Timcast IRL - AOC Gets COVID After Partying Maskless In Miami, SLAMMED For Hypocrisy w/Mike Rowe

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5 responses to “Timcast IRL – AOC Gets COVID After Partying Maskless In Miami, SLAMMED For Hypocrisy w/Mike Rowe”

  1. CruciferianVegetable says:

    Sooo.. no one in my family as gotten sick with covid, and that’s including aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother, etc., and neither have my boyfriend’s family members, and we all live in Buffalo, New York! Two of my boyfriend’s friends got covid, but that’s two of the 150 or so that we know of, so I’m not sure exactly what you mean when you say “everyone seems to have gotten it.” Even our friends barely know anyone who had it! Six months ago I ended up in the hospital with a stroke, for a month (people may remember me – I was FireFly 7733 – maybe cougarkitty or however you spell it would remember me), and no one knows why I had it – so many tests, so much blood drawn, and they still couldn’t figure out for the life of them why I had a stroke! I was 40 years of age, unvaccinated (and still am), and they couldn’t figure it out. Anyway, even in a hospital, for a month, we didn’t come across anyone who had it (covid). I’ve thought for quite some time now that covid is nowhere NEAR as bad as they say it is. I know there have been some unfortunate souls who ended up getting it and passed away in the hospitals, and in nursing homes (fucking Cuomo!), but that was in the beginning of covid and I swear that the drugs that were supposed to HELP people only helped to EXACERBATE people’s symptoms instead (like filling their lungs up with fluid). Anyway, all I know is that it isn’t anywhere as bad as some of the Democrats would like us all to believe! My boyfriend got the vaccine, and the second booster shot that he ended up getting made his whole body ache for a week straight. Every joint in his body felt like it wasn’t getting oiled, like he was the Tinman from Wizard of Oz – apparently, some company or university did a study and found that 3/4 of all symptoms from the vaccine were due the “placebo effect”. Yeah, right. I know my boyfriend, he was seriously hurting, and he’s NEVER hurting. He also wasn’t worried about getting the vaccine, so this wasn’t just the “placebo effect” – I swear, these studies are fake and they just want as many people to get the shot as possible. Also, I didn’t want the shot in the first place, and now I CAN’T get the shot because of complications with a few different medications I’m now on because of the stroke. Honestly, I might die from it – my body, my choice, right? Or does that only pertain to women who want to get abortions???

  2. El_mirachie says:

    I’m unable to watch this because the video was removed from YouTube

  3. KoR33 says:

    Democrats flocking to florida to “catch covid” or play they did to start demonizing the state’s policies….thoughts?

  4. BigbubenTEN says:

    Finally Tim I tried to get you to check out Dr. Stone so long ago. It’s a fascinating show.

  5. GhastlyGaunt says:

    Great to see Mike on here, much respect to that man.