Timcast IRL - FBI Issues Warrant For Info Wars Reporter Owen Shroyer w/Dave Smith & Mises Founder

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7 responses to “Timcast IRL – FBI Issues Warrant For Info Wars Reporter Owen Shroyer w/Dave Smith & Mises Founder”

  1. nrol34 says:

    I think people getting Marijuna ards in PA is a mistake if they own guns. Here is an excerpt from an article

    With changing laws between the Federal and State level, this is a question that leaves room for interpretation. If you own a Pennsylvania card for medical marijuana, you cannot buy a gun. That’s what the majority of individuals claim, and that’s how the law reads. In fact, when you apply for your license, you will be asked if you use medical marijuana. If you answer yes, you will be denied the license. If you falsely answer no, you could end up facing criminal charges for attempting to purchase a firearm by falsifying information. The question about “do you use medical marijuana” however leaves room for interpretation and vague terminology such as “use” can be answered vaguely.

    While there is room for interpretation and it may be best to consult with a PA attorney for this, it does not seem like the law is supporting medical marijuana patients to own or buy a gun. In the eyes of federal law, drug use and gun ownership are mutually exclusive and Marijuana is still a federally Scheduled substance.



  2. Dolbow42 says:

    Shout out to Lancaster PA

  3. NoOne123 says:

    I actually don’t know what they think hence why i asked the question. There are multiple ways to fight a war. Going hot with your military is a last resort. In the scenario above, its necessary to mess around in the affairs of other countries which goes against the libertarian mindset of isolationism.

    So again, what would their solution to the scenario proposed above be? I really wish Tim pushed back on that.

  4. Waterrose says:

    Excellent show, great conversation and exchange of ideas. And All Praise Malice! All Praise Malice!!! 😀 Cheers!

  5. Ians_hallucination says:

    They dont sound like pussies to me they are smart they know they need a military they know fighting and not being bullied are inevitable. Dont you think???

  6. Ians_hallucination says:

    Why is there no bonus segment??? Thats lame af dude

  7. NoOne123 says:

    Libertarians for the most part is how i generally tend to identify socially. I largely want the government to leave me alone. The thing i struggle with in this Misis Caucus political party is their foreign policy which appears to essentially just be isolationism. For the most part, I really like the idea of just ducking out of the affairs of other countries BUT…i am VERY much of the cold war mindset and fear the spread of communism.

    China has vowed to try and take over the world. The libertarian mindset of isolationism WILL NOT work. I really wish Tim brought this point up with these guys. If China ends up taking over the rest of the world where does that leave the US? They’ll be in charge of trade and resources and will have a powerful economic advantage over us and will inevitably be able to starve us out of resources and have us surrounded via Canada and South America. They’re rapidly expanding and developing their tech. They’re not quite where we are today but they are in fact catching up. It wont take long for them to surpass us. So what happens when America is surrounded on all sides and is completely outgunned militarily, economically, technologically, with spies in every institution(already happening) and with no allies to turn to?

    Its over. You don’t get to have your freedom. You now become a subject of a one world empire that doesn’t care at all about your values of libertarianism.

    So what is their solution to a scenario like that?