The Trump Movement Is WINNING, Will End Globalism

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One response to “The Trump Movement Is WINNING, Will End Globalism”

  1. CraggFirearms says:

    I’m really rather disappointed in all three of you…Tim, Ian, and Luke. You bit down hard and ran with an establishment opposition media talking point that was put out at the beginning of the bureaucratic state’s assault on the Trump Administration. To think the President’s daughter’s social media posts and public comments had anything to do with the authorization to release 57 Tomahawk cruise missiles at strategic targets in Syria is pure lunacy that could only be concocted in a MSM editorial meeting or Nancy Pelosi’s office.

    Why don’t you read about it from someone that was in the room. Check out the recently released book, “War By Other Means”, authored by retired 2-star General Kieth Kellogg. General Kellogg served in the 101st Airborne in Vietnam and later because the Commander of the 82nd Airborne before retiring. He was then tapped to join the Trump campaign in 2015 as a foreign security/military advisor, was a part of the transition team, and stayed on for the entire Trump Presidency as a Special Counsil to the President under the National Security Advisor and later became Vice President Pence’s National Security Advisor. He was the only General with Trump for all five years of the campaign and presidency.

    Read pages 115-120 in Chapter 12, “Restarting the National Security Counsil”, for an accounting of the Syrian air strike, the people that were involved, the issues that were on the table, and why is was important to send that message at that time.

    The media hype about “following his daughter” was just that…hyperbole to get people to dislike Trump and make him appear irresponsible. Apparently it worked on you three.

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