Timcast IRL - Leftist Democrat Says SUCK IT UP After Spending $70k On Private Police w/FreedomToons

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8 responses to “Timcast IRL – Leftist Democrat Says SUCK IT UP After Spending $70k On Private Police w/FreedomToons”

  1. Galipeauj97 says:

    Tim, your definition of authoritarianism is not correct. Authoritarianism is generally defined as any system in which a centralized government exercises unrestrained power over its citizens (free from the checks and balances of institutions like democracy, republicanism, or judicial systems). It has nothing to do with the actual validity of the authority; it is simply a matter of exercising said authority and a willingness to use violence to enforce it. That is why both North Korea (a laughable, pathetic government) and China (a powerful, highly effective government) are both considered authoritarian.

  2. BreathEater says:

    Hi! I tried to find Lydia on Instagram, but there are too many Sa/era(h)s Patches. 🙁
    Could someone please share the link? 😀

  3. CryptoRemo says:

    For the live of god, can someone tell Tim to stop making Blind assumptions about UBI and actually do some fucking research on a topic that has had scientific, practical trials for over 70 years? Jesus christ you are so ignorant on the topic it’s insane for someone who constantly claims to follow the data. Nearly 80 years od data that completely contradicts your stupid ass, presumptuous opinions that you clearly haven’t bothered to spend any time to look into. You should be more objective in your research. Knowing you half ass your research this hard just proves I can’t trust you as a good source of information and will have to take every single thing you do with a huge grain of salt since you cant be bothered to read into very well documented proof that your opinion of UBI making people lazy when it has overwhelmingly shown to do the exact opposite. Just because it’s counter intuitive does not mean it’s incorrect. Do your job bro. Or hire me to do it for you cause your ‘fact checkers’ are trash if they can’t be bothered to do bare minimum research on a topic you constantly show you know very little about because you write off the entire idea off as something it’s not in the first place. Get. Your. Shit. Together. Fuck.

  4. That2PartyPooper says:

    Another aspect of the debate on which studies to trust, given a plethora of contradictory information, is finding the conflict of interest. Who funds which studies? When you see NPR write an article stating there’s no evidence that Facebook bans people based on a political bias, and NPR receives advertising revenue from Facebook, it’s logical to conclude that NPR has a conflict of interest while reporting on Facebook. Another example is the abysmal coverage of US wars and daily death tolls by mainstream news outlets. Companies such as Boeing spend upwards of $100 million a year on advertising. If an outlet’s war coverage would lead to anti-war sentiment, would war profiteers pull their ad revenue? They don’t show soldiers’ coffins being unloaded from airplanes for some reason, and I’d bet this conflict of interest plays a role.

  5. neilinda says:


  6. neilinda says:

    Tim… or maybe someone who talks to Tim…
    Look for the Darkhorse Podcast where Dr Heather Heying (Mrs.Bret Weinstein) explains what to look for when investigating the different (kinds) of studies that are released/published… I think it was about months ago.
    It will make research easier for you.

  7. Cyprian says:

    Australia’s population is very spread out. You can drive 4 days to get from one major city to the next major city. Most people live in cities. Sydney, Melbourne have a bout 5+ million people with nothing in the centre of the country. There really aren’t many covid deaths. Australian’s haven’t seen much impact of covid except lockdowns. There is hesitency to the vaccine but its very hush hush for the most part. Most people don’t fight authority and are probably scared of it but we don’t feel the need to rush into vaccination because we don’t really have many cases. But the price for those low cases is endless lockdowns. It seems really weird with the situation in Australia.

  8. Cyprian says:

    When it comes to which doctors study I trust I look at the doctors who have sucecssfully treated thousands of covid patients and whose recovery/ health statistics are better than the general public. Dr Fauci apparently hasn’t treated a single covid patient but doctors like Peter McCullough have. Dr Pierre Kory has also treated patients. They’ve had first hand, real life hands-on experience. If I’m going to trust someone’s research I want to see how may people have they actually helped first hand. I don’t just want third hand data analysis. But that’s just me.