Timcast IRL - Fauci Leaks Go Viral, PROVES He Lied, Rand Paul Was RIGHT w/Jack Posobiec

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Guest: Jack Posobiec
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2 responses to “Timcast IRL – Fauci Leaks Go Viral, PROVES He Lied, Rand Paul Was RIGHT w/Jack Posobiec”

  1. alib2485 says:

    Brett Weinstein deserves alot of credit for keeping the lab leak theory going for this past year

  2. Listening on YT and heard Jack bring up Hoffer’s The True Believer. Yes! I read that book in 1980 and it has largely informed my views on the limousine leftists (there’s your alliteration 😉 and is reflected in all my writing but especially in my Cycles of Bigotry essay.

    Human nature is everywhere and in all times the same. We can’t escape it, we can only recognize it for what it is and create cultural institutions and traditions to mitigate the worst impulses and accentuate the best characteristics.

    What cultural Marxist projects have been doing for the past 60 years is attacking those to produce the chaos they need to impose their own institutions.

    Among the fringe lunatics I follow, two of my favorites are Clif High and Martin Armstrong. Both point to 2032 as the point at which the Fourth Turning generation takes the reins and wrests control away from the Progressives to restore stability and order. Marty is concerned that what they create will be very authoritarian. Clif is more optimistic.