Tales From the Inverted World #9: The Long Island Monster - Part 1: The Mayor of Manorville

Multiple human remains have been discovered throughout Long Island since the early 1990s — stretching from Manorville to Gilgo Beach. Authorities believe it …

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7 responses to “Tales From the Inverted World #9: The Long Island Monster – Part 1: The Mayor of Manorville”

  1. CopperMike55 says:

    Great story! Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  2. Keepajournal2020 says:

    Loved this episode! I have started wondering if some serial murders actually have a form of autism; they only experience dopamine in their reward complex while taking someone’s life. How similar is the cognitive matrix and reward complex of the brain in the idiot-savant, who develops full mastery of something impossibly complex when they can’t even tie their shoe verses the sociopath, devoid of all emotion unless engaged in their bloody fascination?? Oddly both share common theme! – they both do not process emotions or reward unless each engaged with their particular muse. Could be wrong, could be right, just long car ride thoughts about neuroscience…

  3. Marilyn says:

    I work with rapist arsonists and a little over half of my patients are murderers. It’s mostly environmental. No one is born evil.

  4. TheDarkWall says:

    Have you guys ever considered doing more content that blends live video? Or maybe is based around it entirely? Hearing shane investigate this case, it just sounds like it would make for such a good show to follow him around with a couple of the vlog crew as he’s doing this and do some sort of mini doc. Or maybe full on doc.

  5. ventornado says:

    Do you think someone can be born a natural serial killer? Or do you think that behavior is nurtured into an individual? What kind of environments do you think would nurture such a serial killer?

  6. HerrDoktor says:

    Shane: “Why am I so interested in this case??”
    Witch: “Oh you were a prostitute in a previous life”
    Shane: “Huh, that makes a lot of sense”

  7. Recramorcen says:

    My Momento Mori is my Autoimmune disease Achalasia; the short version is every bite I take is a struggle to swallow. Nerve damage/exposed nerves in the esophagus fail to produce motility for food requiring lots of water & even pureed food.

    I’ve shifted to carnivore & recovered; but regardless I still have the daily reminder ‘Deaths hand is always around my throat’ & he randomly sees fit to remind me of his power over my life.