Timcast IRL - John McAfee Got Epstein'd, Then Posts Crazy Image AFTER He Died w/Michael Knowles

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Guest: Michael Knowles
@MichaelJKnowles (Twitter)

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5 responses to “Timcast IRL – John McAfee Got Epstein’d, Then Posts Crazy Image AFTER He Died w/Michael Knowles”

  1. Masshole says:

    I really appreciated the part where you guys kind of got away from current events and started talking a little about historical, political philosophy and such. Its nice to hear smart people talk about ideas instead of talking about other people for a while.

  2. WolffsTeeth says:

    David Paulides is awesome for missing persons mysteries.

  3. rangspen says:

    Look up Mr Ballen on YouTube for the mysteries. He is very good at delivering these stories.

  4. Another great conversation! About the Woke Progressive view on private property, here’s my take: For generations ownership of land and more was the exclusive domain of privileged parasites. Then private property lifted millions out of poverty. But the privileged parasites want a return to the days
    when YOU will own nothing and THEY will be happy.

  5. Masshole says:

    I did not expect to see Knowles open the show with a blues jingle. That was great!