The Future Of Humans May Be TRANS-Humanism, It May Be Unavoidable

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join founder of the Liminal Order, podcaster and commentator Jack Murphy and Seamus Coughlin of FreedomToons to dissect the future with …

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One response to “The Future Of Humans May Be TRANS-Humanism, It May Be Unavoidable”

  1. Merdrah says:

    You all went Ian with this one. Before he did and better!

    I didn’t hear in the conversation if any of have researched the topic and how deep you went.
    I haven’t done much digging but I’ve listened to a lot of videos about Neuralink and Elon’s thoughts. His concern is AI dominating us. He wants the brain interface so that we can be on the same level as AI; friendly or not.

    Think of it this way. Google’s algorithms are already herding us like cats. Google AI would start herding us like Chickens.

    Also, imagine being able to read a large amendment like Obummercare in less than a minute. More people would be able to call out the back-room deals hidden in these documents in seconds.