Timcast IRL - LeBron James Posts Photo Of Cop And Says YOU'RE NEXT w/Charlie LeDuff

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15 responses to “Timcast IRL – LeBron James Posts Photo Of Cop And Says YOU’RE NEXT w/Charlie LeDuff”

  1. Cshersta says:

    Ranked choice voting sounds good in theory, but in practice it results in weak leadership. The conservative party of Canada uses that and it results in tepid leaders who cannot contend on the national stage. Only establishment RINO types.

  2. QUAZI222 says:


  3. Spaceman_alex says:

    I wish these videos were posted directly on the site like the member only content instead of being Youtube links
    My company blocks YouTube so they wont play =(

  4. Devynselnes says:

    I found this guy years ago when he squatted on the squatter. CHANNEL 5 ON THE EDGE

  5. Funkatron says:

    I listen to Charlie’s podcast all the time. Very nice to see him on here.

  6. Shakenbake319 says:

    This guy wow

  7. seawhitney says:

    “one of the last good journalists”
    (Has no clue about anything going on today.)
    Love your show Tim, I watch every segment, but this guy is kind of a joke. Keep up the good work though

  8. itsjustanotherhandle says:

    More useful is an RFID case that only blocks Bluetooth. This way contact tracing will be substantially limited without having to block the phone from receiving outside messages, phone calls, etc.

  9. supervexi says:


    It would great to see the post-show member’s only segment at something close to real time, rather than typically waitinng between 12-48 hours to see it.

    Saw the Cast Castle show (was able to watch without an account, by clicking an “I agree” button), which was a nice complement to having seen the other side first. Can’t wait to see more, specifically Chicken City: The Musical.

  10. ConservativeVoicesUniversity says:

    Since when did Uncle Rico get into “Journalism” LOL! this guy is a Real Journalist then I am so happy to see there are still people that actually have a backbone and do honest to God reporting FACTS!!! LOL great show non the less…entertainment for sure…Love him!!! Must be a regular on the show!!!

  11. supervexi says:

    Following up, as I seem to be near-live streaming my reactions:

    I just hit the conversation about what we might call the “iceberg effect” of ideas. You say “Tim and Ian” in this context, and it calls up a whole host of associated and related ideas. You should check out Neal Stephenson’s concept of the Hieroglyph (https://www.nealstephenson.com/hieroglyph.html). This is his attempt to get scifi and specfic authors to write hopeful futures that can serve as cultural touchstones that evoke a whole bunch of meaning.

    People now talk about “The Matrix” and “Terminator” as if they were inerrantly prophetic and that they somehow cover the full range of possible futures. Stephenson’s Hieroglyph project is an effort too get creative futurists to write about and prefigure a future we can get excited about. Specifically, the idea of a hieroglyph ,in this context, is a word or phrase that can be the tip of the iceberg. A single, totally approachable and accessible label that can encompass a complex memeplex that can serve as a roadsign to a desirable future, rather than a dystopia.

    Stephenson’s Hieroglyph project aims to make physically transformative ideas like a space elevator or a roddenberryesque vision oof a post-scarcity future are framed in a tractable and digestible manner. Instead of referring to “Terminator” (an indisputable cultural touchstone, or hieroglyph) which presumes a pessimistic man/machine interface (which basically everybody does, when/if they bother to talk about an AI future), what if we had intelligent and optimistic equivalents? The Hieroglyph project is Stephenson’s attempt to create such cultural icons – ones that point the way to a better (not bleak) techo-future.

  12. supervexi says:


    Not a youtube member/account holder so my comment is coming here. Right now, I’m listening to you and Charlie talk about phones listening to you, and burners and whatnot. I had a (failed – ran out of runway) startup that was focused on physical defenses against digital tracking . One of the things my company was doing was vetting then reselling security products. Okay, background out of the way.

    When it comes to privacy/security, you can’t do better than a selectively used Faraday Cage. Of the various things I checked out, Silent Pocket (https://silent-pocket.com/) was far and away the best security (in this sense)product I came across. They make a whole range of wallets, purses, phone holding packets, and drybags.

    I haven’t had any contact with them in the past few years, as I had to take a regular job, and I’m not shilling. But seriously, check them out. Drop your phone into a nice leather holder/packet, and it is EM/RF cut off from the world. Your phone can only report the data it collects/generates. Pop it into a Silent Pocket pouch, and it can no longer collect any RF/EM data – no wifi triangulation of your location, no cell tower data, etc.

  13. thndrbrd says:

    Where y’all finding the ability to change your avatar? Or is that what the $1000 monthly gets you?

  14. TheCafeRacer says:

    Charlie “Negligible election fraud, if any” LeDuff

  15. xenithorb says:

    Hi! Timcast #1!!!