Timcast IRL - NBA Players REFUSE Vaccine And Face Calls To Be FIRED w/Jorge Ventura

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3 responses to “Timcast IRL – NBA Players REFUSE Vaccine And Face Calls To Be FIRED w/Jorge Ventura”

  1. parbruek says:

    At 24:00, you mention the riddle about the fork in the road. But that riddle is fundamentally flawed. A lie is NOT a logical inconsistency, and the riddle conflates these two things. For instance, “This statement is false,” is not a lie because it is not deceptive; it is merely logically inconsistent. A lie requires an attempt to deceive. The liar could tell you the factual truth about what the other person would say, thereby still lying and attempting to mislead you. This riddle, although it is not as often misused as Schodinger’s cat is just as obnoxious, as it is based off of something fundamental that should be understood: that the fundamental part of the lie is the attempt to deceive or mislead.

  2. cathy.drazek says:

    So, Harvard and the other college mentioned have 95+% vaccine compliance yet still 300 kids were infected and only 8 of them were unvaccinated. My first immediate thought was, are the vaccines causing kids who wouldn’t normally get infected or sick to get infected? In our tiny school system (700 kids k-12), the largest number of kids who are getting infected are over 12 years old. Among the K-7th graders, there is about 1/2 a case per week on average, but the kids 12 years old and up (those who would be eligible for the vax and probably had to get for sports) there are at least 2-5 per week.

    My critical thinking leads me to question why the 12+ kids are getting infected at such a higher rate. I can’t believe that it is “activity levels” since almost all kids in town participate in at least 1 sport and some in multiple sports. I am really curious to see a comparison.

  3. MrSooop says:

    At about 37 minutes, i didn’t laugh hard but i did choke on my drink.
    … Brainstorming is great but i hope you are considering that there could be some very uncool mistaken identity issues with replica bracelets.