettr CEO Audio Leaks w/Christian Toto

Guests: Christian Toto @HollywoodInToto (Twitter) Author, “Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul” Libby …

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4 responses to “Timcast IRL – Now 1,000 Experts Demand Joe Rogan be Censored, Gettr CEO Audio Leaks w/Christian Toto”

  1. Rhino6383 says:

    Being as old as I am, having been around a little bit, little bit, I remember history. In ’20s and 30’s Germany, the SA (Sturmabteilung) more commonly known as the Brownshirts, were the “Antifa and the BLM street warriors of today. They were the fighting arm of the Nazi party. After Hitler was warned by the German military and the Business leaders, it came to a point that Hitler had to basically arrest the leadership of the SA and fold those members, millions at that point, into the German military for “Future constructive uses”.

    Now, to today, Anifa and BLM Street thugs have their uses for the so-called Democrat party but when the situation changes for what ever purposes or reasons, the Democrats will turn on them without reservation.

    Always remember, Everyone and anyone, people, companies, organizations are expendable on the altar of the socialist ideology.

  2. chadwickofwv says:

    To The Island? If I recall that movie correctly, going to the island meant having your organs harvested.

  3. JeffersonsRepublic says:

    Remember when Oxycontin had thousands of doctors doing speeches about how great it was. They even had songs like we do for jobs now. The data always showed that it did not have long term efficacy despite what all the doctors, experts, and professionals were saying. Some physicians decided to start changing the doses and Purdue instead coerced physicians to give larger doses.

    Also imagine how much less rioting and destruction there would have been if George Floyd happened this year instead of 2 years ago and if he was unvaccinated. He would have not seen the support of the left, media, dem politicians, or BLM.

  4. ocnier says:

    David Pakman is a douch tool POS. He’s a total schill liar. Every time Tim defends him I cringe. At least Jimmy Dore has integrity unlike Pakman.