The New Timcast IRL Studio is Almost Complete

0:00 Picking Bucko up from the Vet 3:25 Skate Park 4:44 Penny’s Diner 5:14 New IRL Studio Desk 6:17 Liquor Store 26:12 Dave Smith & Michael Heise …

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5 responses to “The New Timcast IRL Studio is Almost Complete”

  1. themorrigan1973 says:

    It’s easier to get lysine powder and mix it into wet food for a cat than try to get them to eat treats.
    Both of mine have to get their’s that way.
    Pills are an absolute no with my cats,but I can get them to take compounded liquid medications.

  2. UunholyBacon says:

    i must know dose buko have cat hiv? and what is cat hiv? the animation was epic btw made my day.

  3. UppityG says:

    Pool, careful now, those bottles may grow legs. Just sayin’.

    And as a lowly paying member, I’d appreciate it if you’d throw some of that coin at fixing the functionality of the site, namely, the auto-self-popping-out burger menu. And adding an edit button to the comments section.

    Anybody know WTF is on Bucko’s harness at the top of his shoulders? It annoys me, and I’m just looking at it.

  4. MrSooop says:

    Oooh, and maybe donate some of the stuff to local charities and record that too. That’d be so cool to make money by giving it away.

  5. MrSooop says:

    Tim can blow ten grand at a liquor store, get it on video and make a profit. They could probably make a whole channel of Tim throwing big bucks at small businesses. Could probably do 5 like stores in a day and stimulate the fudge out of the local economy.

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