Timcast IRL - New Hampshire Rep Moves To Secede From The United States w/Bill Ottman & Libby Emmons

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5 responses to “Timcast IRL – New Hampshire Rep Moves To Secede From The United States w/Bill Ottman & Libby Emmons”

  1. Astartes says:

    I didn’t mind Enterprise. The opening music was awful. But the show itself for me was a nice spin on the fact that it was the federation before they were any sort of powerhouse and how they had to operate differently because of it.

  2. RockettMan says:

    Star Trek Discovery was woke and it was frustrating, it had good parts but there was so much stupid. And enterprise wasn’t as bad as you make it sound, though it isn’t high on my list. The Orville was hilariously stupid, so much of it is woke and dumb but it’s making fun of star trek in a pretty funny way as well.

  3. RockettMan says:

    Dead people voting isn’t a joke or a meme, my wife and her grandfather (grandfather is dead) both voted for Biden (because you can check and she did) and she didn’t get the chance to vote. So it’s not just dead people voting, it’s people’s votes being stolen.

  4. JKeck says:

    MN State Rep. Jeremy Munson last year introduced legislation to have rural counties secede from MN. Didn’t gain much traction because we have a lot of retards in this state. It’s okay if I say ‘retards’ because I’m a Gen X’er.
    Movements like this need to happen or we are all dead. Actually literally.

  5. Abakan971 says:

    Ian, you need to really start grasping the reality around you. Your faith in people is higher than alot of peoples faith in themselves. You can’t install change in people who reject it. This is very simple. If people do not change, continue to devolve at the rate they have, you will suffer for it. Body, mind and spirit. There are people in this country who would bring you death for your indifference.

    Your neighbor, your child hood acquaintance or friend can become a monster. Your ideology of not labeling things demonstrating themselves to be morally, ethically and objectively evil is reckless. You not taking a stance, as Tim does based on values is also a threat to the people around you in that very room. Your heart is soft, not Just. There is a difference. Learn it.