Timcast IRL - Border Has Collapsed, Migrants Move FREELY Into US w/Alex Jones & Phil Labonte

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9 responses to “Timcast IRL – Border Has Collapsed, Migrants Move FREELY Into US w/Alex Jones & Phil Labonte”

  1. Freeborn says:

    Nevermind, YouTube deleted the video again 🤦

  2. Freeborn says:

    Fixed in 24hrs, 👍

  3. UppityG says:

    I just want you to know that I had to re-watch the public podcast from start to where Labonte says, with glee, “I love today!” Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


  4. Mike_Menditto says:

    I cant wait to watch the members only video haha. Love you guys, keep moving forward with timcast.

  5. DreamB says:

    I’m in team Phil 🤣 Alex is never wrong and it’s all hilarious

  6. About the Windshield Phenomenon, part of it is due to human activities, abuse of petcides and other chemicals, but another major factor is the sun. When I was a kid our sun appeared to be yellow. Now it appears to be white.

    Part of that has to do with the composition of the atmosphere changing. (My indigenous ancestors burned millions of acres of meadow land, prairies and plains to contain encroaching forests, so let’s not get too excited about modern air pollution. It’s a problem, yes, but it has been happening for thousands of years.)

    But it’s also due to the fact that our solar system is above or below the plane of the ecliptic, so we are no longer speeding through dense clouds of gases and dust. Hence, the halo around the sun has changed color.

    Another factor is the shrinking solar and global magnetospheres: more UVC is reaching the surface.

    This is affecting all insects, but especially the flying insects.

  7. Freeborn says:

    You guys really need to upload your own videos instead of depending on YouTube because then they delete episodes like this. I am paying for content that doesn’t exist because of Google censorship. I like the behind the scenes for members only but this is getting ridiculous Tim. If this keeps happening then I’ll just stop paying for your content. Please fix it.

  8. MrKnavish says:

    How can I watch on my phone? The web link of for YT, I don’t see any native video players

  9. GentlemanBastard says:

    What IS this??? Laughing my ass off with Phil, jaja.

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