Timcast IRL - Anti Biden Song Lets Go Brandon Hits #1, 2, AND 3, People HATE Biden w/Libby Emmons

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10 responses to “Timcast IRL – Anti Biden Song Lets Go Brandon Hits #1, 2, AND 3, People HATE Biden w/Libby Emmons”

  1. Don_Keydick says:

    wondering the same.

  2. CalDelt says:

    What happened to Dragon Lady’s super chat? Glitch or naughty?

  3. CalDelt says:

    Seamus jokes about Tim getting sick, Tim gets sick. Powerful dude.

  4. cathy.drazek says:

    1) Kyle Rittenhouse is not a hero, but he was just defending himself and the community he worked in. He will not get a fair trial. He will be made into an example

    2) I love Libby – she is a complete Rockstar.

    3) Watch and review this video – https://youtu.be/bX3EZCVj2XA
    This is the interview with Yuri Bezmenov who is the KGB agent who warned against the very slow fall of democracy and how it would be done.

    4) I know it’s been mentioned before, but according to what he says in this video, we have moved from Demoralization and we are now into Destabilization. This applies to like three segments today.

    5) Seamus is also amazing – I love Freedom Toons and I love that he’s drinking RC.

    6) Truth in Media non-profit will never work itself out of business because there will always be gross liars in media. I used to work in the development department of a private school.. there are hundreds of ways to move money around.. it’s kind of gross the way things happen, so please be better.

    7) Eww Doritos and Twix

  5. kgres1 says:

    Although Halloween, All Saints Day, and Dia De Los Muertos are traditions they’re not biblical. All religions have traditions that break the law of Yahweh. The early Amorite culture would summon their “ancestors” by serving them a meal on a shrine on the night of a new moon. This tradition carried on.

    Please bring in someone from SkywatchTV.

  6. NoOne123 says:

    “we need to start boycotting these companys. Conservatives aren’t boycotting anything”

    bro what? Ive canceled Netflix and Hulu and they’ve been canceled for over a year and a half now even before the cuties fiasco. I don’t support Disney+ or any of those streaming platforms that push woke nonsense. i do my best to not have to use Amazon in any way and instead try to opt for shopping online from the main supplier of goods. I avoid resturants that support or prop up woke nonsense. I go out of my way to not use anything associated with big tech and google. Like where the fuck have you guys been for the past couple of years?

    like if you’re not already making sure that your money doesn’t go to these people or chinese interests then idk what to tell you dude. You’re late to the party. Stop funding those that fucking despise your existence and want you dead and instead use the money to invest in yourself.

  7. Nicruff44 says:

    Mine does that for every video as well.

  8. HookDriver says:

    Watching on IHeart since full episode isn’t on Rumble.

  9. HookDriver says:

    Also, page is auto refreshing every few minutes causing video to need restarted.

  10. scull7 says:

    Getting a 504 Gateway timeout from http://strongerbonesandlife.com