The Most Pirated Shows Of 2021

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3 responses to “The Most Pirated Shows Of 2021”

  1. Nebula says:

    I think Mandelorian, Loki and Wanda Vision were just the most interesting shows Disney had to offer, but not worth subscribing for it. And downloading doesn´t mean people actually watched it. I watched and episode of Loki and I am happy I didn´t subscribe to Disney (the same with Mandelorian but this is not a opinion to have XD). Nobody without kids really sees Disney as a real think you must have in my opinion

  2. Takko1988 says:

    Also just a heads up I use this dope app called “Just Watch” allows you to search for a show and it lists what svcs the show is available on and whether or not you can stream it or if you have to purchase it digitally. I will say the editing of shows/movies to alter their overall msg seriously had me considering going oldschool like my parents and having a shelving system dedicated to my media intake. As Tim and many nerds point out(I didnt even know till the internet cause I’ve only ever seen the remastered) Han shot first!!! Even with the edit I assumed he shot first cause it fit more with the character but the idea they would alter such a small detail in a fake universe…idk man

  3. Takko1988 says:

    Dude I’d get/had paramount plus for Star Trek exclusively, peacock I got for Battlestar galactica and House. I’m sure theres more stuff on peacock but that’s what I’m grinding on right now. Peacock does have the free option with ads. I will also say the longest ad break was 90 seconds but usually its 15 second ads. By far the least ads on a non paid streaming service out of any ad based streaming especially with hulu. I got Disney plus and hulu through verizon but the hulu version is with ads and omg why even bother its like regular tv but with only 3 different ads…repetitive as all’get’out.