Timcast IRL - Biden Publicly DENIES Constitutional Rights To Push Gun Control w/Jim Hanson

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Guest: Jim Hanson
@JimHansonDC (Twitter)

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16 responses to “Timcast IRL – Biden Publicly DENIES Constitutional Rights To Push Gun Control w/Jim Hanson”

  1. Old_Frog says:

    Sit coms and comedian talk shows are hard, and expensive. You have to hire 3-4 comedian writers, and contract others for one offs. You have the studio which has to be built, and rebuilt when necessary. sound and lighting, and camera equipment has to be added on top. What about the actors? In the end, the investment could be in the millions. I hope you have that kind of money, and am looking forward to the results.

  2. tmassimi70 says:

    https://youtu.be/k8_NmCUXyiU – Rage against the Machine – Killing in the name of
    this can be the rally call to the youth

  3. D34DB33F says:

    I find it funny how Ian has trouble defining what is evil behavior. This has been discussed ad nauseam by philosophers throughout history. Maybe you should put down the ‘shrooms and pick up a good book on moral philosophy lol

    I get it though. Everyone points at something they simply _do not like_, and proclaim it to be evil. Then what is truly evil? That’s where principals come in. A man without principals will, at best, find themselves lost and confused in the face of evil. At worst, they will be convinced to side with it.

  4. Boscoman says:

    Ian you asked for an example & it was given to you. Then you create imaginary situations to defend your flawed process of thinking. Bottom line is what you come off as is pitifully naive.
    So here, if you are killing children just because of their religion & it was just the orders you were given, then that is just plain evil. Good enough?

  5. Boscoman says:

    The lefts ideas are dogma for them. It is their religion that as far as they are concerned can’t be challenged. This has made them as dangerous as any islamic terrorist.

  6. mmontag says:

    Ian is like a alien with a very slightly skewed view of reality, everything has to be carefully defined… he’s kind of like Dr. Spock.

  7. Boden says:

    This episode is from 2 weeks ago?

  8. Nebula says:

    I wished I had friends who I could argue as hard with, like like Tim and Ian, and then kickflip out of the room high fiving eachother

  9. NerdiousMaximus says:

    The IRS is definitely in favor of 2+2=5 so your bill won’t pass until amended to optimize tax revenue.

  10. MigL says:

    Hitler was woke, his race hierarchy was probably the basis for critical race theory

  11. SUJU17 says:

    If Hitler was alive today, hed be so woke.

  12. Itcanalwaysgetworse says:

    Them: “White supremacists are roaming the streets attacking black people and the cops are helping them do it.”
    Also Them: “We should take guns away from black people.”

  13. Doug1965 says:

    members only content glitch???

  14. ickythump333 says:

    When I click the post comment button it stops the video and brings me to the home page. A bug you may not be aware of. Thanks

  15. ickythump333 says:

    Bug test