Timcast IRL - Joe Biden Implicated In Hunter Scandal, It Was JOES BANK ACCOUNT w/Wokal Distance

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6 responses to “Timcast IRL – Joe Biden Implicated In Hunter Scandal, It Was JOES BANK ACCOUNT w/Wokal Distance”

  1. dadof2 says:

    Masks may not be as permanently harmful as vaccines, but some people do have reasons to not wear one and with evidence that they do little if anything, then I argue people have as valid a reason to fight masks as they do vaccines, especially with kids!

  2. HerrDoktor says:

    Dang it Ian, outlawing authoritarianism isn’t authoritarianism. Just because it’s a corporation oppressing people doesn’t mean it’s somehow different from government authoritarianism. Reducing the likelihood that you or I will be oppressed by any entity — government or corporation — is equally useful to the ideals of libertarianism.

  3. cathy.drazek says:

    My aunt adores Joes Biden. She can’t see the destruction of society. I tried to get her to tell me why she hated Trump so much and all she could ever tell me is he’s a gross, misogynistic, racist, corrupt, pig. Every time I presented her with one of Trumps may accomplishments, she said I was lying. She refused to believe any of the good things he did. When I ask why she like Biden, she says what a wonderful, kind, cordial man he is and such a breath of lovely fresh air. It’s ridiculous.

    She remarried a really rich guy in Delaware so isn’t really as affected as we normal folks.

  4. jasonvreeman says:

    Tim and team, you should have Gothix on the IRL show.

  5. DRUNKNBAKED says:

    And apparently if I post a comment it stops the video and starts over

  6. DRUNKNBAKED says:

    Every time my phone switches from portrait to landscape It freezes