Timcast IRL - Charlie Kirk And Vaush Join To Discuss And Debate

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15 responses to “Timcast IRL – Charlie Kirk And Vaush Join To Discuss And Debate”

  1. Turbansoviet says:

    Also we dont know how many of the Covid deaths are due to actual covid or other issues

  2. TheFilthyCasual2 says:

    I would just like to note how respectful everybody was here, I feel like that it underrated.

  3. Anpumesses says:

    I was hoping Micheal Malice or Eric July woulda showed up about half way thru and crushed em both for the statist they are.

  4. Riggs says:

    Yes I made that rhym because…”libertarian socialist”!!!
    Are you fucking kidding me!!!
    Eat shit and die sir!

  5. jprattie says:

    I wish that were the case, but having spent time in both blue states and red, I don’t realistically think it’s going to happen. Human beings get in trouble when they try and remove themselves from the overall eco-system, food chain and cycle of life. And the coming conflict, is, essentially just a natural process, natures way of weeding out the weak while allowing the strong to propagate. Just because we have Iphones, cable TV and radial tires does not mean we’re somehow “above it all.”

    Having been down here in Texas now, and having a pro-constitution non-profit political PAC to speak through – I can tell you for certain we are better prepared then the far left ever will be. We have more money, more resources, more skillsets and spend our time weapons training and physical strength training in 90 degree 70% humidity heat — while blue state losers play video games and get into keyboard warrior arguments from the mommy’s basement. We’re out here DOING, and we do what we say and say what we mean.

    Far left, Antifa cowards, Vaush types, Charlie Kirk talking heads, BLM – we have two words for you: BRING IT.



  6. OGLordOfThePit says:

    I hope to God we can sort this out before it gets to a conflict. I love this country my roots go back to 1635. Yeah we have made mistakes and yeah we have not always lived by the principles that we teach. But the Constitution is a living document for a reason. And why disrupt the Great experiment of democracy cause of pride

  7. OGLordOfThePit says:

    Thank you Tim and company for hosting this. The first time you had Vaush on my own bias kicked in and I did not listen. But with Charlie and Vaush on I was able to step back and see both sides. Respect

  8. jprattie says:

    Fact is; there’s many of us Centro-Conservatives that are tired of all the talk, tired of all the irrational arguments from the far left and guys like this Vaush – a guy who grew up privliged by his own standards, a guy whose never served, never fought and probably never even trained with a rifle, much less ever even been in a street-fight – trying to tell us what we have to adapt to culturally. We’ll tolerate – but we don’t have to adapt for ANYONE.

    And until fat, pudgy guys like this are willing to fight – actually fight – for the garbage that spills out his mouth (and I say this to Charlie Kirk as well, another guy whose never had callouses on his hands) – then he will get NOTHING from our silent majority.

    Tim – we love your channel and have even reposted your articles, but a bunch of white guys sitting around talking about the plight of African American people, while they dole out other peoples tax dollars for programs we don’t want – you got a lot of ball and we wonder if there’s any fight behind them? The level of pretentiousness of some of these discussions is pretty sick.

    Because the fact is – even for all those cowardice YouTube pundits afraid to say it – that the divisions in this country are not going to get solved peacefully. The USA is no difference than any other civilization throughout history and natures law of the strongest shall survive will prevail – because that’s how nature intended.



  9. jprattie says:

    I bought Ivermectin Tablets online – it was no big deal…. shipped right to the house.

  10. Pipe42 says:

    I’ve got to say, as a center right Englishman, I’m probably closer to Tim in terms of overall policy positions than many of his right wing guests because Europe as a whole is further left than the median American.

    I believe this to be one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. I disagree with Vaush on a lot of stuff actually, and Charlie with plenty too, but this was an intelligent, honest conversation where both sides made some great points and forced me to think my position on some things.

    Superb show and props to both guests for appearing. More like this please.

  11. Mini_Swaggz says:

    I disagree with at least 90% of what Vausch says, but I can definitively say, he is the most intelligent person leaning left in the current Overton Window span. Charlie is highly intelligent as well and I think the only thing we disagree on is Religion. And I knew this going in. For anyone actually reading this, the point of saying so is…Regardless of bias towards or direct opposition to someone, it is always worthwhile to hear them out. Otherwise we would never get anything done.

  12. DakotaJim says:

    My understanding is the MRNA shots don’t provide immunity, but tweak your immune system to more effectively deal with COVID. So, it isn’t surprising that people with the shot get infected. I was hoping this aspect would be debated first because this is one of the more fundamental issues with the “vaccine”.

    I was not impressed with Kirks arguments, I have never been a big fan. Vaush was wrong on many things, but he came off as sincere and personable.

    I am 62 years old and have no plans to get the shot because I am healthy and the survival rate for a healthy person my age is pretty high. I am a Trump supporter, but I think Trump was wrong to rush this shot and give the drug companies blanket immunity.

    PS. It is insane to recommend this shot to healthy children.

  13. Olivera2894 says:

    GB syndrome can have very severe affects similar to covid as it can shut down your respiratory system so vashe saying covid affects are severely worse is only semi true as it is more likely to have more similar severe affects from
    Covid than GB syndrome but GB should not be downplayed as he has done. Charlie should not have played this card though because GB is a rare affect of a lot medications, vaccine, and even surgery and is associated with previous viral infection. So it’s basically a risk for a lot of things not even just this particular vaccine.

  14. Mikebus61 says:

    The irony Charlie should have pointed out that the left is taking the stance how do we know it is the vaccine vs the right stance on how do we know it’s covid.

  15. patpat says:

    This was a great discussion! Kudos to Charlie and Vaush. I don’t agree with lots of Vaush’s politics but I very much respect his intelligence, his dry sense of humor, and his willingness to have such discussions. This is what the world needs more of. Cheers to Charlie, Vaush, and the Timcast crew!